Hotel of Dreams

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Chapter 1: Room 214 (Taking the Plunge and Finding Friends)

I stood in front of the hotel, more than a little intimidated. Across the way, I saw my husband walking toward me; his face a mask of containment. We stood outside and looked at the empty parking lot.

We had walked through this place at least two dozen times, wondering how, if, when.

It started, I guess, years ago, in our swinger’s fantasies with writing stories and dreaming of what it would be like to swing. We made up all kinds of stories for each other about what it might be like to visit a hotel for swingers. So when in our forties both of us found ourselves out of work, him with a large bonus and me with my unemployment, and a smaller fee, with pensions and some savings, we bought what was a steal, a motor lodge, near an interstate, in an upstate central US state. I am half afraid to write the name of the state…would we fail?

In the beginning we decided to open the hotel ourselves and keep one wing unused, and to do all the maid work, maintenance and desk work together. We are both fairly handy and had for years worked for someone else. We were thrilled and scared to do this on our own. In the first week, we redid one wing, created a breakfast room and closed the pool. By the second month more and more people pulled off the interstate, checked in, ate breakfast and checked out. We now had enough business to pull in some money and find out what it was like to run a motel.

By the end of the third month, we had one full wing, both floors finished with the rooms taking on a nice coziness. Everyone feels comfortable talking to my husband and me and people seemed to like a growing ‘petticoat junction’ mom and pop atmosphere. With nice flowers, plants and the constant running of the vacuum cleaner, we were making a small number of people happy. But not in the way we planned.

From time to time we would walk through the upstairs wing on the other side and make plans for our fantasy hotel secret wing. We thought, ‘one room at a time’. We decided to install windows from the room to the hallway, with curtains inside and out. This required a carpenter. When we found one we liked he was a bit quizzical when we explained what we wanted.

“Most folks” he informed us, “do not want a view to the hall.”

We nodded and said, “We thought it would bring in light.”

I was just beginning to regret having called in a carpenter, and thinking this wasn’t going to happen, when I saw the twinkle in his eyes. The next day he brought his wife in to help. They were both in their 40s and nice looking. Our carpenter, because of the nature of his work, was lean and muscled, and she was small, curvy in all the right places, and sensual. Her casino siteleri top was spaghetti strapped and it was clear that she wore no bra, the outline of her nipples was clear. And hot. She had short shorts and was quick to find excuses to bend over in front of my husband. She had very cute legs and ass, and I could tell he thought so too, as he kept close by. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back and touched the front of his pants zipper. That was our language for ‘the game is on.’

If my husband thought it was important to spend some time helping with the carpenter couple, I didn’t blame him. She was flirting with him, and her husband didn’t seem to mind. It got me wondering, so I decided to take the plunge and pulled off my blouse, to my black stretch undershirt,

As I slipped it over my head, I said “Boy it gets you warm to do this.”

I was not braless, but I am fairly well endowed, so there was plenty of cleavage and perhaps a little nipple show. The carpenter looked at my husband who kind of smiled at him and returned to his work nonchalantly. At this point we were flirting with each other but no one had taken the bait. While we were working our carpenter introduced himself as Max and his wife as Leslie.

We laughed and chatted about kids, past jobs, and then Leslie said, “You know some people use these windows to kind of share personal experiences, like exhibitionism or voyeurism.”

It was said, the thing we were dancing around all afternoon,

My husband was silent, and I said “Well that’s the sort of thing people might choose to do, but other people might have a hard time with and maybe try to shut them down.”

Max said “Well, we keep to ourselves here, and there’s nothing wrong with what people do in their own private spaces as long as they don’t inflict it on anyone else or sell it.”

I guess he was on to it, but I was not ready to give it away. It was too scary and suddenly real. What if we were arrested, what if we lost everything. The fear started to pull at my stomach and it must have shown on my face. I felt Leslie’s hand on my shoulder; Max was staring at the floor. She turned me towards her and said, “Look, we kind of guessed what you are doing here and we think it is great.”

I guess it made me feel better, but my heart was still pounding. Suddenly I realized how worried we had been. Leslie continued, “Max said he figured you would have one wing here at first, locked and separate. He has some ideas as well. We kind of know because we swing a little. Not often and we are careful, but we have forever been wishing for a place to go, and we think this is terrific.”

Then she gave my husband a breast smashing breastbone to breastbone hug. So slot oyna I did as she did and hugged her husband. Max kind of put his finger under my chin as we pulled apart and gave me a wink.

Then I heard the bell ring at the front desk and my husband and I reluctantly left. “Honey” Leslie said to Max as we left “I think you need a shower.”

“Hey.” I said, “You know how to turn the water on…I’ll bring some towels up when we are done…I cleaned up Room 214….it’s pretty comfortable.”

Ten minutes later, we had the new folks settled into the regular wing and I ran the towels up the 214 and knocked. I heard Leslie’s voice sing out ‘just a minute’ then she said, “Why don’t you call your cute husband up here too?”

I heard some muffled laughing. I started yelling for Russ and he came running. He looked as if something might be wrong, but I put my finger to my lips and he listened too. Muffled voices. I gave him a look that said ‘this is it sweetie, jump in time!’

We knocked and entered. On the floor by the beds, there was a bottle of wine, glasses, a blanket and Max and Leslie wearing nothing. Leslie was small and round, with full breasts, honey colored hair over her shoulders, round arms and legs that ended slender. Max was muscled and had nice hair across his chest. He had long, strong legs and his cock was long and slender and erect, very erect. Leslie spoke first “I know you two have never done this before so we are going to help you.”

She directed the words to me but then walked up to Russ, and gave him a warm kiss. She took his arms and placed them behind her, or on her behind, as it were. He obliged with soft caresses on her back, as she kissed him out of his clothes. It was so hot watching another woman kiss my husband. When she unbuckled his pants I looked at him. She had put his hands on her breasts. He looked at me with questions in his eyes. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

“You’ve never looked hotter.” I said and, “I love you. Go for it.”

As I stepped back I felt Max behind me. He leaned down to the top of my head and gave me a kiss, at the same time his hands ran over my breasts. I sighed and leaned into him. Soon, I felt his hands lift my shirt over my head and begin caressing my breasts. When I looked up I saw my husband was naked. Leslie had disappeared and then I heard the shower running and turned around to face Max. Leslie came back and took Max by the hand and left us alone.

Russ and I fell into each other’s arms, I was wearing my shorts, but Russ was completely naked, his hard on pointing up at me. Then he poured us wine and looked quietly at me. My heart was pounding and my pussy was tingling. I looked at his dark brown eyes, and slid my shorts canlı casino siteleri over my hips and down, and then I slipped my fingers under my panties and down they went, over my round bottom and down my long legs. It felt delicious to strip for him and watch his long cock twitch.

“Hey,” yelled Max from the shower, “Get in here. We’re waiting.”

I walked in to the bathroom. “How can four people fit in one of these showers?” I asked.

My husband winked his eye while Leslie giggled. I heard Russ’s voice behind me say, “Time to find out honey.”

Leslie put out a hand and pulled Max in. I suddenly felt uncertain. “I don’t think we have enough towels,” I muttered.

I heard them laughing. Water was all over the floor. I looked up into the three mischievous faces….and I realized…it was time to get wet.

I carefully stepped into the shower. Max moved in behind me. I touched his chest and slid my hands down over his cock and cupped his balls in my hand. Suddenly feeling bold I sat down on the edge of the tub with the warm water washing over me and began to lick his cock, opening my mouth, and sliding my tongue up and down his shaft. I licked over his balls and felt my pussy clench. I took my eyes off his cock for a second and saw, out of the corner of my eye, Leslie pulling my husband’s thick cock into her mouth. Russ’s eyes were glassed over with pleasure and lust. I glanced up at Max and he had the same look. I put my mouth gently over the tip of his cock and swirled my tongue, then slowly sucked it in.

I heard my husband groan, and as I sucked harder and faster on Max he began to groan as well. Leslie and I bobbed our heads, sucking and pulling their cocks to the back of our mouths and out. “Damn.” I heard Max say.

“Oh wow, that’s so good,” came out of Russ’s mouth.

I looked at Leslie and she had her hand in her pussy and she was moving her fingers in and out. It was too much for me to see and hear all of this, Max groaning, Russ groaning and now Leslie fingering herself with furious gusto.

Suddenly there was a big release and both men began to come together, I tossed back my head and let Max’s come fall all over my breasts while I rubbed my fingers over the top of my clit. I was so wet and my clit was hard, like a little pebble. Russ came all over Leslie’s face and she opened her mouth wide. There were groans all around us, bouncing of the wall and echoing as we came- Leslie and me after the guys.

Afterward we just were silent and still for few minutes. Then Leslie and I stood up. I moved into Russ’s arms, and Leslie moved into Max’s and we stood there for a while, the warm water washing over us.

I was still kind of hot, but it was so sweet to stand there. Soon we began to wash again, washing the come from all of us. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. There was a lot of giggling.

Then I sighed. “I guess I’d better check the desk. I’ll be right back.”

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