Hotel Adventure

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We were introduced to swinging by a couple named Joe and Karen. They were both into garter belt, nylons and heels, which my wife and I both loved.

Neither of the girls is bisexual but they use to love to put on a show for Joe and I. When we got to the hotel room, Joe and I set up the video equipment and the girls got some ice for the champagne we had brought. As we sat around and had some champagne we decided to have a basic script. It was as much fun planning as performing it.

We had Donna and Karen dress each other for us. Karen placed a white garter belt on Donna and then proceeded to slip on a pair of taupe reinforced heel and toe nylons on her legs.

She performed her tasks so slowly and then smoothed the stockings on her legs just to tease us. The heels were white 5″ spiked sandals, which had straps that had to be buckled.

After placing the shoes on her feet, she stroked and kissed each foot. I didn’t think either of us would last just watching her. She then slipped a pair of white crotch less panties on her and covered her with a sheer white robe.

Then it was Donna’s turn.

Joe had decided on black for Karen. Donna hooked up a black corset with the breast areas cut out to show her 34C tits. The corset had six garters and they were attached to black full-fashioned stockings with a Cuban spiked heel.

Her shoes were a 5″ black patent pump. Karen had a size 9 shoe and the shoes were not as defined as Donna is who wore a size 6 1\2 and always had to take short steps to walk in the 5 inch heels.

The finishing touches on Karen were a long pair of black satin gloves. It was the first time I has seen a pair of gloves like that and I had decided that I wanted to cum all over them and have her lick the cum off them for the camera.

We had decided to let Joe go first while I filmed the scene. Joe sat between them and started to kiss Karen while Donna went down on him.

I loved to watch her suck another man’s cock and she loved doing it for me. Karen then lay back on the sofa and while Donna continued to suck him, he started to lick Karen’s pussy.

After a few minutes Karen was ready to be fucked. Donna took over the camera and I proceeded to put casino siteleri my cock in Karen’s mouth while she was being fucked.

Her legs were high in the air and I slipped off her pump and licked her stocking foot as she sucked my cock. Karen had an incredible orgasm then Joe and I traded places. She was telling Joe how much she loved the taste of herself while she sucked him and after hearing that I fucked her as hard as I could.

Donna wanted to get back into the action. She pulled Joe on the other end of the sofa and had him enter her, as I proceeded to fuck Karen doggie style. Both of us wanted to cum in the worst way but we also wanted to get whose first splashes on video, so as I went to the camera, Joe sat on the sofa as both of the girls started to suck him.

I zoomed in to get him exploding on both of their faces and in their mouths. They were both fighting for his cum. Joe and I switched placed and with his cum still on their faces they sat on the floor with their heads on the sofa as I came in their open mouths. After I came I licked the cum off of their faces and for the camera we all moaned how much we loved cum.

As we all rested and drank some more wine, the girls wanted to watch the video but we convinced them to wait, the longer the video was when we watched it would give us more time to recover.

Joe and I were still pretty hot to go again and we decided to get our cocks hard again by rubbing them all over Donna’s silky nylon covered legs. We each took a leg as she started to play with her self. We both kissed and stroked her legs with our cocks until they were rock hard.

We both wanted to fuck our own wives. Karen joined us on the couch and we both started to fuck them. Then we switched, then switched back. I wanted to cum on Karen’s gloves and we had both agreed to have all of the cum shots up close because we all loved them so much.

As I withdrew from Donna’s cunt, Karen took my cock in those satin gloves and started to stroke my wet cock. The feeling was incredible and I came in her palm. She licked my cum out of her palm for the camera as Joe zoomed in for another close up.

Joe wanted to cum in Karen’s black stocking while it was wrapped slot oyna around his cock and Donna sucking him. Donna unfastened Karen’s garters and slipped the stocking off of her legs then teased him with it.

Then using it like a rubber, she placed it over his cock and proceeded to suck him through the nylon. As he came, she sucked what she could through the nylon, then pulled the stocking off and sucked his cum out of the nylon as she hammed it up for the camera. We were all spend by then and decided to shower and have dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The talk over dinner was all about watching the tape and having another session. We also talked about having someone use the camera which was not involved in the action because it was a pain in the ass to stop in the middle but we all agreed that those cum shots were worth the trouble.

After we ate we went to the bar to let our dinners settle. Both Karen and Donna were dressed to the hilt in tight dresses, heels and stockings. While at the bar, though it was not crowded, the girls were flashing the tops of their nylons and getting quite a few stares from some of the men in the place but no single men interesting enough to invite back with us.

When we returned to the suite, we hooked up the camera to the TV. She girls slipped off their dressed as watched in their garter belts and nylons, Joe and I got naked.

We all promised no sex until the video was over. We both sat on the floor and stroked our wife’s nylon legs while we watched. What a turn on it was and all of the cum shots were perfect.

When it was over we decided to make love privately in separate room with each other’s wife. The girls thought this was a good idea. Karen and I got the bedroom. Although we were both so turned on from watching the video, we wanted to make love slowly.

We must have kissed for a half an hour and I was constantly rubbing those silky legs of hers. I started to go down on her, when she made the most unusual request. She wants me to lick her asshole and finger her cunt at the same time. I had never done anything like that before but was willing to try. As I licked her, she was screaming and had three orgasms before I stopped.

As she rested, canlı casino siteleri she told me that Joe did not like to do that to her and that she had always been sensitive there. She asked me if I would do it again rather that fuck her and if I did she would allow me to pick how I would love to be done by her. I was an offer that I could not refuse. I licked her to two more orgasms.

As she was resting again, I started to tell her that I wanted to fuck her feet in those silky nylons. I also told her that I wanted to explode all over them and then clean every drop of my cream off her feet.

She was very willing to allow me to have her feet and moved to the end of the bed to give me perfect access to them. My cock was rock hard looking at her size 9’s encased in those sheer black full-fashioned stockings. As I slipped my cock between her arches, the feel of the nylon was exhilarating.

Having already cum twice I knew I would have a lot of time to enjoy them and I hope her would not tire of me enjoying them. To add even more excitement to the pleasure, Karen began to talk erotically to me. I loved hearing her tell me how much she loved me rubbing my cock on her stockings. She encouraged me to shoot my hot cum on her stockings.

The combination of her nylons and her words were pushed me to climax. I felt the cum rise from my loins and I grabbed my cock to aim right at her feet.

The semen exploded on her stocking feet and the contrast of white cum on black nylon was a sight to behold. I milked every drop I could muster onto her stockings.

My knees were buckling from the experience and I went down on them to savor my passion.

I slowly pushed my cum around the nylon with my tongue before drawing it into my mouth. I cleaned every inch of her hose, then proceeded to remove her stockings to suck what I had missed. I also licked and dried her feet of my seed.

For the first time, I could hear my wife and Joe finishing their liaison in the other room. My thirst for cum was not yet satisfied and I walk into the room to see Joe dumping a hot load of cum into Donna sweet pussy.

I waited for him to roll off of her and then kneeled down between her stocking legs to suck his seed out of my wife. My passion for cum was getting greater all the time.

As we were leaving, I felt very sad but exhausted that it was all over. I have regretted that I don’t have a copy of the tape. It was quite an evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20