Just Pure Raw Lust

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Based on a true story from some years ago…

I was at a gay bar in London at the time, and I had seen a face at the bar that had commanded my attention. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She had long wavy hair past her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face. She had dark eyes that seemed to bore through my deep blue ones as I stared at her. She was so pretty. I hoped it wasn’t too obvious that I was staring at her. She smiled at me and I had a funny feeling deep inside. I couldn’t help but smile back cheekily, I can never resist a pretty woman.

“Hi Sweetheart, may I take a seat?” I jumped. Was she talking to me? I looked at her again sharply and she was most definitely waiting for my reply.

“Sure” I managed to utter. She sat down and looked at me, studying me.

“…How old are you?” she finally asked curiously.

“I’m twenty”

“Hmm…” she lit up a cigarette, inhaling the creamy smoke deep in her lungs as she considered this.

“…I’m forty” she finally confessed, exhaling, looking down at her hands.

“You’re very striking, if you don’t mind me saying” I said quickly before I lost the nerve, clasping my hands under the table. I lifted my head to look at her red painted lips, before meeting her gaze as she stared at me.

“Thank you dear” she took another drag on her cigarette. “I came out because I was looking for something … refreshing tonight. Know what I mean, lovely?”

I nodded. I knew her kind. I had never seen her in here before. I would have noticed such a pretty face. A pretty face can steal my attention for a whole evening, and I definitely had not come across hers.

We talked for a while. She asked me what I do for a living, where I study, if I came here often, the usual chit chat. Her name was Sharon. Eventually we finished our drinks, and she looked at me interestedly.

“I live just around the corner from here. Would you like to continue this elsewhere?”

“Yes” I answered, picking up my bag. She smiled at me. A promising smile.

We left the bar and she took my hand, leading me the way back to her house.

When we arrived at her front door she unlocked it and ushered me in, shutting the door behind me. I surveyed my surroundings. Very nice. I would have said it was pre world war one. It had a very comfortable atmosphere.

“Can I take your coat?” she asked expectantly. I nodded and she slipped my coat off of my shoulders, brushing her hand against my arm as she did. I turned around and looked at her, smiling. She smiled back.

“Please come through” she gestured to the room ahead of me. I ventured slowly into the living room. She entered a moment or two later with drinks, handing me one. We talked for a bit, but it was obvious that we weren’t in such close proximity to talk about anything. I put my glass down. As I did I turned around and noticed that she was smiling at me again, very seductively. I leaned forward slightly, offering my lips to her as I looked into her eyes.

She leant forward suddenly and kissed me. Her lips were so soft. She flicked her tongue over my bottom lip and that did it. I kissed her back casino siteleri passionately, pushing her back against the sofa as I leaned further forward, kissing her lips hungrily, moving my hand to the back of her head as I tilted my head up to meet her lips better. We kissed heatedly, and I could instantly feel myself getting wet. I knew I needed to fuck her. I wanted her badly.

“Shall we continue this upstairs?” she whispered. I nodded. Unless she wanted a great big wet patch on her sofa later that was probably the best thing to do. She took my hand and we walked upstairs. I let her walk in front of me so that I could watch her gorgeous ass move against the fabric of her skirt. I just wanted to grab her hips and grind myself against her behind, I really did. I had to keep my hands to myself until we reached the bedroom or else I don’t think we would have ever got there!

We entered her bedroom and she had a nice big double bed. Perfect. I wrapped my hands around her waist, kissing her tenderly, feeling her delicate waist and the curve of her hips underneath my hands. Women’s curves do something to me that I can’t quite explain. Raw lust is probably the better word for it. As we kissed I moved my hands up to cup her breasts through her blouse. She murmured appreciatively as I felt her under my palms. I stroked her through the fabric, kissing down her jawline to her neck, pressing my lips against the taut flesh there, french kissing her neck. It felt so good feeling her soft skin under my hands as I kneaded her breasts.

“Maybe we should get these clothes off, hmm?” she purred.

“Mmm” I replied, beginning to slowly unbutton her blouse as I revealed her creamy skin underneath the material. I discarded her blouse and she turned around so I could unzip her skirt, which fell to the floor. She turned around and I inhaled as I saw her body, so ripe and full, her hips jutting out below her waist, her breasts encased in a see through bra. I could see her rosy nipples through the material which made my mouth water. She stepped towards me and I turned around so that she could unzip my dress. I then turned back round and wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her again, my hand unhooking her bra, discarding the flimsy material. I sat down on the bed, taking her with me. I leant down and kissed all over her breasts. I bent down to plant a kiss over her nipple and she made a little sound deep in her throat. I tentatively opened my mouth and began to lick her nipple, feeling it harden under my tongue. I teased her, playing with her nipples, licking all over them, nibbling on them, sucking on them lightly but not enough to hurt. She moaned and lay back on the bed and I went with her, placing my knee between her thighs. I suddenly felt the heat emanating from her pussy.

I kissed down her stomach and across her hips, pressing my lips against the material of her underwear to kiss her. I hooked my thumbs underneath the fabric and pulled them down, exposing her to me, her predatory lover. She parted her thighs and then she was totally open to my gaze. I felt a stirring inside me as I looked at her pussy and my breath caught in my throat as I stared slot oyna at her perfection. Her trimmed curls parted to present me with the most beautiful pink clit peeking out at me. I could see she was wet, and I couldn’t wait to taste her, I needed it so much. I moved between her thighs to plant a kiss on her mound. The heady scent of her aroma sent me to heaven. I began to lick her, licking all over her pussy before running my tongue over her inner labia, feeling her quiver under my hungry mouth. God it felt so good to taste a woman again. I was in heaven buried in between this beautiful woman’s thighs. I ran my tongue up her slit to be met with a tiny gasp, and I thrust my tongue as far as I could into her pussy, tasting her very essence. I licked further up her slit to finally greet her clit. She moaned as I stroked her clit with my tongue, caressing it, nibbling on it softly, her wet juices colliding with my saliva on her pink clit. I took her shiny pink nub into my mouth, closing my lips around it, kissing her pussy. I dove back down to lick her opening, then back to furiously tongue her clit. She moaned as I assaulted her pink digit with my tongue, flicking over it rapidly as she ground her cunt into my face. I felt her begin to shudder, moaning louder as she began to come, her hands buried in my hair. I loved feeling her hips buck against my face. I moved down to lap at the entrance to her cunt, tasting her once more, kissing her pussy tenderly.

“That…was…amazing!” she gasped. “How did you learn to do that?”

“I’ve had plenty of practice, but I think I’m a natural, really” I grinned at her. “But I’m not finished with you yet!” I warned. I moved up on top of her, bringing my hand to her pussy. I felt her juices coating my hand and I smiled. It felt amazing.

“You are so wet…I shall have to see if I can do something about this” I said, looking into her eyes. She brought her lips to mine and kissed me. I could feel that she wanted this as much as I did. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and felt her velvet walls, slicking my hand with her love juice as I penetrated her deeper, feeling inside her. I began to fuck her as I kissed her passionately, curling my fingers slightly to rub up against her g spot, which caused her to moan as I thrust into her over and over. Hearing her little cries and moans was beautiful, it turned me on so much listening to her as I moved inside her. I circled her clit with my thumb as I thrust into her, building up rhythm as she gripped my shoulders as I held onto her hip. She suddenly cried out and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers. Good girl. I continued to massage her g spot in little circles inside her as she relaxed. I withdrew my hand and brought my fingers to my lips. Best taste in the world. I kissed her on the mouth and she tasted herself, her tongue flicking between my lips.

“Mmm” she murmured as we kissed, lost in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“I want you!” she exclaimed as she rolled me over onto my back. “Your body has been encased in those lacy things for far too long” she complained as I raised my hips. She ripped my underwear off and stood back to look at me. I unhooked canlı casino siteleri my bra and threw it to the floor. “Much better” she said, moving to lie on top of me, kissing down my neck, pausing to gently blow in my ear, which made me shiver in anticipation. She cupped my large breasts in her hands, running her tongue over each of my nipples in turn, making them hard and taut under her mouth. I could feel her hot breath on them which made me shiver as she sucked on my rigid nubs, her tongue swirling around them, her hand moving down to my pussy, gasping as she felt how wet I was for her. I had been so turned on when she let me eat her, I needed release. She slid one finger, then two inside me as she carried on nibbling on my stiff nipples, driving me wild as I stroked her hair. She moved her fingers in and out of me, and every time she dipped back into my softness I moaned, thrusting my hips up at her. She began to fuck me, thrusting inside me, pressing up against my front wall as I gasped, feeling her slide deeper inside me as if searching for my soul. I kissed her hard as her lips met mine, deep kissing me as she fucked me, taking me over the edge. Suddenly she began to kiss down my stomach, which seemed agonizingly slow. It was like torture. I moaned. I needed to feel her hot mouth on my pussy. Finally I felt her mouth make contact with me, parting my folds, dipping into me with her tongue. She delivered sharp, deliberate strokes to my pussy that made me feel as if I was on fire, never taking her hand from between my legs and she spread me wide open to fuck me with her tongue.

“Please, please Sharon I need it so bad” I cried. She began to lick my clit, her tongue flicking over my swollen bud fast as she brought me to the brink. I wanted to come so much, I could feel my orgasm building as she attacked my clit with a passion. I felt my pussy contract as I began to come. “Sharon!” I cried out as I ripped through my orgasm, my juices coating her chin as I pressed my slick cunt to her mouth, my hands entwined in her hair.

I relaxed as she planted these beautifully firm kisses all over my pussy, kissing back up my stomach…over my breasts…up my neck to kiss me on the mouth. I tasted myself on her and that drove me wild.

“Please Sharon, I need to feel your soaked pussy on mine” I told her urgently.

I got her to scissor me. I wanted to feel her wet pussy rubbing against mine. I parted my labia and suddenly felt the exquisite sensation of hers rubbing against mine. We were so wet, it was easy to establish a rhythm as her hips moved against mine. I held her hips, rocking her into me, her head thrown back in ecstasy. We writhed in our state of passion, our wet slits sliding against each other, clit kissing clit as the very hearts of our existence made love to each other. I was lost in the heat of the moment as I ground my pussy harder against hers, feeling the heat of my sex against hers as our pussies made out with one another. I knew I could come this way, I was so close. Feeling her swollen pink clit against my own took me over the edge. I cried out in rapture as I felt myself coming, grabbing onto her hips and holding her there as I rubbed my pussy into her slick folds, shuddering as my orgasm subsided.

We lay there, spent, as we played with each other’s hair. She cradled my head in her arms as we fell asleep, finally satisfied.

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