Her Daughter’s Friend Ch. 02

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Angela awoke the next day with a bad taste in her mouth. She flushed with shame as she remembered what that taste was. A little thrill of excitement made her shiver. No, she was cold. She was nude and not covered. Her rumpled bed had been stripped of blankets.

She was reaching down to get a blanket off the floor when Bobbie appeared in the doorway. She was brushing her damp hair, wearing Angela’s old robe.

“Good morning, sugar. I’ve had my bath now it’s your turn.”

“Let me get something on.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

She grasped Angela’s wrist and pulled her to her feet. She turned Angela toward the door and planted a loud stinging slap on her rear. Angela went meekly to the bathroom.

“Sit down and do your business.”

“I can’t with you watching.”

“Sure you can. Now do it.”

Angela managed to pee.

“Good girl. Now brush and gargle.”

Angela complied. As she brushed her teeth Bobbie stood behind her, pressing into her back. She reached around under Angela’s arms casino oyna and played with Angela’s large breasts. Angela was getting hot. It had been so long.

“Nice boobies, Mrs. Gordon.”

At least that taste was gone.

“Okay, in the tub.”

She got in the tub and started to sit.

“No, keep standing.”

Bobbie started the water running and soaped up a wash cloth. She washed Angela from head to toe, paying particular attention to her vulva.

“Now bend over and I’ll get that asshole.”

Angela bent a little and Bobbies hand on the back of her head bent her further. She ended up with her hands on her knees and her buttocks lewdly spread. Bobbie soaped up her butt crack then stuck a soapy finger in her asshole.

“Please Bobbie, this is so degrading.”

“Don’t feel that way, sweet cheeks. I like my women to have clean asses.”

She pulled the finger out and inserted her thumb. She flexed her thumb. Angela tried to suppress the orgasm she felt building without success.

“You like slot oyna that, don’t you, You naughty girl?”

Angela hung her head in shame.

“All right, all done.”

She dried Angela with a fluffy towel making her breasts bounce much to Bobbie’s amusement.

“Okay, back to the bedroom.”

She gave Angela’s rear another stinging slap. Angela trotted ahead of her.

She shoved Angela down on her back on the bed, spread Angela’s legs and proceeded to lick her into a frenzy. When she tired of this she had Angela get up on her knees on the bed. She towered over her.

“I gotta go, but I have some tasks for you. First I want you to go to that tanning salon in the mall and get a bikini wax. Then I want you to get some very high heels, sexy stockings and a garter belt. When we go out, you wear them with a short skirt and no panties. In a couple of days I’ll take you to get my mark tatooed on your ass.”

“Please, Bobbie, no….”

“Oh it won’t hurt much and it’s quite attractive. Besides all my women carry canlı casino siteleri my mark and you are my woman now. Aren’t you?”

Angela nodded.

“Good girl.”

Later that day, Angela asked her daughter about Bobbie.

“She scares me, mom. She’s an ex-con, got her taste for women in jail. She’s a bull dyke now and nobody crosses her. I’d do what she says if I were you. She’ll get tired of you and leave you alone.”

The next day Angela got a bikini wax and went shopping.

Meanwhile, Bobbie was quite pleased with the way things had gone. She found it fun to subdue women a little older than herself. She knew she had Angela Gordon’s number. It had been risky. If Angela had screamed or called the police, Bobbie would have been in real trouble. She smiled when she thought of Angela in the tub, bent over, with Bobbie’s thumb up her ass. But she could tell that Angela was getting off on her thumb. Anyone who has never had a punk doesn’t know what a charge it is to have someone to whom one can do almost anything. She would have a good time with Angela and Angela would submit to anything Bobbie did to her. She mentally laid out her plans for Angela and grinned.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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