His Fault His Ass Got Fucked

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I work in a store, and when this happened, I was the Night Shift Manager.

My crew and I would come in at about 10pm to get the groceries stocked for the next day. We also had a guy come in at that time to clean and buff the floors.

This is not an unusual situation, but our floor cleaner, “A” was a bit of an unusual guy.

For sure, he cleaned two big stores a day so he was working 16 hour shifts..he always seemed just a little dirty, his fingernails were overly long and encrusted, a little too tired, and he was a very quiet person….he was a loner.

I always wondered what “A”s issues were until he started coming in very early to hang around a female cashier…a particular one.

She confided in me that “A” freaked her out and asked me to keep him away from her.


But it was at strange times during the shift that I found “A” either napping in the room where we kept the floor equipment, or just standing in there staring at it. Either way at the end of the shift his work was done, to a point……barely passing but not quite right.

One night I walked near the floor care room simply because I couldn’t find him anywhere. And he was there, his back to me and he appeared to be staring at the concrete wall.

But that wasn’t what he was doing. I could see his arm moving and I was sure he was jerking off.

When you work these types of hours you don’t get frequent sex, and for a lot of reasons I felt “A” probably was a 35 year old virgin.

The thought of him possibly jerking off because he didn’t know I was standing there watching, kind of gave me a hard on.

I was used to scaring bahis firmaları him anyway; you kind of had to. He missed important details and when his contractor-boss came to visit bi-weekly he always asked me how “A” was doing. I certainly noticed a lot of missed work, and probably because he was snoozing in that back room when I was busy. Generally speaking he did a decent job.

I had a little lax time and decided to have some fun with “A”….who knows…it could improve his work which would make me look better. Maybe if I shouted at him, I’d scare his apparent erection away.

But I didn’t have to.

God, did he have balls: the “brave” kind, not the male kind.

Suddenly he stopped moving his arm and started to unbuckle and lower his dirty blue jeans. There I could see his pimply small ass and his tiny little balls dangling between his legs.

I wonder what made him decide to lower his pants in a room where anyone could walk into?

He went back to masturbating his penis: furiously and quickly. His right hand reached back and he inserted one of his fingers into his ass.

I couldn’t resist:…………

But I whispered, “Hey “A”……does that feel good?”

He whipped around, his penis completely enveloped in his hand and looked at me.

It was amazing, but he began to shoot cum, all of it spurted out a good three feet and landed on the floor. Spurt after spurt came forward, and I noticed he closed his eyes as he came just feet from me.

OK…that was a pretty good show….something I never thought I would see. So, now the ball was in my hands, as the saying goes.

There stood “A”…with his kaçak iddaa hand on his limping small penis and his pants around his knees.

“You know “A”, I said, “You could be let go from your job for doing something like this.” He suddenly and apparently realized what was happening. Amazingly he had just bought a new sports car (not his type!) and I knew he had to pay it off. “Are you gonna tell?”, he said in his very slow way of speaking.

The hardon in my pants gave me an idea.

“Maybe not…….”………..I paused………….and looked up on the shelf and found a good amount of sterile soap.

I thought about it quickly and decided that I could bone this guy, get my rocks off and …perhaps do it more than once so that he could keep me from blabbing about his time-wasting jerking off in the floor room.

“Tell you what “A”, I said, grab some of that soap up there. I pointed and he found what I was pointing at. He had to take his hand off his penis to grab the soap and I found his limp member to be a very cute 3″ dick that was still mostly hard.

I flat out told him: “Get some of that soap on your penis and stroke it on.” He fiddled with the soap dispenser, got some of the soap on his dick and began to work it in. His penis was pretty soapy by the time I had fished my dick out.

Now, I was standing a foot away from him, my 7″ touching his 3″ penis.

“Rub some of that soap onto my dick”. He looked at me in horror. “DO IT”, I said, but softer than it seemed.

He managed to squeeze out some soap and slowly reached for my penis, hanging out of my jeans zipper.

“Spread it all around”, I said….”reach kaçak bahis in and pull out my balls”. And he did.

He spread a lather of soap all over my erection and balls that made me slippery as I could be.

To return the favor, I took the container and spread a bit of soap on “A:”s penis and worked it in, to the point that he now had a pretty stiff erection.

My quick thinking was to get him pretty excited by stroking him, but at the same time pushing my penis up his ass, insuring he wouldn’t cum, but would just get close to cumming.

I got behind him, my penis lathered and stiff and I pushed it against his asshole. Reaching around him, I grasped his dick and started to stroke it at a pretty fast pace, while slowly pushing my dickhead into his ass.

I didn’t want him to cum from the stroking or the pressure of my penis in his ass too quickly, that would ruin the fun.

Somehow I got him bent down over a machine so that my dick lined up pretty right with his asshole, and I pushed it all the way into him.

Yes, it was tight. And my maleness told me to plummet him in and out as often as I could while I still stroked his penis as slowly as I could.

It really didn’t take long: I could feel my cum boiling up from my balls, and I grabbed one of his hands and placed it inbetween us, directly on my balls as I felt my cum coming up.

Generally I won’t shove totally the way in to come but this time I felt like it. I felt my orgasm coming 15 seconds before I actually came, so I pushed my penis way up in his ass and, stroking him vigorously, he shot all over my hand. I shot totally into his butt, taking up thrusting again to insure his ass was thoughly fucked.

Believe me, I checked constantly to insure “A:” was not asleep or daydreaming in that floor care room. And when I found him like that, his pants came down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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