Justice For Some

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Disclaimers: Any and all characters in my little story exist only in my mind. All people in my story engaging in sexual activities are over 18 years of age. Some might consider this a type of morality play, and it could fit into one of several categories.

My name is Letitia Robin. I graduated from High School just over a year ago, and got married to my High School sweetheart, Edwin Little Bear, just over 5 months ago. Yes, we are Native Americans. Indigenous People. Whatever the P C thing to call us Indians is, today. I also became a widow 5 weeks ago. Edwin was murdered on his way back to his car to drive home from work, by three teenagers purely because of the color of his skin.

Let me tell a little about both of us. I am a fairly large girl, nearly 5’9″ and on the heavy side. Edwin, the only man I have ever had sex with is, or should I say was, just an inch taller than me, and weighed a solid 225. He was a star on our little Eight man High School football team, but didn’t have the money to attend college.

After he graduated, a year ahead of me, he got a really good job at a large lumber company about 35 miles north of Seattle.

Every weekend he would come back to visit, and we soon found it far too difficult to abstain from sex before he had earned enough money for us to be married.

After I graduated, we were married according to our tribal customs, that were over 3,800 years old. Both our parents were so proud of us, becoming the first in both families to graduate High School.

The little apartment Edwin had found suited both of us just fine. I actually found a part time job working in a nice family restaurant, close enough to our home, I could walk to and from work.

Five weeks ago, I was fixing our dinner, waiting for Edwin to get home from work. Hearing our doorbell ring, I opened the door and saw two men in suits asking if I was Letitia Little Bear. I was numb with fear, and started crying just as they started telling me my Edwin was being airlifted to the trauma center in Seattle.

These two detectives drove me to their station house to get some information about Edwin, but it seemed to me that helping catch these awful kids wasn’t a high priority. Just as they were finishing, they got a call that my Edwin didn’t survive. I was absolutely crushed.

After picking up his car, from where he worked, and calling both our parents, arrangements were made to get his body flown back to Everett, where we lived. From there, my Tribal Chairman made the arrangements to get his body back to Neah Bay, to be buried according to our traditions.

Going back to our now empty apartment I just sat there, numb. I was told that three teens were arrested, and were going to be charged as juveniles.

I was in the courtroom, wanting to see these vile young men who murdered the love of my life. I sat to one side, watching as the parents of these three sat talking with the Prosecutor trying the case. They all seemed like good friends, way too good of friends to my way of thinking.

As the precedings got started with what looked like very high priced lawyers telling the judge this was just a case of young boys getting carried away, I thought these animals were going to get away with murder. Literally!

Just as they were finishing up, the courtroom door opened, and in walked a group of people led by a very official looking man, three other men wearing badges and a nicely dressed young lady, who sat down just a seat away from me. Smiling at me she whispered, “Letitia, you are about to see Justice in action”

The man in charge told the judge he was sorry for the interruption, but he was the Assistant United States Attorney for Western Washington, and was arresting these three criminals on Federal Hate Crimes charges, at which time the U S Marshalls took all three into custody.

I just sat there, staring at the scene unfolding in front of me. This lady sitting next to me, smiled and gave me her business card, telling me to call her when I’m ready.

I saw that her name was Carole Andrews, and she is a civil rights lawyer. I finally found the strength to get off my behind and leave the courtroom. I was met by a noisy group of reporters shouting questions at me and shoving their phones and recorders in my face. I didn’t know what to do, or which way to turn. I just put my hands to my face and started crying. Out of nowhere. I hear this voice yelling “leave this poor girl alone, she’s been through enough!” Carole puts an arm around my shoulders and ushers me out a side door.

Once outside, she just held my sobbing body next to hers. She lifted my face, looking me in my eyes and told me we needed to talk about our next move.

She led me to her car, but I stopped her, saying my car is over a few rows and I didn’t want to leave it. She walked me to my car and told me to wait for her, then to follow her car.

Not knowing what was going on, I agreed and trailed behind her car, ending up at a nicely kept house on a quiet street in a part of town I had never been to.

As soon as I followed her casino siteleri inside, I stopped and quietly asked what was going on.

“Letitia, you can leave whenever you want, and I will try not to make you feel uncomfortable.” She continued on after leading me into her very nice living room. I felt uneasy, not being dressed as nicely as she was, but just her manner put me at ease.

“If you want me to, I can get the ball rolling on a wrongful death suit against the parents of those three monsters.”

“It won’t bring my Edwin back, will it?” I asked.

“No, but it will bring some semblance of closure to you and both of your families,” she replied. “Can I get you some coffee, or tea?”

“Just tea, please,”

I heard her moving around her kitchen as I admired her very nice surroundings. Nice furniture, and decorations. I stood up, removing my coat, and just looked at everything in front of me. I didn’t realize that I had a tear rolling down one cheek, until Carole returned, putting her arms around my shoulders and looked me straight in both eyes.

“I won’t lie, Letitia, I am attracted to you, but if I make you uncomfortable, please tell me.”

Needless to say, I was stunned beyond belief. I had never had thoughts of being with another woman, ever. I just laid my head on her shoulders, softly crying.

Sitting on her sofa, sipping my tea, I told her, I just had to sort things out in my mind. Sitting next to me, she started telling me about what she was planning.

As she talked, I looked at this young lady, for the first real time. While she was nearly my height, she was on the thin side, with practically no boobs, that I could make out under the bulky sweater she was wearing.

Telling me she would start the following Monday filing the wrongful death claim in court. She then mentions that she is getting warm so she stands up and removes her sweater, leaving just a thin, sleeveless blouse covering her upper body. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and had little need for one.

I stopped her, saying outside of her name, I knew nothing about her.

Laughing, she apologized, telling me she just had a 32nd birthday, she was obviously single, and told me in all honesty, her main reason for her actions was the fact that the three lawyers defending those thugs were all members of her father’s law firm.

I sat there with my mouth open, stunned by this statement.

“Are you trying to get back at your father?” I asked.

“No, I’m trying to show him how seriously I take the law” she responded.

I started to smile, so Carole asked if something she said was funny.

Shaking my head, I told her if she met my mother or grandmother they would both tell you to put some meat on your bones, that you are too thin.

We both laughed, and she just held my hands in hers, telling me she wanted what was best for me, and if I thought my interests and hers differed, to please let her know.

I looked her straight in her eyes telling her how much I appreciated what she was doing. I never asked anything about money that would be asked for.

“I really must be going, so tell me how to get back to my apartment, please.”

After mapquesting my apartment from hers, I stood up and reached for my coat. Her hands took hold of both my shoulders, and she leaned in and gave me a very soft, gentle kiss. I really wasn’t surprised, and it did feel really nice.

“Was I out of line, Letitia?”

“No, but I need some time to process all this.”

Driving back home, I thought about a great aunt I had who had a “lady friend” after her husband died, and nobody ever thought badly about her.

Carole filed the wrongful death law suit the following Monday, and we talked each night. I realized she never mentioned any fee I would owe, if I was awarded any settlement.

Friday afternoon, she texted me asking to meet after my work shift ended at 6:00 that evening.

This time she picked me up, and took me to a nice quiet restaurant. When she asked if I wanted something to drink, I blushed and told her I had just turned 20, so just an iced tea for me.

Over dinner, I built up the nerve to ask how much I would need to pay her from any settlement.

“I want you to know that I’m not doing this for money for me, and to prove it, you can pay me anything you want” “And that includes zero!”

To be truthful, I was stunned. I also became aware that she was holding my hands in hers and it felt very nice.

As we were getting ready to leave, she leaned closer to me and whispered, “would you come home with me tonight?” “We don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

I just nodded and let her lead me out to her car.

When we arrived at her house, she took my hand leading me inside. I quietly told her I didn’t bring anything to sleep in. She quickly moved down the hallway, and returned with a nightgown and robe, that looked big enough to fit me.

Lets just sit and talk, if that will make you comfortable, she said. I moved to her, taking the nightclothes from her, slot oyna asking where I could change in private. As I moved closer, to get the clothes, I put both my hands on her face and kissed her full on her mouth. God, that felt good.

“Let me change, then we can talk”

I made a beeline for her spare bedroom, closing the door, and started taking off my clothes. I debated about leaving my bra on, as my boobs did have some sag to them, with me being a little overweight and their size. I figured I would try to let her see the real me, so the bra was tossed on the bed with my other clothing.

Returning to her living room, I must have have a very shocked look on my face, as there was Carole wearing a very sheer nightgown that looked more like a slip, to me. Underneath, she only had a very tiny thong, and nothing else.

I just froze in place, causing her to ask if she should put on a robe, or something. No, I said, and moved to her couch, meeting her there, and allowing her to take my face in her hands, again, and give me another kiss that nearly curled my toenails. Then another, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I returned to kiss but was a bit nervous about this tongue business. I guess it caught me by surprise.

Sitting down together, she just stared at me for a minute or two, saying softly we didn’t have to do anything else if I wasn’t ready.

“Can we just talk?”

Smiling at me, she leaned back and had me lay both my legs on top of hers. She began softly rubbing my feet, knowing I spend most of my work shift on my feet. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the foot rub.

“You know I don’t know much of anything about you, except your age and that you are a lawyer.”

Nothing too exciting, she stated, I have a younger sister, who is married and has a baby boy. And my younger brother, who just joined my dad’s law firm.

“So, you are the oldest and not married?”

“Yep, much to my dad’s displeasure”

I looked at her and asked, quietly, is he upset you’re not married, or that you, um, like women?

“Letitia, you can say the word, lesbian, and I certainly won’t be offended, and its the second that he can’t deal with.” Mom is OK with my choice, though.

Damn, this foot rub feels so good.

“Can I ask if you have ever had sex with a man?”

“Yes, and I didn’t care for it. Let me clarify, I liked the sex, but not the man.”

If you didn’t like the man, why did you have sex with him? I asked.

Carole looked me straight in the eyes and said she still couldn’t answer that, to this day.

Without realizing how tired I was, or just plain nervous, I started a small yawn. Apologizing, I told her I think I should go to bed. Taking my face in both hands, she whispered I could sleep in the spare room, or with her. My choice.

“If I sleep in your bed” Before I could get another word out, she put a finger to my lips telling me that she expected absolutely nothing, if that was my choice.

Once in the master bedroom, I moved to the far side and slid the robe off, still facing away from her, and crawled into her bed. I felt her get into bed, and heard her whisper “good night, my dear.”

She couldn’t see the huge smile on my face, as I say my good night, too.

Some time in the middle of the night, I could feel her body right next to mine, and an arm across my chest. I nearly gasped out loud when her hand gently touched my breast. Cupping my left breast, her fingers found my very aroused nipple, and slowly caused it to swell to nearly an inch long. My breath was coming in short gasps, and I heard her ask if it was all right to continue.

I mumbled something close to yes, because I could all ready feel my blood start to boil. Her hand dipped to my waist, as she started up inside my nightgown. More gasps. Heavier breathing. Her hand taking my breast and massaging all around my now highly aroused breast.

I then felt her lips kissing my neck and down onto one shoulder, while her hand moved to my other breast. My body literally felt like I was on fire. My breathing was coming in short gasps. My body started shaking, so I turned towards her, just as her mouth found mine. I swear that kiss lasted an hour or two. Maybe 3 minutes. She took both hands and lifted my nightgown up and over my head, and as soon as my boobs came into view, she leaned down softly kissing one very engorged nipple. Then the other.

My entire body started shaking, with my first female induced orgasm. I just hope she couldn’t tell how wet my panties were.

I then said the absolutely dumbest thing I could have thought of.

“Can I touch you?” I mumbled.

With one quick movement she lifted her skimpy nightgown over her head and tossed it onto the floor. I very slowly moved one hand to her face, then down to her neck, coupled with some very soft kisses. Moment of truth time. I very gently place my hand on her very firm breast, feeling her nipple harden immediately on touching. I also heard her gasping, so I knew I was doing something right. I then leaned down and kissed her rock hard nipple. Twice. canlı casino siteleri Then another time for good measure.

Without any warning, she started kissing down from my boobs, to my tummy. As she ran her tongue over my navel, one hand slipped inside my very wet panties, causing another very audible gasp.

“Should I stop?” she whispered.

“Yes. No. Of, fuck. I don’t know.”

Taking my indecision as a green light, her hand then found its way to my soaking wet pussy. When one finger found my ultimate pleasure spot I thought I would pass out.

“Let me taste you, my sweet,” she breathed. Before I could respond her face was right at full bush level, kissing up and down my pussy lips, then inserting her tongue like it was a miniature cock.

Edwin was the only other person.to do that, and Carole was about 50 times better. My hips were bucking some much I was hoping I wouldn’t toss her off her own bed.

I came so hard I nearly blacked out. Regaining some composure, Carole just held me in her arms kissing my forehead, and asking if I was O K.

My body must have continued to shake for at least another five minutes, at least. I must have let out a soft sob, or two, because she moved her face in front of mine and asked if I was all right.

Burying my face in her neck, it was all I could do to tell her I was O K.

“Lets go clean ourselves up.”

I started to reach for my nightgown and panties, when Carole stopped me saying for me not to be ashamed of my body.

She started the shower and led me inside. I was numb, thinking we were going to shower together, something I never did with my husband.

When she started washing my back, it felt good. When she started washing my boobs, I started to swoon. When her soft, soapy cloth went between my legs, I thought I would pass out with pleasure.

When I was rinsed clean, I said I would try to duplicate her very erotic cleaning job. Facing each other, I took a second cloth and soaped each of her very pert B cups, causing her nipples to look as if they could cut glass. I even got so brave as to kiss each one. Several times.

As the water started getting cold, we got out, and started drying each other, with the softest towels I had ever experienced.

Moving back into her master bedroom, I was very thankful I put a clean pair of panties in my purse, remembering advice my mother had given me when I first started dating.

For a few minutes, we just laid there facing each other. I was absolutely exhausted. It took me less than two minutes before I was sound asleep.

It was daylight when I woke up, realizing I was in bed, alone. I heard singing coming from the kitchen, and smelled food being prepared. As I sat up, still in a bit of a fog, a very lively Carole stuck her head in the room and asked if I was going to sleep the day away.

As I got out of bed, I reached for the robe she had given me, causing her to quietly say I didn’t have to dress for breakfast. She walked up to me, taking my face in her hands and laying a scorching kiss on my lips. “Please never be ashamed of your body, Letitia,” she said. “Own it, be proud.”

Grinning, shyly, I just wore my panties to her kitchen for breakfast. I felt decedent for walking around nearly naked. Everything we did came rushing back all at once, leaving me standing in the doorway in tears. Carole rushed to my side and just held me in her arms, giving me many reassuring words and kisses.

“Are you sorry for what we did, last night?”

“God, no, it, um, you were amazing!”

“Let’s eat. Food!”

We both laughed at her play on words.

After breakfast, and me getting some clothes on, we sat at the table and started planning our strategy for our first face to face meeting in my law suit. As we talked, or should I say, Carole talked and I listened, I started to think about what my meager wardrobe consisted of.

All of a sudden, she stopped and asked me why I was so quiet. I was truly embarrassed, but just looked down at the table top.

Sensing my discomfort, she very quietly said, “do you want me to take you shopping?” Anything I get you, can be paid back when we kick their collective asses, she said, with a huge smile.

I had to admit a little bit of a thrill shopping for some new clothes with my new very best friend.

We spent most of the day, Sunday, shopping, laughing, whispering, having lunch, and, yes, even kissing and hugging in the changing room in one store.

When we finished, I had an entirely new wardrobe. At least thats how I felt. I had to admit, I felt a whole lot better about myself wearing what I thought were very expensive clothes, when in fact, they were nowhere near to cost of clothes Carole wore.

We spent Sunday evening planning our strategy, again for our Monday meeting. Oh, yes, we made love for nearly an hour, before showering and falling back into bed. To sleep.

Bright and early Monday morning, after showering, together, and putting on a brand new outfit, we were off to her father’s law office in downtown Seattle. I was shaking like a leaf. Carole’s soft voice kept my nerves to a minimum, telling me to just act natural. Easy for her to say, facing the lawyers who tried to get three murderous kids off, just a few weeks ago.

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