His Best Friend , Her Sisters

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Tim, a university student, spent most of his days at the home of his best friend Nurah. During their time at university, they had grown exceptionally close, with Tim becoming almost part of the family. Nurah, and her family, were of Pakistani origin, but her grandparents had moved to the United Kingdom some 50 years earlier. Whilst her extended family were relatively conservative, Nurah and her immediate family were instead a lot more tolerant and accepting of those outside of their culture, something Tim had greatly appreciated. Tim was British, his parents were British, every generation her could trace back was British! Before University, Tim had very little interaction with people from outside of the UK, with University being a great culture shock to him. Nevertheless, he had found a lifelong friend in Nurah, and regularly visited her house. Over the course of three years he got to know her parents and siblings, and often ended up staying for dinner.

It was the summer holidays for Tim and Nurah, a time when they would meet up for coffee, to do work, or to simply sit around and watch TV. Today was no exception.

“Hi Tim,” said Nurah, answering the door.

“Oh, hi Nurah, how are you today?” smiled Tim.

“I’m good thanks, Mum is at work then she is going to see Dad for the weekend, so I have to look after the kids” sighed Nurah, rolling her eyes.

“Kids” was a strange way to put it, thought Tim, as her two siblings weren’t exactly children… Raameen, Nurah’s youngest sister was 18, and was had just completed her final year of A-levels. An Haifah, the “middle” sister was 20, and had yet to actually attend University, despite being offered a place the previous year, a fact Raameen found most amusing.

As Tim walked into the hallway he peered into the living room, seeing a girl sat facing away from him watching TV. From size alone he was unable to distinguish whether it was Raameen or Haifah, but the long hair gave it away. Raameen turned to Tim and smiled.

“Oh hi Tim, are you staying for dinner today?”

Raameen had a look of delight in her smile when he nodded.

“Dad at work?” Tim asked Nurah, knowing the answer would probably be a yes.

Nurah’s father worked in London, staying in a rented flat during the week before coming home on weekends. Given that today was a Thursday, it would have been quite unusual for him to be around.

“Yes, as always!” replied Nurah, as she poured a glass of water in the kitchen.

Nurah spent a lot of her time caring for her siblings. She didn’t resent her father for being away so much, but it had forced her to mature at a very young age to assist her mother in the day to day running of the house and family.

“Hi!” said a familiar voice, as hands crept over Tim’s face from behind.

“I know it’s you Haifah! You and Raameen sound completely different… Nurah is in front of me… and there’s nobody else in the house…” chuckled Tim.

Haifah laughed, before heading to the fridge in search of food. Tim was always amazed she kept so slim, she ate so often! It was difficult to tell exactly how slim she was, as she wore loose fitting clothes, but Tim assumed she could be no larger than a size 6. When compared to her sister Nurah, she was definitely the slimmer of the two!

“Will you stop eating! It’s going to be time for lunch soon!” growled Nurah, glaring in Haifah’s direction.

A house full of girls certainly had its fair share of arguments, with tensions flaring one moment and then serenity the next. Tim often found himself running for cover from thrown vegetables – or just about anything at hand to either of the girls.

Lunch time came, and the four sat down to eat food Nurah’s mother had prepared the previous evening. The food was an aspect of Pakistani culture Tim particularly enjoyed! Following lunch, Haifah went to shower. Much to Nurah’s dismay this was quite normal, as during summer she rarely got out of bed until well into the late morning, leaving little time to shower before lunch. Nurah went to the shop to buy tea bags, leaving Tim and Raameen to entertain themselves. Neither Tim nor Raameen could decide on a show to watch, daytime TV wasn’t exactly thrilling.

“Tim, can you help me with something?” asked Raameen.

“Sure, what is it?” quizzed Tim, wondering what Raameen could need.

“Can you help me make my bed? The sheets are huge, and Nurah will kill me if I don’t change them!” Raameen replied shyly.

“Of course!” smiled Tim.

Tim and Raameen headed upstairs, with Raameen bring fresh sheets from the linen closet. Tim opened the door and let Raameen enter first.

“Erm… one second!” Raameen said blushing.

Tim heard frantic rustling in Raameen’s room followed by the quick shutting of drawers and cupboard doors. Tim’s mind wandered, thinking about what Raameen needed to hide from him. In the next room he could hear Haifah showering, the sound of rushing water hitting the shower door. He snapped back to reality as Raameen’s door opened.

“You can come in now” smiled Raameen.

Tim casino siteleri entered, smiling to himself. He had never really been in Raameen’s room before, even though he had visited the house dozens of times. Her room faced onto the street, and had laced curtains to block out unwanted attention. Her bed was a king sized bed – no wonder she had trouble putting on the sheets Tim thought – and the decor was light and airy.

“What’s so funny?” barked Raameen, smiling inquisitively.

“Nothing, just wondering what you might need to hide” smirked Tim.

“Erm… private stuff…” Raameen replied, blushing enough to be visible even with her fair brown skin.

“I’m joking Raameen, lets get these sheets on” laughed Tim.

Tim opened out the base sheet, and they took two corners each, pulling it over the mattress. They then took three pillows each, and put on the pillow cases.

“Why exactly does anyone need 6 pillows on a bed?” asked Tim, looking rather confused.

“So you can cuddle up to them? Duh.” replied Raameen plainly.

Tim smiled, and threw the duvet at Raameen. He opened out the duvet cover with both arms outstretched. His 6 foot frame meant he had a rather large arm-span, but still struggled to hold both corners of the duvet cover outstretched.

“You see, when I do this I can barely reach half of it…” laughed Raameen.

“Well, its not my fault you’re short!” said Tim, shooting a smirk in Raameen’s direction.

“Oi! Who’re you calling short!” laughed Raameen.

Tim began helping put the corners of the duvet into the cover, holding it high above his head as Raameen pulled the cover down on the other side.

“You’re strong, do you work out?” asked Raameen, staring at Tim’s athletic arms.

Tim didn’t work out much, but managed to maintain a slender toned figure. He wasn’t entirely sure how, he ate like a horse and never managed to put on weight, something Nurah found exceptionally annoying.

“Nah, who need to work out when you’ve got a king sized duvet to put on!” laughed Tim, throwing the finished duvet at Raameen who was stood infront of the bed.

The weight of the duvet knocked Raameen off her feet and straight back flat on the bed. Tim could see her wriggling to get free under the duvet before she appeared at his feet on the floor. She looked up at him, with her hair all over her face. She glared for a moment before giggling. Thrusting a hand in Tim’s direction he pulled her back to her feet.

“That was mean,” she giggled, sticking out her tongue.

“Oh really?” laughed Tim, pushing her back onto the bed by her shoulder.

He ran out of the room, being chased by Raameen. As he left the room Haifah exited the bathroom with a towel on her hair, wearing what Tim assumed to only be a dressing gown. She looked at Tim with eyes open wide. Raameen cackled behind Tim, as Haifah rushed across the hall into her room shutting the door behind her.

“Sorry Haifah!” Tim shouted in the direction of her door.

Tim listened for a reply but heard nothing over Raameen laughing in her doorway. Tim shrugged, and headed downstairs, with Raameen following a step behind, with her hands on Tim’s shoulders. Tim suddenly stopped and turned around on the step. Raameen froze. Due to Tim’s height, he was looking square into Raameen’s eyes, only a few inches away. He smiled, and she stuck her tongue out at him. He laughed and turned to continue down the stairs, hearing only the sound of the hairdryer emanating from Haifah’s room.

At that moment, Nurah entered through the front door.

“What’ve you two been up to?” asked Nurah, almost judging.

“Erm… I was in my room and Tim went to the toilet,” lied Raameen.

Nurah looked for a moment at the two of them, deciding whether to believe them or not. Tim nodded his head in support of Raameen’s lie, assuming she didn’t want to be caught out for coercing Tim into helping her with her chores. Nurah rolled her eyes and walked to the kitchen.

Tim turned around to Raameen and mouthed, “you owe me,” before winking playfully.

Raameen smiled and headed to the kitchen with Tim. Nurah had her back turned and was filling the kettle with water.

“Raameen, have changed the sheets on your bed yet?” quizzed Nurah.

“Indeed I have, that’s what I was doing,” replied Raameen, smiling at Tim as she said it.

“Good, has Haifah got out of the shower yet? She went in before I left half an hour ago!” asked Nurah.

“Yes,” smirked Raameen, “she came out of the bathroom a minute ago in a bit of a rush”

“Good,” sighed Nurah, “I am going to shower. You two behave yourselves!”

Tim and Raameen looked at each other and smiled. Tim found it quite amusing that Nurah treated Tim like a child even though he was a few months older than her. Following Raameen into the living room Tim sat on the sofa. Raameen got out some paper and sat on the floor doodling. After a few minutes Haifah came into the living room to see what Raameen was doing. As she saw Tim she blushed a little and smiled.

“Sorry slot oyna about earlier,” Tim smiled, “I didn’t mean to startle you”

“Its ok,” Haifah laughed, “What were you doing with Raameen? Nothing naughty I hope”

Tim chuckled “No, nothing naughty I promise, just admiring her bed making skills”

Haifah smiled, knowing Tim wasn’t telling the whole truth, “Well I guess you’re going to have to owe me one for nearly making me wet myself as I came out of the bathroom”

“Does that happen often? Wetting yourself?” smirked Tim, as Haifah just rolled her eyes.

Tim looked in Raameen’s direction. She was sat on her knees facing away from Tim, lent forward slightly. Tim noticed her shoulders shaking as she stifled a laugh. Haifah left the room, and headed to the kitchen to find a post-shower snack. Tim went back to watching TV.

A few minutes later, Tim noticed Raameen change position at the base of his vision. His eyes moved down to see why she was fidgeting, only to notice Raameen sitting on her knees, bent over fully, engrossed in her doodling. Tim thought of Raameen like a sister, but there was something strangely attractive about her little ass sticking up in the air like that. Tim tried to avoid looking at it, but his gaze seemed to gravitate towards it. Raameen was the smallest of the three girls, and had a small frame in general. Her ass was small, not that Tim spent much time looking at it. Tim thought for a moment, and realised that Raameen had the smallest breasts too. His mind wandered again, remembering Haifah in her dressing gown, remembering how it flowed off her breasts, hung like a tent. Haifah definitely had the biggest breasts of the three girls, along with a small ass like Raameen.

“Raameen!” Shouted Nurah, “Come and shower!”

Tim snapped back to reality, quickly changing his gaze back to the TV before Raameen turned to notice him staring at her ass. Raameen stood up and ran out of the living rum and up the stairs. Tim could faintly hear Nurah drying her hair as Haifah had done.

Haifah came into the living room and sat down right beside Tim. This was quite odd, as there was plenty of room on the other sofa. Tim glanced at Haifah, only to see her staring at him, smirking.

“Erm… Are you ok?” asked Tim, quite confused.

“Oh I’m fine are YOU ok?” smirked Haifah.

“I guess…” started Tim.

“How was your daydream?” smiled Haifah.

“I don’t…” Tim began.

“Oh so you’re saying you weren’t looking at my sister’s ass a minute ago?” whispered Haifah.

Tim was momentarily speechless, trying to bluff his way out of the situation.

“I wasn’t…” he began again.

“Oh really? That’s a shame. It was a nice view…” Haifah whispered again.

Haifah moved her lips to within a few millimeters of Tim’s ear, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It can be our little secret.”

Haifah stood up and walked to the door.

“I guess you double owe me now” Haifah smiled, winking at Tim.

Tim was sat, frozen with fear and confusion. Had Haifah seen him? Or had she just seen Raameen and called Tim’s bluff? Would she keep quiet?

Half an hour passed, and Tim tried to focus solely on the TV. He had no idea what was actually playing, but wanted to do anything that would keep him from messing up again.

“Tim” came the voice of Nurah sternly at the door.

Tim panicked for a second, and coughed momentarily.

“I didn’t know I was THAT scary…” sighed Nurah, smiling.

“Sorry, I just didn’t hear you coming” exclaimed Tim, catching his breath.

“I bet you didn’t…” smirked Nurah.

Did she know? Had Haifah told her? Tim panicked even more.

“Erm…” Tim started, looking confusedly at Nurah, not sure what she was hinting at.

“The TV…” laughed Nurah pointing towards the TV, “You’re in your own little world…”

Tim laughed, feeling lucky he’d just bluffed his way through certain catastrophe.

“Well, whenever you get out of your dream world, I have something to show you.” smiled Nurah.

Tim followed Nurah hesitantly out of the living room towards the stairs. As they began climbing Tim heard the hairdryer click off in Raameen’s room. He hadn’t heard her get out of the shower, but he’d been so focused on the image of her ass in his mind whilst watching TV he’d lost track of time.

Tim followed Nurah into her room. Unlike Raameen’s room, he had been there many times before. Tim and Nurah had often worked on University work over the past few years in Nurah’s room, as it was quieter than the rest of the house. Contrary to Raameen’s room, Nurah’s room looked out over the long garden. The sun was shining, and the small window made it difficult for people to see inside. Like Raameen’s room, however, Nurah’s room was very bright and also featured a lace curtain to block out extra unwanted attention.

“Sit,” said Nurah pointing to the bed.

Nurah walked over and produced a blindfold.

“Erm… what is this…” asked Tim, becoming more confused than ever.

“Its a surprise and I don’t want canlı casino siteleri you peeking ok…” smiled Nurah, rolling her eyes at Tim.

“Ok then I guess,” muttered Tim, not entirely sure whether he liked the sound of this situation or not.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Sit still and be patient ok?” Said Nurah.

Tim heard Nurah leave the room. He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but he trusted Nurah. A few moments later he heard the door to Nurah’s room open again. The wooden floors creaked under the pressure of Nurah walking. Tim strained his ears, and could hear one – no more than one – set of feet. The bed rocked as somebody sat on the bed. Again, the people in the room failed to hide the fact the bed rocked multiple times, further indicating to Tim that there was more than one person on the bed with him. What could be happening?

“Ok Tim, you can take the blindfold off…” he heard Nurah say quietly.

Tim began to undo the blindfold, his eyes struggling to readjust to the brightness of the room.

“Oh my…” Tim gasped under his breath. Nothing had prepared him for what he saw.

Infront of Tim were the three girls he had spent a great deal of time around over the last few year, but in a way he had never seen them or even thought of them. The three girls were sat, on their knees infront of him, facing away, just as Raameen had been a few hours earlier. But this time, all three girls were completely naked. Tim looked from left to right. All three girl’s were showing their fair brown ass’ to him, their dark brown hair laying neatly over their shoulders. Tim could immediately identify each girl: Raameen on the left, smallest of the sisters, her tiny ass barely half as wide as Nurah’s, the girl in the middle. Raameen had what appeared to be a cleanly waxed pussy, that looked tight. Tim scanned across to Nurah, the girl in the middle. Although only a few years older than Raameen, her ass was much bigger. Again, she was cleanly shaven, with darker skin around her pussy. She bent down a little more, exposing more of her pussy to Tim. She was wet, and at that moment Tim could feel his cock growing. On the right was Haifah, her ass similar in size to that of Raameen. Her shorter hair was easily identifiable, and her pussy was glistening. Tim wondered how long the girls had been planning this, how long they had wanted it. Tim had thought about them all naked before, but never together.

“So, are you just going to sit there fully clothed, or are you going to join us?” Nurah sniggered.

“Erm… I… This is a shock…” Tim said slowly, barely able to string his words together.

“If you need help I’m sure we could oblige…” giggled Haifah.

“I think I’ve got it, 2 seconds” started Tim, already taking his shirt off.

Tim wasn’t going to pass on this opportunity. Frantically he released his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. He threw off his socks and pulled his boxers down over his cock. His cock sprung out as the waistband passed, with a tiny bead of pre-cum on the end. He threw them to the floor and sat on his knees behind the girls. He moved forward cautiously, moving towards Nurah in the center.

“Excuse me!” smiled Haifah on the right, “You owe me remember…”

Tim smiled and moved over to the Haifah’s body, glancing a look at her breasts as he moved over. They hung below her chest like ripe fruit. Tim placed his hand on Haifah’s ass and gently squeezed. As he touched her, she shivered for a second, then let out a gentle moan as his grip tightened. Positioning himself between her legs he moved forward, looking down at her ass just below his cock. Haifah gently pushed back, feeling his balls caress her warm pussy. His cock lay in her crack, and she began rocking back and forth gently, slowly. Tim didn’t have a huge cock, perhaps 7 inches when erect.

“Are either of us going to get your attention?” Nurah smiled.

“Sorry, absolutely!” Tim replied.

“I guess that can count as one of the things you owe me for” sniggered Haifah, winking at Tim.

“ONE of? What exactly have you two been doing?” Nurah shot at Haifah, before smiling and winking at her.

Tim moved himself over to Nurah, pushing her hair out of the way and running his hand from her shoulder to her ass. Just like Haifah she groaned a little, and as with Haifah she gently pushed her ass onto his balls. Nurah’s ass was wider than Haifah’s and almost swallowed Tim’s cock. The sides of her ass cheeks gently caressing the sides of his cock. Tim pushed forward to meet Nurah, catching her slightly off guard before he moved back.

Tim moved over the Raameen next. She had remained silent since Tim had removed his blindfold, perhaps she was least comfortable Tim thought. As he gently moved forward he massaged the small of her back, pressing his cock as he had done with the other two sisters gently into her crack. She moaned the loudest of the three girls, lifting her hand to caress her small breasts.

At this point Tim was almost ready to cum. He had not been prepared for the last few minutes, which to him had seemed like half an hour. As he moved back away from Raameen he saw her hand move to her pussy and gently rub it. In those few moments since Tim pressed himself against her she had become wet to the touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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