Have You Ever? Ch. 01

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I once asked a very wise man how I would know when I was in love with a girl.

“When she tells you.” came the answer. So it was with Samee.

Samee and I met at a party one night. She was dressed in a little red number with mile-long legs, and tipsy enough to be cute without being trampy. We gravitated together, and spent the evening with my arm around her and her arm around me, under my jacket. “You were so warm,” she said.

Our first date was lunch, actually. She was seeing a much older man, and I was, well…at loose ends. It wasn’t long before she “found” a Saturday night available, and we went to the movies. It was a terribly artsy flick, which is to say it was terrible. I didn’t care, I was with her, or more properly, she was with me.

After the show, I offered to show her my studio. She had never dated a photographer before, and told me she had done some modeling. “I was in this big fur coat in the middle of July, with nothing on underneath because it was so hot!” Ah, advanced advertising deadlines: you always shoot the Christmas stuff in July, and the summer stuff in December. It’s actually easier to shoot the Christmas stuff, because you can get it all year. Fourth of July props are nonexistent in the middle of the winter. Still, the thought of her naked underneath a fur coat…

My studio was in a new office complex in the swankiest part of town. Late at night it was totally silent and deserted, which was when I liked to photograph girls naked. You could play the stereo as loud as you wanted and no one complained. Besides, girls get more turned on near midnight than at noon anyway, and it shows on film.

Samee flung her arms wide and twirled in the middle of the camera room, the sheer open volume was as big as a theater stage. I went to the refrigerator and pulled a bottle of wine, then switched on the sound to give her something to dance to.

“Do you really take pictures of naked women?” she gushed, as she “fell” into my arms.

“As often as I can.” I said, and kissed her quickly, a peck on the lips.

She got an intense look on her face and deliberately kissed back, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling herself against me as hard as she could.

“Would you photograph me naked?” she whispered.

“Any time you wish.” (Like I’m going to say `no.’)

She backed away, and lowered her horns at me, her eyes intense in mine. “I have silver-dollar size nipples.” she said. “Pink.”

“Okay, show me!” I challenged.

She didn’t answer, but put down her glass and shucked off her coat (it was a cold October night). She began to unbutton her blouse, and unsnapped her front-snap bra. She then jerked them open like Superman does when he’s looking for a phone booth.

Her casino siteleri breasts were perky, firm, and medium-sized. The kind that will still be fresh when she’s old, instead of all saggy and droopy from gravity, and yes, she did have silver-dollar sized nipples, puffy and smooth. More coral-colored than pink, but who am I to argue?

Slowly, I began to move towards her. “Wait!” she exclaimed. “Fair is fair. What have you got?”

She’s right, y’know. I put the bottle down and took off my jacket, then my tie, and undid my shirt and shucked it off. Lastly, I pulled my undershirt over my head, hoping my hair would come out properly tousled.

Apparently it did. Samee cocked her head and appraised me with a discerning eye. “Nice pects!” she said. “What else you got?”

I paused a minute to let the last hover in the air between us. “Why don’t you come and find out for yourself?” I asked, my eyes boring back into hers.

Samee strutted close, and began to undo my belt, then my zipper. Obviously she had done this before. Good. I never could figure out all the excitement over virgins, because they couldn’t know shit about how to reallyreallyreally fuck!

After loosening my trousers, she slipped her hands inside the waistband of my briefs and slid them down my flanks, her fingers gliding against my bare skin as she stripped my clothes from me. Not surprisingly, I was completely hard, and my cock bounced up like a diving board when freed. Another few inches and my clothes lay in a heap around my ankles, and she was kneeling before me.

Samee looked up at me with a wicked look in her eyes, and began to make her move, but “Not so fast!” I said. “Fair is fair. What have you got?”

She smiled, and nodded slowly, acknowledging the checkmate. Without a word, she stood and walked to the middle of the set area, turned and struck a pose. She then looked around at the studio lights in a purposeful way, and looked back at me with a quizzical look.

It took me a second, then I realized she was a true model. She knew to insist on the right lighting to set the mood. I quickly hit the lightboard switches and swung a few lamps into position, then killed the glaring work lights.

The music was romantic, not slamming. Just right to move to. Samee began to strip, swaying her hips and breasts to the tempo. Off came the blouse, the bra followed. That was almost a pity, because it had been pushing up her tits so deliciously. In the minutes that followed she peeled off the rest of her garments, one at a time, stretching out the drama with each piece of cloth. Spying a prop chair in the corner, she dragged it to center stage and removed her stockings, but put the stilettos back on. Now that’s a real pro!

Samee slot oyna got lost in her own world, dancing naked before me. I could tell she was really into what she was doing, which was seducing me. She was like liquid the way she would sway her hips, her breasts swayed instead of jiggled. Her legs were perfection, and her arms were as slender banners, streaming in the wind.

I changed the lighting from white to pink, with yellow and blue “kickers,” side lights that rimmed her body against the darker background. She began to “worship” the center spotlight, and play to it, all the better to show off with.

She motioned me to join her.

Together, we circled each other, eyes locked together. Languidly, she wrapped a wrist behind my neck and bent backward. I slipped my hand around to the small of her back for support. One eyebrow went up, saying: “Ah-ha! You do know how to dance.” I think I scored a point.

Her hips were flat against mine, and the heat was intense, but then the music changed to a harder-charging number, and she broke apart, dancing harder in time. This time she was pure carnality, squeezing her tits at me, bending over with her ass in my face, shaking her shoulders to jiggle her tits for me. A stripper in my own private titty-bar.

She grabbed my cock and pulled me to her, kissing me hard and long. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her against me, our bodies crushed together. Breaking apart, she turned her back to me and ground her ass against my cock, bending over and looking back over her shoulder as she did to watch my reaction. I grabbed her fine hips and humped her back.

More wine, more dancing, and a white leather prop chaise lounge. I changed the kickers to dark red and killed the center spot. We were now two statues, visible only in outline. Samee lay back on the lounge, gulping her wine, her legs wide apart. There is no misinterpreting that signal. I knelt on the floor beside her and began to kiss and lick her fragrant, moist cunt.

A sigh and a groan. She was definitely in heat. A few minutes of tongue and she let go, her hand behind my head, pulling me hard against her mound. I felt a gush of girljuice splash against my mouth and dribble down my chin.

I moved up beside her, not exactly an easy thing to do on a chaise, but we managed. Her body was so hot against mine as we necked. I felt her reach for my cock and begin to jack it, I reached for her cunt and began to diddle her button. She stiffened as the feeling began to heat up, and stopped jacking me as I drilled her clit harder and harder until she climaxed again, with a little bark.

I only stopped for a moment, then moved to the back of her slit and began to stir her honeypot. She was gushing wet, and in a moment canlı casino siteleri I began to work my middle finger inside. Samee arched her back and went breathless as I probed, finally squeaking a tiny grunt as I hit bottom. I stopped still for a moment and let her relax, then began circling around inside, and flicking her little inside mouth of a cervix like a guitar string.

That did it. She arched and came again, howling and gasping for breath. This time when she came down she attacked me like a lioness, and we fell off the chaise onto the studio floor. Owch!

She was berserk! She clawed, she bit, she sucked, she jacked…she was all over me. Yeah! She swung around and smashed her cunt down on my mouth and went for my cock.

“Fuck, I want COCK! I want all the cock you got, boy. Get it good and hard, `cause I want to suck you dry. You wanna eat my pussy, hmm? C’mon, eat my pussy stud boy! Yeah…yeah, that’s it. Tongue my clit. Eat me! Eat me! EAT MEEEEEE…!” And with that she flew over the edge again, practically drowning me in her juices.

She had sat up straight for that last cum, now she flopped back down on me (OOF!) and devoured my shaft again, all the way to the bottom, then pulled hard back. Fortunately, I don’t mind if a girl tears my cock out by the roots, if she’s doing it with her mouth. Back down she went, back out she pulled. Down, back, down again, back again. Then she let go.

I opened my eyes to see what had happened, and watched her get up and position herself over me. “Bring your knees up.” she said, then squatted down and impaled herself on my dick, driving me in in one stroke.

Our eyes met again and she began to piston herself up and down. I reached for her tits and squeezed to my heart’s content. Apparently to hers as well. She dropped her head back and moaned her pleasure as we coupled.

Once inside a woman I tend to be right on the edge, but Samee knew her stuff. She got off before I could explode, turned around reverse-cowgirl, and got back on. Now I’m grabbing her ass and riding a sort of doggiestyle, watching the muscles in her back flex as she rode. This time there was no turning back, and I began to grunt and gasp as we neared the peak.

“Yeah, c’mon boy, fuck my cunt! Gimme that cock! Ride me! Fuck me! Fuck me HARD! I wanna cum! Yeah! Fuck me! Shoot that hot cream into me! I wanna feel you cum! C’mon…yeah…yeah, that’s it! That’s IT! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Geeze, what a pottymouth! I’m thinking “jackpot!” I finally let go and shot what felt like a quart of cum into her. She was holding back too, waiting for the moment, and we both exploded like a July fourth fireworks show.

After a minute or two, I went soft and fell out. Samee shrieked like she had been goosed, and we both started giggling like kids who had gotten away with something. She crawled around, straddled me again and lay down on my chest, face to face.

“Did you get the shot?” she asked. Uh-ohhh!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20