Group Fun

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He looked down at her, she had worn the ivory corset, as he had asked, he could feel the ties along her back, his hands itching to release it, and expose her. But not yet, this was her night, he would take his time.

She had also worn tiny ivory, lace panties, and thigh high silk stockings, he took her in, walking around her, watching her chest rise and fall, her anticipation growing. Her hair was down, wavy, falling around her bare shoulders. He reached into the drawer, and pulled out a black lace mask, and reached around her, settling it over her eyes. She knew what this meant, he would be photographing her tonight, she was so aroused at the thought, so ready to feel the passion she felt when he looked at her.

He finished tying the mask into place, he loved the way she looked in this mask, his secret, his to share, or to keep. He took her hand and led her to the bed, she stretched out on the center of it, one leg slightly bent, the boning in the corset held her waist, pushed her breasts higher. She watched as he lifted his camera, He took several pictures, and moved to the bed, leaning over her, kissing her deeply. “I have a surprise for you.” he said looking into her eyes. “If you get uncomfortable, say the word and it’s over, you remember that right?” he said searching her eyes for understanding. She nodded, he could see the trust, the love in her eyes.

He kissed her again, and moved away from her, he opened the door, and she watched as 3 men walked into the room, each wearing a mask. One of them, she knew even wearing the mask, it was Alex. She smiled, when he winked at her, the other 2, she had never seen before. She looked at Eric, he raised an eyebrow in question, she gave him a smile, he nodded, and returned her smile. The men each began removing their clothing, and walked toward the bed, standing around her.

“Remember the rules, gentleman, if she says stop, you stop. If I say stop, you stop.” Eric said while illegal bahis holding her eyes with his, he winked at her, and raised his camera, this time he was video taping. Alex moved first, she smiled up at him, as he lowered himself next to her, his hand on her waist, he lowered his mouth to kiss her, she felt the bed dip, feeling another man on the bed, his hands on her hips, her panties being slid off her body. Her legs were opened, and one of the men settled between them, his mouth covering her, in the most intimate of kisses. These two men kissing her, their mouths both bringing her pleasure, their mouths appeared to move in sync with each other.

The bed dipped again, and a third mouth began kissing her neck, licking her. The sensation of all three of them touching her was too much, the orgasm was hard, fast, and unexpected, her hips rocked against his kiss, three hands on her waist holding her pinned to the bed, her cries of pleasure muffled by Alex’s kiss.

As she came down, she was sat up, the ties of her corset were loosened, and the garment was removed from her body, the men moved, turning her as they did. She was now sideways on the bed, her head hanging off, she looked up and caught Eric’s eye, as he filmed them. He was still dressed, but she could see his arousal. She stared into his eyes, knowing he knew what she was feeling, thinking, without speaking a word, he knew her heart, like no other.

She was brought back into the action, when one of the men, she hadn’t been watching, and didn’t know who, moved his erection in front of her, and she took it into her mouth. He thrust hard, in this position he drove straight to the back of her throat. Hands were on her hips again, her legs opened, a mouth again. She couldn’t call out, her mouth full. Then the tongue circling her nipple made her come unglued, she tried to move her body, the pleasure too much, too intense, but with so many hands, she was immobilized. She was illegal bahis siteleri so wet, so aroused.

This continued, till her second orgasm rocked her body, she was released, breathless, her body weak, satisfied, but wanting more, needing more, all at the same time. She was turned onto her stomach, and positioned on all 4’s, one of the men moved in front of her, she leaned in and took his erection into her mouth, sucking as she did, her tongue teasing him, as she took all of him. Hands on her hips were her only warning before she was impaled, pushing her closer to the man in front of her, as she was filled completely from behind. She felt the other man’s hands exploring her breasts, her stomach, and moving to her clit, as the man behind her thrust deeper and harder. He continued to pound into her, she could feel all 6 hands on her body, she was completely at their mercy. Her body was so sensitive, so aroused, so aware of each touch, each caress.

She could feel both men nearing their release, she could feel their bodies tense, as they both spilled inside her, filling her. She swallowed, taking every drop. She collapsed when they released her, she realized the man next to her, was Alex, he smiled down at her, his hand resting on her stomach, he leaned in and kissed her lips gently. The man standing next to her head, leaned in and kissed her gently, then walked away. The man at her feet, moved up her body, kissing her, then left her.

She laid in Alex’s arms, letting her body relax, his hands moving in tiny circles along her body. She relaxed her eyes closing, enjoying his touch. She heard the door close, and a few minutes later, the bed dipped again, she opened her eyes, Eric, was now lying next to her, he smiled down at her, as she reached up and touched his face, he let her pull him in for a kiss. Both of their hands were caressing now, moving between her legs, both touching her, both holding her. She loved this canlı bahis siteleri feeling, loved how cherished she felt in their arms.

He broke the kiss and looked across her, she watched as the two men, she loved, leaned in, their lips touching, kissing over her. She watched, her hands raising to touch both of their faces as they shared a long passionate kiss. It was so emotional to see, so filled with passion. She turned and pushed Alex back on the bed, looking into Eric’s, as she did, they moved on either side of the Alex their heads over his erection. They leaned in and kissed, she moved her hand, and pulled Alex’s erection between them, they kissed around him, their tongues both circling the tip of him, she then took him fully in her mouth sucking gently. Then she smiled as she watched Eric do the same, taking Alex into his mouth, sucking gently, doing as she had. They teased, and played and shared him, his hands in both of their hair, as he watched the couple suck him, share him.

Then she was lifted, and laid against Alex, her back against his front, her head laying back against his shoulder. Eric was kneeling between their spread legs, and reached in, and guided Alex’s arousal into her ass, watching her face as she adjusted to the invasion, as she accepted him, as she took all of him. When he knew she had relaxed, Eric moved forward, looking into her eyes, as he slid inside her silky wet walls, she was so wet so ready, but she called out, the double invasion was so much, she was filled so much. He leaned in and kissed her, both men began thrusting inside her.

She had never been so completely filled, it was such an overwhelming sensation, she couldn’t process her thoughts, they both continued to drive, to fill her, to please her. She came fast, her orgasm was so powerful, so hard, so wet, her body shook, and convulsed between the two men, as they both spilled inside her. She looked up at Eric, he lowered to her, and kissed her so deeply, so passionately, she then turned her head, reaching out to Alex, and gave him the same kiss, then watched as the two men shared another kiss, seeing the passion she felt mirrored in their kiss, was a perfect ending, to a perfect evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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