In the Dark

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–Authors note: This is my first story and submission–

Her name is Veronica, and it all started 2 summers ago.

I didn’t meet her across a crowded room, or at a coffee shop…I dated her husband while they were still married. That is a long story, perhaps for another time. She is beautiful, but she doesn’t know it. She’s Hispanic, and her body would make you cry. What started as a revenge fuck on her ex husband, ended up as one of the best relationships either of us has had.

“Tell me you’ll leave it all for me, we can move somewhere new, get married…maybe adopt a baby, we would be kick-ass moms” she said to me softly.

I just smiled and pulled her closer to my side, my hand curving possessively around her as i kissed along her shoulder to the nape of her neck.

“Laying in bed with you is all I can think of at the moment, maybe if you would put some clothes on, I could think better.” I whispered back with a playful growl as I nipped at her neck and teasingly dipped my hand down her thigh. She shuddered against me and I pulled her closer, sliding my hand up her stomach. And as she rolled over to smile at me, my heart jumped and a delicious fire curled through my body, resting and sending out slow tendrils from between my thighs. We both leaned closer, inching until our lips touched and I moaned softly as she flicked her tongue over my bottom lip. I bit and tugged softly, urging her closer to me, molding against me as I slid my hands over her hips. She sent one hand softly up my ribs, rising between us until she rolled a nipple between her forefinger and thumb, I moaned her name, gripping her until my fingertips turned white and my nails softly dug into her sides.

“Tell me you’ll be with me forever,” she whispered against my neck, and i reached up, holding her face as I looked in her eyes and kissed her deeply, stoking the fire into an ache as I kissed her deeper and deeper. Our tongues tangled as my hands slipped into her hair, and what started as a tender embrace started moving to something else entirely. I gripped her hair at the nape of her neck and pulled softly, exposing her neck as I slowly kissed along her jaw to her ear.

“We will have this conversation when I’m done with you, when you can’t move anymore and are shaking from orgasm,” I moaned into her ear as she switched to my other nipple, pulling and twisting, rolling it between her fingers. She moaned as my breath moved over her neck, sending shivers down her body. She arched into me, moving her closer to being beneath me, and as i kept one hand in her hair, I sent the other to her wrists, grabbing one and putting it above her head, doing the same with the other until I could pin her hands above her head. and as I pinned her, she moaned my name. With her hands above her head, I kissed and licked down casino siteleri her neck. Blowing softly on the wet trails I’d left behind, her goosebumps rising as I smiled devilishly.

“Mmm, Kay am I in trouble?” She whispered, grinding against me suggestively. I moved my free hand down, brushing my fingertips over her pussy, barely touching her but she writhed for more. I could see it in her face, the desire…the need. I kissed over her collarbone and licked to her nipple, taking it in my mouth and swirling my tongue, then biting down. Softly at first, then harder. Moving past her nipples, I moved my hand away and she bit her lip. I looked up at her and smiled,

“Just you wait my love,” I said to her softly. She arched into me, frustrated. I shook my head and went back to what I was doing, determined to make her wait…to make her ache like I was. The fire slowly building and building into an inferno as I teased her and listened to her. I kissed down her ribs, slower as I got closer and closer to what she wanted me near. I looked up at her from her hip bone, felt her shaking beneath me. I blew a slow, hot breath over her clit and she gasped. Her hands pulled against mine as she tried to get her hands in my hair, I held her and kissed once at the top of her pussy. Kissing, inching my way down…I finally flicked my tongue over her clit and her hips pushed against me. I let her hands go and slid my hands around her, my hands gripping her hips as I pulled her closer to my face. Her hands went in my hair, on my neck, urging me on with a desperate need. I moved a hand back between us as I was swirling my tongue in furious circles around her dripping, aching clit and slammed 2 fingers all the way inside her. Moving them back and forth furiously with the speed of my tongue, and then slowing down. She moaned and gasped, arching and writhing all over the bed. Her hands went to her sides and she gripped the sheets, her hands opening and closing, her knuckles going white as she bit her lip and ground her hips into my face. I slowed my tongue down as she got close,

“No baby fuck me hard, make me scream your name and cum over & over,” she moaned and begged me. I shook my head and said

“When I finally push you over the edge, you won’t be able to stay on this bed,” I licked slowly down and slid my tongue in her pussy, wiggling it, shoving it in and out as her thighs clutched my ears. Licking back up, I sucked her clit and bit it softly, and as I started licking, I slammed my fingers back into her, 3 now. Fingerfucking her so hard she was coming off the bed, I could feel her wetness dripping down my chin as she got close. I stopped and looked up at her,

“Do you want something bigger than my fingers?” I asked her as I met her eyes, watching her pant and try to catch her breath.

“Yes oh god yes!!” She moaned, slot oyna and her eyes got wide as I pulled out the huge dildo I had hidden in the sheets earlier. It was no small thing, it was probably 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. Her fear was a switch in me, bringing out something deep and primal.

“I have to fuck her, I have to fuck her until she cant walk, or talk, until she’s beyond satisfied.” I thought to myself.

I ran the head up and down her slit, her hands came down and spread her lips open as she watched. The site of her tangled in a black satin sheet, with beautiful wide brown eyes, biting her lip as I teased her dripping wet pussy with a huge fake dick will be forever embedded in my mind. I licked my lips as i looked up at her, and I pushed it in as far as it would go. Her mouth opened wide and she tried to scream but it came out in a moan. I rubbed her clit furiously as i kept pushing it in, inch by slow inch until it was buried in her. Only then did I slowly pull it out, keeping my eyes on hers…I slammed it all the way back in. She moaned for more, she moaned for harder, she moaned for faster.

“You’re a dirty girl, a dirty naughty girl!!” I said to her as I slammed it in and out of her, her mouth working silently with no sound. I leaned down and worked her clit with my tongue, up and down furiously and then in circles. Sucking hard on her clit, I slowly pulled the dildo out and slid my fingers in and looked up at her in shock.

“You are so fucking wet baby,” I moaned as I slid it back in. Working her harder and faster, watching 12 inches flash in and out of her as she screamed for more.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard, oh my god!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she came, her body shaking…almost convulsing. I shook my head,

“You aren’t done yet” I said to her, still moaning and out of breath. I kept shoving it in and out of her, making her cum again as I moaned watching her. I pulled it out and tossed it to the side, leaning down and licking up and down her drenched slit, sucking her lips as I start rubbing her clit furiously. She looks down at me and smiles wickedly,

“Its your turn,” she says. She sits and pushes me to my back, she sits with her thighs on either side of my head and leans forward toward my pussy, I moan in anticipation. She kisses my hip bone and I shudder, she kisses slowly inward and I start to shake until finally her lips brush the top of my clit, I arch into her, urging her to take what she wants. I eat her furiously, my hands gripping her thighs and pulling her down on my face as she starts to lick and suck my clit slowly. She builds speed, sucking harder and licking in furious circles,

“You’re already sooooooooo wet,” she moans against my pussy and she slides 2 fingers in, sliding in and out of me, making me moan into her canlı casino siteleri clit, sending little vibrations through her. My fire was an inferno being stoked by a goddess. She slid another finger in, struggling as I’m so tight that sometimes 1 is hard. As she started to shove her fingers in and out of me, her mouth worked faster on my clit, I started to shake harder and moan louder into her clit, getting ever wetter. I arched my hips as I pulled her down and bit her clit, I started cumming as she moaned in response, grinding and writhing against me. She kept going, pulling up the toy I had used on her and teasing my pussy by rubbing it up and down as I had done to her. She slipped just the head in and I wiggled, wanting more. She sat up and moved off the bed, getting into the chest next to our bed. She pulled out a double headed dildo and I grinned, she slid it into her and crawled on the bed. Spreading her legs, she looked at me expectantly. I sat forward and leaned close to her, getting into a semi-missionary position as i guided the other half into me. As I started moving against her, I reached forward and took the smaller toy out of her hands.

“I saw you grab that,” I said with a smile. She looked up at me innocently and said

“I know..i wanted you to see it,” Turning the small vibrator on i ran it over her nipples and down the center of her body, until it rested on her clit and her eyes closed in ecstasy. I pushed it against her clit harder and then moved it away, spitting down on her clit and using a hand to rub it as i moved the vibrator down between us and along her ass. She shivered and gasped softly, i brushed it over her asshole slowly, and started to push it in as she arched and wiggled.

“Flip over,” I said and watched as she quickly moved and I was staring at her ass, I moved the vibrator back to where I had it and wiggled it in and out. She pushed back against me and moaned, so I just pushed it all the way in as I fucked her pussy. I slid my hand forward and tangled one fist in her hair, pulling her head back, making her back arch,

“Take it deeper, you know you fucking want it,” I moaned as I fucked her harder. Making the dildo slam in and out of her as I fucked her ass with a vibrator. Soon, watching to make sure the vibrator would stay, I moved that hand forward as well, sliding it over her side to her tits and grabbing one. Pinching her nipple and rubbing it between my thumb,

“Cum for me, cum like you’ve never cum before” I half moaned, half whispered as I leaned forward, letting all 12 inches settle in her. She screamed my name as she came, shuddering and collapsing beneath me. I moved with her, still fucking her, as I came with her.

“Are you able to walk love?” I asked her softly

“I have no fucking idea, but it was worth it,” she said, and I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Better try, I’m not done with you…time for a shower,”

She wiggled her ass against me and I grinned, “That’s my girl, let’s go”

And off to the shower we went, but that…is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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