Gus’s New Hairy Girlfriend

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Gus had been living in town for a few months where he worked as a technician at the local college. Being fairly new to town he didn’t have too many friends there and was between relationships as they say! He often spent some of his spare time in a local independent coffee bar and organic cafe. There was a relaxed alternative feel which he enjoyed and often spend a couple of spare hours there reading the paper or a book. The clientele were mostly a fairly mixed bunch of students, young mums and some hippy, arty types.

Gus was also enamoured by the manageress, Lucy. Though he knew she was off limits as she was taken, he loved her warmth and general chattiness as well as he natural physical beauty. Lucy had long blonde hair that ran almost down to her waist. Gus dreamt of holding her and caressing those long tresses. The blonde hair wasn’t restricted to her head either. Lucy usually had her sleeves rolled up and her slender, lightly tanned arms were coated with a dense covering of long, fine blonde hair which Gus found incredibly sexy; even more so when the sun shone on them and they were like golden glitter! How Gus fantasised about stroking her gorgeous furry arms! As she normally had on slacks or a short skirt with colourful leggings he didn’t know whether she shaved elsewhere or perhaps hairy? Still she was off limits so any thoughts had to remain as a delightful fantasy!

One day when he went in he noticed Lucy had recruited a new waitress. She seemed quite cute and fitted the alternative look. Her natural hair was dark brown but was shaved shorter at the sides and with a few fiery purple streaks highlighting the longer hair and with a tiny pigtail at the back held by some multicoloured beads. She had some dragonfly ear-rings and a single piercing in her nose. Her face was attractive with large brown eyes framed by dark natural brows and a slightly crooked nose. She also had on a pair of glasses with round lens and metal frame. Gus also detected the faintest of dark hair on her upper lip- a very delicate lady ‘tache and not unattractive!

As she approached Gus for his order he introduced himself to her as a regular.

“Hi, welcome! You must be new as I’ve not seen you here before? I’m Gus by the way, part of the furniture here!” he chuckled.

“Yes I’m fairly new to town and just started here. A friend said Lucy needed a new person to help out and luckily got the job. I’m Frida by the way- nice to meet you!”

As Frida took Gus’s order he looked at her slender hands and though most people wouldn’t have noticed he could see tiny dark hairs on her fingers. Not in an obvious way like many men have but he could see them which on most women they would be invisible. As Frida had on long sleeves he couldn’t see how how hairy her arms might be? It certainly piqued his interest in her. As she returned with his coffee they indulged in a little more small talk before she went to another customer.

At night back at his flat Gus would often think about Frida and wondered what her body would be like? He liked her quirky style and as Lucy was unattainable, Frida became the subject of Gus’s dreams.

After a couple of weeks there seemed to be a warm bond developing between them with some banter. Not quite flirtation but a definite chemistry. Then one day Frida came in and for once she no longer had on long sleeves. This day she had on an arty t-shirt and Gus was thrilled to see Frida’s arms were pretty hairy. He wasn’t totally surprised but still excited. The hair wasn’t coarse but the hair was quite long and being dark stood out. Probably as hairy as those of Lucy in terms of abundance but so much more obvious. Gus tried not to make it to obvious that he was looking at Frida’s hairy arms as she ventured over though she may have noticed a slight reddening of his cheeks as he tried to hide his interest. At least she wouldn’t have noticed his bulging cock under the table!

As she walked back to the counter she had to stretch up to reach a container and though Gus couldn’t be certain he thought he could see a bit of pit hair just sneaking out? Or was that wishful thinking on his part?

A week or so later Gus told Frida he planned to have a long walk along the nearby river at the weekend and through some pleasant meadows.

“Wow that sounds really lovely!” said Frida. “I’d love to explore like that, especially as I’m new around here and don’t know the area that well.”

Gus smiled and said “If you’re not doing anything, you’re more than welcome to join me. The company would be good. We could go to a bar and have lunch along the route?”

“That’s awesome! It’s my weekend off, so would love to join you. When I’m not here it gets a bit lonely!”

Gus couldn’t believe his luck. He left the place with a broad satisfied smile and couldn’t stop thinking about Frida. Once he got home he couldn’t help himself and jerked off more than once fantasising about what her body might be like and oh, those delicious hairy arms. He imagined illegal bahis her delicate hands around his throbbing dick wanking him off while he drooled over her hairy arms.

Fortunately as the day arrived the sun was shining and there was a touch of warmth in the sun. Frida turned up wearing a t-shirt, shorts with dark leggings and walking boots. Both chatted and laughed as they’d known each other for ages. After an hour or so into the walk, with birds singing from the hedges and trees, Gus spontaneously squeezed his hand into that of Frida at which point she smiled into his eyes.

Chatting about their lives Frida hadn’t had a serious relationship for a couple of years not helped by the fact she had moved around quite a bit. Though she wasn’t pretending to have been like a nun and had had a number of flings.

Feeling hungry they decided to take some lunch in the delightful garden of a pub washed down with a drink or two. Holding hands over the table they looked into each other eyes and like love struck teenagers laughed at all sort of silly things.

Before the food arrived Gus took Frida’s right hand and started to let his fingers wander and gently caress the dark hairs on her arm.

Frida smiled and responded, “You like my hairy arms then?”

“Definitely! They are really lovely. Something so sexy about soft fuzz on a woman’s arms! Don’t understand those women that shave or wax them. They’re removing something so natural and erotic.”

Frida was feeling a warm glow and retorted, “Had a feeling you liked them. I noticed the first time I had my arms uncovered that you seemed to be peeking at them and pretending not to!”

Gus laughed, “Sorry- I’m a bit clumsy like that- not very subtle!”

“Don’t apologise!” I’m flattered she grinned. “Actually I’ve noticed it’s not that unusual for guys to be turned on by my hairy arms. Not so common, so some guys see it as something special. I know not all guys appreciate it but the discerning ones do,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes. “I’ve always been something of a hairy girl!”

Gus couldn’t help himself and eagerly asked, “So are you hairy elsewhere too?”

“A lady can’t give away all her secrets in one go,” teased Frida. “You’ll have to find that out for yourself!”

After an hour or so over lunch and a couple of beers they walked a bit further and found a secluded meadow where they could lie down. Almost immediately their lips were locked and passionately snogging. Gus removed Frida’s top as it was pretty warm leaving just the bra on. He almost shot his load as the top came off as Frida’s pits were exposed revealing very thick tufts of long dark hair!

“Oh my God!” Gus exclaimed. “They are so hot! Just amazing- those hairy pits are just divine, so incredibly sexy!”

“Thanks- hoped you’d appreciate them!” smiled Frida as she laid back on the grass with the sun on her face and crickets chirping around her.

Gus raised an arm and began to stroke the long dark hairs and turned on by the delicate warm aromas emanating from there before burying his face into the moist sweaty thicket.

“They are so sexy!” he gushed excitedly, sounding a little breathless!

Frida had by now reciprocated and removed his top but was less interested in Gus’s hairy pits but her fingers enjoying his hairy trail and exploring his hairy chest.

“See you’re not the only one turned on by a bit of hair!” chuckled Frida. ” Maybe we ought to go back to my flat before we get too carried away?”

“Well I’m not going to argue with that!”

An hour and a half later they were back in town and soon going into Frida’s flat. She poured a drink while Gus couldn’t keep his hands off her, putting his arms around her waist and kissing her. He removed her bra and praised her beautifully shaped and fairly modest boobs. He noticed the nipples had a couple of long hairs spreading from them and ran his tongue over her boobs which made Frida sigh with pleasure. He also noticed she had a pretty pronounced trail of dark hairs running up to her navel, which incredibly he’d overlooked earlier, probably because he was overwhelmed by her wonderful furry pits!

Frida sat on Gus’s lap facing him stroking his hair while they kissed on the lips and also he on her her breasts before nuzzling the wonderful pit beards. After a little while Gus started to slowly slide Frida’s shorts down. Then with great anticipation and feverish excitement he started to take down the leggings. Frida was also interested in seeing Gus’s reactions as new discoveries of her body revealed themselves to Gus.

She could see the look of pleasure as the thick dark hair of her inner thighs was exposed. She could almost literally see Gus licking his lips with anticipation. Further down her thighs there was a decent light covering of brown hair along the tops and sides. Not as thick as her arms but very visible and pleasing.

“You certainly are a sexy hairy woman!” Gus excitedly gushed. Then as illegal bahis siteleri he continued taking the leggings down her calves were covered with an abundance of dark bristles about a centimetre long. “But you shave your legs though?”

Frida laughed, ” Yes, but as you can see, not very often!”

Intrigued Gus asked, “Why shave the legs then?”

“Mmm, sort of an interesting one that with my history!”

Stroking her bristly legs where the hair was at that intermediate stage where it wasn’t totally prickly but not quite soft he said “I’m all ears- tell me more!”

Cuddled up together and Gus enjoying the sensation of stroking her stubble and the softer hair on her thighs Frida started her story.

“Well I guess I’ve always been naturally hairy. Even when I was about eight or nine years old my calves and arms were quite hairy and children being children I started getting teased about my hair, so I was getting upset as I was given mean names like Wolf girl and Gorilla legs. One day I came home in tears and told my mother about it!”

Gus hugged Frida with support and she continued “so she took me to the bathroom and shaved my legs for me but said I must never shame by arms, but I could keep them covered up while at school. So having showed me what to do I kept shaving them every once in a while but then almost daily by the time I was in my teens. Of course as I hit puberty I started shaving the pit and thigh hair as it developed, but as mother instructed, never my arms- though I was tempted to on a couple of occasions!”

“Pleased about that! opined Gus.

“But once I left school and went to college things changed. It was a pretty alternative place and people were so chilled. Once the warmer weather arrived I soon noticed a lot of the female students had hairy armpits and quite a few, but not quite so many, had hairy legs too. I never really liked shaving and after a slow start started reduced how often I shaved. Soon realised guys were happy to get a good fuck and weren’t bothered by hair under my arms. In fact quite a few actively liked it- so quit shaving them and haven’t looked back since. It took a little longer but also quit shaving my legs. And I can tell you my leg hair fully grown out is definitely hairy. As I said most guys were grateful to have somewhere to put their hormone crazed dicks so hairy legs were no deterrent to being laid. Think most guys weren’t too bothered on whether legs were shaved or hairy but went out with this guy for a couple of months who was really turned on by my hairy legs. He would always be aroused by them and petting them. Sometimes I’d dress up for him with the hair squashed under tights or have on different footwear and sock combinations. He loved (and if I’m honest I also enjoyed) rubbing his erect dick up and down my furry legs and would cum on them and I would rub it in before we shared a sensual bath together! Oops, hope I’m not being too graphic here? Getting a bit carried away with the gory details!”

Gus totally gobsmacked with all the detail replied, “No I’m really fascinated and turned on by this So why shave them again?”

Blushing Frida replied, “It wasn’t me that started it!”

Totally confused by this statement he looked in a quizzical manner. Before she continued Frida unzipped Gus’s shorts and started to stroke his leaking cock and continued, “There was this guy who I really fancied at the bar where I used to work. Simon was his name , good muscular body with long dark blonde hair in a pony tail- bit of a hippy. We went out for a few weeks and like you he loved my hairy arms and pits. He never made any comments about my hairy legs but one drunken afternoon we exchanged fantasies and I said I’d love to be tied up and taken control of. He was of course excited by that and he tied me up in the kitchen removing my top leaving me in a bra and with tights on. He then pulled down my tights and ran his hands along my hairy legs before leaving the room. He was gone for quite a while and returned with a bowl of warm water. He said nothing so had no idea what was to come and I was intrigued. Then he came back from the shop next door armed with shaving foam and razors. I was a bit annoyed as I’d grown to appreciate my hairy legs and shouted at him I didn’t want them to be shaved.

My hands were tied and he smiled saying I’d thank him later as he began to lather up my legs before shaving them. I could see he was really turned on by this but I was still angry yet at the same time I couldn’t deny that I was reluctantly enjoying a sensual experience. He was very careful and tender while dominating me. In the end he shaved my calves and about three-quarters of the way up my thighs before toweling them down and then fucked me hard while I was still tied up in the chair.

After he climaxed he began to gently stroke and kiss my legs for an hour before he untied me and by now I was really aroused and he gave me a wonderful oral session. He claimed I was now the canlı bahis siteleri perfect goddess- hairy where i should be and smooth with the legs. Like you have just adored nuzzling and playing with my pit fur.

The next day after he’d gone I looked at my body and stroked my bare hairless legs and renewed my acquaintance with smooth legs as I got used to soft hairy ones. We split a couple of days later over something unrelated. I had sort of decided that though it was nice feeling smooth legs I didn’t want to return to the tedium of shaving every couple of days or so. For a month or so my stubble was coming on well and I was in the supermarket when there were all these razors by the counter. For some unknown reason I impulsively bought a pack of them. I even questioned myself as i planned to resort to hairydom. For a couple of weeks they sat idly in the bathroom. I loved the fact that my thighs were getting nice and hairy again- they looked too bare bald. Then one Sunday evening I ran a bath and just felt the urge to shave my own legs for the first time in about three years. It almost felt exciting! I stroked the stubble up and down several times before getting in the bath and started shaving. Somehow it felt really relaxing and to my surprise i really enjoyed it- really sensual. When I dried myself I looked and stroked myself, running my fingers through my thick pubes, running them through my long arm hair and stroking the not so prickly thigh hair before running my hands along the clean shaven calves. I loved all the contrasts and it was my most intense masturbation session; just an exquisite orgasm all to myself”

“Oh Frida- I just love the way you are so candid and earthy. It’s so damn sexy to hear you talk about this!”

With the passions close to boiling over Gus ripped off Frida’s knickers and inserted his bulging cock through the hirsute pubic jungle into her very wet vagina.

Frida had partly turned herself on by her story but also by Gus’s incredulous reactions.

She was soon shouting, “More, more, more” as his cock pumped hard.

As they cuddled together and Gus again stroked her stubbly legs asked why Gina didn’t shave them more frequently if she liked the smooth sensation?

“Good point Gus. Well when I used to shave as a teenager it became a chore as I did it almost daily to stay smooth. I hated it but felt I had to. Now I’ve had my legs fully hairy and I did like them like that and no longer ashamed of it. Then I evolved and found out that the occasional shaving of them can be a pleasurable treat. I enjoy the feeling of the stubble as it grows back and love stroking them as I’m watching TV. Then every now and again I get the urge and treat myself to a sensual shave- a me time pleasure!”

Gus fully immersed in all the detail asked, ” So how do guys react now if they see your legs with well grown stubble? Do they find it unattractive?”

With a big smirk Frida replied, “Well I thought that might be the attitude and probably is for some guys, but I’ve found out the opposite is true. I think many guys are intrigued when they see I’m a hairy girl but my legs are bristly. They think about the shaving as normally they just see hairless legs on most women, even in the shaving ads and take it for granted. When they see my legs the subject of shaving comes to the fore and in many cases I know this arouses them.

A while back I was doing a hike wearing shorts, short socks, boots and very stubbly legs. I was sitting in a bar and noticed this guy staring at me and looking at my legs. I assumed he was grossed out but after a while he came over and we got chatting. After a little Dutch courage I said he seemed to have been looking at my legs a lot .He was apologetic and said he wasn’t repelled by them. In fact he said he hoped I didn’t mind but the reality was that he hadn’t noticed such regrowth on a woman’s legs before and as it was obvious I do sometimes shave them, he found the idea of me being in the bath, shaving them really erotic.

I didn’t really say too much back but realised that guys aren’t as repelled by body hair as most women think. A couple of other guys I hooked up with also said the thought of watching me shave them really excited them and so would be part of our fun and one guy desperately wanted to shave them for me. He was pleading me so I let him and it was pretty magical and the sex after awesome. So here I am now a hairy woman with big bush, thick furry pits, hairy arms and thighs and with legs that are rarely smooth but coated in bristles a lot of the time!”

“Bet you wished you didn’t ask now?” as Frida rolled back rubbing her leg growth.

Gus said, “No, I’m really fascinated by it all. I can’t say I’ve ever thought about leg shaving much before. I do remember some poll in a magazine about a bucket list of things a guy should do before he’s 30 and one of them was shaving a woman’s legs. And here we are now talking about it! Oh my God, this is so surreal!”

“So Gus does the idea of you shaving just my calves appeal to you? Your dick is saying yes by the way it’s expanding and leaking!”

“Can’t really turn down the offer can I? Can I make a request though?”

Intrigued Frida said, “I guess! What’s that?”

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