House Rules Ch. 07

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“We’re going to have a visitor today,” Daddy announced during breakfast one morning.

He was wearing a suit because he had a business meeting. He looked very sharp. My daddy was so handsome. I was such a lucky sissy.

When I asked him who was coming, he told me it was Miss Marguerite.

“Miss Marguerite from The Beauty Mark?” I asked.

Like there was another?

I was still in my pajamas. I was wearing a tight, baby blue tee with a sleepy sheep on the front and some boy short panties.

“The one and only,” Daddy said taking his plate to the sink.

“Why?” I asked.

“She’s going to give you some lessons today,” he said rather matter-of-factly.


“You’re the perfect little sissy, Kitten. I love you. You make my heart very happy. I love how that delicious little bottom of yours looks in panties…”

“But?” I said nervously, squirming in my seat.

“But you still walk like a BOY. Miss Marguerite is going to help you work on that. Think of it as just another step in your evolution.”

What was wrong with my walk?

Daddy continued, “Miss Marguerite is an expert. She’s trained several sissies I know. She’s also a coach at a local drag club. Trust me. I’m leaving you in good hands.”

He pulled me to him.

“So stop pouting,” he said giving me a playful spank.

I stuck my bottom lip out even further.

“You’re breaking my heart,” he said pressing his gorgeous lips against mine.

His beard tickled me and I giggled.

As he headed towards his home office, he yelled to me, “Listen to Miss Marguerite and do what she tells you to do. If I get a bad report you’ll be over my knee for a spanking when I get home.”


“And you may not enjoy it,” he added.

I heard the door close.

Gosh darn it.

I cleaned up the kitchen and went upstairs to brush my teeth and change out of my pajamas.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I studied my face carefully and then had an idea.

I started to put-on some eye makeup. I’d been playing around with different techniques as sissies tend to do. I decided I’d try to replicate the Harajuku makeup technique Japanese girls used when they dressed up as their Lolita alter-egos.

It took me a while, but soon I had big doe eyes. My long, thick lashes fluttered like butterfly wings. My eyes looked big and bright and alluring.

I then applied some pink lipstick and just a hint of rouge on my cheeks. I didn’t look like the Japanese doll I had seen in one of my fashion magazines, but it was close.

Maybe Miss Marguerite could give me some pointers.

I fussed with my hair and then got dressed.

Well, I got dressed after I decided what to wear.

So many…too many choices!

Finally I heard the chiming of our doorbell rang.

I went downstairs and opened the door.

Miss Marguerite was standing there, smiling down at me. She hugged me and I was once again lost in her ample bosom.

She finally let me go and I caught my breath.

I took her hand and led her to the parlor.

She complimented me on my outfit, telling me I looked darling.

I was wearing tight little romper.

The romper cut high on my thigh and showed just the tiniest bit of butt cheek when I moved even the slightest. It was bright yellow.

When we got into the parlor, Miss Marguerite set her things down and then gave me a once over.

She smiled and said, “Walk for me.”

WALK for her?

We had just walked across the house.

She sat down on the couch and pointed to the long hallway between the living room and parlor.

“Walk for you?”

“Yes, Baby Gurl. WALK for me.”

I took a few steps and she sighed a loud sigh.

“Oh, Dear Baby Jesus,” she said in an exasperated tone, “Baby Gurl we have A LOT of work to do.”

I pouted.

“Like a girl, Child, like a SISSY. Not like a boy.”

Then she scowled.

“Not like a Clydesdale.”

Miss Marguerite came over to me and unbuttoned my romper. She had me step out of it and she folded it and set it aside.

“Take everything off, Baby Gurl,” she instructed.

I did what she told me to do. Miss Marguerite had seen me naked before. No biggie.

I pulled down my purple bikini panties with the yellow stars and yellow trim. I put them on top of my romper. My baby tee joined my other clothes.

Miss Marguerite searched through the garment bag she’d brought along with her until she found what she was looking for.

She then handed me a pair of tulle and lace v-string style panties. They were white with a pink ruffled edging. I carefully stepped into the fragile looking panties and slid them up my legs.

There was hardly anything to them except for the little pouch for my little package and the string that was presently pulled up and almost into my butt.

Miss Marguerite then handed me a ruffled garter belt and showed me how to put it on. Then I sat on the edge of the couch and she handed me the matching pink, sheer stockings. These were my first real stockings and casino siteleri they felt divine against my smooth, bare skin.

Miss Marguerite showed me how to roll them into a doughnut shape, roll them over my toes and then up my legs.

She snapped the stockings to my garters.

She made a few adjustments and then told me to look into the hall mirror.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I was obviously a boy in lingerie but I also saw potential. My ass was completely exposed and looked girlish and pert. Needless to say, my little cock and balls looked yummy in my new tiny thong panties.

Miss Marguerite completed my new sexy outfit with a pair of Mary Jane style shoes. They were black and shiny and had a little bronze buckle. They also had a four inch heel which took some time to get used to.

Miss Marguerite held my hand as I stumbled around the parlor.

She was very patient as her ‘student’ learned to walk in his first pair of heels.

Finally I was able to stand and actually take a few steps without falling on my face.

Satisfied it was safe to proceed, Miss Marguerite retrieved two little silver bells from her bag. She clipped them to my garter belt, one to each hip.

She told me to take a step and there was a slight ringing from my bells. Miss Marguerite told me to put a little more action into my hips and the bells rang loudly.

Jingle jangle

Jingle jangle

I understood immediately. I took a few more steps, swinging my bottom to the left and then the right. The bells jingled.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

I took four baby steps, slow and steady.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

I noticed how the heeled Mary Janes made me stand straighter with my bottom pushed out.

Wearing just my panties and balancing a book on my head, I practiced like that for a couple of hours.

Up and down the hall.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

Up and down the hall.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

Up and down the hall.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

Up and down the hall.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle..

I swished my little bottom and the sound of my ringing bells echoed through the house. I was getting pretty good at walking like a sissy but I wasn’t perfect.

Miss Marguerite would chastise me if I took a misstep or fell back into walking like a clumsy boy.

She told me to put my elbow on my hip and keep my wrist limp.

She was stern when she felt I was slacking off. She would playfully spank my ass as soon as she thought I wasn’t giving it 100%.

I listened to her directions and to the sound of jingling bells. I was focused and taking my lessons seriously.

Jingle jangle.

Jingle jangle.

Mostly because I really wanted to please Daddy but also because I feared more swats from Miss Marguerite’s strong hands on my exposed bottom.

During the second hour of my lessons, the doorbell rang.

When I started to grab my romper to throw on and cover my skimpy little panties and garter, Miss Marguerite asked me what I thought I was doing.

I told her I needed to cover myself.

The doorbell chimed again.

She told me sissies weren’t modest.

I reluctantly started towards the front door.

Step. Jingle.

Step. Jangle.

Step. Jingle.

Step. Jangle.

I surprised myself by walking like a sissy without even thinking about it.

I opened the door and saw the gas man standing there with his clipboard and his really wide eyes.

He was giving me the once over.

Then he gave me another one for good measure.

He told me he needed to go to the basement and check a connection. Apparently Daddy had made the appointment and neglected to tell me.

I welcomed him in and lead him to the basement at the other end of the house.

Step. Jingle.

Step. Jangle.

Step. Jingle.

Step. Jangle.

As I passed Miss Marguerite I saw her smiling.

I opened the door and walked down the stairs.

Step. Jingle.

Step. Jangle.

Step. Jingle.

Step. Jangle.

I could feel the gas man’s eyes on my ass every step of the way. I made sure to jingle and jangle even louder.

After a few minutes, Jerry, the gas man said he had everything he needed and thanked me.

Like any good hostess, I asked if there was anything else he needed. I flirted with my eyes, fluttering my lashes at him and rubbed my belly coyly with my delicate fingers.

Jerry stammered something about a report and signature.

He was staring at my bare upper body. I was obviously male but poor Jerry was so confused. His eyes traveled from my flat chest, to my darling belly ring and finally to my little pouch of goodies.

I turned and bent over once to pick up a piece of lint off the floor I’d apparently missed when I’d vacuumed yesterday.

Jerry dropped his clipboard.

I’m pretty sure I saw him adjust himself as he was walking back to his truck.

If slot oyna you know what I mean.

During our lunch break, Marguerite told me she was impressed with my progress and would give my daddy a good report.

She also commented on my bone structure and said I was very pretty. I blushed. She said I’d come a long way and that I looked happy. She loved my Japanese Lolita look.

I told her I was very happy.

Soon my lesson was done and I changed back into my panties, tee and romper.

Miss Marguerite told me to walk for her again.

This time I turned and sashayed down the hall. My hips swished. My bottom swayed.

She told me I’d give any fashion model a run for their money.

When Miss Marguerite left sometime after 4, I hugged her tight and kissed her on the lips and thanked her for everything. She kissed me back, said it was her pleasure and left me everything she had brought with her.

I couldn’t wait to show Daddy everything I had learned.

I heard him pull into the drive and met him at the door.

I gave him a kiss, grabbed his briefcase and walked away from him.

All the way down the long hall to his office.

My bottom swayed side to side to the whole time.

I looked back and saw Daddy was grinning a wide, happy, proud grin.

He applauded. Then he followed me.

I turned and strutted past him, prancing up the stairs to our bedroom. He followed.

When he walked into the room, I was sashaying around the room, showing off for him.

Daddy watched carefully. He was rubbing the front of his pants and I knew he was getting turned on seeing his little sissy prancing about.

Daddy told me to stop. He told me to come to him and when I did he hugged me tightly. I could feel his erection between us.

“I heard you did wonderfully today, Kitten,” he said.

His hand started unbuttoning my romper.

“Yes, Daddy. I was very good,” I answered.

He began to slide it down my body.

“Sounds like someone needs a reward for all their hard work.”

He slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. He pulled my tee up and off of me. My little gumdrops were pointed. He kissed each one.

I slipped into my garter belt and bells.

I had put them on the bed earlier. I stood there for a second or two enjoying the confused look on his face.

I stepped away from him.

Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle.

I got up on the bed on all fours.

Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle.

I was facing away from him and giving him the perfect view of my ass. I spread my cheeks and ‘winked’ at him.

I wiggled my bottom at him.

Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle.

Daddy walked towards me, unzipping his pants as he did.

I felt his weight on the bed and then tender kisses on my little rosebud.

Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle.

Chapter Thirteen STYLED and INKED

The day was going to be a busy one. Besides being laundry day I also had to do some cleaning and dusting.

Wearing nothing but satin white bikini panties, pretty anklets and my new lacy apron, I busied myself doing the wash and dusting the downstairs.

i was very excited about what lie ahead of me.

I had asked Daddy over dinner the other night if I could do something different with my hair. I loved my bob hairstyle but I had seen some styles in my magazines that I wanted for myself.

I showed him the photos I had clipped out.

So Daddy called Miss Marguerite and made an appointment for me. He also said that after The Beauty Mark we were going somewhere else. When I asked where he said it was a surprise.

I asked what kind of surprise and he just smiled and said, “You’ll see.”

I had come to learn Daddy’s ‘surprises’ could be life changing.

I fussed with my cute, bob hairstyle one last time.

I was wearing a camisole top which showed off my flat tummy and pretty belly ring. It clung to my lean body and flat chest.

The shirt had the words PRINCESS across the chest in glittery letters.

I wore a tiny bit of mascara to accentuate my naturally thick lashes and a soft bubblegum pink lipgloss. I sprayed myself with the new perfume Daddy had bought me.

I had on tiny white denim, low-rise short shorts and little open-toed sandals.

Then we headed out for surprises and adventures!

Daddy dropped me off at The Beauty Mark while he ran some errands.

I sashayed through the front doors like I owned the place.

My little bottom swayed back and forth and my left wrist stayed limp.

The women there all knew me and I blew kisses to them as I walked past.

In two hours Daddy came back to pick me up.

When he saw me, he smiled and gave me a thumb’s up.

Something else looked like it was up too.

First off, I was now a blonde, platinum blonde to be exact. My bob was gone and I was now sporting a sassy little pixie cut. It was short and boyish and perfect.

Miss Marguerite was a true magician.

Where canlı casino siteleri my old style made me look like a flat-chested 14 year old girl, my new cut made me look androgynous. Was I boy? Was I a girl?


Nope. I was a sissy.

Then Miss Marguerite presented me with Daddy Surprise Number 2.

Large hoop earrings!

I loved my new hairstyle and earrings.

I loved being so spoiled by a daddy who loved me.

I loved being a sissy.

I hugged and kissed Miss Marguerite.

I swished out of her salon a brand new sissy.

Now it was time for Daddy Surprise Number 3.

As hard as I begged, Daddy would not tell me where he was taking me. Even when I sat silently in the truck pouting .

Daddy then pulled up in front of a tattoo parlor called TALBOT STREET INK.

I was both scared and excited about getting my first tattoo.

Daddy knew the owner.

Heck! Daddy knew everyone!

Ike, the owner, a black man in his 50’s, saw us when we walked into the shop. He waved at Daddy, saw me and smiled.

He asked, “Well now. Who is this sexy, magical fairy?”

Ike was bald but had a long, scraggly beard like a billy goat. He was wearing overalls and, from the looks of it, not a lot else except for black plastic gloves.

Daddy told me to introduce myself and I did.

I said ‘Hi’ in the shy, little girl/little sissy voice I’d perfected.

“Well, he’s a cutie,” Ike said to Daddy, letting his eyes travel up and down my petite body.

I blushed and said ‘thank you’ batting my eyes at him.

Ike glanced at me and then nodded towards a room in the back.

There was a rough trade waiting in the lobby area.

I looked at the all the bikers and they all looked at me.

One of the bikers had a petite little sissy pulled up close to him.

The poor little thing looked like he wanted to cry. He had pink and blue spiked hair that looked like cotton candy. I could see his nipples were pierced. The piercings were connected to a chain the biker held tight in a glove hand.

The sissy was wearing tiny leather short shorts and red leather go go boots. He had on thick eyeliner and bright pink lipstick. He already had several tattoos from what I could tell and other than his nipples, his belly, nose and both ears were also studded.

I could only imagine what was going to be done to him this visit.

I smiled at the sissy and blew him a kiss.

He smiled but when his daddy coughed, he lowered his head.

I sashayed right by the lot of them, my round butt swishing from side to side, my left arm perched on my hip, my wrist limp, and I turned every single head.

When we walked into the room in the back, Daddy sat on a stool and Ike took my hand.

“So what are we doing today?” Ike asked.

“The words DADDY’S SISSY. On his right hip.”

“Blue for the top? Pink for the bottom?” Ike asked already knowing the answer to his question.

Daddy nodded.

“Okay Sweet Pea,” Ike said, patting the table next to him, “Lower those cute little shorts and get up here on your side. You can leave your pretty panties on.”

How did he know I was wearing pretty panties?

I took off my shorts and stood there in my bikini style panties. They were a pale peach and the leg openings and waistband were all lacy ruffles. There was a little pink bow in the front.

I pulled my panties out of my butt and lay on the table. Ike positioned me just where he needed me to be. I’m not sure he actually needed to hold my bottom when he did that, but I didn’t mind.

Finally he started. He set the transfer on me and when both he and Daddy were satisfied with the placement, he began to tattoo me.

Oh my goodness it hurts so bad!

I wanted to cry but Daddy held my hand.

Finally it was over.

My skin was a little red and it was stinging, but everyone seemed happy.

I got off the table and pulled my panties from my butt. One whole cheek was exposed! I adjusted them and looked in the mirror.

There on my hip was my brand new tattoo.

The word DAADY’S was inked in peacock blue block letters. The word SISSY, directly underneath, was inked in bubblegum pink in a cursive print. There were little sparkles in blue and pink dotted around the words.

Daddy told me to thank Ike and I smiled and curtsied to him.

He said, “Any time, Sweet Pea.”

“Oh no,” Daddy said, “Just this one. This body,” he said putting his hands on my hips and pulling me to him, “Is far too perfect to cover in tattoos.”

“That it is,” Ike said grinning at me.

Daddy’s hand slipped down my back and he cupped my left cheek in his big hand. Then he gave me a playful spank.

Ike covered my tattoo with a gauze pad. He said I shouldn’t wear my shorts for the ride home.

I looked Daddy and he nodded.

I’m not sure if it was true, but when two men, one of whom is your daddy, say you shouldn’t wear your shorts, you don’t wear your shorts.

Daddy then turned to me and said, “Okay, Kitten. Time to pay the man.”


I looked at Ike. He was rubbing a rather fat bulge through his pants.

My eyes met his and he licked his lips.

I looked at the wall directly behind him and saw a B&W photo of a naked black man. He looked to be 7 feet tall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20