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Paul grimaced as another bead of sweat dripped from his face. His arm was getting tired; but the pseudo-image his mind created was enough to drive him further. After all, the image of his high school science teacher bent over her wooden desk, legs spread to expose her beautifully groomed pussy, was enough to put any man’s arm in a cast. He imagined her calling out to him, begging to feel his cum squirting deep inside of her. The arch of her back, moist with perspiration, glistened as she moved against his thrusts, maximizing his pleasure. He could already feel the beginnings of his orgasm when his bedroom intercom rudely interrupted him.

“Paul! Dinner’s ready sweetie!”

He didn’t even answer. How could pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn possibly replace the sexual surge he’d experience when filling Ms. Stoker like the cock-hungry whore he knew she must really be. His momentum thoroughly obliterated, he decided those pork chops wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if they could exercise a little more tact next time. Nevertheless, he dressed himself and walked downstairs, determined to make up in food what he lacked in sexual pleasure.

Through the clanking of silverware and scraping of plates, Paul and his mother accomplished little in the way of conversation. This meal, though, seemed especially awkward. Even the slightest remark from Paul’s mother seemed forced and carefully uttered. Either something was wrong, or Paul was still just a little pissed about his ruined pre-meal attempt at defiling his teacher.

“How was your trip, mom?”

“Good,” she said, almost before he finished the last word. Paul hesitated for a few seconds, waiting for an elaboration. There was definitely something wrong. He knew his mother well, and she never passed up an opportunity to provide every little detail about a business trip. The woman liked to talk, and any silence from her was a telltale sign that something was amiss.

“Paul,” she spoke before he could come to any conclusions. “Your father and I have been apart for two years now, and well, he’s moved on. It took me a little longer, but I think I’m ready to move on too, don’t you?” This is where Paul always grew impatient with his mother. Couldn’t she just get to the point?

In any effect, this was up to him.

“Mom, if I leave this conversation up to you, I’ll have an ice cold pork chop and not a lot of time to do my homework. Spit it out, ok?” He smiled genuinely at her, taking the edge off his sharp words.

“I’ve met someone, Paul, when I was in Houston. His name is James, and we’ve gone out every time I’ve been down there for business.”

Paul was indeed surprised at the news, but not exactly shocked. This wasn’t significant enough to upset him; he had dealt with his mom’s divorce sooner than even she had.

“That’s great, Mom. Too bad he’s so far away, but that’s great.” The genuine smile never faded, he was truly happy for his lonely mother. She, however, didn’t seem so happy all of a sudden.

“Well, that has been a problem since we first met. We decided we’d fix it though, before either of us ended up getting hurt. He wants us to live together, Paul.” She caught her words, if a little late, and corrected them.

“WE want to live together, and because I know you’d never leave your friends at school, I decided they should move in with us.”

This, he decided, was a great deal more upsetting. Nevertheless, Paul was graduating high school in only a few months, and he knew he’d be leaving the house anyway.

“Well, Mom. I don’t really know this James guy, so you can’t expect me to be that happy, but I guess its not so bad, seeing as how I can keep you guys under close watch here.” He winked at her, that playful sarcasm reminding her for a moment of his father.

“Whoa! Wait a friggin second, THEY?” He had just realized what she said.

“Well, he has a daughter, she’s actually your age. Turned 18 last month.” Paul let his guard down and considered the implications.

There was a spare bedroom in the house; he wouldn’t be giving up any space.

“Well its only a few months, I guess it’s no big deal, right.”

The ice broken, they talked effortlessly for the remainder of the meal, Paul asking many questions about this James fellow, and his mother constantly reassuring herself that he was indeed alright with this sudden change.

Back in his room, Paul was far from distraught at the situation. The magnitude of this news did not affect him greatly; he was college-bound in almost 4 months and really did want to see his mother happy. He learned that the father/daughter combo was making the move in a little under two weeks. School would be out, then. He’d hardly even be home to notice them.

Two weeks came and passed rather uneventfully for Paul. School had let out the day before, and he actually found himself excited to meet the man who made his mother this happy. Maybe this girl would make a few friends. Maybe they would be quite hot. Maybe Paul casino siteleri would waste no time using that to his advantage. Yes, this could actually be a good thing.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard what might have been a car door. His mother’s shriek of “They’re here!” confirmed the noise. To say that Paul was unprepared for what was about to happen is a gross understatement. A man, whose details escaped Paul’s vision completely, walked up to the door. With him was by far the most stunning creature Paul had seen in months. This girl, who must have been his daughter, stole Paul’s breath with what he considered to be a flawless figure. At 5’4”, her petite frame stood in a way which called out to him, begging his eyes to peruse her entire body. A tight-fitting pink tube top cradled her perky teenage breasts, and the presence of her nipples was so faint against her bra that Paul wondered if he merely imagined them.

His eyes wandered to her exposed stomach, and felt more than a faint twinge in his pants as he witnessed the sexiest belly-button ring he’d ever seen. His fantasy was cut short by “And you must be Paul!”

“James Sterner, nice to meet ya!” He shook hands with the man, shifting his head to acknowledge him but keeping an eye fixed on the flawless specimen of teenage beauty which stood before him.

“Hi, I’m Paul.”

“Jenna, nice to meet you.” Her smile was as radiant as the rest of her, and for a second Paul felt guilty for starting his evaluation at her breasts. His mother invited the newcomers inside, and Paul had the pleasure of following the curves of her ass and thighs as she swayed hypnotically to the living room. This summer might prove more interesting than he had first thought.

The next few days were hell and heaven for Paul. The temptation to act on his sexual urges for Jenna became overwhelming. She never seemed to dress in anything but the sexiest clothes. Today she wore a sports bra and exercise shorts, and Paul couldn’t help but feel as if she practically dressed for the sake of his erections. Thoughts of his high school science teacher were quickly replaced by the imaginations of Jenna, washing her father’s car in her soaking wet t-shirt and bikini bottom. Paul found himself masturbating more often; every time he left his room she was there, teasing his eyes with her girlish charm, radiant smile, and silky-smooth curves. Ironically enough, Paul found himself avoiding her at all costs. As a result, he barely knew the girl’s personality. If he were an artist, though, he could sketch every inch of her body. He could describe, if he wanted, the exact way she smelled, down to her deodorant and shampoo. Paul could hardly contain himself around her, and his fantasies about her consumed more than an appropriate share of his typical summer day.

A fairly uneventful Tuesday allowed Paul to wake up to the sound of his alarm clock, set to the local rock station. He took his time shutting it off; the song playing was a current hit. A few minutes and stretches later, he began to make his way to the kitchen when something grabbed his attention. His direct view of the den lent him witness to Jenna, digging around in his mother’s cash envelope. The adults were at work, she must have thought he was still asleep. A healthy stack of twenties came into view, and Jenna wasted no time confiscating a few of the bills. Her surprise was genuine and abrupt when she turned to see Paul, staring directly at her at no more than ten feet away.

“I.. uhh.. I was just looking around…”

“Save it,” Paul spoke harshly. His plan was formulating as he spoke the words. “The money’s still in your hand; you’ll have a lot of trouble coming up with an excuse I’ll believe.” Jenna blushed, embarrassed and very red-handed.

“Come on, Paul, I just needed some money for the mall. Give me a break.”

Paul smiled, but something about that smile signaled to Jenna that he was still very serious.

“I’ll give you a break, but not for free.”

She thought she understood, and started to hand him a couple of the newly-acquired twenties.

“No. I’m not interested in the money. What I’m interested in… is you.” Jenna’s eyes glanced up at him, and her blush slowly turned to intrigue.


She walked up to him, her delicate body moving gracefully from side to side.

“Why didn’t you say so, Paul. You didn’t have to catch me stealing money to have that.”

She winked, and reached out to grasp his hand. As she leaned toward him, she pulled his hand under her shirt and allowed his palm to gently cup her breast, which Paul suddenly realized was not at all supported by a bra. She leaned into him further, and began to nibble at his ear. Her whisper tugged at his erection as if she were stroking him.

“So take me, then, if you want me.”

In spite of the initial shock of the situation, Paul actually felt more comfortable than he’d been in the past few days. After all, he had fantasized about this situation often enough slot oyna to make it seem very possible.

“So now that you’ve caught me, what exactly are you going to do with me?”

Her smile was wicked and sinister, and dripping with sex appeal.

“What I wanted to do to you the second I saw you, fuck your naked body in every way imaginable”

If she was surprised, she did not show it in the least. Instead, she whispered in his ear,

“You’re the boss.”

Paul felt his cock hardening at those words, and suddenly realized that she was very much telling the truth.

“Strip for me; I want to see every bare inch of you.”

Jenna seemed to be enjoying this entire game, as if the stolen money were not even a factor anymore. Paul wondered if she’d be doing this even without the stolen money. Jenna slowly pulled her loose-fitting tank top over her head, letting locks of golden blonde hair cascade against her soft, fair skin. Her breasts were as perfect as he’d imagined, the little pink nipples complimenting their perfectly round shape, which held firm even without a bra.

She stepped back from him now, so that he could take in a more full view of her body. Jenna seemed to be a pro at this type of thing; there was no discomfort or shyness about the girl. In fact, Paul wondered if he really was the boss; if she ordered him to lick her pussy he would be on his knees before the last syllable.

“You’re in luck, Paul, I just shaved this morning,” she said in a playful way.

Her thumbs hooked each side of her cute little pajamas and slowly pulled them down. She swirled and twisted her body to draw the suspense, and Paul shuddered audibly as she revealed her beautiful, carefully groomed pussy. She shaved the sides completely, and left a small, neatly trimmed triangle of blonde hair at the top. The girl was no stranger at all to driving a man’s eyes crazy. She was undressed completely, now, and Paul could say nothing in the way of orders; instead he found himself comparing her to his fantasy of her, and what stood before him surpassed even his vivid sexual imagination.

“And now that I’m so very naked and horny, you won’t be needing those clothes will you?”

She decided to jump start his sexuality by placing a hand on each of her nipples, pinching them slightly.

“Come on, Paul, my pussy is aching for you.”

He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her delicate frame. Paul would savor this moment; he would not rush into something so perfect. She arched her neck as he began kissing it, savoring the warm feel of his moist tongue against her cool skin. She could feel tiny goose bumps raising against her body, and gently pressed her fingernails against his back as he began to suck lightly, dragging his mouth down to her collarbone.

“Oh, Paul. Don’t stop.”

No matter how typical of a response that was, Paul never stopped loving the sound of it. He placed tiny open-mouth kisses against her chest, and had to fight from going directly to her nipples. He did begin to kiss her breasts, though. One after the other, he opened his mouth enough to swirl his moist, hot tongue against her already-hard nipples. She moaned slightly, enough to drive Paul wild but not enough to sound fake. She ran her fingers through his thick brown hair and ached to feel his mouth wrapped tightly around her. He sucked forcefully on her nipple, pinching it lightly between his teeth and pulling out, all the while fondling the other with his thumb and forefinger. He could tell she was getting wetter, he could almost feel the warmth from her pussy.

Jenna pulled at his shirt, dragging it over his head and throwing it to the side. Paul was a muscular man, a result of intense high school football training. He stood at 6’2”, and his height was intimidating even as he crouched to fondle her body. Paul raised to kiss her again, and she returned his kiss in full, letting her soft, agile tongue dance with his as she groped and tugged at his body. Paul felt her hand wander down to his zipper, and she eagerly began undoing the buttons. She moaned as her hand wrapped around his shaft, and pulled it out with a couple of strokes to harden it further. Paul was at a loss for words. Here he was, fulfilling a fantasy which had consumed his mind for almost an entire week. Paul was about 6 inches fully erect, but at this second he had the confidence of a porn star.

“I want to feel it in me,” she spoke softly, “but not before I wrap my lips around it.”

If he thought he was hard before, his dick seemed to turn to steel at the mention of her warm, delicate lips, the same that kissed him so passionately a minute ago, wrapped tightly around his cock. She knelt before him, nipples hard with arousal and completely unclothed. Jenna wasted no time with teasing, she seemed so hungry for his body that she could not even attempt to resist him. In truth, Jenna wanted nothing more than to take every inch of him into her mouth, sucking his cum down her throat. Jenna loved canlı casino siteleri giving head. Something about the power and control of having a man at her complete selfless mercy made her pussy ache with desire.

She looked up at him with beautiful blue eyes, and opened her mouth wide. Slowly leaning forward, she let him watch every inch of his dick sliding slowly into her. He shuddered each time he felt contact with her mouth, but it was not until he was fully in her that she closed her mouth around him, filling his body with perfect ecstasy as she began to slide back and forth. Paul could not help himself as he ran his fingers through her blonde hair, pulling and pushing with her motions as he watched this naked teenage girl working at his cock. She seemed so excited by it, so very eager to taste him. Paul had received blow jobs before, but they were very forced and uncomfortable episodes, involving more than a fair share of teeth, complaining, and careful planning of what he was to do when he was “coming”. Jenna seemed that she didn’t even care. At times she’d squeeze his shaft, letting her tongue swirl around the head as she fondled his balls with her other hand. Paul was never a very vocal guy, but he heard himself moaning quietly as she sucked and begged for more.

Already, only after a few minutes, Paul felt that sudden urge within him. His cum boiled inside of him, begging to explode in this woman’s mouth. Usually, when Paul masturbated, he wanted to come as quickly as possible. Now, though, he would have given anything to hold off as long as possible.

Still, he could not ignore the overwhelming feeling, and shouted “I’m going to come,” expecting Jenna to withdraw her mouth.

Instead, and to his erotic surprise, she slammed her mouth against him for a few more strokes, and then slide down the entire shaft of his cock, her lips pressed firmly against his base. He moaned louder than he’d ever admit, as streams of piping hot cum squirted directly down her throat. He could feel her lips wrapping even tighter around him, as she sucked with all her might. He literally felt the cum being pulled from his body. She swallowed every drop eagerly, and didn’t remove her mouth until his cock stopped pulsing. She then held the slowly softening dick in her hands, and began to milk it gently with her fingers, sucking a little each time a drop of come would surface. Paul came to his senses, and spoke for the first time in what had seemed like hours.

“You’re fucking incredible, you’re everything I fantasized.”

Jenna blushed and giggled a little, and Paul loved that not a drop of cum remained on her lips. She rose to meet him again, and Paul realized that the orgasm did very little to curb his arousal. While physically he was soft and satisfied, mentally he wanted nothing more than to bend this girl over his bed and fuck every inch of her pussy. She wrapped her hand around his and brought it firmly against the soft, smooth contours of her pussy. Paul could feel the warmth from her, and gently pressed his finger against her body. Jenna’s hot, moist pussy accepted him without reserve, and he felt his finger slide deeper. She moaned and shuddered for a second, feeling weak from his touch.

Realizing that he could enjoy himself even with a flaccid penis, he laid her down on the sofa and gave her a reassuring smile.

“Your body is perfect, and I’m going to see to it you are thoroughly rewarded.”

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he allowed two of his fingers to slide inside of her. She was so slippery, and warm! What excited Paul the most, though, was that she shuddered and squirmed with every thrust of his eager fingers. Paul loved to see a girl writhe in pleasure beneath his grip, but no woman had ever responded to such a slight touch with such drastic displays of sexual ecstasy. He realized, quickly enough, that he would want to use much more than his hands to pleasure this newly-met vision of sexual perfection. He found himself kissing all around her pussy as his fingers dove deeper, thrusting in and out of her as she squealed in pleasure. It wasn’t long before Paul located her clit and began to brush the tip of his tongue against it lightly.

The combination of his delicate tongue circling against her clit and his fingers diving hungrily into her cunt made Jenna scream with pleasure.

“Oh God! Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me with every inch of you!”

To his surprise, Paul felt his cock harden immediately at her words. He would have thought he needed to wait a little longer before another erection, but his body was quite ready to take on Jenna’s eager pussy. Still, he was enjoying the work of his fingers and tongue, and found himself lapping hungrily at her, sucking her juices and letting his tongue explore inside of her. She wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him closer, letting him taste the juices deep within her as she screamed for him to fuck her harder. Soon Paul realized his tongue was going to be very inadequate for the level of pleasure begged for so desperately. He knelt before her on the couch and took his cock in his hand. The look of surprise and happiness on Jenna’s face after noticing his erection made Paul feel like a sexual superhero.

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