His Birthday Plaything Pt. 01

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She had spent a whole month getting ready for this. He had asked for it as his birthday present, but they couldn’t pull it off until a month later on her birthday. Megan had been a bit confused, almost disgusted when he asked, but later that night she thought about it. She was turned on by the idea, but never thought of doing something like that in real life, let alone when she was in a relationship. She had experienced group sex before, but always just with other girls and usually when she was single. It’s true that she wasn’t sharing her adventurous kinky side with Justin as much as she did with previous partners. She thought he was just too innocent, inexperienced or naïve to handle it. As it turns out, he was just holding back, repressing a whole tornado of dirty fantasies and delightful perversions.

She was going to get roughly gangbanged like a dirty pornstar slut for her birthday. Yes, it was his fantasy and his birthday present, but she was the centre of attention. Megan didn’t like crowds or people, but always found herself at ease in sexual situations. She was excited and nervous, but knew that once she was in the middle of it all, being used like that, she’d be able to let go and enjoy it. She looked forward to completely separating from her inhibitions and giving in to absolute pleasure.

She started by having a glass of wine, waiting for Justin to arrive and command her for the rest of the night. She was about to pour a second one when he showed up. They had planned and rehearsed a little bit. She knew that once he was there, she was to get naked and kneel in the bathtub. It seemed terribly uncomfortable, but she had to trust him. Already she was letting go of her control and easing into her role for the night. Once she was on her knees, he tied her hands behind her back and blind folded her. Then he reached one hand down and started fingering her, gently, playfully teasing her until she started to gasp and heave. When she was nice and wet, he instructed her to bend over and he inserted a big ribbed dildo into her pussy. It was slightly larger than his penis and she shuddered as it went in. None of this was terribly out of the ordinary so far. They had played like this before and she knew he had never been assertive enough to try anything more than that. He was pretty reserved and she had gotten used to it, thinking that her days of wild and adventurous sex were over. But she knew that tonight was different. . .

She didn’t know when the other guys were going to show up or even who they were. That last part bothered her a bit; she enjoyed casual sex, but never with strangers. She would fool around with close friends rather than try to pick up guys at the bar. She also didn’t know what else Justin himself would do before they got to “the main event”. Justin was doing remarkably well at keeping her guessing and she was impressed by his newfound confidence. Yet still, she was taken aback by what happened next.

He leaned in close and he whispered in her ear, “Are you ready?”

She had no clue what she was meant to be ready for, but she was eager to find out and simply whispered “Yes.”

There was a moment or two of silence, then she heard him leave the room. When he came back, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her forward and down so her ass was up in the air as she bent over the edge of the tub.

“Make sure you stay quiet.” He growled.

She was tempted to say, “Or what?”. Justin was too timid to spank her or punish her in any way. She had never really gotten into that sort of thing with him, but she wouldn’t mind if he got into it. He was already full of surprises today. She still didn’t know what he was about to do.

She didn’t have any more time to wonder because the next thing she knew his finger was exploring the edges of her anus. She had never done anything like that with him, in fact as far as she knew he had never done butt stuff with anyone. However, he was spreading around a lot of lube, so that was a good sign. Then when she could feel the lube dripping onto her thighs, he inserted a finger. She remembered his warning and didn’t make a sound. He carefully wiggled it around and prodded a little deeper. With the dildo in her pussy and his finger in her ass, she found herself wondering what double penetration really felt like. She was curious about whether he was prepping her for a proper dp tonight, with two veiny, hard throbbing cocks. She never thought that she would do something like that, but now the thought was really turning her on. She could not wait for what was next.

“Do you like that?” he asked. She could only moan.

“Good” he grinned before pulling out his finger. It was soon replaced by two fingers instead. Feeling them squirming and flexing inside her was intense. When he took out his fingers, she gasped loudly and exclaimed “Ohh! Fuuuck.”

There was a moment or two of silence and then her blindfold was pulled off. Justin grabbed the back of her head by the hair and pulled her face close illegal bahis to his.

“I warned you.” is all he said.

He left the room and came back seconds later holding a thick leather strap with a row of diamond-shaped holes down the middle. He placed his foot on the back of her neck and pressed her head lightly against the floor before lightly tapping the leather strap on her ass cheek. Then he lifted it up, probably expecting a squeal or a gasp, but she had learned her lesson. He brought it down with a sharp crack right across her right cheek, then again on her left. He threw it aside. He released her neck from under his foot. Then he grabbed her throat and pulled her upright again. She was aware of the tears in her eyes, but also of how wet she was and the achy tingling of her nipples. She wanted more, no matter what he did next, she was eager for it. When he said, “May I continue?” she just nodded. He left for a few seconds and came back with a medium sized purple butt-plug. She had no idea when he had bought all this stuff or where he had been hiding it. Before lubing it up he put it in front of her face first and she knew he wanted her to lick it. She did, she enveloped the whole thing in her mouth. Then he applied a generous amount of lube and slowly slid it into her ass.

He stood back for a minute to appreciate his plaything. He grinned and oddly she felt proud; she was happy to be his and turned on by how he might use her next. He undid his pants and pulled out his erect penis, throbbing and veiny and already leaking a little pre-cum. She knew what to do, when he took a step forward she took it in her mouth and began sucking, pulling back every few seconds to lick the tip. She didn’t know how long it had been since he came last, so she was expecting him to cum any second. However she didn’t pull back or hesitate, she was willing, today, at least to let him spray it wherever he wanted. She knew he had never shot his load on a girls face before and thought it’d be nice for him to experience that at least once. Also, she wasn’t sure what the guys later on would be doing to her, but it’d be a bit rude to let them do things she’d never let Justin do.

He must have been saving it up for quite a while, because it didn’t take long, but when he did cum there was a lot of it. It gushed into her mouth, over flowing onto her chin before he pulled his cock out and let the rest splash onto her large, heaving breasts. He just stood there grinning, the veins in his cock still throbbing. She wasn’t sure if she could handle anything else tonight. She was already on her knees stuffed with toys in both her holes, covered in cum with her hands tied behind her back. If the main event hadn’t already been planned, she would have been okay calling it a night. But there was a twinkle in Justin’s eye that excited her and assured her that this was far from over.

Suddenly, Justin’s phone buzzed and he picked it up and left the room. She heard the front door open and close. When it opened again, several people entered. Finally, it was happening, she was going to get fucked, she was aching for it and also just excited to find out who would be doing the honours. Justin was in the kitchen offering people drinks when Megan heard a female voice amongst the crowd. Justin had never said how many would be here, but she thought it would all be guys. Seconds later the girl walked into the bathroom and Megan was astonished. She was petite, but curvy with pierced nipples showing through her leather bra and dark purple hair cascading down past her shoulders. She had tight leather pants on and strode gracefully and confidently towards Megan in her high heels. Megan was impressed, her breasts weren’t quite as big as hers, but still quite large for her size. She was also confused; who was she, where had Justin found her? Justin walked in behind her. She turned towards him and asked, “So, this is her, this is your slut?” to which he just nodded.

“I’m gonna clean her up, bring the boys in if they wanna watch.” she replied.

Megan wasn’t sure what that meant, until the girl dropped to her knees and seductively licked at the cum dripping from Megan’s chin before taking a load of it into her mouth. Megan was astounded, this girl looked like she actually enjoyed the taste. Megan never liked it, but occasionally would take a load in her mouth or even swallow it, if necessary(She had a feeling it would be necessary tonight). The girl didn’t swallow it right away, instead she swished it around in her mouth before leaning in and kissing Megan, spitting the cum into her mouth. Even with what she had done in the past and what she thought was planned for tonight, she never thought that she would have her boyfriend’s cum spit into her mouth by a random hottie in leather pants. The girl pulled away and as she did she pressed one finger against Megan’s lips and then said, “Swallow for me, bitch!”

Obviously Megan obeyed. Only then did Megan notice that the guys had, in fact huddled around the illegal bahis siteleri bathroom door to watch. Megan’s eyes went wide; she did not know any of them. She was naked, cum covered and tingling with erotic anticipation in front of 4 well-endowed, muscular men. Somehow, she didn’t mind the leather-clad, busty girl who was licking cum off her face, but the literal crowd of horny guys was a bit disconcerting. Megan was surprised that none of them were black, she had once or twice seen some interracial porn in Justin’s search history.

Justin grinned at her, finished his beer and left the room while the mystery girl continued to “clean her off”. She licked her face clean and then moved down to her tits. She lingered at Megan’s nipples, not to lap up cum, but to suck them and flick them with her tongue so that Megan moaned and almost cried out to finally be allowed to cum. But she was patient. When she was done licking Megan clean, the girl grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the shower wall and told her to stay. Her new friend then produced a pair of electric nipple clamps and affixed them to Megan’s nipples.

Justin re-entered the room. The woman set the clamps to a mild buzzing setting while Justin spoke.

“So, this is J, she helped me organize this whole thing. You know I couldn’t have done all this by myself. She helped me get into the right mindset to treat you like my bitch. She has actually decided she likes you quite a bit and wants to play with you again sometime. That’s fine with me. You are my plaything, you are here for my amusement. If it amuses me to loan you out to her, then you’ll cooperate. I don’t think you’d complain much anyway. I think you’re quite enjoying this. Tell me do you like being a dirty cum-slut? Do you enjoy having your holes stuffed and getting covered in cum? Are you happy to be my plaything? Just nod if you are.”

Completely overwhelmed by how different he was than normal and still tingling with anticipation, she nodded. J adjusted the clamps to a more intense pulsating setting.

“Good, I like that you know what you’re good for. Right now, you are just a thing that sucks cocks and let men cum on you. Isn’t that right? I want to hear you say what you are. . . “

“I’m a cum-slut, my mouth is just a fuckhole for big cocks!! Please let me have it, fucking cum on my whore face!!I love it, use me!!That’s all I’m good for!!”She screamed in agony/ecstasy as J switched the clamps to a more biting setting.

“I think she’s ready!” J called to the guys.

The first one grinned as he stepped up. Megan grinned back and eagerly went to work. She licked all the way up and down the shaft before he dropped his balls into her mouth and stroked himself until he spurted cum all over her face.

She didn’t hesitate or draw back when the second guy strode right up and smacked her in the face with his thick 10 inch cock. She just grinned as if to say, “Do it again, please!” and he did three more times before grabbing her head and pushing his cock as far into her throat as he could. Megan never could deep-throat, but he left her no choice. After the first three inches, she swallowed and the rest slid down past her tongue. Tears leaked from her eyes and she stifled screams as he thrust in and out. He had both hands on the back of her head, standing almost on top of her with her head tilted back, directly thrusting down her throat. When he finally came, it went straight down her throat and was completely drained before he pulled his cock back and lightly tapped her cheek with it before walking away.

The third guy grabbed her by her hair with one hand and jerked off furiously with the other hand. She tried to lean forward to get his cock in her mouth but he pulled back so he was barely touching her lips. She couldn’t believe she was actually eager to have that cock in her mouth, she felt like she needed it. She craved what the last man had given her, but the way this one denied it to her drove her crazy. He stroked it for a few more minutes, Megan was still trying to at least lick the tip of his cock. He took his hand away from the back of her head and tipped her chin up to look in her eyes. He stared at her and asked if she wanted him to cum, she nodded and closed her eyes. He pumped his cock two more times, grunted and dumped his load all over her face. It smacked against her so fast and ferociously that is splashed and dripped onto her chest and shoulders.

When Megan opened her eyes, the 4th man was not quite ready yet. He had actually stopped to pee. Megan looked over and saw J on her knees sucking off the men who had already used her own mouth. She thought maybe, now that she’d sucked off a few guys in a row while tied up, she’d like to try a few at a time while she was in control. She wouldn’t mind being like J and control multiple men at a time stroking two while sucking another. Of course, she enjoyed being used like this as well, but she wanted to experience it all, now that she knew she canlı bahis siteleri could try it all and have a loving, long-term relationship as well. J looked amazing and powerful. She had taken her top off and tied her hair back. She was stroking two cocks while licking a third man’s balls. Megan wondered what her life was like, if she did stuff like this all the time.

J noticed Megan staring at her and smirked. She reached over and smacked the ass of the man who was peeing and said, “Are you gonna let her sit there like that and be ignored? Get over there and humiliate her like the filthy whore she is.”

Apparently he didn’t need to be told twice. He stood in front of Megan and then turned around and bent over, spreading his ass-cheeks. At this point Megan questioned nothing. There is no act she wouldn’t perform. She greedily licked at his asshole and prodded at his taint with her tongue. She kept at it enthusiastically, but really hoped he would turn around and stuff that cock in her mouth. Finally he did. His cock was almost as big as the second guy, but he didn’t shove it down her throat the same way. He had her lick it all the way up and down before placing it between her tits and squishing them together. He fucked her titties until he came and it splashed all over her chin and dripped again onto her chest.

When he was done, he and the other guys went into the living room to have a few drinks. J came over to Megan and kissed her. She unclipped the clamps from Megan’s nipples before licking and sucking them tenderly as cum ran down to meet her lips. She took the butt-plug out of Megan’s ass and licked it clean. Removed the dildo from her pussy and lightly slapped it across her face with a playful giggle. She grabbed her phone off the counter and took a picture of Megan, all covered in cum and exhausted. It was beautiful. Then she untied Megan’s hands and turned on the shower. She hopped in with her and licked up as much cum as she could before it all got washed off. She helped Megan to her feet and kissed her passionately.

Justin came into the bathroom to watch as J fingered Megan’s pussy and sucked at her nipples. Then J got down on her knees and began to lick at Megan’s asshole like Megan had done earlier to guy . Megan got weak at the knees as J ate out her ass and then stuck a finger in. When Megan was about to fall over, J looked over at Justin and nodded. He left, J turned off the shower and gently led Megan to the bedroom. Justin was laying on the bed with the most impressive boner he had ever had. There was also a strap-on lying next to him on the bed. Megan was too excited, she loved any scenario that involved her boyfriend that she loved and this stunning goth-esque domme that she was irrevocably attracted to.

J flopped her down on the bed and Justin immediately began eating her out vigourously. J put on the strap-on and took a minute just to watch. When she was ready, she positioned herself seductively right next to Megan and began stroking her strap-on cock, looking at Megan hungrily. Justin turned Megan’s head towards J and smiled encouragingly. Megan stroked Justin’s cheek adoringly and kissed him before she climbed on top of J and lowered herself onto the huge, rubber cock in between her legs. She eased onto it and began to ride it rhythmically, knowing what came next. Earlier she had wondered about a dp, thinking it would happen with two men. She liked it better this way, with her boyfriend and this girl. She was ready to know what it felt like to be completely filled. She wanted to get fucked in both holes like a dirty slut. She never knew before today, but now she craved it earnestly. She was waiting for Justin to make his move. Maybe he had chickened out, he had never put it in a girl’s ass before. She was already well-loosened and lubed, she didn’t know why he would wait other than just being scared. She should have known that at some point it would go too far and he’d get uncomfortable. Even though, he’d planned most of it, it must have been overwhelming to see, considering he’d only had boring, straightforward sex before.

She looked down at J, about to ask her what to do. J knew she was concerned, but had no time for her silly concerns. J slapped Megan across the face and shouted, “Tell him what’s what.”

Then she yelled, “Justin, she’s your bitch, fuck her proper! I wanna dp this slut, make it happen.”

Megan took the hint and told Justin,”Do it, you coward! Stick it in my ass, I know you want to. Please, I wanna get dp’ed like a nasty pornstar.”

Then she looked down at J and licked her lips deviously as Justin pressed his throbbing cock against her asshole. She wiggled against him encouragingly. Finally he popped it in. First, just the head, then after a few seconds, slammed his whole cock in. She screamed, but didn’t pull away or tell him to stop. She could feel the cock in her ass and the fake one in her pussy at the same time and it was the best thing she’d ever felt. She loved it even more when her boyfriend and her new best friend coordinated a rhythm, pumping in and out in turn. This continued for a minute or two before Justin came. Not long after Megan simply got too tired to continue and dismounted from J. She cuddled up to Justin and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20