Introduction to Sex Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

Ellie was an eighteen -year-old senior in high school when she met Donny Alfonso. They happened on one another at a Food Lion Grocery store; in the produce section for that matter. Ellie was trying to decide on whether to select the right bananas for the family’s breakfast the following day, and was leaning toward a bunch that was slightly green.

“You don’t want to do that,” a voice over her shoulder said knowingly.

Ellie spun around to confront the voice. Standing there was the handsomest male specimen she had ever laid eyes on. He stood a tad under six foot, with dark, wavy, and oh, to die for, manageable hair. As her eyes widened in shock, she felt her knees melt. A split second later, she knew her voice-box was malfunctioning.

Fortunately for Ellie, Donny didn’t notice she was speechless; he was caught up in her recently bloomed breasts, red hair, and oodles of freckles all over her face.

They were smitten, both of them, and with each other.

“What… what I meant by that,” Donny said, “was that it’s better to select some green bananas, along with a couple ripe, but not too ripe bananas. That way,” he continued, forcing his eyes away from her full chest, “some are ready to be eaten right away, and some a day or two later. The total effect is that none spoil.”

“Y… yeah,” Ellie managed to get out, after remembering to take a breath. “I knew that,” she added for effect.

“Of course you did,” Donny said immediately.

And they stood there unable to pronounce another word, until one of the store’s produce workers, with a dolly full of five-pound bags of potatoes, found them blocking his path, and cleared his throat, saying, “Excuse me, please.”

In what might have passed for an adroit ballet move, they both fairly leaped aside — winding up on opposite sides of the dolly.

Donny gave the clerk a look that failed to faze the worker at all. But he had work to do and moved on. A moment later, Ellie and Donny were eye to eye – well, that’s a reach, but they were staring into each other’s eyes.

“What else are you buying?” Donny asked after a brief interlude.

“I… I’m not sure,” Ellie told him. With her mind gone blank, she couldn’t recall any of the other items her mother had asked for.

Thinking quickly, Donny said, “Well, what I usually do is walk up and down the aisles. That way I’ll pass just about everything in the store, and going with the old saying, ‘I’ll know it when I see it, I get just about everything I need.”

“That’s a super idea!” Ellie blurted out, and immediately regretted it. How superficial. Am I a cow, a stupid cow, that can’t for the life of me, remember what I came to the darn store for?’ she thought.

“Mind if I walk the aisles with you?” Donny asked politely.

“Yes! I mean, no, not at all,” Ellie said, and cursed her ineptitude in handling what had to be a routine conversation.

A moment later, she realized that he was looking at her breasts. This both embarrassed and flattered her. She had become used to the boys at school ogling her boobs on a daily basis. But this was a man… a real live man, and a great looking guy to boot. She had just turned eighteen. Did eighteen-year-olds have the same effect on grown men as they did with eighteen-year-old boys?

“My name’s Donny,” he said nonchalantly. “Donny Alfonso. I live over on Magnolia Avenue.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Donny. I’m Ellie Jones. I live on Webster Street.”

“Why, isn’t that a coincidence” We’re practically neighbors,” he said, and smiled down at Ellie.

“Do you go to college… here in Wilmington?” he asked innocently enough.

“Yes,” Ellie said. The lie came quickly to her tongue. “UNCG.”

“Oh, what year?” Donny inquired.

“I’m a soph… sorry; I’m in my second year. I don’t have a major picked out yet,” she said, continuing the lie. Ellie had heard several upper class girls talking in the bathroom about such things. In fact, Ellie picked up a great deal of her knowledge of life eavesdropping on the older girls, and even some boys at school.

“Ahhh,” Donny said.

“What?” Ellie quickly asked.

“Well, I almost went to college. But the truth is I didn’t. My grades stunk, and I couldn’t even get into the Community College.”

“Oh, that sucks,” Ellie said, feeling very sorry for him.

“I guess I could have, you know, but I would have had a lot of makeup courses, what’d ya call it?”

“Re… remedial?” Ellie guessed.

“Um, yeah, remedial stuff. I couldn’t be bothered with it. So I went to work for my Uncle Mike. He’s got a construction company. He’s good to me. I’m working my way up, you know? In a couple more months, I think I’ll make foreman. That pays really good money, you know?”

“That’s good, Donny,” she said, reveling in her ingenuity in working his name into the conversation. She had been dying to say it aloud, and now that she had, she felt giddy.

‘Donny, Donny, Mrs. Donny… what was his last name?’ she wondered.

Meanwhile, Donny was wondering if he stood a chance casino oyna of getting into Ellie’s pants.

‘I think I do,’ he told himself, and checked out her ample chest once again.

Ellie was on to him now, and stuck out her chest so far that she had difficulty breathing.

“Oh, there’s the tomato sauce,” she said, primarily to distract him enough to fill her lungs with much needed air.

“How many cans you need?” He asked.

“Four,” she answered, already thinking about what other arcane items she would be buying just to keep him with her a few minutes longer.

The couple wandered up and down the aisles, selecting some of this and some of that. Any item that Donny pointed out to Ellie that she knew would be unacceptable to her family, Donny placed in his cart. And so it went, until they had covered all the aisles twice, and were forced to stand in line waiting for the cashier to check them out.

Donny cleared his throat, and said, “You, um, like the movies?”

“Yeah, I love the movies,” Ellie replied. ‘He’s going to ask me on a date!’ she told herself and found that her knees were shaking.

“Yeah,” he said, “Me too. You… err, wanna go with me sometime?”

“Sure, Donny. When?”

“Um, so how’s Friday for you? I mean I’m asking and all, but a pretty girl like you probably has a date already.”

“I did, but it’s funny,” Ellie said, “he called and cancelled. His uncle died and he’s got to leave town. Raleigh, he has to go to Raleigh,” she added, and prayed that she wouldn’t panic if he told her he didn’t date girls with boyfriends.

And so it was that Donny called on Ellie Friday night, ostensibly to take her to the movies.

But Ellie’s mother took one look at him and pulled Ellie back into the house.

“Excuse me; it’s Donny, isn’t it?” Mrs. Jones said, controlling herself. “May I ask how old you are?”

“Sure, Mrs. Jones, I’m twenty-five, last August.”

“Twenty-five…” she repeated needlessly.

“Yeah, old enough to drink without lying about my age,” he said gleefully, not realizing how dangerous the ground he stood on was becoming.

“Twenty-five,” Mrs. Jones said for the third time. “Donny, do you realize how old my daughter is?”

“MOM!” Ellie yelled. “NO, MOM, don’t!”

“Well…” he hesitated before finishing the sentence.” I thought she was twenty, but that’s obviously not the case… is it?”

“Try just eighteen, Donny… now what?”

“I… I really don’t know what to say, Mrs. Jones.”


Mrs. Jones glanced at her daughter and felt a sharp pang in her heart. She recalled all too well her first date, and it was with an older guy. He had taken her virginity, and fortunately had not made her pregnant. But she met him furtively on several occasions and could very well have become pregnant before they broke up.

Mrs. Jones changed course, for she loved Ellie more than life itself. Her husband had died three years earlier, and it was just Ellie and her. She had gotten married at seventeen, and had married an older man. Perhaps Ellie, with her genes, would do the same.

“What movie are you going to see?” she asked, after a slight pause.

“I thought Spiderman 3,” Donny replied.

“Have you seen that one, Ellie?”

“No, Mom, it just opened the other day.”

“All right, then,” she paused again, and then said, “Donny, you have Ellie back here no more than twenty minutes after the movie lets out. I will be checking the newspaper to see when that is. Do you understand?”

Donny, caught between a rock and a hard place, sputtered his answer, “Y… yes, yes, of course.”

He was confused, and rattled more so than ever before. The girl was only eighteen, hardly jailbait. She was certainly not off limits to him. And she was beautiful, and had tits that were unfuckinbelievable. She was certainly one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen, and that meant besides her tits.

So he resolved to take Ellie to see Spiderman, and get her home in time and that would be that, as far as she was concerned.

Having resolved that he would merely be taking her to the movies and home again, he took a moment to look at Ellie judgmentally. He was five-eleven. She had to stand five-seven in flats. He was certain, after meeting her mother, that her red hair was genuine, and that her lips were perfect for kissing.

Something I’ll probably never get around to, he thought, and cursed mentally.

Donny was jolted back to reality when Ellie took his arm and began walking him to his car. Ever the gentleman, he opened the door for her and waited until she was settled inside before closing it. As he moved to the driver’s side he glanced back at the house and saw Mrs. Jones watching them through the window.

He nodded once in her direction, and started the engine. A block away, he began to talk. “You know, Ellie… I mean, if I knew how old you were… I…” But he was unable to say it, and forced himself to concentrate on his driving.

“Donny?” Ellie said, affecting an innocent tone.

“Yes, Ellie?”

“I’m slot oyna terribly sorry about the foul-up back at the house. My mother just isn’t as understanding as I thought she’d be.”

“That’s okay, Ellie. She’s right, you know. Our ages are too far apart. Why, I’m seven years older than you.”

Ellie’s mind was racing. He’s the catch of the century. I can’t lose him just because of a little difference in our ages. I have to do something to get him to ask me on another date. If he does, then Mom will relent a little. She got married young. Why shouldn’t I? This and other similar thoughts ran through her mind until they were parking the car a block from the movie theatre.


“You know… “He began, but the sexually curious Ellie cut him off.

“Kiss me, Donny. I mean, really kiss me.”

“All right, but we should get into the back.”

“Okay, but why? What’s wrong with right here?”

“Because,” he said, “it’s much easier for someone to see us when they’re passing by. In the back seat we can keep our heads down. Besides, then the steering wheel won’t get in our way.”

“Donny… we’re only gonna kiss, right?”

“We’re gonna kiss, yeah, sure… but we may want to keep kissing, and we’ll be more comfortable back there.”

“Oh, you think of everything,” Ellie gushed.

She climbed nimbly over the front seat and waited patiently until Donny had done likewise. They began to neck. It was unhurried, slowly turning into open mouthed kisses and dancing, darting tongues. Ellie was soon lost in a blissful haze of lust and romantic desire. Vaguely she realized that their legs and arms were intertwined, and that she was making moaning sounds every time he pressed his hardness against her. Ellie was willing to do anything for him, anything. But to her surprise, Donny ended a kiss and told her that they had better get going or her mother would be on the warpath.

“You mean…” she said haltingly…” that’s it? We’re not going to…”

“I mean,” Donny told her, “that if I want to see you again… and I do want to see you again, that I better have you home on time.”


“No buts,” he said, “I’m getting you home, and on time too.”


In her bed that night, Ellie ran the events of the evening over and over again. She found that she had memorized virtually every word that had passed between them, and several that had gone unspoken. Sleep wouldn’t come. Normally Ellie fell asleep five minutes after hitting the pillow, but not this night.

She analyzed each and every kiss he’d given her. She rhapsodized over the texture of his tongue, and how soft his lips had felt on hers. Her hand drifted south, plunging into her panties, and found the wetness of her prolonged excitement. As she relieved herself, Ellie recalled the feel of his hard-on as it pressed against her thigh and after a time as their limbs entangled the several pushes it had made against her already dampened crotch. She was recalling those feelings for the third time when she came, gushing her juices over her fingers and palm.

Only then did a restless sleep sweep over her. But she did dream of him, and their time in the backseat for the remainder of the night.


The next morning on the school bus, Ellie confided to Margie, her best friend about what had happened with Donny. These girls were good in school and didn’t hang out with the ‘popular’ crowds. But that did not mean they didn’t have the same intense sexual longings of other, more popular girls.

“You mean your mom let you! She actually let you go out with this guy?”


“Wow!” Margie had to take a deep breath before she could utter another word. “And so… did you two do it?”

“No!” Ellie said defensively. “We did make out… in the back seat of his car.”

“Oh-muh-God!” Margie exclaimed, and, unable to contain her excitement, wriggled her butt all over the bus seat. “I have something to tell you too.”


“I found my dad’s stash of porno magazines!”

“You didn’t!” Ellie almost shouted, but managed to catch herself in time.

“Yes, I did, and they are… hot!”

Now, Margie was tall and slender, with long, thin, straight brown hair that hung down almost to her waist, and she almost always had a pleasant, though shy, smile for everyone. Ellie had a shorter, more compact body, with short red hair, and of course, freckles and braces on her teeth. She looked like she would get heavy as she got older, but right now she was beautifully proportioned as only young girls can be.

Both girls had round, nicely developed asses, and large breasts for their age. Their breasts tended to stand straight out from their chests, like ripening melons, starting full, and tapering to rounded points tipped with long nipples. Like most of the young girls around the neighborhood, they seldom wore bras during the summer, preferring to wear halter tops and swim suit tops, or just letting their breasts bounce freely canlı casino siteleri beneath their summer T-shirts.

The school day flew by, and by three o’clock both girls converged on Margie’s apartment since Margie’s mother was still at work. They curled up on Margie’s parent’s bed and were poring through several editions of Hustler and Penthouse, when Ellie came upon a pair of young women in a Hustler Magazine, who were masturbating with their hands down the front of their cut-off shorts.

“Oh-muh-god!” Ellie exclaimed. Look at this!”

“Jeeze!” Margie said, enthralled by the sight of the two women jilling off in the company of the other. “I thought…” she said and stopped.

“What?” Ellie asked.

“Nothing,” Margie replied.

“C’mon, it must be something.”

“Well… it’s just that…”

“What? What is it?”

“I thought that… what they’re doing was private. You know, I mean, they’re doing it together.”

“It takes two to fuck,” Ellie said.

“Yeah… but two girls…” she left the words hanging.

“We could try it… you think?”

“Here?” Margie gasped.

“Can you think of a better place?”

“No… but what if somebody comes home?”

“When are your parents due?”

“My mother’s at five, or so. My dad’s… probably eight, or eight-thirty.

“That gives us about two hours.”

“Is that enough time?”

“Should be,” Ellie said. “But let’s take a couple magazines into your room.”

“Um, my rooms messed up.”

“Perfect. Your Mom won’t suspect anything. And we can ditch the magazines under your bed if we have to. You can replace them later, when the coast is clear.

They scurried into Margie’s room and closed the door, then hopped on the bed. It was a mess, but the girl’s weren’t fazed by the mixed array of clothing and personal junk strewn about the bed. They swept most of the items off and onto the floor.

“I heard Deborah Hastings lost her cherry at the Drive-In last week,” Margie said shyly, opening the conversation.


“She liked it! She said it was a piece of cake,” Margie said and followed with a giggle.

“Who was the guy?”

“Vinnie Marsella. They were making out… I think he was fingering her. Anyway, she told me that she bent over, and he surprised her, and shoved it in.”


“She said it didn’t hurt hardly at all. She said they’re soooo in love.”

“I wanted Donny to do it to me last night,” Ellie said and sighed. “But he wouldn’t. Said he promised my mother he’d be a perfect gentleman.”

“But he made out with you in the back seat, didn’t he?”

“Yeah… thank God.”

“So he’s not a perfect gentleman.”

“Maybe not, but he’s a gentleman.”

“Can you believe Deborah really did it?” Margie asked, wanting to keep the subject on sex.

“Oh, look at this picture,” she said, and held the page so Ellie had a good view of the same two girls, now sans their short-shorts, and fingering one another.

“I can’t believe they put pictures like that in a magazine.”

Margie nodded, and said, “They make movies of people doing it too.”

“Get out!”

“Sure. I know a girl whose parents have some. They call it pornographic… or maybe its pornography.”


They fell silent for a time, and contented themselves with looking at other picture layouts, until Ellie came across one of a woman using a vibrator on herself.



“I almost forgot! Cynthia, you know the Cynthia with the big boobs?”

Margie nodded.

“Well, she found her mom’s thing in a dresser draw and did herself lying on her back. She told me it took a few tries before she got it in. But after a while she felt kinda comfortable and when she turned it on…”

“What happened when she turned it on?”

“She nearly went through the roof. I mean, she took her own cherry, but that’s not the big deal about this… this vibrator. It got her off big time. I mean… you touch yourself, right?”

Margie admitted as much, and Ellie continued.

“Well, me too, but Cynthia said it was a hundred times better than touching herself.”

“WOW! A hundred times…”


“You wanna?”

“Wanna what?” Ellie asked, already knowing what lay in store for them.

“Wanna jill off?

“What? Right here in front of you?”

“Well, yeah, silly. But you don’t have to remove your panties… you can do it inside of them. I’ll just watch for now. You can close your eyes, you know?”

Ellie was already touching her pussy through her panties. She didn’t close her eyes then, but locked her eyes on Margie’s.

Margie sat alongside Ellie, eyes riveted on her friend’s crotch. Two, possibly three minutes passed before there was any real change to Ellie’s actions, although her fingers did change their motions from time to time, from a straight stroke, to a circling motion, and ranging from full four finger pressure, to a single finger, or the two center ones only.

After a few minutes, during which she hardly seemed to blink, the moisture levels in Ellie’s panties increased, and they began to drag more. When the panties began hanging up between her vaginal lips as she stroked herself, her hands changed their positions.

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