Heather gets an 18-Year-Old

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“Mom! Everybody does that,” Kelli shrieked, embarrassed.

Heather was looking at the picture on her daughter’s phone. It had accidentally opened up as she was handing it to Kelli. Now she wanted to know why it was there.

Heather still stared at the picture, saying, “I doubt that everybody has a picture of a penis on their cell phone!”

“Yes, Mom, really they…”

She was interrupted by her mother shrieking, “Two!” as she swiped another picture onto the screen.

“No, three!? Heather continued. “But this…that…” She paused to collect herself. “Is this real?” she asked her daughter. Her mood seemed to change from anger to interest. The third picture showed another penis, but this one seemed very oversized.

“Look at the next one,” Kelli said softly, embarrassed but resigned now to what was happening.

“Holy crap!” Heather said as she stared at the fourth picture. “Is this the same one?”

Kelli nodded her head, as Heather stared at the biggest erection she had ever seen. A guy’s hand was holding the shaft. The hand looked masculine, strong, but the penis was huge.

“Where did you get this… porn?” Heather asked, not caring as much as she did before she saw that huge dick. A porn star, evidently.

Kelli braced herself for the conversation. “Mom, everybody sends nude selfies to each other.”

“You mean friends of yours?” Heather asked.

Kelli nodded again.

“But this last one… last two… this isn’t a friend, This is from a website, or…”

Kelli interrupted. “It’s Josh.”

Heather stared at the picture, then at Kelli. “What?”

“It’s Josh,” she repeated.

Heather gathered her wits. “You mean… Josh?”

Kelli nodded. Josh was a good friend of Kelli’s. Heather was friends with his mother. He had been over to the house many times. He went swimming in their pool. That big dick hidden in his trunks. Heather blushed a little at that last thought. That was very improper. He was a boy. Her friend’s son. That was no way to think of him.

“Are you sure?” Heather continued. “He’s probably fooling you, sending you a picture of…”

Heather stopped when Kelli was shaking her head.

“It’s his,” she said.

“You’ve seen it?” Heather was shocked – and worried.

“NO!” Kelli shrieked. “No, But I know a couple girls who have. It’s his.”

Heather swiped for one more picture and saw the same large penis with a play button over it. A video. She pressed play.

“Mom!” yelled Kelli again, but half heartedly. She knew the worst was over. Well, the worst on her phone. The worst still might be her mom’s reaction.

As the video played, Heather watched that same penis, soft now, hanging impossibly low, swinging back and forth. Josh was showing off, making his penis bob around. Mesmerizing. Heather looked up at Kelli after the video ended, a slight smirk on her face. Kelli was surprised at her mom’s reaction, then couldn’t help but smirk a little herself. They were sharing the same female reaction to a big cock being strutted in front of them.

Heather half collapsed into a chair. She told Kelli to sit as well, and they had a talk about sex, privacy, sending explicit photos… the same conversation they had had several times before over the years. Just because she and her friends were now over 18 didn’t mean the rules had changed. At the end, the conversation came back to the pictures.

“So have you sent pictures of yourself out?”

“Yes,” Kelli admitted, looking away.

“Kelli…” Heather didn’t want to yell. She wanted her daughter to be honest with her, and yelling would not encourage that.

“I never sent any with my face,” Kelli said. “Noone could prove it was me. We are all careful about that.”

Heather said, “Well, that’s good. At least that is something. That’s important.. Wait… you mean you have other pictures on here?”

“No. We don’t keep them. For the most part. I just kept a couple of the guys.”

“And guys probably kept yours. And passed them around. And…”

“But they couldn’t prove it was me!” Kelli repeated, sounding a little desperate.

“Okay, okay, that’s good,” Heather said soothingly. She was calmer now, telling herself not to make the situation bad. Their talk had gone well, Kelli was a good kid. Don’t lose it now.

“I can see why you kept Josh’s,” Heather said, looking at Kelli with a little smirk. They both giggled nervously.

“He does have a big cock,” Kelli said admiringly.

“Kelli!” Heather didn’t like her using that kind of language.

“Well, that word really fits, doesn’t it?”

Heather laughed again, and let it go. “Yes, I guess it does.”

“Is it? Big, I mean?” Kelli asked. “I mean, you’ve seen a lot… more than me…”

Heather laughed again. “So now you’re getting shy? But yes, I’ve seen my share. And this looks like the biggest I have ever seen. But let’s not exaggerate how many I have seen!”

Kelli smiled. “He’s fucked a couple girls,” she saw her mother frown and changed her language. “He’s had sex with a couple girls – you don’t know them – but they said it hurt casino siteleri and they couldn’t walk afterwards. And they’re kind of sluts!”

Heather said that could be true. “Especially if Josh wasn’t gentle. Or the girls weren’t lubricated enough. But you never?”

“Mom, I told you I’m a virgin. I still am. And I certainly wouldn’t start with him.”

She laughed, along with Heather.

The next time Josh came to the house was to swim. It was all Heather could do to treat him normally. She didn’t want anyone catching her staring at his crotch, even though she couldn’t help doing it. The whole time she was feeding the group and talking to them, she could not find anything that unusual about Josh’s crotch. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe it was a trick picture.

When the group started breaking up, everyone left except Kelli and her two best friends, Becky and Laurel. They announced they would clean up the pool area, and Josh said he would help.

“He really is such a nice kid,” Heather thought to herself, then thought how silly it was to call him a kid if he really had that monster hiding between his legs.

“Stop it!” she scolded herself. She worried that she was more obsessed with sex than her daughter was, and she was just 18. But then, Heather hadn’t had a husband or any other man in over five years. Maybe she deserved to be obsessed. But not with an 18 year old kid!

Suddenly she noticed that it had gotten quiet. The kids had been boisterous cleaning up the pool area. Now they were done, and it was quiet. She had learned many years ago that when kids are quiet is when you should worry, so she thought she had better investigate. She went quietly into the garage to look out the window there, as she could see from there the only part of the yard not seen from her kitchen. And what a surprise she had.

There, almost hidden behind the bushes, stood Josh. Then she saw three heads halfway up his body. Shit! The three girls were on their knees in front of Josh, who was completely naked. Heather stood there dumbfounded, unable to move, as she watched her daughter and friends take turns feeling and sucking Josh’s cock!

She could do nothing but stand there – and watch. When she got over the shock of what the girls were doing, she could take notice of the size of his cock. It looked as big as advertised. When it was not in someone’s mouth it looked huge. She stared in amazement at it, and at the girls.

Suddenly she was shocked out of her trance by the spurts of white cum shooting out of his cock. She felt her own pussy quiver as she watched her daughter get a large splat of cum directly in the middle of her face. At least two girls kept stroking it while getting shots of cum all over all three faces. She heard squeals of surprise and delight from the girls, then saw them licking the remains off his shaft when it was finally over.

Heather went back into the kitchen, still in a trance. What should she do now? She decided she had to speak to Kelli. After everyone left, that’s what she did.

“I happened to see you – out in the yard – with Josh,” Heather said.

Kelli sank into a chair, mortified but ready to deny everything. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s not play games. I was in the garage and looked out, and you girls were giving Josh oral sex!”

“You were spying?”

“No, I just happened to look out the window and you were having sex.”

“Having sex?” Kelli blurted. “A blow job isn’t sex!”

They both paused as they realized she had just confessed.

“Yes, sex, Kelli. It’s called oral sex because it’s sex!”

Kelli argued, “Sex is fucking, The rest is just messing around. You can’t get pregnant from messing around.”

“It’s still sex,” Heather continued. “And you can get STDs.”

Kelli couldn’t argue that. She remembered their talks before, diseases you could get. But she still didn’t think of it as sex.

“You said you were a virgin?” It was more of a question than a statement.

Kelli agreed that she was. “But I have messed around. If you don’t give a guy a blowjob or a handjob you get a reputation as an ice queen.”

“So this is common,” Heather asked.

“I wouldn’t say… well, yeah, after a couple dates…” She let the sentence trail off.

“You said you hadn’t seen Josh’s… penis”

Kelli said, “This was the first time with him. Or with a group. We were feeling really wild for some reason. Because of those pictures, I guess. I told them that you found them. We started talking about them, and teasing, and then someone suggested we see for ourselves.”

“Josh?” Heather suggested.

“No, it was either Becky or Laurel, I’m not sure. But we all agreed quickly. And told Josh we’d blow him if he let us see it.”

“And he agreed,” Heather finished.

“Well yeah. He is a guy!” Kelli said.

Heather was doing some odd jobs around the house when she heard a car pull up the driveway. It sounded different from Heather’s and she wasn’t due home for a couple of hours anyway. She was surprised to look out and see Josh.

“Hi, Josh,” she slot oyna said, sounding friendly and really meaning it. If she could only keep her eyes off his crotch. “Kelli isn’t home,” she said, looking at his crotch as he came in the door. Damn! “She won’t be home for a good while.”

“Oh, I see,” said Josh, though he sounded a little different.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“No, nothing. Just nothing to do. Can I help you with anything?” he asked.

“I’m just doing some cleaning and organizing,” she said.

“Let me help,” he said as he stepped closer. He pressed up against her arm, His hand closed over hers to take the jar she was holding, but he held himself there, tight against her, not moving.

Heather felt electricity suddenly shoot through her. She sensed from his actions that this was not Josh helping. This was a man getting close to her. Hoping to cause a reaction in her. It had been a long time, but she remembered the feeling.

“Oh, thanks, Josh,” she said. She tried to step away, to clear her head from the sudden surprising feelings, but she was stuck between him and the kitchen counter. Nowhere to go.

Josh put the jar down but kept the contact with her. “You know that I’m willing to help you with anything you need.”

The way he said it sounded like a cheesy pick-up line, but he didn’t mean it like that. Did he? His voice sounded strange. His body pushed closer to hers.

“Josh…” she started, but didn’t know what to say.

“You know, I’ve noticed how you seem to pay more attention to me lately,” he said.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she said, worrying that she might have been noticed looking at his crotch.

“You are a very attractive woman, you know.”

“Josh, really. I’m much too old for you.”

“You are not too old. Plus you look even younger. You are very pretty. And sexy. Any man would be excited…”

“Josh!” she said as she suddenly noticed that his arm had somehow circled her waist, He was facing her now, their lips close. How had that happened?

“It’s okay,” he said as his lips touched hers.

She didn’t kiss back. He kissed her, but she wasn’t about to encourage such behavior from this young kid. A friend of her daughter’s. The son of her friend. Then she wondered how her hands had gotten themselves wrapped around his neck. What was her tongue doing in his mouth? When had her hips started pushing into his? And his erection – she could feel it. What was going on?

Her hand brushed down over his chest. She thought how well developed his chest was. She had never noticed how rock hard he was. Oh, rock hard. Not just his chest. His erection moved on her stomach. She almost quit noticing his hands squeezing her breasts – What? When did that start? What was happening to her? Her brain had nearly stopped functioning. Her head was spinning.

She was grinding herself against his erection, her main focus. His chest, his tight butt, these felt good. But his erection. She liked him reaching into her bra to pull her breast out, pinching the nipple, but his erection. She noticed when he began sucking on her nipple, but she noticed mostly because his hip pulled away from her. She missed feeling his dick. She reached her hand down to touch it. Press it. Squeeze it. They were both moaning. She knew it was happening but it felt like she was watching someone else. She was a spectator. It wasn’t really her. But it sure felt good.

As her blouse came off she was opening up his pants. Oh, shit! As she dropped his pants his erection sprang free. It was a tree trunk. She had been right, never had she seen one this big. Not that she had seen that many, but she did have her share of experience. Except for her husband, all of them before her marriage.

He stepped out of his pants as her blouse hit the floor. They headed toward her bedroom, losing her bra along the way. Their mouths were constantly on skin – breast, chest, shoulder, neck, even lips, but always something. Hands all over their bodies, hers mostly on the wagging shaft sticking out so far in front of this young man’s body.

When they reached her bedroom they stopped fooling around and promptly shed any clothes that were left. Heather climbed onto the bed and pulled Josh with her. She would like to feel his cock some more, explore that thing that seemed almost unreal, but there was a more urgent need.

“Fuck me!” she demanded. She had to feel that cock inside her. It had been so long since she had made love it didn’t matter what size his cock was. But the fact that it was so big just added to the excitement, though at the same time she wondered if she was so dried up and unused that it might not fit. Kelli’s comment about the sluts who couldn’t walk flashed through her mind, but it somehow sent a little pulse of excitement through her body.

She pulled him down on top of her as she fell backwards onto the bed. Her legs were spread, inviting him in. He lay between them, but he first went for her breasts. He played with them as he sucked on them, teasing her nipple and then biting it, treating them both the same. Meanwhile he canlı casino siteleri had a hand in her crotch, playing with her pussy lips, sliding up and down, parting her lips, touching her clit then sliding back down again. As he bit on a nipple he slid two fingers quickly into her vagina, causing her to scream in pleasure, though unsure which felt best.

He continued this treatment of her while her pussy got wetter and wetter. She must be gushing, she thought. She could feel the wet spot on the bed underneath them. He began rubbing her clit in circles, pushing on it harder until it hurt, but she felt mostly pleasure. Her moaning seemed out of control as his hands and mouth worked over her body. His fingers deep in her pussy finally caused her body to begin convulsions, shaking, her stomach rippling, her hips pushing up, and then finally erupting in a powerful orgasm. Even more powerful since it had been years since the last one that she hadn’t caused herself. She screamed as she came on his fingers for what seemed like two minutes.

When she was finally done with most of her contractions she felt him pressing again at her pussy. His fingers were no longer inside her, but they seemed to have trouble getting back in. No, she realized it was not his fingers. His cock was at her opening, pushing, forcing its way inside. She felt it opening her up. If she had known she would be fucked by such a large cock she would have gotten a bigger dildo! How much would this hurt, she wondered.

Her legs spread wider, trying to give him all the room he needed. He pushed in, holding her legs wide as if he could split her open.

“Yes! Oh, fuck, yes!” she cried as his cock spread her vaginal walls further than they had ever been, not counting childbirth. The pain felt so good. So fucking good. “Take me! Deeper. Yes, fuck me,” she begged.

Kelli was surprised to see Josh’s car in her driveway. He knew she wouldn’t be home. She couldn’t imagine what was going on. She went into the house wondering if there was a problem. Her curiosity was overwhelmed when she saw pants and underwear on the kitchen floor. Josh’s, she wondered? What in the hell…?

Then she saw a blouse not far away. Okay, that is definitely Mom’s blouse. Why on the floor? A sudden chill went through her. Was Mom in trouble? Someone had broken in and attacked her? No, no. Josh’s car was out front. Not a stranger. But pants? Her mind was unable to think straight, until she heard a distant voice.

“Oh, fuuuck, That’s soooo goooood. Pleeeeaaaase fuuuuuck meeeee!”

“Oh, shit!” Kelli said. “That’s my mother! Fucking somebody. But she never…..And Josh… What’s he doing here… Holy shit!” It finally made sense to her.

Kelli nearly ran out of the house. She had heard her mother having sex. And if that wasn’t enough, it must be with Josh. What should she do? What should she think? All she knew is that she didn’t want to be there. She got in her car and quickly sped away. She was two miles away before she realized that damn beeping sound was because she hadn’t fastened her seat belt.

Heather was getting plowed, fucked like she couldn’t remember. After worrying about how big Josh was, once they started her pussy stretched out just fine, wrapping itself tightly but pleasantly around Josh’s big prick.

Josh’s? She had an occasional flash of who she was fucking. How improper it was. What if Kelli found out? But they were just flashes through her mind. She didn’t have time for those thoughts as her pussy was on fire. Her entire body was on fire.

“Faster! Harder!” she demanded, as Josh pounded deep into her. She didn’t know at the time, but she was the first fuck he had other than a few high school girls. Even the sluts had been so tight that his cock actually hurt after forcing his way inside them. Even before he was done he was so sore he wasn’t sure he would be able to finish. With Heather he had found a woman able to handle him. Tight? Yes, absolutely. But pleasantly so. Her pussy wrapped around his cock, feeling every inch all the time. Her walls had to be opened up with each and every thrust. But pain? No. Her velvety walls caressed him. Massaged him.

“Oh fuck yes! Cum for me! Cum deep inside me!” Heather wailed. She could tell he was getting close, as his moans increased. His thrusts were more irregular. Not in and out of her in rhythm, but strong, inward, stabbing thrusts. Soon she felt his cock getting thicker, and she knew he was ready.

“Fuck me! Push that cock in. Cum deep inside me!” she said, thinking her dirty talk would help him get off. And she was right. He thrust deep inside and held it, and she felt him spurt. Two big, powerful shots that she felt, Then he pulled out and thrust in again, each thrust another shot of cum in her depths.

Another thing she was right about was that his orgasm would cause hers. As she felt him shooting inside her, it caused her second orgasm of the afternoon. He wasn’t quite done when her pussy tightened up and her body convulsed. She grabbed the sheets, she grabbed him, her body shook and thrust violently, nearly causing his cock to fall out of her before he was done. She yelled and screamed at the intensity of it, later thinking how happy she was that they were alone in the house. Kelli might have thought she was being murdered if she had heard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20