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First off this is a work of fiction. If you think that they should have done something differently, congratulation you have an idea for a story now go and write it. Covid 19 can be a scary thing for people and I don’t want to minimalize it. Fantasy is fun. Play safe everyone.

“Dirk you have a choice, take the resident job or we’ll have to lay you off during the epidemic.”

“Fuck, you’re firing me?”

“Dirk, we are trying to protect our residents and staff. It’s not about you.”

“How am supposed to survive if I say no?”

“I know there is some funding for those laid off, but you’ll have to look into that yourself.”

“It sounds like you’re hanging me out to dry if I don’t agree.”

“Dirk, I need you. John has a wife and two dogs so I can’t ask him to stay here 24 – 7.” Jack had a desperate look in his eye. I knew it was time to strike back with a demand.

“Okay Jack how much?”

“What do you mean how much?”

“You want me here 24 — 7, how much extra do I get?”

“Hell, you’re going to get free food and a roof over your head.”

“I already have a roof over my head. I know you paid John standby.”

“Okay fifty a day standby and your regular wage.”

“Overtime if I have to do something.”

“Dirk I can find someone else. I know what you guys do, adjust a thermostat here and there, unclog a drain or change a lightbulb. Anything big you call in a contactor and sit back to watch.”

“So, no overtime?”

“I’ll pay the first hour full for call-out and then half hour increments. Twenty-five bucks for changing a lightbulb is being pretty generous.”

I must admit I’ve seen the call-in sheet; John usually has a call every second or third evening for an hour, it’s a pretty good gig. If what they say about this pandemic is true, I won’t be getting out anyways to play.

“Well I’m going to need to bring my stuff here if I’m staying.”

“Just bring your clothes we’re giving you a resident’s room, it’s furnished. “

“Fuck you’re giving me a dead guys room?”

“He didn’t die in his room. He’s the guy that got hit by the bus.”

Okay, I was just evil, because the first time I heard the story I had to laugh. You go through life just fine and then one day you get hit by that proverbial bus. Like who the hell does that happen to?

“Yeah but his family’s not going to like someone else in his space.”

“He had no family. You’re lucky we were going to clear out his room, but then this happened. Now you’ve got a place to stay.”

“Well let me check out the room so I know what I have to bring.”

“That means you’re going to do it?”

“Yeah I’ll do it, provided his room isn’t a hell hole.”

John had told me about George he had worked in the recording industry, always said I should meet him. I guess that ship has sailed. George’s place was over the recreation room. The story is they took the old social room and converted it to a suite when they built the atrium, George moved in and he’s been there ever since.

We’ve all seen old people furniture and their tacky crap all over the place, so what could I expect. Fuck was I wrong. Everything was Scandinavian in design, beautiful teak, real fucking art on the walls. And then there was the alter. On top was the Oracle and bellow there was a McIntosh 240. Two of the most impressive speakers stood to the sides. I never heard of VonSchweikert, but from the looks of them they must sound good.

He may not have had family, but there are photos. Yeah these are photos to die for. Many have signatures on them like; “You make me sound good. Dave” Yeah, fucking Dave Brubeck! George is becoming my hero even though I never met him.

This live-in handyman job just got a whole lot better. The knock on the door takes me out of my trance. I can’t let anyone see what is in here.

I open the door and start walking out, there is Jack and he has to take a step back, “Well it will do?”

“You need anything moved out?” Jack is trying to see around me.

“It’s old guy stuff, but I’ll make it work.” I pull the door closed and lock it and start to walk toward the elevators.

“Yeah, the lady from the courts said it was clean, not her style but nice. I guess I should take a look.”

“Another time, I have to go get my stuff.”

“There will be a contract for you to sign tomorrow.”


“You think I won’t get you to sign to our agreement? You agreed to no overtime and that has to be in writing.”

“Oh, one thing. What do I do with his clothes?”

“Bag it up, everything will go to the thrift store.”


“Once this is over, they’ll come in clean it out the suite, that way it doesn’t cost me a penny.”

“Smart you know how to save a buck or two.” Yeah Jack you are just too smart for your own good. I had to smile to myself, no one would know that his stereo system went missing. Now to go get my stuff.

Old George was a genius. Dire Straits was something my dad would have listened to, but on this system, casino oyna it was to die for. Never mind this whisky, Portwood Reserve damn it’s smooth. Yeah, Money for Nothing, that’s my new theme song,

Room 214 bathroom light out. Damn text message! Fucking stupid lightbulb interrupting my evening. Some little old bitty is in the dark. I don’t know how John put up with this.

“Hello, I’m here to fix the light.”

“Where’s John?”

“He’s at home, I’m the live-in handyman. You know Covid.”

“Oh.” What the hell did I do, her face looks like someone took a candy away from her. This damn Covid, just mentioning it does that to people.

“May I come in?”


“It’s your bathroom light?”


So, I go to the bathroom and the fucking light works, just fine.

“Funny it wasn’t working before.”

“It happens. If it happens again let me know, it could be the switch.” Be polite Dirk, be polite.

“Thanks. Will John be coming back?”

“Sure, once this is all over.”

“I hope it’s over quick. Thanks again.”

It’s funny she smiles, and it transforms her face. I’m not into old ladies I’ve seen them at the beach and there’s stuff you just don’t want to see. I just like her smile and her salt and pepper hair; I’ve always loved salt and pepper.

It’s a fun game pull out a random album and listening to it. So, I’m laying back in the chair sipping my drink and Joe Cocker is singing You Are So Beautiful. Miss 214 pops into my head, what the fuck. Damn she was dressed in a bathrobe, just a bathrobe. John you dirty dog. There was no burnt out light bulb, never was.

George that’s just sloppy. He didn’t have a password on his computer. Though it looked like it was pretty lame, nothing unexpected. Well his browser history was a little interesting, seems old George liked spending a bit of time on PornHotties. I try one link and it’s an older lady going down on a guy, not my thing. Sure, she was doing a commendable job, but my thing is just one mouse click away.

That was an hour well wasted. Yeah, I like porn, what young guy doesn’t? Sure, most of those girls aren’t in my league and hell I’m not hung like horse either. There’s a lot of homemade stuff, girls next door, that’s my thing. At least I want to think I’d have a chance. As they say different strokes for different folks, I don’t think they were talking about porn, but they should have been.

Room 312 heating problem. Well at least that came at the right time or should I say I did.

“Hello, you’re having a heating problem?” I can feel the warm air hitting me. The next thing I noticed her eyes look like the proverbial deer in the headlights. Miss 312 spins round and runs to the other room.

“Sorry I wasn’t expecting you.” She calls from the bedroom. A minute later she reemerges with a housecoat on. She had answered the door in a teddy that left nothing to the imagination. Damn I was actually wishing I got a better look; all I know this wasn’t one of those old ladies on the beach. Even now I can see how nice her legs look.

“You did call about your heating.”

“Yes. I just wasn’t expecting you.”

Fuck! Another one? I mean did John have a whole line of older women he would ‘help’?

“John is at home these days. I’m the live-in handyman, you know this whole virus thing.”

“Oh.” There it is again another woman with a sigh of disappointment. Well John I must hand it to you; you must have kept them happy.

So, I fix the thermostat. Then I spot it, a screwdriver on her counter, just the right size to do this job. Damn, she had turned it up herself. Guess she wanted to play out the serviceman thing. I could see it now, “Hi John, I’m hot. Want to check it with your temperature probe?” Oh fuck, I got to get out of here.

“Well I have to go.” Down boy, down, this is not the time to wake up the beast.

“There’s nothing I could offer you for your services. Coffee? Tea? Or.” and she just smiles at me.

Damn is she coming on to me? No, it’s just been way too long since I got laid.

“Sorry I have to go.” Fuck I feel like an awkward school kid getting a boner in front of his science teacher. I wonder how Mrs. Peterson is doing?

Laying back listening to the music, just kind of drifting there letting the sound take me where it will.

“Holy fuck!”

I dash over to George’s computer.

Pull up the history.

There it is. Yes!

I pause the video. Miss 312 is staring back at me with someone’s dick in her mouth.

Wait a fucking minute, I run to the bedroom. “Holy shit George!”

The painting on the wall, it’s the one in the background. Looks like Miss 312 likes to play around. I mean I can’t blame her, after all once you get to her age why not. George, you old dog did you post that?

Time to explore George’s computer. It might be a bit creepy going through someone else’s computer, well I guess I’m creepy then. Shit the guy is dead and no one is ever going to know. There it is Adobe Premiere, once again slot oyna top-quality George. Fuck the subscription has expired.

Well that wasn’t so bad to reactivate, I love the internet. Now let’s see what we have here. The program opens up to what I figure is the edit page. And sure enough; Miss 312 is in the frame. Thank god programs are similar these days, even I can find the play button. Well holy shit it looks like there were three cameras set up and Miss 312 wasn’t shy at all. Damn she’s playing right into the cameras and she is fucking the shit out of old George. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, I know she has to be in her sixties but hell, I wish I had a girl ride me like that. Sure, I saw a little bit more of old George than I ever wanted to, but he’s doing pretty good. I mean I would have lost it a lot sooner than him. Man, she jumps off George and just takes him in her mouth. If it weren’t for the audio, I wouldn’t have known he just came because she doesn’t lose a drop. There it is, she just looks straight at me and smiles. Fuck I just busted a nut over some sixty-year-old vixen.

The file is named Helen.

“I guess you’ve had a couple of night calls. Any problems?”

I can hear that John is a little nervous. Do I just ask him if he’s been fucking these women? Did he know about George? I looked at the call out sheet, 10 rooms were what I would call regular night callers. Was he having the time of his life?

“No problems, just simple fixes.”

“Oh, good.”

“They did seem to miss you.” Oh, how I twist the knife.

“Well, well we often have a tea and a talk. You know just being friendly.”

“Just a little extra service hey.” Fuck he is squirming. Should I let him off the hook? “What did you call for?”

“I was fixing Janice’s bookshelf; thought I’d come by and finish up.”


“Sorry, Room 135.”

Room 135, yes, there she is, a regular night caller. He’s going to hate this, “Sorry John, can’t let you do that. Rumor has it that if you quarantine for two weeks, they’ll let you back in.”

I hear a real sigh from him. Man, Janice must be hot or was it just that he had already missed two ‘calls’. I’m going to have to check out this Janice. What the fuck was that? I’m 28 years old and I’m thinking of checking out a senior citizen. I can see John doing it, he’s got to be over fifty. I date their daughters, hell maybe their granddaughters, that’s if I can get a date.

“What if I get tested?”

“Talk to Jack, he’s the one who told me no one gets in unless there’s an emergency. You should see the recreation center, it’s all cots for the kids on staff.”

All the young people who work here are sharing the rec room. My problem is, to them I am an old guy and I bet they get up to their own fun anyways. You get ten kids together for a long sleep over and shit is going to happen. I can only hope for some fallout, then I will comfort a young lady or two.

“Okay Dirk, take care of everyone for me.”

“I’ll do my best and try to keep up your high standards.”

I feel sorry for him. Sure, he was obviously cheating on his wife which was bad, but fuck some of these women are hot.

Janice is hot! George had a video of her as well or at least he had one named Janice so I’m assuming it’s her. This one was shot on George’s couch. She comes in and plants a kiss on George while her hand goes straight to his cock. Two minutes in and she is bobbn’ on the nob. There’s a close-up of her working his cock like a pro. Her tongue swirls about the head and teases the tip, you can hear how much George is enjoying it. When her lips hit bottom and her nose is buried in his pubs, she does this little twist that must be wild. I can see George tense up his legs in reaction, fuck I want to feel that. I’ve had blow jobs, but they suck in comparison to what I’m seeing.

She pulls off of his shaft and takes her index finger into her mouth. Holy fuck she’s sticking it up his ass now. I don’t know what the hell she’s doing with that finger, but between that and her mouth on his cock George is sounding like he’s about to blow.

“Holy FUCK!”

George just about bounces her off as he bucks in ecstasy. She keeps her lips locked around his shaft as he empties into her. Damn there is someone else in the room with them. There is no way George could have done that camera work.

George is obviously holding the camera now. You can see Janice cleaning his cock, but the shocking part is John. John’s hand is playing with Janice’s pussy from behind. She is twisting her hips in such a fucking sexy manner.

“Put that fucking cock in me, I need it, now!” There’s a woman I can respect she knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to ask for it.

John moves forward and slides into her. I’m watching my workmate sliding his cock into this fucking hot woman and she is yelling out her approval. She likes fucking that’s for sure. Is this what senior citizens do? I can’t believe it I already lost one load, but I’m bouncing back for seconds.

It looks like canlı casino siteleri I’m not the only one bouncing back. For an old guy George is a stud, that or the Viagra salesman loves him. She is licking that dick like a lollipop while John is pounding her from behind. Janice stands up and reaches for a bottle. Holy shit she’s lubing up her ass. Oh my god she’s aiming George’s cock at her ass and slowly lowering herself down on it. She’s taking a little time to get used to it, the way she twists her hips must feel wild. It takes a few squats and then she looks at John and uses her finger to call him over. This isn’t these guys first rodeo.

John lines up and sinks his cock into her waiting pussy. They’re DPing grandma! And she is loving it. George is playing with her nipples from behind, John’s thrusting is moving her back and forth on George. Janice is one step away from yodeling. I’ve never seen a woman cum like this and I’ve watched a lot of porn.

I slept like a baby that night. You could say my dreams were a little different than usual.

Lunch looks pretty good. It’s high school cafeteria style just to reduce staff, but the cook is outdoing herself. It might be burgers, but a bacon, swiss, mushroom burger is classy. Loaded up with all the fixings I turn and who is right there in front of me, Helen. Yep cum swallowing with a smile on her face, Helen.

“Hi, how are you.”

“I’m a, a fine. And you?”

“Good, I’m no longer too hot.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I mean, the, the heat could go again.” What the fuck did I just say? Brain to mouth, engage. Helen gives me a quirky little smile. I just hope she didn’t catch that. Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is not a good time to be sprouting a woody. Maybe she won’t notice. Yeah, the tray is in the way. Thank god for small miracles. There’s two times I get religious, during sex and when I’m saved from embarrassment.

“Well if I get too hot again, can I call you?” I’ve heard a sexy voice before but it’s like she purrs out pure sex.

“You know my number.”

“I think I do.” Helen smiles and turns to walk away. My god those pants are painted on and that is the sexiest walk I have seen.

As I’m walking towards my table, I can feel a set of eyes following me. She’s to my right, her eyes are following me alright or at least a part of me. She then looks me right in the eyes, smiles and licks her lips. Maybe it was just my imagination. I know what I’m not imagining, without a shadow of a doubt that is Janice.

Well if I had wood before, I now have hardened steel. This bacon, swiss, mushroom burger might be the best damn burger I ever had, but I couldn’t tell you that. My mind is on one thing and if I don’t get that under control, I’m not going to be leaving this table.

So, I calm down it’s going to be okay. The ladies will be gone shortly, and I’ll be able to get up without embarrassing myself. Just then Miss 214 sits down in front of me.

“Hi, I’m Leslie. We never introduced ourselves.”

“Hi Leslie, I’m Dirk.”

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry about the other night. I might have been a little rude.”

“No, it’s fine, those lights are flaky sometimes.”

“I hear you’re living in George’s place.”


“Just wondering what they did with all of his stuff?”

“It’s all there I think.”


Well she should never play poker. She must be another one and I just haven’t seen her performance. She looks distressed and I think I know why. How can I put her at ease?

“Yeah I’ve been listening to his music. He sure had good taste.”

“Yes, George always did have good taste.”

“Haven’t had much time to look at much else. You know us young guys, I spend too much time on my laptop.”

Relief flushes over her.

“When John’s back I’ll get him to help me move out some of George’s old stuff like his, computer and such.”

“Oh yeah John would be good to help you do that.” She blurts out in the way a guilty party would. Like I said no poker for you, well maybe strip poker. Aw fuck I’m imagining her naked. Have I developed a fetish for grandmas? And again, I can’t stand up.

“Well thanks again for looking at my light.”

“Anytime. Leslie.”

No there wasn’t a file for Leslie. There were about two dozen other file folders in the main video folder, most had a person’s name on them. When I have time, I’m going to cross reference those names with John’s regular night calls. But right now, I want to find out why was Leslie looking so guilty?

You find the strangest things when search someone’s room. There was a nice collection of sex toys and now I knew why there is that hook in the middle of the ceiling in the living room. Old George had a sex swing. It took me a few minutes to figure out what it is, but there’s no doubt in my mind a few of those ladies have spent time in this swing. I guess you could say they’re swingers.

He did have four identical cameras. A quick look showed they have some interesting footage on them. I’ll have to take a better look later. Funny thing was a remote control obviously for a TV, but there was no TV. I just pushed the power button and the painting across from the foot of the bed starts to swing up. Hell, if there isn’t a TV behind it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20