Growing on the Hill

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All characters are 18 and above.


In the distance, there stood a young woman near a hill. There was nothing particularly abnormal about her. She simply stood there and minded her own business while admiring the scenery. Trees and jade hills could be seen on sides. It was both a gardener’s an arborist’s paradise. Shrubs, orchards, and other plants were scattered about on the hill. The girl walked towards a bench to take a break.

A rough day it was, all she wanted was some leisure time and think about the beauty of the earth. The mundane and banality of leading a perfunctory life were not meant for someone like her. She desired to travel across the continents or at least meet certain people. People of noble or regal stature seemed to fascinate her but due to extenuating circumstances, she could not embark on such a journey. Nonetheless, she saw a particular person of interest, a man who appeared similar in age. Somehow, the man felt familiar somehow. Ah, she remembered something.

On a hazy evening some time ago, the heavens were grey. She was young back then and she never knew better. The same man she saw now was only a college kid and shared her confused and shy demeanour. Nevertheless, the moment their eyes met, the girl suddenly felt an electric sensation tingle through her spine. The girl and boy seemed to be a pair of eternal twins, a pair of yin and yang, and a pair of scales.

They both felt a sense of balance, a sense of purpose, and yearned for something greater. Her heart beat quickly and her mouth felt dry. Something odd began to happen as an aura began to surround her.

A healthy glow amongst the ocean of fog could be seen from the distance and not even the denizens of the nearby cities or towns could explain where it came from. The night swayed her into motion for the heavens were no longer grey and they were finally a dark navy blue and the cosmos littered it. From an eye’s distance, a white and heavenly radiating light could be seen.

The boy blushed, for bahis firmaları it seemed something indescribable happened. In the midst of the mist, one could see the shape of the girl gradually change. The boy tried to move in to get a better look. However, the fog was too thick and it blinded him. It also obscured the vision of the girl.

The girl’s stature changed from a petit and frail to something like a mountain. The girl’s veins engorged with blood as her arms and legs lengthened. This rush of blood facilitated something quite unusual. Inch by inch, the small bump of her bicep became rounder and wider like a rising hill. At this rate, it became a solid rock of muscle which was the size of a softball. The same could be said for the other bicep too. The vascularity in her forearms increased with every passing second. They seemed turn from thin wires to thick steel rope. Her deltoids seemingly burst to life as they instantly popped up and strained her clothing.

Next, the girl could feel warmth near her chest, something behind her small bust rumbled like an earthquake. Her chest exploded in size as prominent spheric pecs dominated the scene. However, before they could see the day of light, something else occurred. It seemed that softer and marshmallow-like mounds overtook her once big pecs.

Embarrassed, the girl could only think about how big her mounds could get. If an oaf could notice a change but not the boy himself, then, perhaps his sense of perception was as skewed as his taste in women. Thus, with her fear confirmed, her marshmallow-mounds jiggled and inflated in size even more. The boy wondered why the girl was engulfed under an impenetrable fog? Nonetheless, he was still clueless.

Next, the young lady’s legs lengthened in response. Her thin legs experienced a shocking revelation as her smooth skin nearly ruptured with newfound muscle. It rippled across and slowly expanded. Along with it, a network of engorged veins arose. After all, her growing body needed those nutrients to be delivered kaçak iddaa quickly.

The young lady’s bones lengthened to accommodate her growing frame and it startled her. Dazed, she could not believe with what just happened. As quickly as her growth spurt ended, the heavenly aura ended too. The boy still failed to notice the difference. Thus, a the girl’s cantankerous uncle, came from behind and hit the poor lad with a frying pan. The girl gasped for that was rather blunt and rude of him.

At least the indolent dolt would recognize her now. The boy blushed and here stood a gargantuan amazon of a woman. He noticed how curvy she was still; her muscles added much and it would scare most men. Her marshmallows were as large as the largest of watermelons. This would drive the average crazy for her immense hills indicated fertility. The boy seemed intimidated by her size and she possessed muscles thicker than his chest. As for her height, only the heavens knew, for she seemed to span on for eons.

He breathed and mustered all his courage and overcame his fears. He approached the lady and stood close to her. All he wanted was to be carried by the wonderful and beauteous woman. Alas, it did not seem so, for her uncle again appeared out of nowhere and chased him away. Saddened by this turn of events, she shrank back to her normal size and went about her day.

After she recalled that incident, she would not to allow her uncle to get in her way. She remembered how she felt that day and the embers of passion licked her stone cold and apathetic heart. Her repressed feelings for the young man could no longer be held. He was in front of her and his sweet scent aroused a particular sensation she could not describe. The lady radiated an unusually healthy glow like before. She breathed in and the young man watched with anxiety. He did not seem to recognize her and this hurt her feelings. Like a caustic arrow, this ignominious act stung her heart and she could no longer contain herself.

Tears streamed down from kaçak bahis her cheeks as her transformation began. She began to wail deeply and this seemed to accelerate her transformation. Her biceps ballooned in size, her breasts quickly filled up her dress, her legs thickened and bulged with feminine power. Her biceps went from the size of an apple to a cantaloupe and finally to that of a giant pumpkin. She had abs thicker than bricks and denser than diamonds and they bunched up near her waist. Her legs brimmed with power as they became thicker and wider than two jackfruits. Still, the young man did not remember.

How could such a doofus walk the earth? Here, he blankly stared at a growing giantess. He breathed and stood there and one could not really tell what he was up to. Alas, much to the woman’s fortune, her uncle came and hit the man with a frying pan again. Finally, he remembered that large and beautiful woman who fell in love with him. He felt the same, however, he was not exactly sure how to reciprocate or display his affection.

It appeared that the woman surpassed her previous size. Her biceps and triceps bulged and widened further as they became thick and wide as three watermelons. Her legs were sizeable and thicker than four bulls and denser than steel. Her breasts were quite gigantic and they did not sag and were proportionate. Her uncle attempted to chase away the man again. However, the Amazonian lady grabbed and threw him across the park. This startled the young man as he did not really expect her to act quickly. He remembered that she failed to subdue her madman of an uncle a while back.

Nonetheless, he figured out a way to display his affection. He hugged the woman’s thick legs. Her jeans struggled to contain the girth of such powerful yet feminine legs. Her spring dress hugged her arms, her breasts, and abs rather closely. The man could see the outline of her bra and the girth of her entire hulking body. She lifted the man and embraced him tightly and he could barely breathe. She smothered him so and gave him a very long kiss. The man merely watched and rested his head on her bosom. She put him down and they held hands. They traversed the park and admired sunset and the jade green hills.

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