I never heard of queen of spades until

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I never heard of queen of spades until
Have you heard of the queen of spades? I hadn’t until I become one. A little bit about me to start. I’m 27 blond with blue eyes and a up turned nose, my husband says that he thinks I’m every man’s dream but I don’t, but I do I think he’s full of shit about that cause for one think I only have a B cup and most men seem to like double D’s. I do have a firm ass plus I do keep my pussy bare of hair, more so I can see the cock going in and out of me. I find that a huge turn on.

A year ago I had my first orgasm and it wasn’t from my husband either nor my fingers. But I’m getting a head of myself. See I got married to the only man who had ever made love to me and no he didn’t take my cherry but that’s something I don’t talk about other then to say the man who did ended up in jail and the other inmates made sure he would never hurt any more 10 year olds ever!

After I got marry my husband and me we had sex 5 to 6 times a week but I started thinking I was missing something cause sure it felt good, not great but good and all my friends would talk like making love was so great and how they just couldn’t go without it for more then a couple days. Not me I could care less if we made love and at times I would suck my husband off so I didn’t get a wet spot to sleep in.

Steve, that’s my husband came home with a video he said we should watch together, that wasn’t about 2 years ago. He said that he wanted to watch it in bed so we went to bed early and I couldn’t believe my eyes. First that white women were doing those things with black men and then the size of those men’s cocks. I thought my husband’s cock was just a normal size at 4 inches but what I seen on that video sure opened my eyes. About after halfway through the video I had my fingers between my legs and I never touch myself before but that night well lets just say that was as close as I ever come to a orgasm with my husband fucking me.

I seen my best friend the next day and asked if she had ever seen a black man naked, and was their things all that big? She laughed at me saying that no only some had huge cocks on them but they seen to be able to last longer then white guys like our husbands do. I watched that video a few more times when I was alone and got wet every time plus I just had to rub myself. I found I started dreaming of what it would be like to have something that big and long inside of me. I found in my dreams I would have canlı bahis siteleri orgasm after orgasm begging for them never to stop. I would wake up in the morning with my panties dripping wet and I would have a feeling of a great need. I’m sure some of the women out there will know what I’m talking about.

My husband started putting blindfolds on me and saying that he was going to let in a stranger fuck me. At first I told him to go fuck himself but he asked me to play a long and I found that I enjoyed not being able to see what was coming. I didn’t know that my husband had picked up a huge black dildo. He licked and sucked on my clit for the longest time then with no warning he pushed that dildo in me and I exploded in my first ever orgasm. I loved it and when he pulled it out I yelled at him to put it back in. He fucked me with that dildo until he said his arms were worn out and that I would have to do it if I wanted more. I pulled my blindfold off saying that I love it and then sucked him off drinking the couple drops of cum he shoots out, and that got me thinking too. In those videos when the guy cum there was a lot of it but not my husband, he shoots like I said maybe 5 drops and that’s it.

I began to wonder if that was the reason I haven’t been able to get pregnant and now when to watch the video and had that dildo inside of me having orgasm after orgasm, I knew what I needed, just more size in a cock. I put the video in that night after we went to bed and as I sucked on my husband’s cock I asked him if he would like to see me taking a cock that big inside of me. He came before I could even get his cock back in my mouth. He asked if I was k**ding and I told him that I was thinking I would like to try it but had no idea on how to go about finding a cock as good as that one in the video. My husband said for me to leave it to him.

A couple of weeks went by and he said he had found a guy who would be happy to help us out. I asked all kinds of questions but all he would say is “You’ll find out.” Well I was excited and scared as well but it was going to happen on Saturday night. All day Saturday I paced around the house wondering if I would like the guy and was he white or black my husband wouldn’t tell, then their was how large was he and would he fit in me. I knew he had to wear a condom cause we have been trying to start a family plus I’m on my fertile time of the month.

The phone rang and my husband tipobet push the buzzer so to let in my date for the night, then turned to me and blindfolding me. I told him I wanted to see and he said that it was the guy who wanted me blindfolded so I wouldn’t know who he was. I said ok but only if he told me if he was white or black. My husband asked if it mattered and I said no but I would like to know, hoping it was going to be a black man. When the knock come on the door my husband said black, and opened the door.

I was taken by the hand without a word being said and led to our bedroom. I stood there as I felt the zipper on my black mini dress being pulled down. My breathe was catching in my throat as my dress dropped to the floor leaving me in my garter belt and black nylons. I hadn’t put any panties or bra on under my dress. I do have to say it made me feel sexy and like a slut being dressed like that waiting for my lover to come take me, well it did.

I heard a very deep voice say “Dam look at now wet she is already and I haven’t even touched her yet.” Just his voice was enough to make want to cum. He had me standing there as he kissed and lightly sucked on my neck and ears which I love, then he moved down biting hard on my nipples which made scream in shock with some pain. I held his mouth on my nipple letting him chew on it until the pain got to be to much then move his mouth to my other nipple. I could feel my wetness running down the inside of my thighs by now.

He pushed me back on the bed spreading my legs wide as he pushed what felt like his whole hand partway inside of me. Oh fuck I was panting as I moaned for him to fuck me. He had me right on the edge of having a orgasm when he pulled his hand out of my dripping pussy and pulled me up to a sitting position and I felt something touch my lips. I opened my mouth and I felt something huge and hot being pushed against my lips. I heard “Open your mouth bitch. Now suck it.”

I felt my jaws being opened farther then they ever been opened in my life and he hit the back of my mouth he kept pushing forcing his cock in deep, I felt like I was going to throw up and I did gag ever having a cock in my throat before I panicked thinking I was about to die. He pulled back leaving a huge mushroom head in my mouth saying “Relax bitch I’m not here to kill you just fuck the shit out of you.” I did relax and I only gagged a few more time as he forced his cock tipobet giriş partway down my throat.

He throat fucked me for a good 5 minutes before pulled out pushing me back on the bed and into me. Holy fuck, I thought I was being ripped in two when he started pushing his cock in me, I mean it hurt at first as he tried to get all of himself inside my poor little pussy. I’m sure I had to of screamed but I don’t remember then he stopped saying “You will stretch out in a minute or two. It’s like being a virgin again it’s it?” I think I grunted.

When he started to move he was against my cervix and I was sure he would go inside that too before it was over. After a short time the pain went away and what I was feeling was something else. I mean I had stars firing off in my head and when my first of wat too many to count orgasm hit well, I just don’t have the words to tell you what it was like. I heard my husband telling him to fuck me like I was his bitch and things like that, and you know I didn’t care. I remember asking him to cum in me, not knowing or caring at that point that he never had put a condom on and was bareback inside of me.

He said in my ear “Your going to have my c***d aren’t you bitch?” I remember saying “yes” but by then I was nothing more then a rag doll under this real man. I felt like I was giving myself douche with what was being shot deep inside of me. I just was flat on my back when my husband pulled my blindfold and I seen it was my co-worker from my office. At first I pushed at him then pulled him down to fuck his mouth with my tongue. He slowly soften inside of me before he pulled out. That’s when I realized that he had fucked me bareback and that my husband had let him do it but that I didn’t care that he had just bred me.

Well that was the first of many times I got bred by him and others all black and all shot their cum deep inside of me. As of now I am 7 months pregnant with a black baby. How do I know its black well from that night I would only let my husband fuck me if he had a condom on, but for the most part I just suck on his poor excuse for a cock.

As for our marriage goes well, I do love my husband and have no plans to leave him, and his is very happy our family is finally about to start and is already talking about when I can have our next c***d. I do have to say I got tried of watching playing with himself as I get fucked by real men, so now he waits in the living room until we are done, or he sleeps in the guest bedroom if my lover stays over night.

Oh and by the way I have 3 queen of spade tattoos, one just above my pussy and one each on each globe of my ass. I am a true queen of spade and very proud of being one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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