Her First Time with a Girl

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It was a hot party on a hotter night. She sighed and mixed the watery bottom of her margarita with the slurpy straw the host had provided along with his own alcohol-heavy bartending skills. Normally she enjoyed the happy chaos of these parties but tonight she had started out horny and happy and yet the inane chatter of the crowd had started annoying her right around the time bodies started merging two-by-two creating an R-rated Noah’s Ark in every corner and undoubtedly more explicitly around dark corners or empty bedrooms upstairs.

Leaving her drink debris for a moment, she wandered over to another room where her boyfriend was still engaged in some mildly obscene drinking game. They weren’t fighting…exactly…but she thought that maybe he needed the boys-only time more than she needed some naked quality time with him at the moment. Trying not to feel sulky she returned to the little cocktail table where she’d left her drink.

She was surprised to see a younger woman casually removing her stretch-top and lifting her hair to cool her long, elegant and slightly sweaty neck. She had seen this woman on the make-shift dance floor dancing uninhibitedly with a neverending string of partners, each leaving once their own endurance reached an end, or they failed to get lucky in the obvious passes they’d made. She had watched this beautifully in-control hottie casually remove hands from her ass and bare waist and even one from a perky taut breast with a smile and a few short words that seemed to inevitably result in these men deserting her to her erotic solo dance.

The girl didn’t seem to mind dancing alone and in fact, her eyes tended to close to what were probably her favorite songs and she seemed to have danced for the sheer joy of it rather than to attract new partners.

“Hey”. A quizzical amusement seemed the perfect expression for the girl’s slightly triangular face, sharp cheekbones standing out and complimenting slightly thick dark brows and equally dark lashes. “If you’re going to stare, shouldn’t I know your name?” The voice matched the face, amused in that laconic way of a young woman who knows how eye-catching she is and enjoys every second.

Embarrassingly, color rose to her cheeks. “Uh…Rina…you’re Jen, right? I’ve seen you before.”

“Sure. Jen works. Want a shot? My treat.” Rina agreed, surprised that she felt a little off-balance with this remarkably together young woman.

Jen returned with two juice-sized cups, each with a generous measure of some amber liquid she’d procured from somewhere behind the home bar.

“Salud” Jen held up her own glass, eyebrows raised and clearly waiting for Rina to join her.

Rina eyed the glass, filled beyond a standard shot, more like two or three. As her hand reached out for the suspicious vessel, Jen let out a little husky laugh.

“Should I have gotten tequila for body shots? It’s not too late.”

Not knowing how to answer what was undoubtedly a teasing joke, Rina lifted her glass with an over-hearty “Salud” of her own. Rina’s glass was set back down after a gulp that only took it down about half-way. Jen finished hers in three thirsty swallows, setting her own glass down and licking her lips. The scotch was excellent, so smooth that it didn’t cause even the tiniest of stomach lurches and Rina finished her casino siteleri own in response to Jen’s mocking brow, lifted once again in question with that quirky talent some people have of independent eyebrow movement.

Fortunately, Rina had swallowed completely before Jen revisited her earlier remark. “So? Since we’re already drinking shots, tequila body shots are out. How about we just fool around?”

“Me? With you — I mean…” Rina was speechless. Intrigued but speechless. “But I’m…like…old enough…”

“To be my older sister? So what. You’re not. I saw you watching me. It made me hot. You think I’m hot, don’t you?”

Rina felt an odd combination of embarrassment and excitement…”I’m…I’m not…I mean I…”

“You’re a virgin? With a girl I mean? That’s so cute. Think about it for a minute. I love how you blush.” Jen leaned deliberately over, her sports bra containing her breasts as they bulged up over the top, forming deep cleavage that Rina couldn’t take her eyes off of. Jen’s knowing laugh and provocative hip wiggle in her skin-tight pants had Rina staring at the table-top, thoughts and feelings swirling through her head although the buzz of good scotch was joining body warmness of another kind.

Jen was back shortly with their even more generous drinks and the toast this time was to “First Times”. Rina felt almost out-of-body as she lifted her glass to clink with Jen’s, splashing a little over the edge of her cup into Jen’s to be rewarded with another husky chuckle and an undeniably sexy smile. The second drink was just as smooth and Rina’s whole body felt warm although the electric tingle she felt when Jen lightly stroked her arm was a warmth of a new type.

Jen tugged her hand and provided calm answers to Rina’s every stammered protest.

Privacy: Bedroom doors lock

Boyfriend: Honey, no man alive would mind

Don’t know each other: Darlin’ I’m not proposing — I just want to enjoy you

The bedroom was clearly a guest room, some tasteful paintings on the wall and a neatly made double bed but no sign of personal ownership. Jen locked the door with an audible click, wiggling her eyebrows at Rina. “Now you’re at my mercy and I’m going to take complete advantage of you.”

The two women were about the same size; both slim and athletic although Jen’s breasts were more lingerie model sized than Rina’s. Rina had never felt that her body was inadequate but when Jen casually stripped off her sports bra and peeled down her pants, kicking off her heels and standing only in sexy black lace panties, Rina’s reservations overwhelmed her and she had taken two steps toward the door before she registered the genuine disappointment on Jen’s beautiful Pixie face. Even Jen’s tone was droopy although her breasts were beautifully attentive, nipples perked and waiting, a little bit lighter than Rina’s own with slightly smaller nipples. Rina wondered what they’d feel like…

“I’m sorry.” Jen was saying soberly. “I thought you wanted me.”

Rina felt horrible. “No — I’m sorry — I do…I mean…I’ve never…well you know…I don’t…” Rina took a deep breath. She was a mature adult. This beautiful young woman had just stripped and offered herself to her…she may not know the rules of the game…but surely since she owned the same body parts she should be slot oyna able to figure it out…She fumbled with the bottom of her own top…feeling the blush suffuse her whole body…

A beautiful smile lightened Jen’s face and she was touching-distance to Rina in less than a second, lifting her soft shirt up and over her head without words, stroking Rina’s arms as Rina stood, her body trembling and nipples tightening through her normally comfortable bra. Jen’s hands felt so small and soft against her skin, that thought echoed by Jen’s whispered “So soft” as she lowered her mouth to Rina’s neck. Jen was a few inches taller and as she leaned into Rina, the scent of Jen’s skin brought a moan to Rina’s lips and she had to school her hands to stroke Jen’s back lightly, marveling at the silk under her hands, the sinuous play of muscles under her fingers.

Jen brought her lips to Rina’s and Rina stilled for a moment, a bit shocked at the difference, accustomed to rougher skin and male lips. Jen’s lips were mobile, her tongue teasing Rina’s with obvious skill, teasing and licking and exploring until Rina felt lost in these sensations, the arousal familiar but every taste and sensation new and exotic. Jen’s talented hands found the bra clasp and eased Rina’s bra off her arms and down to the floor out of their way, leaning in so that their breasts touched, Jen’s just a bit higher than Rina’s, the smooth rounded skin touching and stroking in such blatant sensuality that Rina gasped and moaned, tipping back her head which gave Jen’s mouth and tongue better access to her neck, trailing down to lick and suck at one breast and then the other, leaving them both heavy and sensitized to the air, tighter than Rina could ever remember them.

Rina surfaced from the sensations as Jen suddenly lifted her head, jerking Rina’s skirt down abruptly and with a little touch of nails down Rina’s hips. Rina’s nipples which had already responded with a great big “Yes” to this new erotica, tightened almost painfully with the little addition of nails and the unexpected clothes removal. Hose and panties joined the discarded skirt and Jen eased Rina over onto the bed, maneuvering them both so that Jen was up on one elbow with Rina on her back. Jen’s breasts were close enough to touch Rina’s arm and there was a brief moment of awkwardness as Rina realized that she didn’t know which part was supposed to go where in this tantalizing dance.

Jen laughed, not a mocking laugh this time but one of discovery, kissing Rina’s lips thoroughly and telling her again how delightful she was. Jen straddled Rina’s waist and somehow the black panties, although undoubtedly sexy, seemed intrusive and wrong. Rina shyly asked Jen if she’d take them off to which Jen responded. “You do it”.

Jen flopped over onto her own back with that unconscious grace some sensual women just have, spreading her legs slightly, restlessly, but not too far to impede the panty-removal-project. Rina sat up and just looked at Jen for a long moment, succumbing to her impulse and stroking those firm breasts, feeling their weight in her hands before skimming her hands down that slender waist to the panties. She hooked the panties and found that her face was rather unexpectedly close to Jen’s body as she pulled the panties down. Rina smelled the slightly sweet exotic scent of Jen’s arousal, canlı casino siteleri delighted and surprised as Jen spread her legs and rolled her hips in response to her appreciation.

When the panties were taken care of, Rina wasn’t quite sure what to do, but Jen decided that by pulling her down on top then rolling so that Jen lay on Rina full length, breast to breast, thigh to thigh. Jen once again straddled Rina and their pussies were touching, not quite grinding yet but both pushing and sliding in little circles. Jen had golden hair that felt smooth and strange against Rina’s shorter coarser hair. Rina strained to somehow push into Jen, wanting…something. Jen’s laugh rippled her nipples up against Rina’s, Rina’s hands went from around Jen’s supple waist to caressing those beautiful breasts between them.

Jen was the teacher now: “Think SENsation not penetration…” Jen rolled her hips so that her pussy made a delicious little circle around Rina’s, rewarded by increased liquid heat that Jen solemnly declared that she’d die if she didn’t taste. Rina’s legs spread of their own volition as Jen worked her way down, long golden hair draping casually along one of Rina’s legs and being moved impatiently out of the way so that Rina could see Jen’s face as she tasted her. Jen snaked her tongue directly for the core, penetrating Rina with a licking caress that was practiced but real — her moan of enjoyment and exclamation at Rina’s taste drowned out by Rina’s rising noise, half moan half-scream at the rush of heat from Jen’s first touch.

The gentleness and restraint and overwhelming softness of the woman between her legs was an entirely different experience from any Rina had enjoyed. She thought of the incredible feeling of her boyfriend’s cock sliding into her slowly or slamming harder and these images were equally as erotic and wanted but that tongue lapping delicately at her pussy was exquisite. Jen looped her arms around Rina’s thighs and leaned in, licking and sucking, swirling her tongue around Rina’s clit and joining a finger with her tongue. At the first penetration of finger and tongue, Rina exploded into a roller-coaster of an orgasm, involuntarily grabbing both hands in Jen’s hair, an action Jen rewarded with even more enthusiastic sucking until Rina’s after-shocks overwhelmed her and she begged Jen to stop.

With a snaky motion Jen slid up Rina’s lightly sweaty body, joining their lips and tongues wordlessly until Rina could taste her own taste on Jen’s mouth, a sweetly salty taste. Jen stroked her hair, long fingers giving Rina rippling shivers that continued the aftershocks in her pulsing body.

“Thank you for letting me be your first time. Maybe next time we’ll do this again…or more…”

Jen turned once at the door after she lithely slithered back into her clothes. “You’re beautiful.” Then she was gone.

Rina lay for long moments until the air cooled her still over-heated body and the slightly ajar door registered. Without embarrassment and more for warmth, she pulled up the folded blanket from the bottom of the bed. She woke from a light contented slumber when her naked boyfriend climbed in with her. Expecting jealousy, Rina quickly told him the whole story, rewarded thoroughly when his slightly-tipsy fondling turned into a very satisfactory and thorough fuck.

In the morning when Rina casually asked the hung-over host about the lissome Jen her curiosity was left unsatisfied as he absently but firmly insisted that there had been nobody named Jen invited to the party…

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