Impromptu Experiment

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We were naked, kissing in his bed. Our hands explored each other, going over familiar, much loved territory. We went from kissing each other’s faces to kissing necks and shoulders. He bit my neck, nibbling along my collarbone, finally stopping to bite me hard on the shoulder, sucking the skin into his mouth as he held me against him. I gasped, loving the sensation.

He returned to kissing my mouth, his hand pressed and squeezed my breast roughly, the way he knows I liked it. Gradually he moved his hand down to stroke down my thigh, lightly grazing my side on the way with his fingertips, making me squirm as it tickled. I adjusted my position so that I was lying on my back, letting my legs fall open, hoping he would bring his hand to my already wet pussy.

My arms were around him, my hands pressing against the muscles of his back and arms, appreciating the hardness of them, and the softness of his neck and face under my lips. He laid his hand flat against my vulva and I gasped, arching my back, trying to push myself against his hand. Finally he dipped one finger in, rubbing it lightly over my labia and clitoris. It felt so good, I moaned against his neck.


I asked how many fingers he had inside me, he said two. I asked him to use three, and that felt like a lot. I was so pleasantly full. I moaned as he rubbed my clit with his thumb, and swirled his 3 fingers inside my pussy. I could hear casino siteleri the little sounds of how wet I was when he thrust his fingers in and out. Waves of pleasure ran through me. My legs twitched uncontrollably with each circle over my clit, I laughed. The involuntary reactions he can get out of my body always amaze me.

I was dripping wet. I said, “Do you think you could try four?” I was worried what he would think of me, but we had talked earlier about trying new things, and this seemed like the perfect time to see if I would enjoy something a bit more intense.

He smiled and agreed.

Three was already filling me, four felt like a stretch, a literal stretch. He gradually put four fingers inside my vagina. He had his thumb pressed against my clitoris, and his thumbnail dug into me a little uncomfortably.

I remember wishing he would thrust in and out more, but I was too… I don’t know, out of breath? I couldn’t get the words out. He pushed his fingers very slowly inside of me, and I tried to relax and let him. It felt amazing. It hurt, but in a good way. It was intense, like heat radiating through me. I couldn’t speak. I was gasping and moaning with every tiny movement.

He laid his head on my tummy, and he would chuckle or grunt in appreciation whenever I moaned. He slowly pushed in a little more, then stopped and waited for me to recover. I could only think of breathing, slot oyna I was balancing on the line of pain and pleasure, completely living in the moment.

I reached down and felt his hand with mine, I was surprised at how deep his fingers were inside of me, almost to the knuckle! I think he was surprised too, we’d never done anything like this. I joked that I might break his fingers if I squeezed him with my pussy. I clenched the muscles, and nothing broke. I wonder what that felt like for him? He did groan with pleasure. In return he wiggled his fingers inside of me, and I gasped and shuddered.

It still felt amazing, so he tucked his thumb into his hand as well. He asked if I wanted him to keep going, and gave a little push. I said no, but I held his hand in place. After taking some deep breaths to relax my muscles, I sighed “Yes please”.

He pushed. In hindsight I wish we had stopped to grab some lube. He had all his fingers right up to the knuckle inside of me, but it was hurting too much, and starting to feel like something was tearing, so I had to stop. After he pulled his hand out I felt empty, but my vulva was throbbing, swollen, and hot. He showed me how deep his fingers had gone (So close!) and I licked and sucked his fingers clean.

Then he fucked me, gently. It was the most unique feeling. Every sensation except fullness was magnified. I could feel the detailed textures of his cock, when canlı casino siteleri usually I only really felt how big it was. I don’t remember a specific orgasm at that point, but I was so overwhelmed, I have no idea what noises I was making. It felt primal, animalistic.

I had a small concern that his cum would sting inside me, if there were any tears in my vulva. The thought didn’t last long though, I just wanted him inside of me. I held onto him and kissed him as he fucked me, breathing heavily as he lost himself to sensation.

He lost control, thrusting hard and fast, and I lifted my hips to meet him. I was close to another orgasm myself, closer with every pounding thrust of his cock in my cunt. Climax ripped through me, I felt him tense, I begged him to cum inside me.

He came with a gasping moan, and collapsed on top of me. The pressing weight of his muscular body added to the complete euphoria I was feeling. We held each other, as shivery aftershocks rocked my body. He said it felt as though something was pulled out of him when he came. We were spent.

After a quick shower, I felt like I had the energy to do ANYTHING. It was like an adrenaline rush, I was jittery and chatty, and although he was tired he was happy for me to snuggle into him and talk it all over. We agreed that we would love to try again sometime, and talked about what we could do to make it better.

I was a bit tender the next morning, but by the end of the day there was no pain at all. It was definitely a failed fisting attempt, but I don’t think it could have possibly been more positive. I am so lucky, and I look forward to trying again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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