Kim Ch. 02

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This is the rest of the story about how my friend Kim opened a new chapter in my sex life. To recap the last chapter I told you about me eating my first pussy and the best part was that it belonged to my best friend Kim. I was very proud of myself as I was able to bring Kim to at least one orgasm, before she pushed me away. I really enjoyed the taste of her juices and knowing that I brought her some pleasure, and I was even able to make myself climax also.

Kim had me come up onto the bed and lay beside her. “Thank you so much I never knew sex could feel that good. I had even forgot what an orgasm felt like. It has been over eighteen years since I had my last one, and it was nothing like that.” I look and her with what had to be a dumb founded look. “Before you ask yes my baby is only sixteen, my ex never cared about me he just wanted to get it in and get himself off never caring if I enjoyed or was even ready for him. Where did you learn to do the things, you did to me? I thought you had never had sex with a woman before.”

“If you really must know, I learned most of that from the things D does to me plus from watching porn. I small part of it was from things I wish D would do to me but have never asked him to do.”

“Oh my God D does that to you? Does he always make you feel as good as I do right now? I have got to get some of that in my life.” Kim tells me and then notices the look on my face. Kim freezes and has this look of fear on her face. “I am so sorry I did not mean for that to come out the way it did. I could never have sex with D, I meant I need to get a man in my life who will give that to me, or I guess it could be a woman.”

“It is OK, me and D have a very strong and loving relationship. Nothing like this could ever split us up.” With that I lean over and give Kim a deep passionate kiss.

“Are you and D swingers, have ya’ll had sex with other people before?” Kim asks with a puzzled look on her face.

“No D nor I have ever been with anyone else since we started dating. I have never told anyone what I am about to confide in you. I know I can trust you so I am going to come clean with you.”

“I hope you can trust me since you just ate my pussy till I came twice, and then I still had to push you away.”

“Any way do you want to hear this or not?” I ask her.

“By all means continue.”

“Ok. After D and me started dating he turned me onto porn and role playing. One night while we were watching a movie with a girl on girl scene, he started play with me and committed on how wet I was. He asked it the thought of being with another woman excited me. I admitted that it did, and asked it that was Ok. He told me that if I wanted to have sex with a woman that was fine just let him know after. I did try a couple of time, but nothing ever happened and I gave up on it ever happening. So, I was surprised when things progressed to the point that they did tonight. I never meant for this to happen, I am not sorry that it did though, I enjoyed it very much and would not be upset if it happened again. Are you Ok with what happened, this is not going to hurt our friendship is it?” I felt a huge wave of relief once I told Kim the truth.

“To be honest with you no, I am not happy with what has happened tonight. Before you panic, I am not happy because I have not got a chance to try and bring you pleasure. All this talk and thinking about what just happened has me so horny, I want to lick you pussy so bad and taste you juices. Also, this will most defiantly change our friendship, because I will want to have you again, and again. So, if you do not mind please lay back and let me taste my first woman.”

I do as she ask and feel myself getting very wet at the thought of what my beautiful friend is about to do. Kim reaches out and caress casino siteleri my breast though my dress, and watches as my nipples start to harden. My nipples are so despite to be touched and play with that they are starting to hurt from being so hard.

“Oh Kim please suck my nipples; I need it so bad.” I plead with her as she just devils me.

“Gladly but first let’s get this dress off you.” Kim helps me up and unzips my dress and lets it fall to the floor. “I love your breast; I know they were larger than mine but I had no clue they are so big.”

Kim bends down and sucks one of my nipples into her mouth, and I feel my knees go week. alternates sucking one then the other, while she sucks one she plays with the other.

“Lay down on your back and let me enjoy your body.” I find myself unable to resist her orders, not that I would want to. She quickly joins me on the bed and starts exploring my naked body. I feel goose bumps develop everywhere she touches me. God this feel so good. I just lay back and close my eyes as she starts kissing on my neck and ears. I start to moan as she starts sucking on my neck, I know she is going to leave a mark but I do not care. I feel her hands start to slid down my body. I know where hand is going and I want her to touch me down there so bad, but she stops, almost like she is scared. I take her hand and place it on my pussy.

“Feel the heat down there, it is all because of you and what we have been doing, all that wetness is thanks to you. It is ok it you play with me down there I really want you.” I plead with her.

“Oh don’t you worry I will get down there soon enough. I just want to take my time and enjoy your body. I had never had anybody lick my pussy before today, and I have never lick a pussy so I want to savor this and make it last. Now lay back and enjoy me returning the pleasure you gave me. Kim gives me a loving kiss and then sits up and taking two fingers on both hands she runs them from the side of my breast down to my hips just gently touching me. I reward her with a moan and a shiver. “Like that, do you?”

“Very much so.”

Kim takes the index finger in her right hand and starts doing figure eights across my belly and touching just the top of my mound. “Spread your legs so I can see your pussy.”

Again, I comply without evening thinking about it. At this point I am past thinking about anything other than the feel growing deep in my pussy. Just like what I did to her she starts caressing the insides of my legs, getting ever closer to my lips but never making it to them. “Damn girl you are mean little vixen. You are driving me crazy.”

“Does it feel good, are you enjoying what I am doing to you?” She asks me with a glint in her eyes.

“It feels amazing.” I reassured her. Just then she ran the back side of her fingers across my lips, bringing another moan. She went and spread my lips and makes circles around my over sensitive clit, and I feel myself start to leak juices out of my pussy.

“Oh my what do we have here?” She takes her finger and runs it through my juices, once she has it good and wet she strokes my clit again. She then takes scoops up more and places her finger in her mouth. “Wow, I have never tasted anything like that before. You taste so good I could just eat you up. As a matter of fact; I think I will do just that.”

Kim slides down my body and lays between my spread legs. I raise my head to watch her, and see her take her tongue and lick the entire length of my pussy lips. With a moan, my head falls back onto the bed, but my hips shoot up forcing my pussy into Kim’s face. She takes the hint and inserts her tongue deep inside me, and starts to lick. When my hips fall back to the bed her tongue slides out. Since her tongue is no longer in my pussy she goes after slot oyna something else, namely my clit. She takes my clit into her mouth and starts to suck hard. She is not as gentle to me as I was to her pussy, but that is Ok, I like it.

“Kim you are going to make me cum, yes please keep doing that I love it. If you do not want me to come on you, then you better move your mouth.” I warn her.

She stops sucking and I was afraid she was not going to make me cum with her mouth, boy was I wrong.

“I want you to cum for me, I want to taste it as it comes out of your pussy. Give me your cum.” With that said she starts licking my pussy again. I reach down and grab her head and pull it against my pussy, as I get ready to cum.

Kim had other things in mind. She stops licking my pussy again she moved my hands and tells me to look at her. Which I do.

“You will put your hands to your side or you can play with your tits, but your pussy belongs to me right now and I will be in control of how I make you cum. Is that clear.” Kim scolds me.

“Yes Kim, whatever you say.” I start to play with my tits and pull on my nipples, as Kim’s mouth and tongue return to my pussy. I feel Kim slide two fingers into my pussy and she starts sucking my clit while fucking my pussy with her fingers. That is all I can stand and I start cumin for her. I jerk and shake through my orgasm, but her mouth never leaves my pussy. My orgasm slows and so does Kim till finally she pulls her fingers free and lay down beside me.

“I am so sorry Anne; I do not know what came over me. I just could not stop myself. It just felt so good to be in control of my sex life. For once I got to control what was done in bed, and it was like a total power trip. I even felt myself orgasm while I was in command of you. Please do not be made at me. Did I spoil it for you?”

“No Kim; you did not spoil it for me that was amazing. I told you D and I role play sometimes, one of the things we do is Dominate and Submissive, but what you did to me just now was different than what D does, it felt so good. Thank you, I really enjoyed. I do want to eat your pussy out again before we go to sleep. I want you to get up and lay across these pillows for me.” I quickly stack some pillows in the middle of the bed.

Kim quickly lays across the pillow with her ass in the air, and her legs slightly spread. “What I am going to do to you is something I love for him to do, but with a twist. Now relax and enjoy.” I started caressing her ass checks, and spreading them. I trail my fingers down her ass to the inside of her thighs, gently blow air across her checks. I watched as goose bumps developed on her ass, and legs. I lowered my face and started running my tongue up and down the outside of her pussy lips. It did not take me long to get her juices flowing again, the best part was that I could watch the juices as it ran out and down her lips. This was turning me on so much. I parted her lips and stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, and from this angle that was even farther than before. I could feel Kim moan as I ate her out, I wanted to step things up a notch so I started stroking her clit, and tugging on it.

“Oh God; I am going to cum again, please make me cum again, I need it so bad. Right there cumin!” I feel Kim’s whole body shaking as I keep licking her through her orgasm.

I slide two fingers inside her and start working them in and out, prolonging her orgasm. In this position, I have the power and I know there is no way she can stop me by pushing me away like last time. So, I continue my assault on her pussy, licking and fucking her slow then fast. I keep changing up the pace and angle, this keeps her in a constant state of bliss and I keep hearing her cry out and moan. Like her I am feeling intoxicated canlı casino siteleri and adventurous, so I slip another finger into her pussy, stretching her neglected pussy.

“That feels so good Anne; I have no clue what you are doing to me but I love it. Please do not stop, I have never felt this good.” Kim confess.

“Yes I do trust you, and the way I feel right now you could do anything you want, I could not stop you if I wanted to.”

“I am glad to hear that. Now relax and if you want me to stop just say so.” I look around her room and see some baby oil on her night stand. I slip my fingers out of her and tell her not to go anywhere. I quickly retrieve the oil and get back in bed with my Kim.

Now if you remember from the first part, I am only five foot one, I also have very small hands, so I feel sure I can do what I have planned.

I pour a good amount of oil in Kim’s crack and let it slid down to her pussy where I start rubbing it in and around her pussy. I then pour some on my hand and place my finger at the opening of Kim’s well lubed pussy lips. I start trying to work my four fingers into her pussy, it is a slow go but she is starting to relax and open up some. I start wiggling my fingers as I slide them in up to my first knuckles. I keep working my fingers in and out feeling her pussy starting to open up. Kim keeps lay across the pillows with her pussy open to me, letting moans and some squeals of pain. When she moans, I push a little more, when she squeals I pull out some and add a little more oil. We keep this up for a few minutes.

“I know what you are doing and it feels incredible, I feel so full right now. Could you just stop moving your finger for a few seconds and let me get use to the pressure?” I hear a quiver of excitement in Kim’s voice as she pleads with me. So, I just hold my fingers still.

After a few seconds, I feel Kim relax and push her pussy down on my fingers. “I think I am ready for the rest of it now. Just go slow.”

I do just that I add a little more oil and then my thumb, then start trying to push into her. I meet some resistance but she never tells me to stop, so I keep working my hand into her. Then suddenly it’s over and my hand is inside my friend’s pussy. Kim gives out a startled cry and I just hold still, marveling at the site of Kim and I naked on her bed and my hand buried in her pussy.

“Are you Ok Kim do I need to stop and pull out?” I ask Kim.

“No don’t pull out just let me get use to your hand. I will let you know when I am ready to continue. It hurts a little but it is starting to feel better, just give me a few more seconds.”

So, I just wait and sure enough Kim starts to respond by pushing back on my hand, slowly moving back and forth. Kim suddenly stops and cries out as I feel her pussy cum on my hand.

“Fuck me now please, I need you to fuck me hard with your hand buried in my pussy. That’s it faster make me cum again.” Kim throws her head back and starts shouting at me. “Oh God Anne this is so amazing I cannot stop cumin, I just keep having wave after wave of orgasms. I want you to fuck me one more time and when I cum I need you to pull your hand out. Ok here I cum, OH fuck pull out.”

As I start pulling out I feel her pussy pushing me out at the same time. I watch Kim and she starts to shake like she is having convulsions. Damn what a sexy site. She does manage to roll off the pillows. I look down and see my hand and sheets are covered with Kim’s cum. I cannot help myself I have to lick her cum off my fingers. I just savor the taste and smell of her cum and know I will have to have more of it someday. I look down and see Kim has passed out, I move the pillow and lay down beside her and cover us up. Kim manages to roll over and curl up in my arms. She gives me a kiss and thanks me for a wonderful night, then drifts off to sleep.

I hope everybody enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. I will tell ya’ll about including D into Kim’s bed, if ya’ll want to hear it.

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