Hannah , Ariel Pt. 05

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After the dance, both Hannah and Ariel couldn’t stop talking about the fight between Ella and Riley. They were also amazed at how long the fight went on for. The more they talked about it, the more that itch grew and both knew they wanted to find someone to fight with.

They began to throw names around, Kayla, 19, 5’5″ 36C, from across the street, Lola, 19, 5’7″ 34D, who lived in the area. These were the first choices seeing both sets of girls had a hatred for each other because of their mothers having confrontations. Then they thought of Jessica, black hair, 5’5″ 32D, Jada’s 19y/o niece from the Asian restaurant and Mandy, blonde, 5’6″ 36C, Molly’s 18y/o sister, who works at the supermarket as well.

Jada and Molly were the women they both talked about their mothers fighting with. Since neither of these girls travelled in the same circles, how were they going to get them to fight. That was the biggest problem they had to solve. Since they knew it wouldn’t happen right away, they did agree that they needed to give their wardrobe an overhaul.

They went shopping the following day and bought some new tops, some new jeans and short skirts, with new shoes added for good measure. They spent that evening trying on all the outfits, since both of them wore the same size, it gave them an expanded list of items to wear. The tops were all very tight fitting, some were lower cut than the others, but all of the tops were purchased with one thing in mind, showing off their tits. Both Hannah and Ariel giggled at how slutty the new clothes made them look, but they didn’t care as long as it got them into some girl fights.

The next day, they couldn’t wait to get into school and show off their new outfits (and assets too). They definitely did get a lot of looks, a lot of cat calls from the guys and a lot of dirty looks from the girls. Just what they wanted. Now that they got the ball rolling, they were hoping that might entice a few girls to come after them. Both Hannah and Ariel were happy with the first day of their new look. They caught the attention of a few girls who would be a great match up for both of them. It was just a matter of time they agreed, they were both sure they would experience their first girl fight very soon.

The next day, they showed up to school showing off their cleavage with very low cut v-neck tops and skinny jeans. It didn’t take long before everyone in school began talking about their racks. Two girls however, they didn’t expect to notice them were Capri, 18, who has long blonde hair, 5’5″ with 34Ds and Madison with long light brown hair with blonde streaks is 18, 5’6″ with 32DDs, the other girls who watched Charlie and Nikki fight.

When Hannah and Ariel saw them, they weren’t wearing the baggy clothes they would normally wear, they were wearing very tight fitting tops and jeans. It appeared that Capri and Madison had the same idea or stole the idea from Hannah and Ariel or maybe were up to challenging Hannah and Ariel to a girl fight. Whatever the idea was, it pissed Hannah and Ariel off to no end. Here were two other girls looking to steal the attention away from them and they weren’t going to let that happen.

Rumours began to swirl around the college about how peculiar it was that all of a sudden, the four girls started dressing similarly and that there maybe a rivalry brewing between them. casino siteleri It didn’t take long before the rumour mill reached the two sets of friends during lunch break.

Nervous glances were stolen between the four girls as they sat in opposite ends of the cafeteria. First Hannah and Ariel would glance, but were quick to turn away when Capri and Madison would glance back at them and vice versa. Hannah leaned towards Ariel across the table when she noticed them getting up and walking out. “They’re going outside for a cigarette, let’s go.”

When Hannah and Ariel reached the designated smoking area, Capri and Madison were there, causually glancing towards the door to see if the other two would come out. When Hannah and Ariel arrived, they turned their heads quickly. The two pairs stood about six or seven feet apart from each other, stealing more nervous glances.

Ariel nervously stole a glance towards the girls while she took a draw of smoke, her eyes met those of Capri as she was just turning to steal a glance towards them. Quickly they both turned away, then before they faced their friends, they both took a second glance at each other and their eyes met again.

Ariel felt a familar tingle between her legs, only this time it was stronger than ever. Ariel kept her eyes locked with Capri, and both girls now turned to face each other. Each girl took a couple of steps towards the other until there were about a couple of feet between them. Ariel and Capri took a similar pose, one hand on the hip, with a leg extended, hip cocked to the side, in a staredown.

Both girls took long draws from their cigarettes as they sized each other up. Ariel’s heart began to race, her tits began to swell as her nipples grew harder. She could feel her pussy tingling more and more, dampening her panties. She could tell Capri was feeling the same effects by the way her nipples were protruding from her tight t-shirt. Not a word was spoken, both girls just stared hate into each other’s eyes. Each draw of their cigarettes the girls took were long, both girls snap inhaling large amounts of smoke, as if trying to prove who looked hotter smoking to the other.

Hannah and Madison just watched as their friends took on a new air of confidence. A new sexual type of confidence. Hannah and Madison locked eyes as they smoked but their focus was more on their friends. They actually shared a smile, knowing that their BFF’s were about to engage in a girl fight, one they both couldn’t wait to see.

Capri took the lead, she finished her smoke and flicked the butt to the ground, then she motioned her head towards the door back into the school. Ariel took one last draw and flicked the butt away and both girls walked side by side into the school with Hannah and Madison chasing after them.

The four of them walked side by side, Madison on the left, Capri then Ariel in the middle and Hannah on the right, down the corridor, towards the ladies room on the left side of the corridor. Madison used her back to keep the door open for the two warriors, when Hannah reached the door, Madison stepped forward, leaving a small space to enter. Hannah turned sideways facing Madison to squeeze through.

Once their tits lined up, Madison pushed forward catching Hannah between her and the door jamb. Hannah could feel Madison’s 32DD’s pushing her 36C’s inwards, slot oyna she pushed her tits back into Madison’s tits and smiled when Madison bite her lip.

“Tomorrow it’s gonna be you and me Bitch” Madison whispered as her lips brushed with Hannah’s. Hannah lightly lashed her tongue across Madison’s lips, “It’s a date” she hissed back. Before her tongue retreated, Madison lashed back and the girls twirled their tongues around for a few seconds. Both Madison and Hannah had to fight the urge not to fight.

Once inside, they noticed Ariel and Capri standing next to each other at the sink counter as they took off their bras. Both Ariel and Capri’s nipples had grown to sizes that neither of them had seen before. They gazed at each other’s tits in the mirror before they start re-applying make up and adding more lip gloss. Breaking the silence between the two, Ariel looked at Capri in the mirror.

“Better put on more lip gloss than that if you don’t want to wear my colour Bitch!”

“My colour will be tattooed on your lips after I’m done kissing you Slut!”

“I’m going to kiss your mouth off Bitch!”

“You’re not going to have a tongue when I’m finished with you!”

Ariel and Capri turned to face each other, both lunged at each other, open mouth to open mouth with deep hard kissing. Their left hands in each other’s hair, then their rights reaching around to the other’s asses. Each had a thigh wedged between their legs, grinding hard against their pussies. Ariel broke the kiss, leaving several strings of spit dangling between the two fighting girls. Both girls gasping as their nipples touched through the thin fabric of the girls tops. They began to twirl and swirl their tongues outside the confines of their mouths, they followed that with several short kisses, biting and sucking each other’s lips with their own. In between the kisses, the insults and taunts began again.





“My Tits are crushing your tits!”

“In your dreams Bitch, I’m gonna flatten your tits!”

With that, the two girls resumed their hard kissing, driving their tongues deep in each other’s mouth. Licking and lapping the full length of each of their tongues. They pressed their bodies in tighter to each other, their tits compressing and mushrooming out to the sides. Ariel was practically dizzy now. She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her. Those were words and taunts she only imagined using in her fantasies, now here she was locked up in a girl fight, using her mouth, tits and pussy to fight another girl, screaming the words out.

Hannah and Madison watched intently as their girlfriends fought. Standing side by side, they began nudging each other at the shoulder whenever one of them urged her girlfriend.

“C’mon Ariel, ram your tongue down her throat!”

“That’s it Capri, stick it to her, kiss her mouth off!”

“That’s it, flatten her tits!”

“Show that whore who has the better tits!”

Madison turned her head to Hannah, “I bet your pussy is getting all wet watching your girlfriend fight my girlfriend.”

“I bet your pussy is getting wet too.” Hannah snapped back. They turned their attention back to the girls again, trying to fight off the urge to lunge at each other.

“Just think, that’s you and I tomorrow.” Madison said.

“It canlı casino siteleri will be, I hope your pussy is ready for it.” Hannah replied.

“I’ll be ready, every part of me. I’m going to crush your tits.” Madison came back with.

“Not if I crush your tits first.” Hannah shot back.

Their attention soon turned back to the girls when they noticed Ariel and Capri heard the conversation they were having, they broke their kiss, resting forehead against forehead. Eyes locked, staring with hatred and determination to finish the other off. Their breathing becoming more ragged through clenched teeth, spraying spittle across each other’s lips. Grinding each other feverishly, hands becoming more tangled in each other’s hair, while they renewed their grips on each other’s asses.

“I can feel your pussy starting to drip on my leg Bitch!”

“Yea, your pussy is wetter than mine, my jeans are soaked Slut”

“I’m going to drain your pussy.”

“You think? your pussy is going to squirt all over my leg.”

Both girls closed their eyes and began grinding as if their lives depended on it. Madison and Hannah could sense that the end was getting near, both girls were close to cumming. By the look on Ariel and Capri’s faces, they knew it would be a close one.

“C’mon Ariel, grind that Slut’s pussy hard! Make her cum!”

“That’s it Capri, you got that cunt now, grind her pussy off!”

“C’mon Ariel!!”

“C’mon Capri!!”

Ariel and Capri both began to throw their heads back, panting and moaning, while still calling each other every dirty name they could think of. They tried to start the kissing fight again but both girls were too out of breathe to continue. Pressing forehead to forehead again, the girls both worked up the fortitude to try and finish the other off. Ariel and Capri began to cry out moans of pleasure, lust and anger as they worked their thighs against the other’s pussy. Ariel tried and tried to suppress her inevitable orgasm, but could no longer hold on. Her body began to tense up and she cried out “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!” About three seconds later, Capri released her own orgasm, barely able to stand, both girls holding each other up.

Ariel and Capri separated, Ariel waited for Capri to finish fixing herself up before she started. Disappointed she lost but she was beside herself with the thrill of having her first girl fight. As Capri and Madison were leaving, Capri gave a light slap to Ariel’s right tit, “Remember this, I won Bitch!”

Ariel shot back, “Yeah just barely Cunt, it’s not over yet!”

Madison turned while holding the door open and stuck her middle finger up to Hannah, “After tomorrow, you’re both gonna be losers!”

“Fuck you Madison, Fuck you!” Hannah yelled back sticking both of her middle fingers back at her.

Hannah stood beside Ariel as she fixed her hair and make up before the next class, she wasn’t sure what to say, she figured that Ariel would be disappointed or something. Their eyes met in the mirror and Ariel flashed a big grin to Hannah, “OMFG!! That was amazing, I mean I did want to win and I tried real hard, but just the feeling of being in a girl fight, WOW!!”

Hannah went in to hug Ariel, “Go easy babe, my tits are a little tender.” she giggled.

“I can’t wait for you and Madison to have your fight, OMG that is going to be so hot.” Ariel told her.

Hannah smiled, “I can’t wait either, I’ve had a wettie ever since we saw those two.” Together they left the ladies room and returned to their classes, anxiously waiting for tomorrow.

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