Latha Bhabhi, My Landlord’s Wife

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Latha Bhabhi, My Landlord’s Wife

Hi, my name is Raja. I’m 22 years old doing my final year graduation in a reputed college in Hyderabad. This happened between me and my building owner aunty who is 32 years old. I was staying in a single room apartment in a decent area of Hyderabad for more than 2 years.

My owner stays down with her husband and a school going k**. Her husband is a businessman who is busy with his work most of the time but he is very friendly to me. I call him brother as he 35 years. We have a good relation. I was like a family member. We all used to go out for parties.

I like them very much and I used to treat them as my brother and bhabhi. They used to take good care of me as I was very helpful to them. Their k** used to play with me when he didn’t have school. He spent most of the free time with me.

I used to help him with his studies. This made a good relation with Latha bhabhi. She used to treat me good and we are like good bhabhi and devar. I didn’t have any bad intentions on Latha bhabhi. We used to chit chat whenever we had free time. Brother and bhabhi are a very good looking couple.

One day I was talking to my friend in front of the house. The k** was in my room doing his homework. After my friend left I was coming back and her k** asked me to get his school bag from their home as I was near the gate.

I went into the house without knocking the door as bhabhi and brother gave me freedom. I went to the k**’s room and got the bag. I was coming out of the room and suddenly my bhabhi called me, “What happened Raja?”

I turned around to say her I came for his books bhabhi. When I turned around I was speechless. My bhabhi just came out having a bath she came out with just a towel wrapped around her. I was shocked to see her like this.

I just answered her and went to my room. I thought she was very open and didn’t have any bad intentions. she was okay to come in front of me like that. Soon I was playing with the k** after completing his homework.

After having dinner at night I was remembering what happened in the afternoon. I was aroused by her looks in the towel. She had a super body with 36 boobs and 34 waists. I knew this before as we went shopping many times.

That day my intentions changed towards her. Coming days I started to look her in a different way. Before when I touched her hand I didn’t have any feelings but soon I was frequently touching her hands for small things. But she didn’t catch me anytime.

She used to come on the terrace every day to dry their clothes. I used to watch her through my door hole secretly and used to shag my dick. Sometimes I used to take her bra and panty to cool down my dick. This became a habit for almost 1 month.

But I was afraid to take any step further as it may spoil my relationship with them. I was becoming restless to sleep with her. I didn’t have the guts to proceed further. Her husband was going on a business trip for 20 days and he asked to help bhabhi and her k**. I thought this is the right time.

For the 1st 5 days. I didn’t do anything as I wanted to make sure she starves for sex as her husband is not here. From the next day, I started to do pushups only wearing shorts while she came to dry her clothes. She saw me without a shirt many times. After drying her ataşehir escort clothes she wanted to talk to me.

I stood up and started to respond to her all the time. I didn’t want to cover my body as I wanted her to look at me. The next day we went out shopping and had lunch outside and had a good conversation. I made bhabhi laugh a lot while talking to which she was attracted to talk to me more.

We came back after lunch and I went to my room and slept. In the evening her k** came and woke me up saying his mother was sad and he asked me to come down. I went to their home and saw her wiping her eyes I asked her what was wrong.

She said her husbands business trip is extended for more 10 days and she misses him a lot. I consoled her after some time and we had a coffee in her home. Next day I asked her to come to a movie as she is alone and I don’t want her to feel lonely.

We went to a movie in the afternoon and had a good time that day. We bought some snacks for her k**. She thanked me for my support and care towards her when she is alone. I said it is my responsibility to keep them happy as brother was out.

She was very much impressed with my words. She didn’t have any bad intentions on me but I was craving for her for a long time. That was 8th day morning. Her k** left for school and I wanted didn’t wake up.

She came to my room to wake me up. I kept my dick rise straight inside the blanket. A tent was formed outside which was clearly visible. She saw my dick and didn’t do anything. But she made me wake up and I woke up and sat on the bed asking her what happened.

She said she was thinking why was I still sleeping. She asked me to get fresh and she brought me breakfast. That afternoon I made her watch a horror movie as I knew she will be afraid to sleep alone at night. This plan worked out she asked me to sleep in their house as she was afraid after watching that movie.

I went down to their house after completing my work. I was wearing a very small boxer and a sleeveless t-shirt which was showing my body well. She made her k** sleep and we were watching TV.

After some time she went to sleep and asked me to sleep in the guest room after watching tv. I said ok and continued watching TV. I went to sleep in the guest room and after some time I heard bhabhi knocking my room door. I opened and asked what happened.

She said she was afraid to sleep as the dogs were making more noise outside. She asked me to sleep in their room and I went to their room and slept that night I didn’t do anything more I wanted to proceed very cool because I had a lot of time.

In the morning I woke up early and took off my blanket. I made sure my dick was erect and making a tent in my shorts. After a few minutes, she woke up and firstly, she saw my dick. I was observing her and she stared at my dick for almost 5 minutes.

I was almost successful in seducing her. But there was a line dividing us and stopping her to proceed further. It was almost 11 days away from her husband. After her k** went to school she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me. I went to the kitchen.

I wanted to be standing behind her with my dick erect. I wanted to move forward and touched her ass over her nighty with my erect dick. I asked what she was preparing for breakfast so that she doesn’t get göztepe escort a doubt on me.

She felt hard dick on her ass but she didn’t move for a minute. She just stayed there with my dick touching her ass. Still, she was not giving any indications.

Next day I made he watch a romantic Hollywood movie before sleeping. This time I directly went to her room to sleep. She came out after having a shower. She was wearing a sleeveless satin night with no innerwear her nipples wear popping out.

I looked at her and I was so aroused. but I didn’t do anything without knowing her interest. It was hot outside so I was not really comfortable even ac was on. I asked her I wanted to remove my t-shirt as I was not comfortable.

She said she has no problem with that and I took off my t-shirt and I was only in my boxer which was very small and I didn’t wear underwear that day. I went to the restroom and came out she saw me in my boxer and didn’t say a word. I understood she was carving for sex since it was many days without sex.

I said her goodnight and I pretend to sleep after an hour I took off my blanket and slowly I went inside her blanket and her nighty was almost till her knees. I hugged her from behind in such a way that my dick touches her ass crack and I just hugged her in that position for 10 minutes.

She held my hand in her sleep. I didn’t move as I didn’t want to spoil the situation was coming to my hands. After 10 minutes of hugging my heart was beating faster so I slowly moved my hand towards her boobs. I slowly removed her buttons.

I put my hand on her left boob and stayed in that position for a few minutes. Slowly I started to circle her left nipple. She slightly moved and made a comfortable position so that her boob is fully into my hands. I understood she was doing this in her sleep.

I took advantage and pressed her boob and nipple to make it hard. After a few minutes, her nipple was hard and her breathing also became fast. I understood her body was responding to my touch in sleep. I slowly took her right hand and put it inside my boxer on my erect dick.

I continued to circle her nipples. After a few minutes, she was responding. Her breathing was faster and I can feel her heartbeat. Her hand started to hold and feel my dick. She slowly started to rub my dick.

She was thinking all this was happening in her sleep. Her nipples became hard and her heart was beating fast. I took courage and slowly lifted her nighty and saw that she was not wearing panties. I put my hand on her pussy and it was very neatly shaved and it was already wet.

I just rubbed once on her pussy. I thought she might wake up and I removed my hand. I got up and wanted to keep my dick in her mouth so that if she wakes up I can pretend that she was doing this. I slowly opened her mouth and put my dick inside her mouth.

I started to press her boobs. Then I made her suck my dick and in just a minute she understood that this was not in her dream and opened her eyes. She was shocked as her mouth is filled with my dick. I was still pressing her boobs.

She pushed me down and started to beat me. She hit me hard and I was angry and I slapped hard to stop her. She started to cry. But I made her believe that all this was started by her and she believed what I said.

After some time I consoled ümraniye escort her and she said sorry to me and asked to forget whatever happened. She slept on the floor and I slept on the bed that night. In the morning when I woke up she was in the kitchen preparing coffee. My dick was erect.

I straight away went to her and hugged her from the back with my bare chest and erect dick pushing into her ass crack. She was shocked by my move and shouted what I was doing. I hold her mouth and I started to kiss her neck and back.

She was trying hard to push me but I held her very tight. I lifted her nighty till her waist and pushed my dick on her bare ass and started to squeeze her boobs. She didn’t give up. I lowered my boxer and took her hand to touch my dick. She didn’t touch at first.

So I rubbed my dick deep in her ass crack and pressed her boobs and nipples hard and kissed on her neck. She was losing her strength. After 10 minutes of struggle, I again placed her hand on my dick. She held it for the 1st time.

I understood she gave up to me. I was pressing her boobs and kissing more on her back and neck. Finally, she started to hold and rub my dick telling this is not correct. I turned her around and kissed her on lips and made her hold my dick.

She started to respond and she started to shake my dick while kissing. Our kissing was soo intimate that we almost kissed for 15 minutes. I pulled off her nighty in a flash and kissed her all over her neck. Ears and sucked her lips and tongue soo intimately.

She was aroused and she took off my boxer and I lifted her and put her on the kitchen table. She was looking into my eyes and again we kissed for 5 minutes like we didn’t have next life. I parted her legs and her pussy was dripping with cum already.

I sat on my knee and started to kiss her inner thigh. She became restless and pulled my head towards her pussy. Her pussy was soo soft like bread as it was shaved. I licked and tongue fucked for almost 15 minutes. She was moaning and she cummed in my mouth at last.

Then I took her to the bedroom and she took my dick deep into her throat. She sucked my dick so well like a porn star. I dumped a load in her mouth and she took all my cum. I pushed her on the bed and started put 2 fingers in her pussy.

She started to shout in excitement. She was moaning very loudly. I started to finger fuck her and she cummed in 10 minutes of finger fucking. My dick was ready and erect to get into her pussy. She just took into the mouth and sucked twice and made it lubricated.

I parted her legs and applied saliva. I pushed my dick hard and in one go my dick disappeared inside her pussy. She cried out of pain and hit me hard for doing it so rough. I just kept like that for a minute to make her comfortable and slowly I started to stroke her pussy.

Her pussy was swollen already. She was moving in rhythm to my strokes. We were in the missionary position. I started to give her hard strokes and her boobs were jumping up and down due to my strokes. She was enjoying the act as she was starved for many days.

She was moaning in pleasure and I was about to cum and she asked me to cum inside her. I started to stroke her hard and in no time I shot a load inside her pussy. She cummed at the same time.

I fell on her and kissed her and caressed her for some time. She hugged me and thanked me for the pleasure she had been missing past days. For the next few days. We enjoyed like a newly married couple.

We still have good relation and we still take time to satisfy ourselves.

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