Initiation of a Novice

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I spot you in a bar with a group of friends — wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands – at a table near mine. You’re all laughing, having a good time. Friday night is always like that, the end of the week, time to relax with friends, a few drinks, no work until Monday. A lovely, jovial ambiance.

I catch your eye and I can tell by the way you look twice at me that there is something different about you. I know what you are, what you really want. The girl next to you puts her arm around you and pecks you on the cheek affectionately. She giggles in you ear. You look good together. You are both young and attractive, early to mid-twenties, a nice couple. She is very pretty, peachy skin and blonde hair falling softly across her shoulders, with a couple of wisps across her forehead. I’ll bet you were High School sweethearts. You look over the girl’s shoulder at me and I would love to tell you how your dark, inset eyes just ooze sex. I wonder how I can prise you away from the throng. I am on my own so I can wait for my opportunity.

It comes about five minutes later…

It looks like your round and you go to the bar clasping glasses. The place is crowded and I shuffle up behind you. I press myself against your arse so you can feel my hard-on. I speak to you and we exchange pleasantries. I pass you a slip of paper. “Call me,” I say.

The next day I miss a call on my cell-phone. It’s you, but you’ve left a message. Your name’s Jay, you’d like to meet up. I call back and we arrange something for the following Wednesday.

We meet up out of town, a quiet, country pub. We get drinks, you a lager, me a Jack Daniels and coke. We talk, get to know each other. You tell me you have been married to the girl you were with on Friday for just over a year. No children. Me neither, and no one special in my life at the moment. We sit facing each other across the table and our knees bump. We look at each other and almost apologise at the same time, before realising how pointless that would be. We laugh about it. I love your easy manner, your warmth, your humour. I take the plunge and run my hand up the inside of your thigh and don’t stop until I reach your cock. I watch the gleam in your eyes intensify. You are semi-erect and as I stroke you under the shelter of the table I feel you harden perceptibly. I waste no time in asking you back to my flat which is on the outskirts of town. You agree. We finish our drinks and go.

You come up for a nightcap. I live on the first floor and we go up a flight of stairs. Just as I put the key in the door you take hold of me, turning me around casino siteleri to face you. You kiss me full on the lips. I feel your tongue wriggle into my mouth like a little fish swimming upstream. I reciprocate and feel your pert arse. I’d like to take you out here on the landing, bent over the balustrade, just for the devilment of being found out by the neighbours. But good sense prevails and we go inside.

I mix some drinks and we sit on the couch where I start to loosen your clothing. I put my hand inside your shirt and feel your tit. Your nipple hardens like an airgun pellet. I kiss your neck and taste the erotic mix of salt-sweat and cologne. You are so horny. You fumble with the zip on my jeans and eventually pull my cock free. Your hand begins to wrap around it, moving along its length, and back again, and back again…

“Suck me off,” I whisper in your ear, flicking my tongue at the same time. And you slip down my body, dip your head into my lap and take me in your mouth. You suck hard at first, making noise. I can tell it’s your first time. “Easy,” I tell you. “Take your time, Jay.” You settle into an easy rhythm and I watch your dark head bob under the light of the table lamp. “You’d better suck me nicely, you little whore,” I tease. Or I may have to spank you, or worse.” You almost bring me to a climax and I have to stop you before it’s too late. I have more important things on my mind and I need to pace myself.

I lead you to the bedroom, lay a bath towel on the bedspread, strip you and tell you to lie down. You look expectant but you’ve no idea what I have in mind.

I get some nylon cord from the bedside cabinet and tell you to grab hold either side of the ornate iron bed head. I tell you I’m going to tie your hands and you’re quite happy with that. Next I spread your legs and do the same to your feet. You have an amazing erection, your cock is a beautiful light brown with a head like a crowing rooster. I notice the pre-cum oozing from the tip, always a good sign.

“As this is our first date,” I say, “and I’m going to initiate you.”

I begin sucking you, or rather teasing you with my mouth, taking you close to orgasm and then denying you time and again. You become agitated and toss your head from side to side. I love teasing. Then I position myself in such away that you can easily lick my arsehole.

“Come on you gorgeous slut,” I say, looking round at you. “Do it properly.” And I wait and wave my arse in your face until you give in and start licking me. “That’s better. You’re a good little slut, aren’t you?” I goad. “Get your tongue right in there.”

And slot oyna you do just that. How delicious it feels – and tastes, I hope. I’m sure I could be made to cum just by having my arsehole tongued.

I wonder what your lovely wife would think if she could see us now. In fact I imagine her watching us, getting off on her own thing about seeing two hot studs together. The thought of her watching us turns me on even more. You just never know what those sweet, innocent female things have at the back of their minds. We all have a dark secret or two hidden somewhere.

When I feel slicked up enough I shift my position and gently sit down on your cock and take it in. It goes in easily because I push out with my sphincter to welcome your hot rod into my bottom. In fact in one movement I have you buried to the hilt. Your cock feels warm inside me. I move up and down on you, feeling it gliding effortlessly in my liberally secreting slick tunnel. I’m fucking your cock with my arse. You don’t have to move. Quite a novelty, don’t you agree? I’m facing away from you so that you can see my arse humping up and down on you. Visual stimulation is important for these scenes. I turn my head to speak: “Are you a virgin?” You giggle for a moment, wondering in what sense I mean.

“Of course,” you answer, sensing the sly humour. I smile at you while I play with your balls. Soon. I feel your body arch and stiffen and you groan, a long drawn out sound of ecstasy that signals your time has come. I feel your cock pulse inside me and the warm milk flooding my rectum.

When I’m satisfied I’ve taken all you have to offer, I eject you, get to my feet, and turn to face you as the white stuff begins leaking from my arse. There are tears in your eyes. I hope it is joy and not anger. Perhaps you cannot believe I have used your body like that. But I haven’t finished yet.

I coax my cock into piss mode and let you have it, hose you from top to bottom, cover you in liquid gold which runs off you both sides and soaks into the towel. I shit the remainder of your cum onto your thighs. Your body arches and twists in a vain attempt to free yourself of this sudden, unexpected humiliation, this act of soiling your lovely clean body. You yank hopelessly at the handcuffs, spit urine off your lips and swear at me. I humour you. I’m full of little surprises.

“Temper, temper. Have you forgotten already what a dirty, common slut you are..? I watch you fight against your binds, writhing and squirming as I shake the last drops of urine off my cock. They splash and pool in your belly button. Even now I’m imagining canlı casino siteleri your wife playing with herself, enjoying your humbling and taming at the hands of experience, her face flushed with hot confusion, wondering why it is that something so full-on and raw can be so, so stimulating to a woman? The thought gets me hard again and then I think to myself, “I bet you’re just loving this, you fucking closet-faggot.” Talking dirty in the heat of the moment always does it for me.

Having thoroughly anointed you, I’m ready to ice the cake.

I’m fully hard again so I begin wanking over you, slow and deliberate, standing astride you while the mattress flexes under my feet. I keep my eyes fixed on your face, telling you to look at me, intoxicating myself with the vision of your absolute helplessness. You continue to buck and writhe bu you can’t escape me. Although I feel it’s rather a feeble effort now, a token gesture as you begin to accept your fate.

I steadily increase the revs, move nearer to your head, steadying myself. It’s not long in coming. I feel the stuff rising from my balls. I squat down so my cock is right up close to your face. A couple of long, slow strokes to finish and… oh yes, beauty! A fierce elongated spurt, followed by a number of short, sharp pulsing shots — Blip! Blip! Blip! I give you the full facial, catching you right in the eye, shampooing your black hair. When you blink, little beads of cum that are sticking to you long dark lashes, sparkle like tiny white pearls under the overhead light. It is over. It is done. I’ve made you fuck me and have got off on your forced submission. I feel the dynamo of lust run down inside me and I’m left with weak and trembling legs. That was just so full on, Jay, I’m telling you!

I wonder if I’ve done enough to convince you that screwing pussies isn’t the only way to have fun.

I leave you to calm down for a moment while I go to the bathroom and clean up. This will give any residue anger you may still have time to dissipate. When I come back into the bedroom, you look calm and peaceful, almost serene. Your face is bearing the sheen of my ejaculation. Your eyes flutter open, peer out from those deep, dark brown sockets at me, before closing again. I study your perfectly contoured body, still shiny wet with my urine and our sperm, consider what I have done to you and how you will react to it in the hours ahead.

Now that I have exorcised the devil from my soul, if only for a short while, I know I could love you in a very tender way also.

You have been well and truly initiated into my world. Now I have sated my lust on you I feel a deep affection for you. Now my heart beats, not with rampant lust, but with the anticipation of true love.

I hope you will call me again. I would really like that…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20