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I was heading up into the mountains for a weekend of relaxing and fishing. I’d booked a place near a mountain lake that was supposed to be full to the brim with trout and I intended to get my share. (More than my share if possible.)

The place I’d booked was a little off the beaten track and, quite frankly, I got lost. I arrived at my supposed destination to find myself at a dead end. Completely dead, not even a track leading off from it. I backtracked to a store I recently passed and asked if they could give me directions.

I took notes. I blasted well wrote down what they said in the shop and I still got lost a second time. Where I finished up was not where I wanted to be. I was backtracking down this old dirt road when I ran into this girl walking towards me. Think Ellie May Clampett. Think Daisy Duke. This girl was in that category. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tatty but well filled t-shirt, and tatty old skirt that showed of a pair of lovely legs.

I pulled up and rolled down the window, smiling pleasantly, and politely asked if she could direct me to Frenchies Cabins, as I seemed to have been misdirected. She smiled, said no worries, and proceeded to give me complex directions that depended on extensive local knowledge.

“It’s not far,” she finished up. “You can’t go wrong.”

“Miss,” I said with a sigh, “if it’s possible to go wrong, I will. I have already, twice. Would it be too much of an imposition to ask you to hop in and direct me? I’ll give you a lift back after I know where I’m supposed to go.”

“If you were on foot,” she said, laughing, “you’d just about be there. A car just takes longer. I’ll direct you there but you won’t have to give me a lift back. I can just cut through the woods and I’ll be home.”

She slipped into the passenger’s seat, her already short skirt riding up higher, showing a lot of thigh and the curve of her bottom. While I suspect that she probably had panties on they were not immediately noticeable.

I leaned back slightly to get a better look at her, taking in her luscious figure.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are really quite lovely?” I asked, and she blushed, waving the compliment aside.

“It’s true,” I insisted. “Your skin is flawless, like warm silk.”

I knew exactly how her skin felt because my fingertips were lightly brushing it. On her leg. On her thigh to be a bit more precise, trailing lightly along.

“Um, I don’t think you should be doing that,” she said in a neutral voice.

“You’re right,” I said with a sigh. “I probably shouldn’t. How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen, but that’s not the reason I said you shouldn’t be doing it.”

At age eighteen she was fair game as far as I was concerned. If she said no I’d accept it, but she hadn’t actually said no. My fingers continued running lightly up and down her leg, sliding across her skin, close to her skirt, but not actually touching it.

“You don’t like it?” I asked, my hand slipping between her legs and softly stroking the soft flesh on the inside of her leg.

“I like it fine enough,” she said, still sounding completely casual, “but I don’t think Paw would.”

“But your Paw isn’t here right now,” I pointed out, my fingers flirting with the edge of her skirt. She was wearing panties because I could see then now.

“Brother Ben wouldn’t like it either,” she told me.

“That is so true,” said a very nice sounding voice from behind me.

I slowly turned my head. A hillbilly wearing overalls and chewing on a straw. What, he was trying to be a caricature of a hillbilly? I will admit the man had two things going for him. A really nice baritone and a rifle that was about two inches from my nose.

“Brother Ben, I assume?” I asked him.

He smiled and nodded.

“Yup. That’s me. And just why is Cindi-Lou in your car?”

“I’m lost. She kindly offered to direct me to Frenchies Cabins,” I explained.

“Why not just tell you? Only an idiot would get lost between here and there.”

“That’s me,” I admitted.

“Well, idiot, perhaps you can tell me why your hand was on Cindi-Lou’s leg. Still there, I see.”

“I was hoping to persuade her to play with me for a little while. Why don’t you move along and we’ll see how we get on.”

The answer to that suggestion was a gentle prod from the rifle. Just a nudge, casino siteleri sort of a reminder that the rifle was there.

“How about I give you ten dollars and you take your rifle and go hunt a rabbit. That will leave your sister free to direct me.”

And play with me lay unspoken between us.

He looked at me thoughtfully, weighing the situation up in his mind.

“Each?” he asked.

“Each,” I agreed.

He nodded and lowered the rifle, his other hand facing me, palm up, and I withdrew a ten and slapped it onto his hand. He promptly pocketed the ten and then his hand was back.

“I’ll hold Cindi-Lou’s ten, as well,” he informed me.

“No dice,” I said, shaking my head. “Cindi-Lou can manage her own money.”

“You don’t trust me with my own sister’s money,” he snarled, sounding seriously offended.


“Smarter than I thought,” he grumbled. “OK, Cindi-Lou, go and play but not here. Less chance of company if you park at Old Pete’s. He’s away for a few days.”

“Hold on a moment,” snapped Cindi-Lou. “I haven’t agreed to any sort of playing. What does he mean by playing?”

Brother Ben cast his eyes to the heavens in a give-me-strength gesture.

“You remember a few weeks back that me and Paw caught Sally-Ann hunting on our land?”

“She said she shot that turkey on her land and it flew over the fence.”

“Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t, but she was on our land. Do you remember how Paw and me played with Sally-Ann for a while?”

“Oh, yes. She kicked and squealed a lot when you did that.”

“Only at the start. She was fine by the time I got to play with her.”

“True. I saw you playing with her again the other day and she seemed to be having fun then.”

“Never mind that. Just go and give this guy his directions. If you decide you don’t want to play just tell him that.”

“Then I won’t get my ten dollars, will I?”

“Ah, yes, Cindi-Lou, you will,” I put in. “We’ll call it a reward for giving me directions. If you agree to play it will just be a little bit of fun on the side.”

Ben turned and strolled off the road and into the woods. I engaged the gears and moved slowly off.

“Where is Old Pete’s place?” I asked her.

“Just keep going. I’ll tell you when we reach it.” She sounded a little distracted.

About a kilometre down the road she pointed to a white post a little further up.

“Turn left on the other side of the post. You’ll see the track.”

I slowed down, looking for the track. If I hadn’t known there was a track there I’d have missed it. I was beginning to understand how I’d got lost twice. We turned up the track. As soon as we were out of sight of the main road I was instructed to pull up.

I switched off the engine and looked at her, appreciating her figure all over again.

“I don’t know about this playing,” she said. “Paw and Ben were a bit rough on Sally-Ann at the start. They tore her clothes when they took them off her.”

“There’s an easy solution to that,” I pointed out. “Instead of me taking off your clothes, you can do it. That way they won’t get torn.”

When she replied to that suggestion she may not have been smirking but the wish to was in her voice.

“Paw says I’m not allowed to take off my clothes in front of a man.”

“Has he said anything about me not being allowed to take them off?”

“Noo,” she said slowly, “but you suggested I take them off so they don’t get torn.”

I shrugged and got out of the car, moving around to her door and opening it.

“Stand there for a moment,” I said. She gave me a puzzled look but did as told. Without an argument would you believe?

I sat in the passenger’s seat.

“You can safely take off your clothes now,” I told her. “You’re standing behind me. I assume that your Paw didn’t say anything about that?”

I was watching her in the side mirror and she was smirking, even as she nodded thoughtfully. Apparently agreeing to my assessment of the situation she started stripping, watching me to make sure I didn’t turn around. I didn’t need to. I had quite a good view.

As soon as she was undressed I emerged from the car, facing her and drinking in the sight of her sleek young body, all dents and curves and lush hills in just the right places. Her hands were fluttering, slot oyna wanting to cover herself but also flattered by the way I was looking at and appreciating her body.

“Did your Paw say what you should do if you ever got caught naked by a man?”

“Um, just that I should get into shelter right quick.”

I opened the rear door of the car, indicating she should get in. She hastily scrambled in and I followed.

Sitting next to her on the back seat my hands had more room to move and I took full advantage of that fact. My hands were literally all over, touching all those curves. I went to kiss her and Paw raised his objections again.

“Paw says I shouldn’t kiss men yet,” she protested.

“That’s OK,” I told her, my mouth changing its target to a pretty pink nipple and closing upon that.

She may have been young and untested but her body knew what it wanted. She was responding eagerly to my touches, never more so that when my fingers crossed the dividing line and touched down inside her. Her breasts were swollen and her nipples were pouting. She was flushed and breathing hard, firmly pressing her mound against my intrusive fingers.

I kept on stroking and probing, slowly inching my way towards her clitoris. By the time I reached it I would guess it was hooded and quivering in expectation and Cindi-Lou gave an appalled shriek when I actually brushed against it. Followed by another when I did it again.

She was staring at me, almost quivering with shock and lust. I undid my trousers, finally letting my erection out. I am of a reasonable size when erect, being possibly a little on the plus side of average. I was just hoping I didn’t scare her.

Scare her. Oh, she was absolutely petrified, wasn’t she? She took one look at me and said in a very judicious voice, “I think Ben has a bigger one. What are you going to do with it?”

Ah well, one swollen head is sufficient and my erection should also suffice, even if it was smaller than Bens.

“Do you remember when your brother was playing with Sally-Ann? Did you see what he did with his?”

She nodded thoughtfully.

“Oh, yes. Paw did it to Sally-Ann first when they caught her. That’s why she was doing all that kicking and squealing, her not wanting Paw to poke her with his. That was funny to watch.”

“Maybe but, if you’ve never been poked before, the first time can be uncomfortable. That’s probably why Sally-Ann kicked and squealed. You may even find it hurts a bit at first. If you’re scared of possibly getting hurt a little you may want to change your mind.”

If she did change her mind something would get hurt. My head, from banging against something hard to teach me not to be so stupid.

“Hmph,” she snorted. “If Sally-Ann can do it I can certainly do it. There’s nothing she can do better than me.”

I didn’t say anything to this, preferring to spend my time easing her onto her back and nudging her legs further apart. I slowly brushed the head of my cock back and forth along her lips, watching them swell a little more, parting to accept me. Cindi-Lou was lifting her hips a little, eager to press against me.

Cindi-Lou had her head lifted and was watching avidly as I pressed more firmly against her. She was breathing harder, her breath becoming even more pronounced as I started to move inside her. I could feel myself butting up against her hymen.

“This is the bit that may hurt a little I warned her. If it does just remember that it will feel a lot better in a few moments.”

I pressed harder, watching Cindi-Lou’s face. She was still watching where I was pressing into her, teeth lightly biting her lip. She gave a tiny wince, and then I broke through and was moving deeper. Cindi-Lou had deliberately swallowed a scream, I could tell, determined to show herself superior to Sally-Ann who had kicked and squealed. Now she was relaxing, looking slightly surprised and very interested as I moved along her passage, filling her.

I didn’t rush her. I just moved steadily in, stretching her to fit with no fuss or bother. Once I was solidly in place I saw her blink and her gaze moved from where things had been happening to my face. I smiled at her and she smiled back, looking smug and pleased with herself.

“You may find it more comfortable if you wrap your legs around me,” I told her.

Hesitantly canlı casino siteleri she did so, her legs curling around mine. Not satisfied she lifted them higher, circling the top of my legs. I didn’t say anything, just waiting. She considered for a moment and, deciding she wasn’t satisfied, adjusted her legs yet again with them now circling my waist, holding me tight.

“Very good,” I purred softly, seeing her flush with pleasure. “Now all you have to do is move with me.”

Doesn’t sound much, does it. Just move with me. She simply nodded and I commenced.

I pulled back and returned nicely and firmly. She didn’t move at that point but she did get a surprised look on her face. She already had a look of arousal; with a few more strokes lustful passion was also showing. It was on about the third stroke that she finally caught on to the movement, finally lifting her hips to meet my thrust.

We fell into a natural rhythm almost from the word go, both of us just seeming to meet the other’s requirements with a minimum of fuss, bodies coming together with the ease of long practice.

She wasn’t backward about letting me know her feelings. Almost from the word go it was, “Yes, yes, yes,” and “Oh, god, what are you doing to me?” and “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” She was the most enthusiastic virgin I’d ever come across. (Truth be told, she was the only virgin I’d ever initiated, but I’m sure you know what I mean.)

My hands were at her breasts while I trailed butterfly kisses over her face and throat. (Mindful of Paw’s restrictions I didn’t put her in a position where she would find herself kissing me.) She was clinging to me, pleading for more and I was doing my best to meet her need.

It became pretty obvious to me that I was going to climax fairly soon and Cindi-Lou seemed to be just getting warmed up. Maybe I should have had more foreplay, getting her aroused to a higher state before taking her. Too late now. The only thing left for me to do was cheat.

I slid a hand down between our bodies, letting a finger slip inside her. I don’t think she even noticed what I was doing, she was so enthusiastically bouncing under me. I started driving in harder and at the same time I lightly flicked against her clitoris. The little flicks sent shivers through her hood, invoking powerful sensations in her clitoris.

She screamed and climaxed, totally out of control. She gave just a great spasm when her climax hit that she damn near broke my finger. She also clamped very firmly around my cock, which very neatly triggered my own climax, spilling my seed while she shuddered and gasped.

For a few moments we both just lay there, panting. She was the first to break the silence.

“That was interesting,” she said. “I see now why Sally-Ann seems to run so slowly when Ben chases her.”

“Pleased I am to have been of service,” I murmured and she flashed me a quick smile.

“Speaking of being of service,” she said, “I’m supposed to be directing you to Frenchies. That means I’d better get dressed.”

I fished in the glove box and found a packet of wet tissues. Very useful things, I’ve found them. I passed them to her.

“Tell me, has your father any strictures about you getting dressed in front of a man?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “Just undressed. Why?”

“In that case I will watch you while you dress. I enjoy looking at you.”

She blushed and ignored me while she scrambled into her clothes. It seemed to me that with the minimum of clothing she had it took her a long time before she was finally dressed. Then, neatly attired, she sat demurely in the passenger’s seat, directing me to Frenchies.

It turns out that the proper way to approach Frenchies was from the other side of the lake. If I’d driven around the lake I’d have had no problems. Still, I’m satisfied that I was able to get there with no real problems.

I settled into my cabin, remembering to pay Cindi-Lou her ten dollars for directing me there.

“Just hide it from your brother,” I told her.

She just grinned and tucked it into her bra.

“Safe as houses,” she said, patting her breast. “Paw would kill him if he tried to get it from there.”

Before she left I pointed out that what with me being a stranger and all I should really hire a guide to show me around. If she wasn’t too busy, how about returning the next day?

She smiled again, nodding. A very contagious smile that young woman had and she wasn’t afraid of letting it loose. I could see an interesting weekend of fishing ahead of me.

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