Hard Laced Ch. 02

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Jeanette left Christian in 1977 and he lost contact with her completely. For two years, he languished in a self-made maze of desire for the lost Jeanette, the yearning to hold onto any well-corseted woman, and the emergence of an even greater interest in tight lacing in an abstract as well as erotic sense.

Then he met Clare, a scientific officer with the civil service. She was 30 when they met and he was nearly 34. Clare was medium height, about 5ft 5in, and medium build. She weighed about 122 lb. The belt she wore over her dress first attracted Christian to her. It was about three inches broad and pulled very tight through the buckle. He didn’t think she was wearing anything controlling underneath but her figure looked really shapely anyway. They met at a civil service training weekend and it turned out that they lived only a few miles apart: less than half an hour’s driving. They started seeing each other and within a month they were lovers. Clare was very passionate and, to be honest, she had more sexual stamina than he had.

Quite soon after they started making love, Christian mentioned figure modification to her and Clare told that she had worn a tight belt ever since she was schoolgirl because she liked the pressure on her lower body. He learned very soon that she orgasmed most easily when the belt was at its tightest. Her tummy stuck out below it, and her skin became marked but she liked it and Christian encouraged her. He devised a way of tightening the belt even more than she could by hand, so that her natural waist could be reduced by eight inches. When fully tightened in this way, her waist measured just 20 inches over the belt. Clare was gasping for breath on many occasions, especially after orgasm, but she asked for it repeatedly and more frequently. He found it easy to suggest to her his desire for “hard lacing” and she agreed.

He sent off to Gardners of London for a corset to reduce her waist by 6 inches initially, which was more than anyone recommended but she did seem to like the tightness very much indeed. He got her a style called “Jean.” It was long, onto her thighs, and about three inches above her waist. It was made in a black cotton fabric with white edging and a white lace. When it was eventually fully laced, Clare’s waist was 20 inches round. But they did not achieve that straight away.

By the time the corset arrived, Clare and Christian had got to know each other very well physically. They met every evening and three or four times each week and one of them would stay overnight in the other’s flat. The corset came one day when they were both out at work and it was waiting for them.

Clare got home first and opened it since it was addressed to her. Then she laid it out on the bed and got undressed. When Christian got home, she was drying herself after a shower. He saw the corset on the bed and had such a surge of forgotten longings for the tight-laced lovemaking. He also undressed and jumped in the shower so that, when he returned to the bedroom, she was dry and trying on the corset. He made her take it off and put on a thin silk blouse. Clare didn’t know then why he was suggesting that, but later she realised. Then he wrapped the corset about her and started to fasten the laces as Jeanette had liked – from the top to the waist and then from the bottom upwards. It worked as well as Christian remembered and gradually she changed shape.

They stopped at about 23 inches and she stood there in front of the mirror, feeling herself and running her hands up and down her waist and hips. She was in a daze with excitement and anticipation. A few minutes later, they were making love and he sucked on her and played with her using his tongue and teeth. Clare came with a huge orgasm and Christian noticed that she held her waist firmly in her own hands as her excitement built up. She exploded into a climax and gripped his head with her thighs. Then she reached down and pulled casino oyna Christian up to lie on her and to enter her. She was wet and hot and yielding. He gave her more loving that evening than he had ever done. She knew the reason and so did he, but neither of them mentioned it at the time.

After they had calmed down and become romantic with fatigue, Clare asked Christian to lace her tighter and he did so. He took in another two inches or so and she began to breathe differently and her excitement seemed to be mounting again. She lay down and asked Christian to play gently with her, which he did, and all his old feelings of excitement returned from earlier that evening and from two years before. He just wanted to be her man and to have her train her waist. He decided that he would do anything for her if she would train towards hard lacing for him. After about 30 minutes, she stood off the bed and asked Christian to dress her and take her for a walk outside. They did so and she leant on his arm as they walked out into the night air. Every time he reached round her his excitement grew and she nuzzled closer to him. He thought then that they had made a discovery, which would make them happy together.

Over the next weeks, Clare concentrated on making the corset fit fully closed each evening and at weekends. By the end, she had a 20-inch waist under the corset; about 21 inches measured over the top. Their lovemaking became more exciting and her orgasms easier as the corset grew tighter. Quite often, at orgasm, when laced really tightly, she would leak a little water and apologise. Christian loved the sensation. One Saturday, he laced her fully in the morning and she spent the whole weekend in her corset and they did everything with her dressed over it. By Sunday night she was insatiable for his hands and mouth and for Christian to be filling her. He had never known a woman like her and believed he was the luckiest man alive. She wanted more than he could give her and he loved her for it. Clare was having eight or ten orgasms every time they made love. And she would exhaust them both.

There came a time when that corset itself was not firm enough and they agreed to send off for another. It would take about three weeks. While they were waiting for it to come, Clare made Christian bind her waist with increasingly tight belts and ropes, sometimes on top of the corset and other times just over her blouse or camisole. On one special occasion, she hung in a loop of thick rope while he leaned on her so that both of their weights worked to tighten it about her waist. He was scared by the effect but she kept saying, “More, more.” So he just kept leaning.

By the time they could not tighten it any further, her waist was minute and her tummy was pushed out like a football. Her bladder had emptied during the tightening and her bottom began to push open as well. He let her down and helped her to the bathroom where she leaned on Christian across the toilet and emptied her bowel. It seemed to go on forever. Clare could not sit down because of the pressure on her waist. When she had finished, her excitement was greater than ever. After cleaning her, they went to the bedroom and she was literally dripping with excitement. Her juices were running down her thighs and onto the carpet. By the time she lay down, she was almost at orgasm already and it took only a few seconds of licking for her to go completely wild. He thought she would crush his head. Then he could get into her and she felt different. So hard and tight but very very wet. Christian rocked on her bulging tummy and filled her up with his own juice. They were overwhelmed with passion and exhaustion.

Christian began to think that this would be the woman for him, to spend his life with. Only one thing prevented him getting too committed to the relationship – her unwillingness to talk about the future. Later, he realised that Clare viewed him as a means slot oyna to an end, a good friend who would help her to satisfy some of her longings. Always there was a barrier between them and the future; between her and him in their view of the relationship. But at that time he was happy to be with her and to explore their excitement. Clare never suggested that they should live together in a single house and so they kept both of their apartments, although they moved freely between the two and would spend weeks together at one or the other.

When the second corset came, it was made to a waist of only 17 inches. It reached four inches above her waist and seven inches below, so that it was shorter than the style called “Jean.” It was called style “1900.” Clare engaged on a program of exercising (mostly swimming and walking) and dieting to be able to close it. It took over three months and all that time she wore the corset every night and weekend. During the last month, she wore it all the time and had to wear loose fitting clothes to hide the extremeness of her figure.

Every evening when he returned from work, Clare had already laced herself into the corset as closed as she could make it. She had Christian tighten it even further for the rest of the night. They kept a diary of her progress and some of their exploits. She ate carefully and went to the sports centre twice each week. It became their life-style; it was the way they organised their lives together. They got a third corset made to the same style and size, so that wear and tear could be spread over the two garments.

As her waist diminished, her sexual appetite grew and they seemed to spend most evenings in bed or engaged in other erotic activity. They would walk out with her fully laced, or go to the theatre or films, or sometimes to a restaurant where Clare could “trust” herself to eat properly. But always they made love in the evening and often right through the night. Her intestinal workings were always a source of excitement for them, also. She loved the pressure in her tummy and the urges which developed in her bottom. He loved the feeling of her moving under him and could sometimes hear her gurgles and swooshing insides. When Clare was fully laced, she could not press her legs together properly because of the pressure from inside, pushing out her bottom and vagina. And yet, she had to keep them together somehow to walk and so she had constant stimulation from the rubbing and the squeezing caused by the hard-laced corset. Sometimes she just came to orgasm as she walked up steps. She was amazing.

One of their most memorable (although as you will see for Christian least happy) escapades was when they went to the 30th birthday party of a friend of Clare’s, named Bob, in April 1982. He didn’t know beforehand that they had been lovers previously, and he helped her get ready to “give Bob a big surprise.” She dressed really tightly in her 17-inch corset and a complete rubber suit over the top, from her ankles to her neck: leggings, camisole and gloves in black latex. Clare looked magnificent and she made Christian polish the rubber with a special spray. She looked as if she were carved out of ebony in the most erotic shape any man could imagine. She wore black high heels and a big long loose dress over the top of everything.

During the drive to the party, she could not sit in the car and Christian laid out the passenger seat for her to recline into the back seats. He could tell that she was excited all the way there, by the way she kept rubbing herself and by the sense of anticipation in her voice. He wondered all the way if she were pouring her juice into the leggings!

When they got there, Bob was the perfect host and gave no indication of any earlier intimacy between the two of them. But after about half an hour, as he was talking to some people he knew, he looked around and could not see Bob or Clare. With a sense of apprehension, canlı casino siteleri he began wandering about the house to see if he could find them. The only places he hadn’t seen were upstairs so he went, as if to visit the toilet. Coming from one of the bedrooms were clear sounds of Clare’s voice and he lingered near the doorway. She wasn’t alone but he couldn’t tell what was going on. Christian decided simply to walk in and got the shock of his life. Bob was stretched out on the bed, tied by every joint to the bed-head or bottom posts. He was tied by his ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, waist, throat, and by a band around his forehead, pulling his head sharply back. Clare had really stretched him out and was standing over his in her shiny black rubber outfit over the amazing figure.

As Christian walked in she was on the point of lowering herself to sit across his face. She looked up at him and smiled but he must have looked shocked because she said, “Don’t worry; it’s only a birthday present for Bob.” He left quickly and stayed downstairs for the rest of the evening. On the way home, Clare was fully dressed again and was high with excitement. She simply said that nothing had “happened” and that he shouldn’t be possessive. When they eventually got into the apartment, Christian was still resentful but she was ravenous with sexual desire and practically dragged him to bed. She reached down and for the first time he realised that the rubber leggings had a small opening, which could be expanded to let him in. She lay there encased in her corsetry and rubber whilst he gave her as much sexual pleasure as he could, in the circumstances. Christian was subdued but she seemed pleased with all that was happening. She was so wet with her own juice and so excited; it was obvious that Bob had not been in her.

By the end of the night, he was completely empty and she was full. Clare was very excited all night and in the morning they took hours undressing her and cleaning her up. All the corsetry and the rubber had to be washed and she just lay in bed with a very tight belt around her waist while he did the cleaning. Her waist was minute for an hour after the corset came off. For the first time, Christian saw the gradual expansion of a woman’s waist when not confined by fierce hard lacing. He was fascinated.

He forgave her in his mind but the memory did not go away and he learned something about her desires and Clare’s attitude towards him – and other men. About a week after that time, Clare started a conversation with him, which Christian mistook at first. He thought she was going to leave him but gradually it dawned on him that she was asking him to help another woman to train her waist as well. He was shocked because he thought that waist training was part of their relationship and that no one else would become involved. She was quite open with Christian and said, “I’m not yours; if you’re not interested in training someone else, just say so. I think you’ll find it just as interesting as we’ve been.” He said he would think about it overnight.

The next morning, Christian agreed to her idea but asked about their relationship. Clare was honest and said that they could be friends, intimate and sexual friends, but not a “couple.” He felt more used at that moment than ever before or since. Over the next weeks, he got to meet the new woman “trainee”, named Christine, and they all three agreed the way to train her waist. Christine was quite petite to start with and wore clothes UK size 8 so Christian felt that she would achieve a really tiny waist.

His history seemed to move forward in sad strides and this was another, but the prospect of working with Christine was exciting, especially since there was to be no emotional involvement. It would be just a management and encouragement job. There is more to come, to describe how they all got on. As a clue, Clare ended up married to Bob and Christian himself is still single, but Christine was the first of five women who came to Christian especially for hard lace training. She ended being able to fix the collar of his shirt around her waist, so that will give an idea of her success – their success.

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