Jane how to pay big credit card bill?

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Jane how to pay big credit card bill?
This is continue on from earlier stories all imagined.

Short summary: Jane had been in a hotel room with teenagers a relative and a hooker. This resulted in a £1200 credit card bill.

Jane got home in the bus and wondered how she would pay that bill. She couldn’t ask Rod as he didn’t know about her hotel romp. Who could she ask? The she thought of JJ who had been in the orgy.

Jane used whatsapp for two reasons: 1 it was free. 2 It was encrypted so no one could hack in. It was important to Jane that no one ever found out what she was going to talk to JJ about because she was in the church choir and there are a lot of gossips in it. Question is JJ on whatsapp? Checking she found he wasn’t.

Jane texted JJ and asked him to enrol in whats app giving him her whatsapp id and asking him to message her when he is on.

JJ came back while Jane was serving Rods dinner so she had to be careful that Rod didn’t look over her shoulder as he usually does. Rod is very possive, jealous and doesn’t like spending money. Still Jane couldn’t wait to get on with asking for his advice, so she went to the loo (ladies to Americans).

Although she could speak on Whatsapp Jane had to type her message: “JJ im at my wits end how can I pay a bill of £1200, Im not working and how could I explain it to Rod.”

“Jane you will have illegal bahis to make some money but what could you do? If you had a big win at the horses, the lottery or something like that but that would be such a big gamble. I think you have to use your talents so be certain of making money. What are you good at?”

“JJ Well Im a good baker, good cook, sing in the choir. But it would take too long to make £1200, the bill would be in long before that.”

“Jane you are a good lookin woman you could make money from that.” He was thinkin that sex would be the way but wanted her to come up with the idea.

“But how JJ? How could I become a model, I dont know the first thing about it and dont know how to get an agent.”

“Think about it Jane in what else is it important to have good looks?”

“Film but thats worse would take ages to get started.”

“Jane whats like film that could be made cheaply and quickly and sold?”

“Oh do you mean video? But how could I make one and how would I sell it? But again I couldnt let anyone in this town see it. Oh how about I hide my face?”

“Now you are getting on the right lines. What would your video be about? What is used to sell cars, holidays, and stag & hen weekends?”

“Oh sex now I see what you are getting at. But I dont know anyone who would video on the cheap and how would it be sold?”

“What do tipobet the teenagers watch everywhere?”

“Oh the internet.”

“Now you are talkin. I have a mate who makes video and another who makes websites. You would only have to come up with about £100 and give them a good time.Would it be worth that to keep knowledge of the other day from Rod not to mention the money?”


“So you would be willing to put up £100 and put a smile on their faces?”

“Put a smile on their faces?”

“Those guys would normally charge big money for their services so wouldn’t it be right for you to service them?”

“Oh I guess you are right. Didn’t think of it that way.”
“If I’m gonna set this up for you what would be appropriate for me?”

“What you want? I couldn’t give you money since I have to come up with the £100. Could I sleep with you?”

“Jane don’t be coy call a spade a spade remember what you were taught the last time. Now you tell me what it is worth to you.”

“JJ could give you a BJ or let you fuck me, I could ride you cowgirl, reverse cowgirl or anything else you want.”

“You are starting to make me interested but it would have to be a lot more than that like how often?”

“Oh anytime you want as long as Rod doesn’t know.”

“Oh so Jane you will be my slut to command when I want as I like as long as no one knows?”

“Deal but tipobet giriş if you don’t come through anytime your secret will come out in a big way. Are you sure you want to go ahead?”

“JJ i’m so indebted to you I will come through big time.”

“Ok then get your knickers off and send me a picture of a close up of your pussy. Then one with the handle of a back scrubber in your pussy. Now. Then I want you to play with your clit and make yourself cum send a video with sound taken with your mobile. Oh and from now on you will never wear knickers and you will cut holes in your bras so your nipples will poke out. Does that sound ok?”

“JJ you want your pound of flesh but I will do it.”

Just then Rod knocked on the bathroom door “Dear your dinner is getting cold.” “Rod im busy here. I will heat it up when I get finished here. You go and watch your TV programme.

When Jane’s pics and video came through JJ responded and told her: “Jane you had better get rid of all that pubic hair men don’t like it. I will contact my mates tonight, so be ready to give them what they want very soon so we can get the ball rollin. Oh and when you meet them make sure you look very sexy – low cut top; tight short skirt hold up stockings, flirt a lot, tell them they are exactly the sort of man you want to fuck you and with the package you can see at their crotch you cannot wait to give them the BJ of their life. Will Rod be out tomorrow or do you want to come up to the city? Plan to make a day of it but you will be getting home intime to make Rod dinner.”

“Ok I will come up in the early bus.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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