Karen’s Revelations Ch. 03

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Another bottle of wine was opened and poured. There could be no doubt now that the atmosphere in the room had changed. There seemed to be some form of electrical charge in the air that affected the eyes and hands and limbs of the women. It caused their fingers to seek the comforting touch of other skin besides their own and their eyes to look more deeply into other eyes. They were constantly shifting their legs too as if there was an itch that needed to be constantly appeased.

Jenny cleared her voice nervously. “Ah, I’m going to make a suggestion and put it to a vote. If you all agree, fine, but if even one of you go against the idea we’ll drop it. OK?”

“Sounds intriguing. What is it?” smiled Karen.

She took a sip before saying: “How about you fetch a couple of blankets, Karen, and we sit under them on these sofas while you continue with your story?”

There was a momentary silence and Jenny thought she’d got it all wrong. Karen looked to the others and slowly, but surely, they started to nod in agreement.

“Why not take it a stage further,” suggested Sharmila, “and take off our bottoms? Or else it’ll be too warm.”

This time the silence was a bit longer but Melanie, always on cue, said: “Well, I don’t know about anyone else but my knickers are just sticking to me so I’d need to change first.”

“And you just happened to bring a change of undies, did you?” laughed Trish.

“This is entirely up to you four,” announced Karen. “I do have a couple of large blankets and, if you care to bare your legs in front of a lesbian, I can lend all of you my selection of finest silk or satin or lace.”

“Oooh!” cooed Sharmila.

“And does one of them belong to Simone by any chance?” purred Melanie, in her pretend-sexy voice.

Karen merely smiled.

“I’m up for it,” stated Melanie. She looked at the others.

“Yeah, why not!” said Jenny. “I bags first pick.”

“No, not fair! Was my idea,” pouted Melanie.

“Tell you what, why don’t I put four into a bag and you can have a lucky dip?” Karen suggested. They all nodded their agreement.

While Karen went to her bedroom the women sipped their drink.

“She is one fox, that Karen!” Sharmila whispered.

“Takes one to know one, I always say!” Trish patted her friend’s knee.

“Quick show of hands here. Who is really turned on by Karen’s revelations tonight?” whispered Melanie.

They all giggled and hands were about to be raised when Karen returned holding a plastic bag above her head and blankets under her other arm.

“My four favourites,” she giggled too. “Now, Jenny first!”

Jenny stood up, a little bit unsteadily, and dipped her hand into the bag above her.

“Don’t let anyone see it until you’ve all got a pair,” ordered Karen.

Jenny held the undies in her fist and sat down again. Then Melanie did the same, followed by Sharmila and Trish.

“Hey, what about you?” Sharmila pointed at Karen.

Karen patted her bottom and smiled broadly: “I changed mine while I was getting yours.”

“Cheeky!” laughed Melanie.

“Where do we change?” asked Jenny.

“Why don’t we all just do it under the blankets at the same time?” suggested Trish with a shrug. “It’ll save time.”

“Sounds good to me!” nodded Jenny. “Melanie, you can squeeze in here beside me because our host for the evening is already wearing hers.”

So, under the warm faux-fur blankets, Jenny and Melanie and Sharmila and Trish slipped off their bottoms and removed their panties and thongs. Then they slid the borrowed undies over their ankles and up their legs.

“Done!” announced Trish. The other women followed suit.

“Mine feels nice but I still don’t know what it’s like,” said Sharmila. “Can I look?”

“You know something, I want to see them all. And I’m not being funny saying that – I just love sexy underwear,” commented Jenny.

“Everyone OK with that?” asked Karen. There was no voice raised against the idea so Karen went on, “and I’ll show mine first as it’s only fair.”

They all nodded and watched Karen slowly slip off her grey and pink training bottoms. Then their eyes lit up as they saw her reveal a tiny black lace string that barely covered her sex. She did a theatrical twirl to show the thin strip of material that bisected her shapely bottom.

“That’s …. wow,” even Melanie was speechless.

“So that’s me,” Karen said sitting on the arm of the small sofa. “Who’s next up?”

Melanie slipped off the blanket and stood with her arms out wide so that everyone could see. She was wearing an expensive-looking grey satin thong edged with black lace.

Trish stood next to show off a pair of pink silk and lace panties.

Sharmila was wearing black silk French knickers with broderie anglaise on the legs.

Then Jenny stood up and did a twirl to show off a plain white satin thong with lace along the waistband.

Within a minute they were all under the blankets again and finishing off the wine in their glasses.

“You were about to tell us about number three,” casino siteleri reminded Sharmila now between Trish and Melanie.

“I was, yes!” said Karen as she snuggled down next to Jenny. “Do you remember that conference I had to attend in Paris last September?”

Jenny’s eyes lit up and she exclaimed: “The one that Mr Bellwood couldn’t go to so he nominated you in his place?”

Karen nodded. “Yeah! Well, when I arrived at the venue in the luxurious Le Parc Trocadero I felt a bit out of my depth as there seemed to be quite a few senior type people from other countries. At least the common language was English. We went into a meeting room where we signed in and were allotted our rooms and were given seminar notes and the usual folders and pens and so on. There were about 25 of us in total plus the three speakers from Sweden.”

“You see anybody interesting?” asked Jenny.

“I’m getting to that. Patience, my dear! We were sitting down to an evening meal when a woman suddenly appeared and asked me if the seat beside me was taken. It wasn’t and I was glad to have her next to me because I was sharing the table with two older men who were representing Berlin and Amsterdam. I noticed from her tag her name was Tina and she represented Milan.”

“Was she nice looking?” asked Sharmila.

“Oh yeah, she was, but in a quiet, understated way …”

“Explain!” commented Trish.

“Well, she was really pretty. She dressed conservatively: pinstripe jacket and knee-length skirt, dark nylons, blonde hair in a neat ponytail. She seemed pretty reserved too, didn’t smile too much at first. So she didn’t look like a model or an actress; she looked just like an attractive business woman. At the first evening seminar she sat beside me at the conference table and I noticed her leg seemed to brush up against mine a lot.”

“What were you wearing?” asked Jenny.

“A dark blue cotton dress and stockings underneath. I pretended to scratch my leg but I deliberately rubbed the back of my hand against her stockings. Obviously, because of the way the tables were, nobody else could see what was happening. But she didn’t react. All the time we were watching the powerpoint slideshow and taking notes. The session finished up around nine and we had time to ourselves until nine the next morning. As we were leaving Tina asked me if I was having a drink in the hotel bar. So I said yes ….”

“As you do!” agreed Melanie.

“Quite a few of us headed to the bar which was small and I suppose I felt a bit disappointed because I didn’t want to talk shop for the rest of the night. Anyway we ended up sitting with a woman from Barcelona and a man from Madrid who didn’t seem to like each other that much. We were making some small talk over our glasses of house wine when Tina yawned and apologised and said she was calling it a night. Under the table she tapped my leg and I knew she was telling me to follow her. So I said I was feeling tired too and made my apologies. As we walked up the stairs she smiled for the first time and asked me if I really was tired. I said not really and she asked me if I fancied ordering a bottle of good wine in my room. So I agreed.”

“Very smooth, I like that!” nodded Sharmila.

“In the room I phoned down for a bottle of their best French wine while Tina removed her shoes and jacket. There was only one chair so she sat on the edge of the bed. We were talking a bit about the seminar and timetable when the wine arrived with the glasses. Then Tina opened the bottle and poured. She took a sip and asked me if it would be alright if she could remove her skirt because she didn’t want to get it wrinkled. Of course I said yes and added that I wouldn’t mind changing into my nightie. I thought she would go into the bathroom but she simply undid the zip of her skirt in front of me and stepped out of it. I suppose I was staring because she smiled at me. She wore stockings with a pink suspender belt and pink satin panties and her legs were gorgeous.”

“Like Melanie’s?” quipped Sharmila.

“Depends what they look like in stockings,” replied Karen with a smile.

“Maybe I’ll show you later!” was Melanie’s response to the amusement of everyone.

“Anyhow, back to Paris!” Jenny patted Karen’s leg under the blanket.

“Well, I got my nightie from my case and changed in the bathroom. I kept my lacy bra and panties on underneath, they were black, but took off the stockings. When I returned to the bedroom Tina looked at me and pouted her lips. She said, ‘That’s what I should do: put my PJs on.’ I said she should so she slipped back into her skirt and took her jacket down to her room. About five minutes later she returned, wearing the hotel dressing gown. I noticed at once she was still wearing the stockings and she said, ‘Sorry! No PJs. I thought I’d packed them.’ I told her not to worry about it and asked her what she was going to wear in bed. She answered by opening her gown to reveal her matching pink underwear and a smile that glowed like a lightbulb. I think she knew what she was doing because I slot oyna have to admit I was just staring with my mouth open. I mean, here was a woman who wore pinstripes and seemed all business and no play and she was now standing in front of me like a sex siren.”

“Believe me, Karen,” Jenny softly patted her friend’s thigh under the blanket, “we know how you felt.”

“Oh yeah!” agreed Melanie, while the other two nodded.

Karen looked into Jenny’s eyes for a moment and placed her own hand on Jenny’s leg, the fingers touching the inside of her thigh.

“Well, we talked some more and drank some more. Tina hadn’t bothered to close her gown properly and was leaning on one elbow across the bed. She had a way of looking into my eyes when she talked as if she was saying one thing but meaning a different thing. She talked about having an open marriage and I asked her what an open marriage meant.”

“You didn’t know?” asked Trish.

“Oh, I did, but I just wanted her to talk about it and see where it led.”

“Nicely done! And where did it lead?” asked Sharmila.

“Shush, she’s getting to that,” Jenny shifted her fingers higher up the thigh and began a light brushing effect with her thumb.

“Tina asked me if I was married. Did I have a boyfriend? And so on. Then she asked me how I managed for sex. I must have looked a bit embarrassed, to say the least, but she merely shrugged and said we all have needs and they should be tended to.”

“Amen to that!” purred Melanie.

“She came straight out and asked me if I pleasured myself at night?”

“She did not!” gasped Sharmila.

Karen nodded.

“What did you say?” asked Jenny softly.

Karen again looked into Jenny’s eyes while her fingers traced circles along the inside of her thigh. “I said: ‘Quite often.’

“Were you telling the truth?” asked Sharmila.

Karen smiled, “Well, seeing as how it’s my night of revelations I may as well tell you that, yes, it is true.”

“I expect most of us do. I mean, you know, I do sometimes,” admitted Trish.

Sharmila shrugged, “Me too. More than sometimes.”

“Same here,” nodded Melanie.

They all looked at Jenny, the married woman. “Of course I do. In the bath or sometimes even in the bed beside David when he’s sleeping.”

“But enough about us,” said Trish. “Go on!”

“Well, whenever I said ‘quite often’ Tina never took her eyes off me then she whispered, ‘Do you use toys or just your fingers?’ I held up my fingers. Then she asked if I had any toys. I shook my head because I was telling the truth and I said, ‘What about you?’ Well, she sat up and took this little gold-coloured oblong thing out of her pocket and held it between thumb and forefinger. She smiled at me again and whispered, ‘Do you want me to show you what it feels like?’”

Karen had slid down on the sofa a bit more while she was talking and so Jenny’s fingers were very close to the top of Karen’s legs now, gently teasing the warm, sensitive skin on her inner thigh. Likewise Karen’s whole hand was now stroking Jenny’s smooth inner thigh.

Karen continued, “‘I’d love you to show me,’ I said, so she held her hand out to me to invite me onto the bed. ‘It’s called a Power Bullet Mini Vibrator and I take it with me everywhere’ she said. I sat on the bed next to her and she leaned in close to kiss me. Now, I have to tell you that by this stage my panties were becoming very damp and my nipples had become a bit stiff. When Tina kissed me her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and then it finally stayed and got acquainted with my tongue. After about five minutes I felt her hand go around my breast and gently massage it through my nightie and bra. My nipple was aching to be released. She was a beautiful kisser and took her time to get me aroused. I decided I had to do some exploring of my own so I put my hand lightly on her leg and began to stroke her stocking all the way up and down. She responded by opening her legs slightly and leaning into me more. The next thing I knew was that she had smoothly laid me on my back, kissing me all the while. Her hand lifted from my breast and suddenly landed on my leg, just at my knee. She was teasing me by moving her fingers ever so lightly in circles along the length of my thigh.”

Karen turned and looked into Jenny’s eyes. She was doing to Jenny exactly what she described Tina doing to her. Her little finger brushed against the satin which covered Jenny’s moist state of arousal.

“When her fingers reached my panties they just brushed over the gusset which was then wet and must have been obvious to her. Her hand continued its journey up and under my nightie and pushed its way under my bra cup. As she touched my nipple I just knew I was going to have a massive orgasm that night. The nipples felt incredibly sensitive, especially when she lifted my nightdress up and bent down to kiss and nibble both of them in turn. And, in case you all think I wasn’t participating fully, my fingers were rubbing the satin of her panties against her sodden vee. I was glad to see that she canlı casino siteleri was as turned on as I was. She stopped me reaching the peak of arousal and whispered in my ear: ‘I think you’re ready so now I’ll show you.’ After she took off her dressing gown she pressed the button on the Power Bullet and I heard a very low hum. She whispered, ‘Spread your legs more.’ So that’s what I did.”

Almost hypnotically, Jenny, Sharmila, Trish and Melanie let their legs open a bit wider. The legs of the three women on the larger settee were touching and they could feel the heat emanating from each other. Sharmila, in the middle of this group, was having both thighs, from her knees up to the broderie anglaise of her knickers, firmly stroked by the other two. Jenny had stopped feeling her friend’s thigh but her fingers were playing with the thin elastic of Karen’s micro thong that stretched over her hips.

“I felt Tina’s fingers pulling my panties to one side and she smiled at me and whispered, ‘you’re so wet, Karen.’ Then she used a couple of fingers to expose my clitoris which was fairly rigid. She flicked my clit with her fingernail before using the little vibrator along the side of the clitoral hood. I’m telling you she teased my clitoris mercilessly and I had to put my hand to my mouth to stop from screaming. She concentrated only on the sensitivity of my throbbing clitoris. My legs were squirming but she had positioned herself perfectly to stop me from closing my legs. I couldn’t escape and I was just seconds away from exploding. She knew this and, just when my orgasm was coming, she exposed the bud of my clit and pressed the pulsating toy hard against it.”

Karen, whether she realised or not, now had her hand directly over Jenny’s damp thong and pressed down. Jenny herself had slipped her fingers down the inside of Karen’s wet lace. Karen turned to look longingly into Jenny’s eyes.

“You have no idea how explosive my orgasm was. I came in torrents. My panties were drenched with my come and it was only later I realised Tina had pulled my panties over my slit with the Power Bullet enclosed and still vibrating. Even a full minute after the orgasm my legs were still quivering and my clitoris was throbbing. When she reached inside the saturated material to remove the vibrator I suppose she couldn’t resist slipping a couple of fingers into my dripping slit. But I was so open and so spent that I hardly felt them inside. She probably saw that this was having little effect on me so she changed technique and began to lash my tortured clit with her tongue. In no time at all I had another orgasm, though not as powerful as the first one.”

Just as Jenny’s fingers found the ridge of Karen’s clitoris, Karen shifted position to deny further exploration. She also ceased her pressure on Jenny’s satin thong and sought her friend’s hand instead.

“As soon as I came down from my orgasm Tina kissed me. Her lips and her chin and her tongue were soaked with my cum and she insisted on sharing this with me …”

“Eeew,” exclaimed Melanie, “not too sure I’d like that!”

“A year ago I would have agreed with you, Melanie. But now, I can tell you it really heightens your desire. When she had kissed me enough she looked for the little vibrator on the bed and handed it to me with a mischievous smile. ‘Do me now,’ she asked. I just turned round on the bed and straddled her in a 69 position. We were both still wearing out panties plus Tina was dressed in stockings and suspenders. When I looked down at her pink panties I was surprised by how damp the satin had become. I knew then that I was going to make it a lot more wet before the night was over. As soon as I felt Tina prise my slit open to insert her tongue I switched on the Power Bullet and pulled her panties to one side. Her own slit was open and very wet and her ridge was quite large. I had difficulty holding the vibrator because it was still slick with my juices and pulsating like mad but I managed to press it against her clitoral hood. She jerked. I used the toy along and across the length of her hood and watched as her slit opened even more. I used my tongue too and sucked her clit in between my teeth. She was doing the same to me and, incredibly, I felt myself on the brink of another explosion. I wanted to try and achieve simultaneous orgasms so I stretched her hood back and placed the tip of the vibrator against her pink bud. She went into spasms immediately and gripped my thighs very tightly with her arms as she sucked my clit with all her might. Her thighs locked around my head and her orgasm erupted in a spurt, soaking my chin and neck. Barely a second later I felt the edge of her teeth against my exposed bud and my whole body went rigid and then shook as I came. We both moaned in harmony, squeezing each other’s heads with our thighs.”

When Karen paused in her story, Trish, Sharmila and Melanie looked at each other and smiled. “Aaaaaah!” they moaned together.

“Did you sleep together after that?” asked Jenny.

“We got under the sheets after she took off her stockings and suspender belt and I slipped out of my nightie and we lay there for a while just kissing each other. We fell asleep almost immediately. I mean, I think it must have been about one in the morning and we had to be up at seven thirty.”

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