How I Became Bisexual

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I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a good while now, but never got around to it. I don’t know how hot this is gonna be or whatever, but it sure was for me. This is a story about the very first time I was ever fucked by another man.

To begin with, I was around 35 when this first happened. I’ve been with women my whole life, but the idea of being fucked by another man has always appealed to me. Back when I was a teenager, like many guys, I got curious. People where I was from would always make fun of homosexuality, like being fucked in the ass or sucking another man’s cock made you less of a man, or not one at all really. It was generally viewed as disgusting, etc.

Well, again, I was curious. I pictured it being the worst experience imaginable. I thought it would be dirty, disgusting and hurt like hell, feel terrible. Then I tried something. I tried putting something in my ass. It was just a pen, with a little vaseline. I was prepared to be totally disgusted and for it to feel awful… but it didn’t. As I slid that thin little pen into my ass, it felt so good. I slowly thrusted it in and out of me. Honestly, it just felt amazing.

I knew that thin little pen wasn’t anything like a real cock and figured something bigger wouldn’t feel so good – it would probably be painful and I’d hate it. But I tried anyway. I didn’t have any easy way to get sex toys or whatever, but I tried whatever I had laying around. The objects kept getting bigger. It felt much better with something that would fill my hole more. I began imagining someone actually fucking me with a real cock. Those thoughts got me really horny.

As I fucked myself with these objects, I would stroke my cock. Eventually I would cum and, to my surprise, I would cum so much harder than I ever did before. I didn’t understand yet why, but here’s the problem… as soon as I came, I would feel totally disgusted with myself. I would clean myself up, maybe throw away said object and tell myself I would never do that again. I mean, the other thing is, I wasn’t really physically attracted to guys anyway. I was mostly attracted to this act, having a real man fuck me… but it was all rather mechanical I suppose. Hot, but without otherwise physical attraction or emotion.

Sadly, I went on and on with this for many years. I wouldn’t do this for a while and then I would. It was amazing, but then I was disgusted with myself. Very frustrating to say the least. My fantasies about having actual sex with men just grew and grew. I would mostly watch porn involving women, but all anal. I imagined myself being the woman in the video. Some hot guy would pull his cock out of his pants and then I would drop to my knees and start sucking it. Then, he would throw me down on the bed and put his cock inside of me and start fucking me until he came hard inside of me.

These were incredibly powerful thoughts and desires, but I could never make them happen in real life. I would try to meet up with random guys, but I would always chicken out at the last minute. The thought of meeting a random stranger in a random place and being fucked in the ass for the first time with him, not knowing his history or if he had any diseases or bad intentions, etc., all this is quite overwhelming.

Now fast forward to when I’m about 35. I’m playing with all kinds of anal sex toys and loving it. I craved a real cock and I needed to make it happen no matter what. So I set out to do it. And so goes the real story. I’m telling this honestly and trying not to leave anything out. Some parts I feel kind of sucked and were frustrating but it actually added to the overall experience because it built up an incredible amount of anticipation.

So my plan was to talk to some dudes on Grindr. I would eventually meet one at a neutral location, like a hotel and let him make me his bitch in every way he wanted to. But my mistake before is that I would get so worked up while talking to guys that I’d jerk off, cum, and then delete my account and not end up doing it because I felt disgusted and ashamed. Not this time.

This time, I got my ass trained up nicely with my toys over a period of several weeks. I would stroke my cock, edging myself, but I would never cum. When the moment came to finally meet someone, I wanted to be so horny and want it so bad that I couldn’t back out if I were paid to.

All this was great in theory, but I was still nervous about meeting someone. Then John messaged me. The thing I remember most about John is that he had a really big cock. At least by casino siteleri my standards. It was 8 inches, but really, really thick. I imagined that John would just split me open with that thing. Fortunately, I had been training my ass with some decent sized toys. Reason being, I wanted to be ready to enjoy that first cock. Not being in pain and have to stop constantly.

Anyway, what made it possible for me to meet John is that he didn’t initially offer to just come and fuck me. He said he didn’t have time that day, but I could meet him in a parking lot or something after he got off of work and we could just say hi and chat. Well, that took a lot of pressure off, so I agreed to meet him.

We met in a park on a hot summer day. I had recently lost a bit of weight and I had a pair of shorts that, if I went commando while wearing them, they would almost be falling off of me. I didn’t know what I was doing, really, but I felt like I wanted to look a little slutty. I also wore a tank top.

I arrived at the park before John. I was pacing around while messaging him and trying to direct him to my location. Every time a car approached, my heart rate would increase tremendously. I mean really, a guy with a big dick was coming to meet me in person and talk about fucking my tight virgin ass. Wow, this was a big deal for me!

John finally arrived in his car. He got out and he was a burly looking guy indeed. I didn’t get to see his cock right away as there were people around. I was very shy but John looked me over. Up, down and all around. It looked like John wanted to devour me like a piece of filet minon. He told me how hot I was and that he really, really wanted me. We wouldn’t be able to do this until Monday (and it was Friday). But the plan was to meet at his house in the morning and then I would submit my mouth and ass to that mighty cock of his.

We messaged on Grindr all weekend and it was hot. He wanted to fuck me so bad and I wanted that cock more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life. This was really going to happen. That is, until Monday.

Sadly for me, John ghosted me. He didn’t respond to any messages I sent even though I could see he was online and not far away. I couldn’t believe it. I’m actually willing to let this man fuck me in the ass with his enormous cock and he’s not even talking to me. I mean it’s not like I needed him to buy me an expensive dinner or anything. I was going to come over, he would fuck me, blow a load and then I’d leave. Who wouldn’t want that?

This was so incredibly frustrating for me. I wanted this so bad and the anticipation was killing me. I felt comfortable enough with John to have met him at his house, simply because I’d already met him once in person. On one hand, I just had to have cock that day. On the other hand, I couldn’t get comfortable with meeting someone at their house… but I was messaging people anyway.

That’s when I finally had my first experience with cock. A guy named Rob was messaging me. Ideally, he wanted to meet at his house, but I said I just couldn’t get comfortable with that idea. I thought maybe I could just go back in the woods with him and suck his dick. That would work for me and he was agreeable, so we set out to do this that afternoon.

I was waiting in the parking lot when Rob arrived. I remember as he rolled up, he asked me if I was the guy he was chatting with. He was so casual about it and that made me at ease. I said yeah and then he got out of the car. We went off into the woods just out of sight from prying eyes. I was so shy. I told him I had never done this before and he was ok with that.

I dropped down to my knees as he unzipped his pants. I was so very nervous about what was going to happen next. I didn’t want to overthink it, so I just gently grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. He was still soft when I did. I always remember this girl telling me that it was fascinating to suck cock, especially if it starts off flacid and then grows in your mouth. The way she explained it to me sounded so hot and now it was actually happening to me. Only I was the one sucking a man’s cock!

Rob’s cock got very hard as he moaned with pleasure. His cock was different than mine. It was about the same size, but his was very curved like a banana. I took my shirt off and then my shorts. He rubbed my hair and then ran his arms down my back as I sucked him off.

I really loved sucking his cock but I was very inexperienced. Didn’t know when to go slow or speed up, etc., but after a while I feel like slot oyna I got into a groove with him. He was a gentleman and let me know when he was going to cum. That was nice of him, but I wanted him to shoot that hot load of his into my mouth. Finally, he did and it was amazing. I couldn’t believe I had finally broken out of my shell and sucked a man’s cock!

After I finished, I was so horny. I hadn’t cum in 3 weeks. I had edged myself for weeks, had so much anticipation, then letdown and then an amazing experience sucking a guy’s dick. But… I hadn’t been fucked yet. That’s what I really wanted, so I messaged a few more guys.

Mike would be the man that finally took my virgin ass to places I’d always dreamed about but could never do. We agreed to meet on Thursday at a hotel. I only had about an hour that day to do this, but I had confidence that I’d go through with it this time. After all, I had just sucked a guy’s dick!

I went to a hotel and got a room. After I got there, I cleaned up and made myself comfortable. I fingered my ass, fucked myself for a minute with a dildo, just warming myself up while waiting for Mike to arrive.

Shortly before he arrived, I wrapped a towel around my waist and stood near the door. I kept refreshing his profile on the Grindr page and noted that his distance to me grew nearer and nearer. It was so exciting but scary at the same time. Part of me definitely wanted to jump out the window and escape, but I regained my composure. I had come this far and wasn’t backing down. I wanted this.

Finally the knock came. I opened the door to find a handsome middle-aged man standing before me. I welcomed him inside and closed the door behind him. I was so very nervous and shy, but I wanted his cock inside of me before I got too nervous and might try to back out of this. So I dropped the towel that was around my waist and stood there naked before him.

Mike looked me over approvingly and began to pull his pants and underwear off. I could see that he was already hard and wearing a cock ring too. His dick was a little smaller than mine, but thick enough for sure. A perfect starter cock, I thought. I reached over to the table and grabbed the lube. I put some more lube in my hole and stuck a few fingers in there, just to make sure I was ready for penetration. I was indeed ready! Mike followed my lead and put his own fingers in my hole. He fucked me with his fingers for a minute. It felt quite strange, actually. Very exhilirating, but a bit rough.

Enough of this, I wanted to be fucked! So I got on the bed and bent over, inviting him to fuck me doggystyle. He put on a condom and lubed up his cock. I wanted this so bad, but I guess I was a little tense because I was amazingly tight for him. After some deep breaths and relaxing for a moment, he was able to slide his cock inside of me. Finally! It felt so good. Both physically and that sense of accomplishment for finally letting this happen.

He started off slowly, but I was ready for him to work my ass over good. It didn’t hurt and was quite pleasurable. The sensations were amazing and unpredictable. For once in my life, I wasn’t in control during sex. I was at the mercy of someone else and this was all so new to me. I begged him to fuck me good, to have his way with me. I was his bitch now and he could use my hole as he pleased. A few times he spanked my ass nice and hard. It came out of nowhere and gave me a nice little sting. It turned me on so much. I knew I was being a dirty little whore that day and I wanted to be treated accordingly.

I never thought I’d be into missionary, but he flipped me over and put a pillow under my ass so that I was slightly elevated. This was so hot. He put his cock back inside of me and threw my legs up over his shoulders. He may have been older than me, but he was in great shape and had amazing stamina and strength. I remember our eyes met and we connected as he fucked me harder and harder. He pulled me into him with every thrust and I could feel that he was in total control of me. He also layed down on top of me and, while still inside of me, kissed me. He thrust his tongue down my throat and began aggressively making out with me. I always thought it would be gross to kiss another man, but this was so hot and intensified the experience even more.

We alternated positions and went back and forth between slowly fucking me and pounding me senselessly. After about 40 minutes of this, he asked me if I wanted him to cum. I did. He flipped me back over to missionary and began fucking canlı casino siteleri me hard as he started into my eyes. He asked me if I liked taking his cock and I told him I loved it. Where the fuck have you been all my life with this cock of yours? I told him to fuck me even harder, to pound me with all his might.

He lifted me up a bit more from my already slightly elevated position. I could feel him pull me in as his powerful arms were holding my legs in place. He began pounding my ass like his life depended on it. The feeling of his cock being inside of me as he ravaged my body was more intense than I ever could have imagined. It was so intense, beyond what I could possibly describe in words. Maybe like being on a very extreme roller coaster ride for the first time ever. Every moment is intense, but you don’t exactly know what is going to happen from one second to the next. You are not in control, you just have to take whatever comes at you. Your body is being jarred in all different directions and your adrenaline is pumping hard. This was indeed the most intense sexual experience that I ever had.

Mike was rock hard, but couldn’t cum in a condom. I don’t blame him, I have a hard time with this myself. So he pulled his dick out of my ass, removed the condom and jerked off for maybe 30 seconds. He shot cum all over my legs and ass. I lay there in utter shock at what just happened. Mike was trying to catch his breath after that intense round of fucking he just did. He was dripping with sweat, so much so that it had been dripping down onto my stomach and chest as he was on top of me.

After a minute or so of recovery time, Mike got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. He said that was hot and what an amazing workout. I agreed and thanked him so much for fucking me so well. I had hoped we would be able to meet again. We chatted for like 5 minutes after that and then Mike left.

I laid back down on the bed, still naked. I reflected on the experience I just had and got even hornier. I had done it, finally gotten fucked by another man. I hadn’t cum in three weeks because I wanted to be horny enough not to even consider backing out of this. But now that I’d done it, it was time for a release.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed up my cock. I then began stroking it. It didn’t take long for me to cum. But when I did, it was incredible. I came so hard that I shot myself in the face with cum. It was easily the biggest load I ever had in my life. Cum was all over my chest, stomach, neck and face. Lots of it. As I felt my orgasm coming to an end, something weird happened. I felt like maybe I had even more. So I kept stroking my cock even harder. There was no way I could cum more, I thought. But I did! This time I shot a load that was almost as large as the first one.

Finally, I had the biggest release of my life! I was laying on that bed naked, after not having cum for three weeks, but edging myself daily. I regularly fucked myself with dildos to get my ass ready for this. All that stimulation of my prostate must have produced unprecedented levels of cum. Then came the moment I was going to get fucked on Monday, but then the letdown. Then sucking a man’s dick for the first time in the woods. As hot as that was, I still held on strong and resisted the temptation to get myself off. But now, after all that, and being fucked so incredibly hard for forty minutes, that was it.

I was laying there, my asshole gaping from that marathon fucking. I was covered in so much cum, it must have looked like I was on the receiving end of a bukakke party. I mean this was totally surreal. To top things off, I had just finally learned another discipline that I had longed to be able to do. I could finally cum and lick up and swallow it. That was an achievement in its own right. So after a few minutes of laying there, coming to terms with what I just did, I made sure to lick up every single drop of cum that covered my body. It was by far the most satisfying protein shake I ever had!

To add to all this, later that night I was laying in bed and thinking about the day’s main event. Naturally, I was very horny and jerked off again. As I was about to cum, I thought it wasn’t going to be much. But sure enough, yet another record breaking load shot out of my cock. And you can bet I licked up every sweet drop too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. If you are a man who has always fantasized about being fucked by someone, but could never work up the courage to do it, I would highly recommend you get over your fears and reservations and just do it. While I still very much enjoy sex with women, I’m so glad I did this and still do occasionally. Without a doubt, some of the most intensely satisfying sexual experiences of my life.

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