Hard Competition

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“Tom, give me your hard stick so I can stroke it. I know I can make all the balls go off in the pocket, even if your stick is smaller than John’s. Sure you wouldn’t want to stroke it in for me?” Kim teased at the pool parlor.

“Tom’s stick has always made me a winner Kim, fully and completely satisfied. I hear John has a big stick, but he doesn’t know how to use it!” Keri teased back.

“John has always satisfied me.” Kim pouted, arching her back to thrust out her tits, more concerned with her appearance than with making her shot.

“Then how come you are losing? He doesn’t even know how to get it in the hole! How’s he gonna satisfy, when he can’t even dump his heavy balls in the hole? Watch me now, as I stroke our balls, right in the hole! See? Tom’s stick is the one that truly satisfies!” Keri taunted as she made her shot. That’s always how it was with Kim and Keri. No matter if it was playing pool, or in the bowling league, or in the softball league, or in volleyball. It was always a competition between them, and so between John and I. Sometimes we just played along, sometimes we just sat back in shame, and most of the time, we did our level best to make our wives proud. It was all we had left. We had long ago given up our dreams of being pro athletes, John to a knee injury, myself to a crushed vertebra. We had finished college with our meaningless degrees, but with our trophy wives intact.

We were no slouches either in the looks department. John’s burly lineman physique at 6’2″, 220, my halfback sleek 6’1″, 195 frames still drew hot glances from the women. His dark hair matched Kim’s, while my Aryan good looks were the perfect match to Keri’s Nordic blonde charms. Except for the hair, they were practically the same, figure-wise, with firm 36D-25-35 bodies that still stopped clocks and traffic. Boy, did they know it! They loved the attention, and dressed for it. Every time Keri bent over for a shot, the whole pool hall got quiet as they gazed at her sweet breasts hanging in her open blouse. Kim was wearing a dress so short that when she stretched out to make a shot on the table, her whole rear, framed in her lacy white panties, was on view. They wore the skimpiest thong and string bikinis, whenever they could. Here, in Dallas, there were lots of chances.

They competed for attention, even betting on how many times we made love per week. How many times we came, per night, or per week, were subjects of betting, taunting, prolonged negotiations, scheming, or outright manipulation. I could never be sure if Keri wanted to make love to me because she was horny, or if it was to mark down another check mark in a contest with Kim.

Phil and Lisa were the other couple on our bowling team. Phil had the misfortune to be going prematurely bald, somewhat short, 5’7″, and slightly overweight (180). His auburn hair was no match for his wife. Lisa’s dark Hispanic good looks and petite frame always turned me on. She was two inches shorter than Phil, Kim, and Keri, but her 34B-24-34 frame and ruby red lips had given me many orgasms just from fantasy. Whether it was performing for Keri, or on the rare occasion that I was all alone and needed to whack off, I just couldn’t get her tight rear end and hot lips out of my mind. If I had only known how hot she really was, I might never have been able to stop jerking off to my fantasies of her.

It all startled in the alley. Over the season, we had gone from T-shirts and jeans, to button down bowling shirts (so that the girls could show more cleavage), to short skirts, to mini-skirts and shorts for us guys.

As with all our adventures, there was liquor flowing, and something none of the wives had counted on happened: Lisa was an exhibitionist. They all worked in the same big finance company office downtown. She was real conservative at work. How could they have known? So as Lisa prepared to bowl, she was bent over, her beautiful breasts hanging down, nearly out of her liberally unbuttoned blouse, her fine, tight ass clearly displayed with her miniskirt fully ridden up over her ass. Her gauzy, transparent panties showed me that she shaved her bush into a tight little triangle, right above the dark lips of her slit. My gaze activated Keri’s radar, and she quickly bet Kim that she could show more than either her or Lisa. Soon none of our women had on panties, or bras. Good thing it was a late night league. Every time they bowled, the lanes went quiet. The attention had them so turned on they were squirming. Phil was drooling, and John was shifting back and forth in his seat, desperately trying to keep his mind on keeping score. That’s when Lisa dropped her bombshell.

“You’re both very hot looking women. But a hot women is only as good as her man. I’ll bet that I’m a better kisser than either of you, and that Phil is a far better kisser than John or Tom. You up to the bet, or not?” Lisa laid down a dare that challenged not only their feminity, but our manhood as well.

“What are the stakes? I like Phil, and I’m sure Kim does casino siteleri too, but this had better be pretty damn good to let him kiss me.” Keri demanded it be worth her while.

“OK, hows this? If I lose, I will clean your house, for a week, buck naked. Phil will be your butler, serve you breakfast in bed, wait on you hand and foot If I win, as I am certain that I will, you must each do the same for us.” Lisa laid out the stakes, with a wink over to Phil, who seemed genuinely happy to win or to lose, which should have bothered me, but for some reason it just slipped my mind at the time.

“Hot bet! I’m in, what about you, Kim?” Keri jumped right in, as usual.

“I don’t know, Keri. It seems like she wins either way. I’m not sure I want her naked in my house for a week. It’s not fair to Phil, since he won’t get to see us naked. Besides, there is more to a man as a lover than how well he kisses. Kissing just is the start of determining how good a lover he is. Take John. I’ll bet you once again he’s got the biggest cock here. You’re not proposing that we all hop into bed together, are you?” Kim wanted to test the limits, to see how far Lisa was prepared to go, and then if she and Keri were up for that.

“No, not unless you want to, but when I said Phil is the best kisser here, I meant bar none. It doesn’t matter which part of your body he kisses, he’ll be better at it than John or Tom. It doesn’t matter which part of your men’s bodies I kiss, I’ll be better at it than either one of you!” Lisa back peddled and boldly struck out into new territory at the same time, as John and I suddenly got the message that blow jobs were coming up on the radar of the conversation, making us sit bolt upright in the plastic seats of the alley.

“Let me get this straight. You claim that you, Lisa, will be better than both Kim or I at kissing our men, in any and all categories. Then you claim that Phil will be better than both John or Tom at kissing us ladies, in any or all categories. If you lose a single category, or Phil does, in either the men’s or women’s division, then we win?” Keri outlined the rules of the game.

“Right.” Lisa said smugly, a little too cock sure of her husband.

“Keri, we can’t lose!God, how I hate housework. Let’s do it, but add in that the losers have to towel dry the winners after their baths or showers, and it’s a deal!” Kim demanded, adding her own quirks to the ante of the bet.

“I agree, Kim. Is it a deal, everybody?” Keri looked at me with a look like divorce court was our next stop if I said no, which I had no intentions of doing. I couldn’t stop thinking about finally kissing Lisa’s ruby red lips, or what she might do to me with them, and quickly agreed. So did everyone else, for their own reasons. We were lucky it was well into the third game, because no one could concentrate on bowling at all after that. The women proudly displayed all their charms for the whole alley to see, until it was time to go. We drove quickly. We all knew our way to each other’s homes by heart. I had never been inside Phil and Lisa’s before.

They had a small condo out in Plano, a starter home, but nearly new, very stylish, and well decorated. Phil made good money as a salesman, and their combined income was probably close to ours. John and I ran things for one of the country clubs on one of the many lakes. We knew style, and this place had it. The southwestern tones of the paint matched the light sand mixed with turquoise of the furniture fabric. That indicated that Lisa didn’t leave anything to chance. Everything was just so. That should have bothered me, but it didn’t.

We piled into the den, onto the soft couch and sofa love seat, as Lisa fixed us Margarita’s. “This will clear our palates” she said. She went upstairs to one of the bedrooms and quickly returned with six black silk scarves. What were they for? Why were they so handy? I puzzled on these questions as I sipped my iced drink. Damn, she had even salted the rims of the glasses! Didn’t this girl ever miss a trick?

“I suggest that have the persons being kissed sit on the chairs from the dinette set blindfolded. The kissers will draw a number from Phil’s cowboy hat, for the order in which they will go. Each of the kissers will have two minutes on my egg timer to finish kissing each person before moving on. All of us clear about this? Good. Let’s begin. Ladies will draw for chairs.”, Lisa suggested as she put the red

, green

, and blue
rubber balls left over from one of Phil’s sales promotions in the hat. Kim picked red, Lisa green, and Keri the blue ball. Now we blindfolded our wives, and drew our own balls. I got the red ball, Phil the green, and John the blue which made us snicker.

It was so strange, and yet so natural, to kiss Kim. As I kissed her soft wide lips, it felt so much like Keri that I was fondling her breasts out of sheer reflex before I even thought about it. Once she gasped, I realized I was caught. What the hell?, I thought. If John minds, he’ll just do slot oyna the same to Keri. The thought of his hands on my wife’s tits hit me like a freight train, and my kiss became much more passionate, as I groped Kim for all I was worth. The kitchen timer rang, and I gently released my lip lock on Kim. Phil moved in, gently kissing her face, her neck, her ears. Then he teased her soft lips and tongue, and as she responded, only then did he touch her breasts. Even then, he only did it by teasing her nipples with his fingertips. A moan escaped her lips and the kitchen timer rang. John sprang to his wife’s need, kissing her neck as he unbuttoned her blouse, rubbing her big breasts, then kissing her deeply. The kitchen timer rang, and he took her blouse as a trophy, leaving her blindfolded and half naked.

Unknown to the girls, we drew again. Phil drew red, I drew green, and John drew blue again. Phil moved in on his wife, kissing her just as he had Kim, but he unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Their kiss was wet, passionate, yet still tender. Her small nipples were skillfully tweaked into full stiffness. He left her panting when the timer rang. I moved up to Phil’s half naked wife, kissing her neck gently while I rubbed her nipples as I tenderly kissed her. The first touch of her soft ruby lips was like an electric shock. Would Keri feel that when Phil kissed her? I cupped her breasts as our passion built, then the bell ended my few moments of bliss. John was much more aggressive. He pawed her breasts, kissed her roughly, even slipped his hand between her legs to spread them and explore her muff. The timer rang as he left Lisa, skirt bunched around her waist, spread wide for all to see, hot, wet, and panting. Keri was next, and I could tell John was getting hot. How far would he go with my wife?

We drew again. John drew red, I drew green, and Phil drew blue. John was much more tender with Keri. He kissed her softly, while his hands lifted and caressed her large breasts. Just like with Lisa, I guess he felt this might be his only chance. So as she responded to him, he used his fingertips to tease her inner thighs into spreading wide. He unbuttoned her blouse, but left it on as he fingered my wife’s spread beaver. The timer rang. I moved in to touch my wife, finding her nipples stiff, her pussy drenched, her mouth hot and hungry. She was turned on like I had never seen her before.

Keri’s tongue was frantic. I didn’t want to let go when the timer rang. I didn’t want Phil to touch my wife when she was this turned on. But I had touched his, and fair is fair. Phil started kissing her neck, while he teased her nipples with his fingertips. He slid off her blouse, and his hands roamed over her legs while he kissed her, wetly + deeply. His light touches on her fully erect clit nearly brought her to orgasm. She was panting hard when the timer rang.

We removed their blindfolds when they had a moment to settle down, and the girls looked at each other. “They didn’t waste any time getting us naked, did they, Kim?”, Kim laughed as she looked over their state of dress.

“Shhh! No more talking until we vote.
for me. You, Lisa?” Keri retorted.

” Lisa said without knowing if it was the right answer.

“Kim?” Keri probed.

” Kim answered firmly.

“Well then, Lisa, you’ve lost you naked housecleaning slut!” Keri taunted.

“Wait just a minute, girls. We drew each turn. Phil was

for Kim,

for Lisa, and
for Keri.” John informed them.

“That’s not fair!” Keri complained.

“OK, this next turn, we will each go at the same time, and just rotate. OK? Fine. Now guys, strip, draw for your chair, and have a seat on your hands.” Kim ordered, taking charge of the proceedings.

“Kim, it’s more fun taking their clothes off ourselves.” Keri protested.

“Keri, we just don’t have time for that. Strip, guys, NOW!” Kim added more forcefully, upset that we hadn’t already complied.

“Make it fair! You’ve got to be naked too!” John protested.

Keri shrugged, dropped her skirt, and said “I already am, what about you?”

Both Lisa and Kim had stepped out of their skirts before I could even react.

Phil drew the red ball, took off his clothes, and sat down, as instructed, on his hands. He was a little flabby, but not as bad as I would have guessed. John went next, his tanned and toned body nearly made Lisa’s eyes bug out. Keri was licking her lips in anticipation. I took my clothes off, self conscious about my half hard cock. Luckily, Keri came up behind me, and blindfolded me, sitting me down on my hands. She whispered in my ear “Enjoy yourself, my love. WE surely intend to.” With a wicked little laugh, she was gone.

It seemed like an eternity, but in a few moments, a woman sat on my lap, facing me, rubbing her breasts on my chest, running her hands through my hair, then kissing me, softly, slowly, as she ground her hips into me. She pulled her hips back, and started stroking my raging hardon with her soft hand as canlı casino siteleri she gently tugged on my balls with her other hand. After the timer rang, she gave my cock a strong squeeze before she left. The next woman didn’t sit on my lap right away. She started right in kissing me hotly with her soft lips as she gripped my cock with one hand, teasing my nipples with her other hand. Her sure, firm grip on my dick made every stroke rock me to my core. Then she sat down on me, rubbing her slit up and down my cock, dry humping me, except her slick slit was anything but dry. We were both moaning, and I could hear other moans that told me everyone else was very turned on. When the timer bell rang, she pulled all the way up, holding my cock at the base, while she guided me to the entrance to her cunt. If she just sat down, I would be fully inside her…

The last woman sat on me, much heavier, and didn’t dry hump me at all. She kissed me, hotly, and ran her soft hands all over my cock and balls. If this was my wife, she had just been stroking someone else’s cock. If this was Kim, one of my favorite fantasies was coming true, and my wife was right now stroking another man’s hard cock. I was so glad she wasn’t Lisa, who I knew I had just had, because I would have cum all over her belly. I wanted to last, go the distance. I wanted to see how far this would go. The timer rang, and the woman got off me.

“Before we take your blindfolds off, you must vote.” Kim commanded.


” we said.

“Damn! Kim, she wins again.” Keri complained, clearly not wanting to pay up on the bet, and the worried tone showing up in her voice.

“Keri we better do something fast. She said kissing anywhere, what about breasts?” Kim suggested as an alternative, hoping to find an out, as she detested housework.

“No, I’m too horny to have someone sucking my tits. I’d have to screw them all.” Keri countered, making John and I throb with anticipation.

“Give up ladies? Ready to admit that you and your men are inferior, just not up to it?” Lisa taunted, while her pointed little tits bounced as she jumped back and forth to look at each of them to make sure they knew the taunts were personal.

“That tears it! Tom may not have the biggest cock here, but he’s the best pussy licker in Dallas! I’ll suck all three of these men’s balls dry before I’ll be your naked house servant for a week! ” Keri promised to suck all our cocks and my jaw dropped.

“Oh, Yeah? Well double or nothing! Put up or shut up. The stakes are two weeks that Phil & I come out on top, or you lose right now!” Lisa upped the stakes.

“You’re ON, bitch! Don’t think you’ll win, ’cause Kim & I were cheerleaders, and we had the whole damn team!” Keri retorted with anger in her voice.

“Just because you’re easy doesn’t make you good!” Lisa threw out a careless insult, which almost made Keri punch her right in the face, but Phil stepped in between.

“Ladies, ladies! May I suggest we move to the living room? There is a nice, soft oriental rug in there.” Phil knew just what to say, just what to do. He got the girls to channel their energy back into the contest, instead of clawing each other’s eyes out. Keri drew a red ball, and laid down with her legs spread wide on the deep, soft, light blue rug. Lisa laid down next to her, openly playing with herself. Kim did the same.

We blindfolded them and grabbed our balls in the hat. Phil drew Keri, John drew Lisa, and I drew Kim. We had gone from two minutes the first round, to three minutes the second, to five minutes now. Kim was really wet, and as I dove between her legs, her pungent, musky scent filled my senses as her slick oils ran over my tongue. Her pussy had many folds, but her clit was protruding and easy to find. I slipped three fingers inside her easily. I became distracted thinking about Keri. A man I didn’t know very well was licking her pussy, making her moan. She had said all he needed to do was to kiss her tits and she would fuck him. Wasn’t this even more? What about John? Would Keri spread her legs for him too? Kim moaned, shuddered, and came, humping my face. Would I be able to have Kim & Lisa too?

After we ate them out, they were going to suck us off. The thought of Keri’s mouth wrapped around Phil’s huge cock drove me wild. I’d learned one more thing as we trotted our naked bodies into the living room: John’s cock wasn’t the biggest cock anymore. Could Keri say no to it? The timer rang again.I moved to Lisa. John was licking my wife’s lewdly spread snatch as she rubbed her own breasts and moaned. Phil was starting in on Kim, and I decided I better get with it.

Lisa’s snatch had thick, dark lips, and a small, beady clit. Her cunt was incredibly tight, I could fit no more than my thumb into her. I couldn’t imagine how Phil’s huge shaft fit inside her. I licked her clit, up & down, round & round, and she was very responsive, but I just barely got her to cum before the timer rang. Time for each of us to return to our own wives. Keri’s thick, dark blonde bush was wet. Her puffy pink pussy lips were fully engorged, and her clit stuck out eagerly. I wanted to fuck her so bad it hurt. But if I started that, I knew we all would fuck her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20