Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 09

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We sat in silence an uncomfortably long while. They snacked and stared at my nakedness at the table across from them. They could see only my upper torso, but what a sight of sexual submissiveness I was: in contrast to their comfortable state of freedom and full clothing, I was more than naked than naked: my shoulders strained, pulled back because of the super tight elbow cinch behind my back, my forearms bent with my hands at my left hip to ease the strain; my wrists were also bound tightly together. Fortunately I am slim and flexible – many people would not be able to get into this position, much less stay in it for a long time. I could eat something only when one of them chose to hand-feed me. My nose-ring further proclaimed my powerlessness and subservience by the humiliation it conferred: THEY did not wear nose-rings AND the ring they place on me was not some little decoration: the nose-ring I wore could not be missed, a silver hoop large enough to rest on my upper lip.

They talked about me as if I had no say, as if I were simply their property, because indeed I had no say, only influence, and I WAS their fully owned property, subject only to a few minor clauses.

I did receive one question before my next humiliation. Helen asked me if I was very hungry; not just hungry, but very hungry. I softly answered “no, my owner.” Sassa turned to Helen to day how much she loved it when I called them “owners.” Helen nodded, saying using the word “owners” is arousing and sensual because it confirms what is true – that here on this island, they really did own me as their property.

Helen reached into the box and raised the face harness, which had a gag ball. My heart skipped a beat, knowing how erotically submissive and humiliated this would make me feel. Helen told me that when I had this on, if I needed to communicate anything that I needed to speak about, or if I had trouble breathing, that I should make a series of squeals.

My mouth opened slightly, and I almost stopped, but I wanted to know I heard correctly, and to share with her that this was maybe shockingly humiliating, a but too humiliating.

“Squeals?” I softly asked, my eyebrows raising in humiliated misery.

Helen nodded, eyes sparkling. Helen told me she was pleased but a bit surprised over my surprise, because she knew I craved erotic humiliation. Helen granted me some influence, deciding that the sound would best be discovered after experimentation.

“We’ll practice that after I put this on you.”

I wasn’t sure why she used the word “we,” because I would be the one trying out different loud sounds. I sat there, trying to smile, but they could surely tell it was a worried type of smile. I could feel the heat of my blush as she inserted the ball gag and tightened the harness. I whimpered in humiliation, but I was SO aroused by this. Such an utter humiliation and a strong feeling of being so totally owned!

I blushed more deeply as I practiced my alarms sounds. At first they were more like grunts, but Helen ordered me to make them higher, into higher pitched sounds. Ohhhhh — I moaned in arousal… how utterly submissive I felt, how utterly owned and controlled, how humiliating. My sex fantasies coming true…

Some of the sounds I made through the ball-gag DID sound like squeals, but what they wanted was a clear alarm sound. I made high-pitched long cry, more like a wail, but long.

Sassa commented on my deep blushing, much to my shame. Helen added how charming my blushes are. Sassa grinned, then blew me a kiss, saying that my blushing made me so sweet, and her so aroused. I smiled through my gag and total humiliation, knowing I was arousing them. Sassa’s air-kiss made me feel loved, and feeling love toward Sassa. My eyes must have sparkled back into hers.

They snacked on the fruit and discussed the weather, which prompted them to take out their smartphones and check the forecast — sunny skies and perfectly stable temperatures for the next day or two, then some rain, then sunny again. Sassa began finding lesbian bondage pictures and pointing out certain ones to Helen. They would look at me and smile, but they only sometimes showed me the image of interest.

Soon enough, especially because of my sound-making, the saliva accumulated enough to spill out. Drool began pooling inside my mouth, then seeping out around the ball gag…… then streaming slowly down the side of my chin on the side of the ball gag that I was slightly tilting my head toward… my owners were fascinated by my lack of control, the helplessness to stop the saliva. I was even more utterly humiliated by my drooling, by their staring at me, watching this wet, uncontrolled display. Sassa ordered me to position myself in such a way as to ensure the drool falls onto my exposed breast. The way she glanced at my bare breast when she said that made me feel exposed and desired . . .

I felt even more humilaited somehow when Sassa nodded and pointed to casino oyna my breast. “Yes, that one, slave.” I realized I must have communciated my question with my eyes, or perhaps she was simply making me hurry into a slightly leaning position.

Helen moved to clean me up with her napkin, but Sassa pulled her sister’s hand back gently. Sassa explained she loved watching this, how it demonstrated my helplessness, and brought even more blushing onto my face. Helen smiled sweetly at her younger sister, nodding. Then both enjoyed staring at me, the sexual art they had helped create.

To my further embarrassment, Sassa took a picture of me. She showed it to Helen, and then to me. There I was, in erotic uninhibited bondage, drool glistening, breasts prominently up and out. I admired my deltoid and tricep muscles, which popped out in that position. I experienced a mixture of thoughts and emotions – the first being pride and pleasure – I even turned myself on… then humiliation as my eyes pleaded not to share that pic. Helen could read my mind. She caressed my strained bare shoulder and told me they would be careful with any pics – after all, they are involved them too, and we didn’t want any trouble stopping our blissful adventures. She glanced meaningfully at Sassa, who nodded.

The next picture Sassa showed me was from the internet – a pretty young lady also wearing a face harness. After that one, Sassa showed us a wider view in another picture of the same face-harnessed young woman: she was a ponyslave.

“I am so hot to train you to be our ponyslave.” grinned Sassa. She arched her eyebrow and gave me a mischievous grin.

“Mmmmm yes, ” smiled Helen, “we have all summer, at least, to train our slave property to perfection.” We three glanced at one another in happiness.

Sassa added, “most people would be not be happy in your situation. You are such a sex-crazed …”

Helen interrupted “…super sensuous high libido person! Like my sister!”

We all grinned; or at least they did… but they could tell I was smiling with my eyes and through the ball gag.

Helen spoke after another pause of their staring at me and my nakedness, tightly bound and drooling, “For the moment, I’m feeling like our slave property should be more displayed, even more visible, as we relax. Sassa, would you be so kind as to bring a barstool here?”

Sassa instantly grinned and was off to grab a stool. Helen held aloft a dildo with a suction base. I gulped.

Soon the sisters were helping me slide onto the dildo, which was sticking straight up from the stool. They held my arms and for my balance and I was giddy from their hands guiding my hips and thighs. I was standing but with slightly bent knees… I lowered slowly onto the head of the dildo.. Fortunately, I was so aroused that the dildo could slide into the steamy moisture. Nevertheless, the vertical dildo was large enough that I had to slide up and down slowly quite a few times times before I absorbed its entire length and was sitting still, as Helen commanded, on the stool. I was in ecstasy during this – a dream come true – both of them staring at my thighs, labia, flat abs, seeing my moisture. They stood and to ensure I didn’t fall off, held onto my bound arms mostly, but also touching my hips and thighs a little.

Eventually when I was firmly all the way down and steady, Helen got out her camera, for higher resolution photos.

They settled back into their chairs… and looked up at me. The seat of the stool was higher than the tabletop. I was on display. My wet, juicing bare vagina at their eye level.

We were there like that for about an hour. The saliva drool continued to flow all over my chin, chest, breasts and further down… abs… loins. I was glistening. They were not drying me off. Instead, they loved my sensuous moisture, helplessness, blushing and intense arousal.

The whole time I could only make noises and whimpers when they asked me anything. I moved occasionaly, but they would often stop me with a warning, ensuring I would not climax.

Sassa would occasionally stand up and rub my saliva further across my hair, face, chest, shoulders and strained arms behind me. This was so erotically humiliating to me… I became even more soaking wet down there… sex juices flowing down the dildo, the stool, and my legs. Helen pointed this out to Sassa – that their slave property was oozing multiple types of liquid: saliva, sweat and sex juice. Sasha added that I was glistening in the sun… and they took more pictures. This aroused me intesnely… the picture-taking revealed that they did see me as a sex and art object, fulfilling a deep desire.

When they starting taking the first video, I was mortified at first… and soon after moaned in desperate arousal. They loved it when I posed, and tried to smile…

Helen asked me whether I loved this. I nodded my head in enthusiastic agreement and shame. I cried just a little slot oyna bit in humiliation and happiness… Helen asked if I needed to use my safe squeal, but I shook my head and she could see that I was OK as my face and eyes contorted into a smile. She stood to caress my hair and massage my strained naked shoulders. That made me blush again in humiliation, which they loved to see and talked about. They knew I got off on the humiliation, and my emotions were deeply interesting to them. And of course the more they talked about my erotic humiliation and utter submission, the more humiliated and aroused I became.

I felt near to orgasm almost the whole hour on the stool.

After the first half hour, they started intensely focusing on my loins. Helen got some body jewelry out of the box and sorted through the choices. Sassa delicately pulled at my labia, spreading them. I moaned and whimpered in ecstasy and submission, knowing I was so helplessly displayed. Helen clipped on some labia weights… ohhh how displayed and erotic I was!

Part of their conversation then was about the intense discipline I must receive. I had written this into the slave training manual myself, as the only way to truly impress upon all parties that the slave was truly the property of her owners, to make this totally real. I wanted to feel the full reality of being owned by these beautiful sisters. Of being their sensual sex toy, their love slave, totally theirs to fully enjoy without any inhibitions.

Helen and Sassa discussed how I actually wanted that. When they looked at me, I conveyed my emotions as much as I could while gagged. I blushed and nodded when asked whether the total and utter ownership of me is still my dream come true. I nodded shyly when asked whether the discipline should be hard, even painful, for my initiation ritual. I nodded again when Helen asked me to confirm that I wanted pain. More drool oozed out. Sassa grinned – again, Sassa showed with her delighted expression that she was not worried about being too hard on me.

I tried to speak through the gag. “Yeff ooo muhh – lav eeds i-iplin.”

I nodded when Helen translated correctly: “Yes you must, slave needs discipline.”

Sassa asked brightly looking into my eyes: “do you love being so naked in front of us?”

I nodded, of course.

She popped a series of more questions, to each of which I nodded, but every time in a more embarrassed way:

“Is it humiliating that your juices are oozing and slick sliding down the dildo, even down your legs?”

“Are you not at all able to control that saliva oozing out?”

“Are you uncomfortable that your drool is making your chin, breasts, stomach and even your thighs wet and slick and shiny in the sun?”

“But does that display of your helplessness, out total control of you, our property, make your insides quiver in erotic bliss?”

To that one my eyes and whole being aligned with my whimpers and nodding of total humiliating arousing agreement.

My hips started to move, my vaginal muscles grasping the dildo deep inside…

Helen stood up to sternly warn my to stop that… I immediately held still.

Helen took out a different, larger whip and stood slightly behind me, to my left side.

Sassa smiled with lust – and I hope a little sympathy – as Helen began to lightly whip me. The force of her whipping increased until she could tell I was getting uncomfortable… she told me three more hard… I braced but she reminded me to relax my muscles…

One – I wailed into the gag…

Two – I writhed and wailed louder …

Three – very very hard! I cried out sharply, whimpered, and tears sprang into my eyes.

Sassa also stood and caressed my hair and shoulder…

“That was hot, slave” Sassa purred.

Helen told me that my pumping my hips without permission, endangering an orgasm… was the main reason the discipline began.

Helen said she felt that whipping me somehow something triggered in her mind to be willing and even eager to thoroughly discipline me.

Sassa rummaged through the box as Helen sat down.. Helen and I exchanged glances…her eyes smiled and mine then did too. I said “thank you” though of course it was garbled due to the gag. Helen leaned over the table and kissed my nose.

Sassa then stood next to me again with a small, narrow, sharp-looking whip.

They took turns playing with my nipples. Eventually they started kissing me, licking my nose and distended lips. It was delicious to be kissed by both of them at the same time!

As they noticed the sun’s heat becoming more powerful, they put on wide brimmed straw hats and lotion, and they thoroughly slathered me with sun block – every square millimeter of me – having me stand up finally. They stared as I slid out of the slick dildo… and then sprayed me with all-natural insect repellent… rather sweet smelling.

Sassa happily led me around by a leash, canlı casino siteleri often making me prance with knees just so high. Sassa led me by the leash for a long time. She kept telling Helen and me how much she loved the simple bondage of elbow and wrist ties, collar, leash and gag; the ties made me displayed and helpless, the gag continued to make me drool and talk only in muffled sounds, contributing to my erotic humiliation, though tprancing with my knees just so high was the most humilaiting aspect. The collar was sexy and the leash put her in control.

Helen went to do some things inside, winking to Sassa. Sassa smiled into my eyes and said, “You are all mine for a little while.” I smiled baxk (as much as I could with the gag) and widened my eyes in apprehension.

She pulled the leash while ordering me to my knees. She told me to stay kneeling there and rummaged through the box. Her eyes lit up and she seemed unusually serious as she showed me what she found: the ponytail butt plug. I nodded by instinct, more to communicate I understood, not to give any permission.

She helped me lie on the ground, then raise my derriere high. She lubricated my anus tenderly, commenting how clean it was.

She wiped her hands, released the ball gag, at which I gasped and thanked her. She placed the butt plug against my lips. I began to kiss and lick it… then for quite a while she enjoyed pushing it into and pulling it out of my mouth, telling me it was for further lubrication, and of course erotic humiliation and dominance. I nodded and blinked in agreement and understanding as I continued to gush saliva all over it.

Sassa took a while to insert the tail into my anus. I tried to get my muscles there to relax, but they would seem to grip the plug on their own. Sassa spoke to me in delight the whole time, coaching me to relax and praising me also for the excellent gripping, because the butt plug would have to stay in soon as I would be exercising.

Sassa enjoyed my humiliation very much as I moaned in this situation.

Sassa French-kissed me before placing the gag back in my mouth.

She loved her total dominance of me so much she had me prancing for a solid hour… I was pouring sweat and panting for air, but loving the workout and the attention. I was glad I was in such good shape. As I grew tired, my perfect form slipped, giving Sassa excuses to whip me everywhere and spank my derriere. Not that she needed excuses.. she also whipped various parts of me for simple encouragement and because she loved to do it.

Halfway through that hour, Helen came out and grabbed her digital camera again… I thought of protesting even though I hadn’t before. I whimpered instead. I realized the rush of erotic humiliation and arousal, the sense of utter submission, that being photographed like this was giving me… what utter submission I was in, so humiliated, so erotic, so bound, prancing, sweating, panting, AND being photographed! I realized that if I weren’t so crazily aroused, and in love with these sisters, I would have freaked out to be photographed. With them, this was another way I felt actually owned, loved, a sex object, and even a work of art.

Helen surprised me by saying she was going to film me now… I forgot a digital camera could take videos too. Helen added that we can all watch the videos later and comment on technique… AND how to make this even more erotic. I actually blushed even more as she began to film… knowing I would be watching this with them. I strove to perfect my form… prancing just as perfectly as I could, raising each knee just so high, modeling what the most fancily-trained horse might do.

During that hour, I had to pee once: they made a spectacle out of that , knowing it would erotically humiliate me and turn me on even more… Sassa called Helen over for it, we went to a corner of the patio, I stood and spread my legs, and my face became hot as they watched me pee… Sassa seemed more focused on the pee and loins, while Helen got me blushing even more deeply by looking into my eyes, embarrassing me even more.

Simple things were also humiliating. Sassa giving me water from a cup as I stood so naked, displayed and helpless. ..

Sassa caressing my long hair, and pulling my head back with it… Helen and Sassa standing or walking near me, so nicely dressed, in contrast to my body so nakedly displayed, sweat and sex juice pouring, chest and rib cage heaving as I struggled to pull in enough oxygen for this strenuous exercise…

A moment I will always cherish is when Sassa held and rubbed my behind-my-back-bound arms and oozed “ooohhh she is so hot and I soo love owning her… ” and then Sassa caressed my buttocks… “ohhh what a perfect derriere…” beamed Sassa… she kissed each cheek lovingly.

Back onto the dildo stool I went… this time with the feeling of the butt plug filling my other hole… why I blushed when I was ordered to spread my legs wider I am not sure… they had already seen me…

While Sassa played with me, Helen took some time to review the slave training manual I had written. I became extremely curious when I saw her taking notes and making sketches…

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