Her Girlfriend Cums For A Visit

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Mike walked in the front door and found a surprise waiting for him. His wife and her best friend were sitting in the living room waiting for his arrival. He had no idea that Toni was coming to town. He gently kissed his wife, Wendy, and gave Toni a big hug. “Hey girl! When did you come to town? ” he asked as he sat his stuff down, his wife handed him a beer. Toni answered that she had arrived the night before around 10:00. Mike looked at Wendy with a strange glance. They all set around talking awhile a sipping on the beverage of choice. Finally, Wendy looked at Toni and Toni began to take her shirt off. Mike was taken aback. He sat still for a few seconds and then watched as Toni removed her bra. Her breasts were beautiful! The were perfect globes with dusky rose areolas that were puckering under Mikes scrutiny. Mike still did not say anything. Stacy then removed her shirt and was braless. Slowly both Wendy and Toni leaned towards Mike and began to kiss and nuzzle his neck and lips. Mike had a very breathless kind of feeling. He was unsure if this was happening. He was then carefully undressed by these two women. He reveled in the moment and was surprised and shocked when he watched as illegal bahis Toni leaned over and Licked his wife’s tits. Talking about instant hard on!

Wendy arched her back and gave Toni free access to her boobs. Toni spent several minutes on each one of them. Mike was getting Hornier and Hornier ever second. Toni then proceeded to completely undress Mike’s wife. Wendy was standing up and Toni began to caress her all over. She ran her hands to the curve of Wendy’s ass. Then Wendy began to explore a little of her own. She timidly reached out and grabbed the perfect globe of Toni’s breast. She then started to tease the erect nipple with her tongue, the whole time watching her husband’s face. Wendy was enjoying the looks on Mikes face and the feelings that Toni was introducing to her body. Wendy and Toni began an unforgettable journey for Mike. They explored each others body all for the benefit of the man that Wendy loves with all her heart.

Wendy told Toni that Mikes deepest desire was to see two women nipple to nipple,, so in full view of Mike they rubbed their nipples together. That is when Mike noticed the new addition to the living room. Wendy had purchased a huge mirror and illegal bahis siteleri placed it in the living room so that all three of them would be able to watch what was going on. Wendy found out that she herself was enjoying the sight before her. She looked into the mirror at Mike and was amazed at the raging hardon he was boasting! He was caressing his member slowly with his hand. Kind of like he need this to help relieve the ache he had but, at the same time he didn’t want to cum…

Mike watched as Toni and Wendy thoroughly explored each other and when Toni lowered her head to the apex of Wendy’s thighs Mike let out a huge moan. Wendy then spread her legs wide so that Mike could watch Toni eat her out. Mike could not control himself any longer. He started to touch Toni’s tits and cupped them in his hands rolling the nipples between his thumb and fore finger. His other hand started to caress her abdomen and then his hand dipped into to Toni’s pussy. He enjoyed the fact that he was able to touch Toni all over. Toni was wet and her cunt was a deep rosy hue, so different from his wife’s cunt. As he touched Toni, Wendy climaxed under Toni’s administrations. Wendy then started canlı bahis siteleri to touch Toni in the places that Mike was not. Wendy suckled her tits and caressed her thighs as Mike’s fingers brought Toni to a climax. Wendy then reached down and grabbed Mike’s cock in her hands…

Toni looked at Wendy as she offered her husbands cock to her. Toni smiled and then greedily accepted Mike’s member into her mouth. Mike gasped allowed. And Toni was licking Mikes precum of the head. Wendy then lowered her head to her husband balls. She licked and sucked her husbands sack, and teased his ass with her fingertips. Mike was cumming before any of them expected it. Mike’s load was huge. He sprayed his cum all over both of these two women.

Wendy and Toni then began to touch each and kiss each other again. Knowing as they did that Mike would get another erection, quickly. They were not disappointed. He instantly grew huge again. Mike then tossed his wife onto her back as he inserted his stiff dick into her cunt. As he did this Toni moved her lips and tongue to Wendy’s clit. Wendy had another climax that was totally awesome.. Mike still had not had an orgasm, and as he pounded his wife’s pussy Toni began to lick his balls. His scrotum bunched up and in seconds he was exploding into his wife.

They all three laid there a while and Mike turned these events over in his mind… With one big question…. How long was Toni in town?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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