Homecoming Gift

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Gently locking the girls together using the constricting ropes, before tying them to the bed, Darren surveyed his handiwork. Mia and Beth were tied and presented beautifully, with the ropes constricting their breasts and pulling them up, before passing between their legs. The ropes sat on each side of their sex pulling the sweet lips apart and perfectly framing the delicious warm wet cunts of the girls. Of course the girls could do nothing but submit to Darren’s, and later Jack’s, wishes. Their arms had been butterfly looped by the ropes, meaning that they could not touch themselves or each other to relieve the frustration each felt. Mia and Beth faced one another, held together by a locking d-ring fixed just above their abused breasts. As their breasts rubbed together Mia’s nipples began to harden, and the wetness between Beth’s legs increased as her friends nipples grazed her own. Her piercing made the sensation all the more delicious, but no matter how hot they got there could be no release yet. Leaving the girls blindfolded and gagged, tied to the bed as a gift, Darren went downstairs to wait for Jack.

The first Mia and Beth knew of Jack’s arrival was as they heard the front door unlock, and his voice ringing through the house. Darren called out for him, saying he was making some tea, and did he want some. Little did the girls know that Darren was offering Jack more than just tea. Mia and Beth waited for Darren to tell Jack about his gift.

As the china rattled across the counter-top Jack dropped his trousers to reveal his smooth, semi erect cock, straining against the cotton of his tight boxers. Darren’s face lit up at the prospect of sucking Jack’s long, hard manhood, making it slick ready for the waiting cunts upstairs. Jack leant back on the counter, supporting his tight ass in the corner while watching Darren kneel and begin to caress his cock with his tongue, which was virgin to such an experience. Beth and Mia heard the rattle of the china and guessed the guys would be a while drinking their tea.

Jack casino oyna looked down at Darren through half shut eyes as Darren slowly took the hard ready cock into his mouth, licking the head before teasing up and down the shaft with his tongue. Jack was murmuring his pleasure gently when he suddenly gasped, as Darren slid down his pole and took him in all the way to the balls. Feeling his cock in another man’s throat was a pleasant new sensation for Jack. Darren was gently kneading Jack’s bollocks as he continued to suck and tease the meat in his mouth. Glancing down, Jack could see Darren’s excitement was growing, as his cock strained against his trousers and pushed obscenely through the waistband. Darren pulled his mouth from Jack’s cock, motioning upstairs, with the infamous words “I think there’s something you ought to see!”

Jack looked slightly puzzled, but eagerly followed Darren upstairs, where he was led to his own bedroom. The door was shut, unusually. Darren told Jack “Go on through, you need to see this”. Jack gently opened the door, and as it swung fully open he was greeted by an unexpected sight and a lustful moan.

There, on the bed, were Mia and Beth, bound for his and Darren’s pleasure, both to the bed and each other. The smell of pussy juice was intense as they entered, as the girls had been left with a small vibe in each of their cunts and no way to relieve the building frustration. Darren removed the ball gags from each girls mouth, followed by the blindfolds they both wore.

Mia and Beth begged for release, both from the bindings and the frustration. Slowly Jack unscrewed the d-ring joining the girls. Darren followed his lead and pushed his girlfriend down between Mia’s legs, before attaching the d-ring back to the ropes on her chest, but this time fastening it to the knot above the split ropes framing Mia’s luscious cunt. Beth knew what she was to do, and started licking with fervour at her friend’s sweet hard nub of pleasure. Meanwhile Darren had started to suckle Mia’s long sensitive slot oyna nipples, already engorged from the abuse by the ropes, and the close contact with Beth’s nipple piercing. He bit down gently and Mia whimpered with the delicious pleasure and pain of it all. Jack was enjoying watching the arousal of his girlfriend as he slowly applied a liberal amount of lube to his rock hard cock, before dribbling it between her ass cheeks. As Mia gasped at the cold, oozing sensation of the lube between her ass cheeks, Beth could taste it as it dribbled across Mia’s cunt, the scent of it mingling with her juice.

Mia was anticipating the sweet feeling of Jack’s cock sliding deep into her ass, and he gently started to push his way past the tight pucker of her forbidden hole. The feeling of her tight ass closing round his shaft just made his raging cock even harder, and he pushed more insistently inwards with each little thrust. Suddenly Beth flicked her tongue from Mia’s clit to his balls and dragged it back along the sensitive underside of his cock as he pulled out of his girlfriend’s ass. He thrust hard and fast into Mia with this encouragement, as Darren pushed his throbbing member into Beth’s slick hot wanting cunt. Beth gasped at the sudden invasion as a new wave of pleasure swept through her. With renewed vigour she lapped at both Jack’s cock and Mia’s soaking, hot cunt; tasting her friends ass and pussy juices mixing on her tongue.

Mia’s body began to spasm with the overload of pleasure on her wanting body after her self denial through all the month’s Jack had been at sea. Her ass contracted around Jack’s cock as she began to come, gushing into Beth’s mouth, her juices spilling over onto the bed sheets when her friend could drink no more. Darren pulled out of Beth’s hot cunt as he felt Mia’s orgasm shuddering into being, concentrating on her bountiful tits. He luxuriated in sucking her hard cock-like nipples deep into his mouth and kneading the firm flesh until it was red. Mia screamed out in ecstasy and pain simultaneously canlı casino siteleri from the ravaging of her body as the orgasm over-rode her completely. The next words out of her mouth decreed Beth’s fate.

Blindfolded and secured doggy style to the bed Beth waited in anticipation for the next move. She felt many hands roaming across her body. Tugging at the rope, tweaking her nipple, gently pulling at her piercings. She noticed the wetness of her sex increase, fingers straying there and lips brushing it gently. Suddenly she felt the sharp tip of a tongue flicking insistently at her centre. Unbeknown to her it was Mia, wanting to taste the cunt juices of her friend mixed with Darren’s glistening cock juice. Beth started to push onto the face lapping at her cunt with a desperate urgency, easily betraying her need to cum. She started to beg for more and faster but suddenly a cock invaded her mouth, pushing in deep and filling it. Jack wanted Beth to finish what she’d started. She licked around the huge head and started to trail down the shaft. Then she took his throbbing cock in her mouth whole once more, sliding easily up and down the shaft. Unbeknownst to Beth, Darren was fucking her friend’s cunt as she sucked delightedly on Jack’s hard cock. Darren had entered Mia’s slick hot cunt while she was eating his girlfriend’s sex. Mia had tightened her cunt muscles in appreciation and was repeatedly massaging his huge manhood with every thrust he made into her. When Beth began to shake as she neared orgasm, Darren pulled his soaked cock out of Mia and rammed into Beth’s tight ass-hole in one smooth thrust. She gasped at this final intrusion and shook hard as her orgasm began to overcome her. Jack was nearing his own orgasm and fucking his girlfriends ass and then having it sucked clean by her friend had built up a huge amount of cum. Suddenly he spurted into Beth’s mouth and it was all she could do to hold it there so she could share it with Mia. She lost her fight with her orgasm and came so hard she massaged Darren’s cock and milked him dry with her ass. Beth’s juices flowed freely over Mia’s face, before mixing with Mia’s juices on the bedsheets.

Darren and Jack carefully unbound the girls before they all fell into bed in a relaxed, tumbled sexy mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20