Learning from Sally

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I love to masturbate and even though I am married and older now I still enjoy stroking my cock and watching my cock squirt it’s creamy load. This story deals my first real sexual experience when I was just 18. I had been masturbating quite some time before this, but just looking at magazines and fantasizing about really fucking a girl was a far as it went.

My parents had gone to Europe for several weeks that summer. Just as a precaution and to ease their minds about leaving me alone, they had an “older” lady friend of my mom to stop by and check up on me while they were away. At that time she seemed old to me but she was just in her late 40’s. Her name was Sally and she was divorced and seemed eager to keep me company while my folks were traveling.

Sally was a somewhat bigger woman. She was attractive but nothing to really get a hardon over. Her greatest feature were her huge breasts, big DD’s. Now those tits of hers did give me a erection when I would fantasize about them. I remember when she would come to visit my mom, she showed enough cleavage to get my cock all hard. Now that I can look back, I think she enjoyed giving me some good cleavage shots. Usually after one of her visits and staring down her dress trying to see as much as I could, I would make up some excuse that I had to go to my room and there beat off thinking of her big full tits.

Anyway that particular year I would get to see all of her tits and everything else.

It was their second night away and I was enjoying the privacy to masturbate in complete freedom. I knew where my dad hid his fuck magazines. Often when he was in Europe he would bring home some great porn from Sweden and Denmark illegal bahis and places like that. It was really great to lay on my bed and look through those magazines of some great fucking and sucking. I think dad got only porn with the guys a with the biggest and thickest cocks and the best looking women who seemed to really enjoy fucking. That night I had a great time jerking off and shooting such a good load all over my stomach. I got a towel and cleaned myself off and had a great nights sleep thinking of beating off many times while my folks were gone.

I had some things to do that next day and did not give Sally another thought. I figured she would be by a couple of times to see how I was doing so I didn’t think much of it. It seems dad had given her a key to the house of which I was unaware. I hadn’t cleaned up my room that morning and left things pretty much as they were from the night before. I was gone a few hours and when I returned I noticed Sally’s car in the drive. Not knowing she had a key I thought Sally was in her car waiting on my return. I looked inside her car and she was not there. I went to the front door and realized now that she was inside.

She was inside tidying up a bit and I wondered if she had somehow been in my room. I had left all of those magazines by the bed and if she saw them along with the towel with my cum dried on it, she would surely know that I had been masturbating

It was at this point that my sexual experience changed for the better. She had indeed been in my room and saw the porn magazines and the towel with my cum on it. I feared the worst but much to my surprise she was quite excited about finding out that I liked to illegal bahis siteleri play with myself in that way. She told me most boys jerk off and not to worry but just enjoy it.

She told me she thought I enjoyed masturbating and reminded me of the times she showed me some nice cleavage and shortly thereafter I would give some lame excuse to go beat off. Much to my surprise she said she would love to have peeped in on me and watch me get my hard cock out and stroke it until I came. It excited her knowing that just seeing some of her tits got me hard and needing to beat off.

That afternoon and until my parents returned was filled with sexual exploration. We looked at the fuck magazines together. She told me she wasn’t quite as pretty as the models but her pussy was warm and inviting and needing fucking.

It was then that she showed me all her big body. I remember she had on these big full briefs and plain white bra, not fancy underwear at all. Her bra was so full, straining to hold her huge fleshy tits. I looked at her panty crotch and saw some hair just outside the leg opening. Since I had never seen any woman undressed, her underwear looked great to me. My cock was rock hard looking at those big tits in that bra. She was big but it didn’t matter to me. All in knew was that I wanted to stick my dick in her pussy and shoot her full of cum. When she asked me to show her my cock I nearly exploded. I eagerly got out of my clothes as she watched. I thought I would be embarrassed but I did not hesitate to take my briefs off and let her see me, so hard and sticking straight up.

I remember her telling me that I had a great looking dick and it was so canlı bahis siteleri nice and hard.

She told me her pussy was eager to be filled with my young cum and that while my parents were gone there would be no need to waste my cum on a towel but to fill her all I wanted.

I remember her taking those big panties off and pulling her pussy lips open giving me my very first real life view of a woman’s vagina. I noted her full big tummy also. Even thought it sagged some, I found it quite erotic. She had a hairy pussy unlike the women in the magazines who shaved their slits. To me it was quite exciting seeing all that pubic growth. She gave me quite a view, pulling her lips full apart and showing me her clit and rubbing it, at the same time explaining how a woman masturbates. It was exciting as she went into the details of a woman’s pussy. All the while my cock stood full and hard. After the anatomy lesson was over she told me it was time that I put my cock inside her, that she was eager to have my cum. Laying back and spreading her big thighs wide open she rubbed her wet slit and said she was ready for my young cock to fill her hole. Getting between those big thighs she guided my cock into her waiting hole. Slowly I penetrated her wetness. I pushed all the way as deep as I could so her pussy engulfed me. What a fantastic feeling as I moved in and out, slow at first, then more rapid.

I came very quick that first time. She told me not to be concerned that I was new and “quick on the trigger”, as she said. It sure was a great feeling when I entered her, so warm and moist. I remember looking down at her as she smiled and played with her tits for me, telling me just to enjoy the feeling and to shoot her full of all my cum. I think I pumped a quart in her or so it seemed.

This was just the beginning of the fun for those weeks my folks were gone. Perhaps later I can relate some more episodes…………….

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