Hospital Ch. 01

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The nurse that walked down the white hallway in crimson heels had a nametag with the name Yvette typed on it. Like all the nurses she worse a green pair of scrubs and held a few medical items in her hands. But she was oddly different. She wore what looked like stiletto heels and had her face tastefully done with a small amount of makeup and lipstick. She walked with an air of superiority and a saucy calmness that just got on your nerves. Her name itself sounded like she was born with a silver spoon jammed into her mouth, and the way she walked just proved it. While all the hospital around her was constantly sparking into chaos she had the nerve to stay perfectly calm and beautiful taking deliberate steps at deliberate moments. You couldn’t help but start to grow a loving hatred towards her.

It was May 23 and once again the hospital was in a rush either to go somewhere or to get away from something. As if on Queue she strutted down hallway-11 in wing-H. She caught everyone’s eye. I was only an intending at the time and the rumors of her promiscuousness were already enough to get me dreaming about her bare body with that smirk of a smile. I so hated her. While examining a seventy-eight year old leukemia patient I got a tap on the back. I turned around and the owner of the fingers was none other than Yvette. With a wink she said calming,

“Doctor, I need you to check the status of Mr. Darwin. I think his surgery scars are healing well but his fever hasn’t gone down.”

I didn’t want to deal with her right then. I was swamped and Mr. Darwin could’ve spontaneously combusted for all I cared. Plus, how could I even approach the most gorgeous nurse in the building even when she confronted me first?

“Go find someone else, I need to get through my patients first and Miss. Chamberlain is starting chemotherapy today so I want to make sure she casino siteleri is-” I was cut off mid sentence when a soft set of fingers found their way around my torso.

“But I really need this. C’mon I’ll make it worth your while.” The goddamned temptress was worse than any of the harpies. And the last phrase “I’ll make it worth your while” was too much and I followed her to Mr. Darwin as my mind wondered to the reward I was going to get.

Mr. Darwin was in his mid sixties and had just gotten his gallbladder removed to alleviate pain. I checked his temperature and it was normal, I took it with both an oral then a tympanic finding both reading 98 point 6 degrees. Again the pair of feather soft fingers crept their way around my torso. She was toying with me. I sighed trying to remain calm and stated that Mr. Darwin was in a stable condition and the old man soon nodded off obviously exhausted. The right hand crept up my chest while the left snuck down to the hem of my blue scrubs.

“Its so nice to hear the good news. I guess he must’ve stabilized when I went to get you” Why was she toying with me? Me of all people, I wasn’t the successful doctor that had found a cure to some obscure disease. I wasn’t the top-notch surgeon that had broken some time record for a complex procedure. I was just a young intern still trying to get the hang of everything. And she, she was the Venus of the hospital with coal hair that ran down to her hips. Everything was perfect about her. So why tempt me?

Suddenly the distance between my back and her body decreased to zero and her bosom was squeezed against my back. I tightened up instinctively but she only grew closer. Then there was contact and there wasn’t an iota of space between my back and her front.

“What the hell are you doing?” I could only spit out the six words in a mix of anger, shock and untimely slot oyna arousal.

“I’ve seen you eyeing me. Not like all the others at all. You want it more badly than they do. You know it, I know it, and I want to have fun with it.” The temptress had paid attention too well. I didn’t wan it like all the other people because I never had gotten it. I was a virgin not because of will but because of circumstance. I had poured over my books cramming all the time to pass tests missing out on all possible chances to fulfill my lusty desire. With the most grace she slid her left hand down under teasing my bare skin never touching it directly. This exacerbated the arousal and it woke up.

“My-my-my someone is excited.” Her breath was like peppermint on my neck. I finally broke from my shock-based paralysis and turned around. I made a big mistake. She took the opportunity and clutched me tight pressing her hips to mine making sure my hard member rubbed against her. In the new position I saw that she wasn’t just toying she wanted me. And the moisture that I felt below was only proof of that. No more words were needed, this was my chance for pleasure and I wasn’t going to miss out this time. Filled with new vigor I leaned forward kissing her deeply letting our tongues circle each other. She became wetter and I could feel her juices had soaked through her scrubs.

“God, I’ve never been so horny.” She said as we removed our tops and embraced again in the heat of passion. I gazed deeply at her perfect half exposed body for a few seconds before I pressed my palms to her breasts resulting in her letting out a soft moan of welcomed pleasure. The warm soft orbs rested in my hands and I gently played with them dragging the tips of my fingers across them and applying pressure. Her scrubs were now completely soaked through.

All the time my cock had become more canlı casino siteleri and more excited pressing against her soaking lower body. Quick motions then followed and we were fully exposed in the sunlight that shown through the windows. There was a chair in the corner and she pushed me into it leaning down and circling her touch around its head. She knew what she was doing and it quivered in each motion that she made. She then clutched it in both hands and sucked on the tip as she stroked my cock her hands gliding over it from her saliva. It felt heavenly. Her eyes met mine and our nonverbal communication was understood. She placed her hands on my thighs and drove my cock deep into her mouth. Her face had a look of surprise when she slowed and tried again to fit it all in. With my entire cock in her mouth she licked quickly and tightened her lips sliding slowly up and down. A since of power came over me and I placed my hands on the back of her head and guided her head quickly up and down forcing it deep into her mouth. The sounds of my member as it fucked her mouth hard reverberated in my ears as the pleasure mounted and mounted. Finally I couldn’t hold back any more and filled her mouth with thick hot cum. She swallowed it greedily and sucked off the rest.

But it wasn’t over yet, standing up I saw that she had created a small puddle with her juices. Her pussy was practically shinnying as she begged at her knees to be pleasured. Still drunk from the oral excitement I got down and started to lick up her thighs. I was surprised by how sweet the liquids were and parted her bare pussy to get at the source. As I drove my tongue deep into her she cried out squirting more onto my face as I twisted my tongue deep inside of her.

Though the experience was new it lasted for a good twenty minutes and I felt her orgasm at least half a dozen times and the small puddle grew more and more. Exhausted we both laid on the floor taking large gasps of air. Yvette rolled close and clutched my arm whispering into my ear.

“Officially I haven’t taken your virginity.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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