Lesbian Vampire Whores Ch. 05

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After Millicent left in her limo, Lisa took Holly back to their bedroom where after a deep soul searching kiss, she tied her young charge to the bed. Lisa was going to have some fun with the girl’s sweet body before turning the lights out for the evening.

And nothing was more beautiful than a young female body, nude and golden, tied down with legs spread eagle, her young ripe breasts standing up high and proud, her nipples hard as raisins, and no way for her to satisfy the lust churning in her body. Holly was breathtaking in candle light as she squirmed on the silk sheets. A ball gag making sure she said nothing when Lisa ran the oh so soft feather down her flat belly to her pussy and tickled her cunt lips. Using that feather on her young body was exquisite torture. Every so often Lisa bent over and kissed her hot skin. Holly was so beautiful, and Lisa loved it when she arched her back against the feather tickling her pussy.

Blind with lust from the vampire bite, Holly body craved sex. She wouldn’t start to come down for another six months, and it would be a year before she could be trusted away from Lisa, her designated lover. Grinning Lisa propped herself on her elbow and ran the feather back up Lisa’s lovely belly to her breasts. She teased the nipples by making little swirls around them. She ran the feather under her swollen breasts and back along her rib cage. Just for fun Lisa took one of the ripe nipples in her mouth and sucked vigorously on it while tickling Holly’s other nipple with the feather. As sensitive as her nipples were right now, if she continued Holly would have an orgasm.

Holly whimpered softly, her body on fire, her pussy begging for relief. If she didn’t get an orgasm soon, she was sure she would lose her mind. But Lisa was having too much fun torturing her.

“Are you good and juicy, Baby?” Lisa finally asked the gagged girl and laid the feather aside. Leaning over the luscious young woman, she ran her hand down her belly to her pussy. A gentle probe of her finger found Holly’s pussy hot and wet, her clit swollen and oh so sensitive. “Does my baby want to cum?” she asked playfully and very lightly stroked Holly’s clit. Holly mewed in agony and rolled her hips. “It’s OK, Baby,” she said and kissed Holly’s flat belly. Using her tongue, she lapped Holly’s lovely navel. It wasn’t going to take much to get this sweet tender piece off. Repositioning herself between Holly’s wide stretched legs, she stroked open her pussy lips with her fingers. Holly mewed again. Lisa leaned forward and sealed her lips over Holly’s pussy, her tongue lashing the hyper-sensitive clit. A few seconds of this and Holly casino siteleri thrashed wildly against her bonds, screaming into her gag.

Lisa continued licking and sucking on Holly’s hot pussy several more minutes before raising her head. Now it was her turn, but she had something else in mind. Retrieving a two-headed rubber cock out of the large bottom drawer of the bedside table, she slipped one head inside of her own aching cunt. Tremors of pleasure shot through her belly and up to her own hard nipples. The other end of the cock she pushed deep inside Holly’s tight wet pussy. As horny as she was and by pinching her own sensitive tits, she came quickly, but not as quickly as Holly. The sight of that luscious play thing writhing under her sent Lisa back over the top. It would be hours before she freed her lovely toy to go pee and come back to bed.

Cynthia was exhausted when they reached the mansion of the Master, but her body still craved sex. Mistress Millicent’s *Old Friend* Antonia met them at the huge oaken double doors and had the servants show Millicent’s *girls* to their room. It was enormous with a giant king sized bed in the center of the room.

Left to themselves, the tired women undressed and climbed into bed with Cynthia in the middle. Monica and Candy wanted to make sure Cynthia didn’t climb out of bed and wander off in the middle of the night. If she woke up craving sex, they didn’t want her sneaking off to fuck the servants. The mistress would have their lovely asses if that happened. Exhausted but with an itch that wouldn’t go away, Cynthia fretted a few minutes before finally going to sleep. Candy and Monica smiled at each other and then dropped their heads on their pillows. Taking care of nymphomaniac was going to be interesting in the long run.

Cynthia didn’t know what time it was when she awakened, but it was still dark outside. Needing to pee forced her out of bed, and being hungry made her wander out of the room to find a kitchen. A grandfather clock told her it was nearly six, and she could actually smell food cooking. Vampires didn’t need cooked food but human servants did.

Finding a light on, she peeked through the open door and found two people sitting at a café table eating bacon and eggs and toast. There was jam and hot coffee on the table. The woman at the table spotted her first and alerted the man to her presence.

“This must be one of Lady Millicent’s lovelies,” the man said and stood up. He and the woman were both dressed in contrast to Cynthia’s nudity. “Are you here with Lady Millicent?”

“Yes. I was hungry,” she replied and eased into the kitchen.

The slot oyna man and woman shot each other an interested glance as the woman got up and made Cynthia a plate of eggs and bacon. They sat her between them.

“What is your name?” the man asked curiously and resumed eating.


“Such a nice name,” the woman replied with a smile. “I am Danny and this is my brother David.”

Cynthia looked at them more closely now and decided they were indeed brother and sister and very pretty as well. Both had thick blond hair and silver blue eyes and such pretty faces. She liked the way David smiled at her. And just that thought made her nipples hard and her pussy twitch. She wanted sex.

After breakfast, Danny, who wanted to get a taste of this sweet young thing, suggested, “Why don’t we retire to our room?”

“Marvelous idea,” David agreed and offered Cynthia his hand. He could smell her hot pussy begging for relief. He meant to ride this tender young filly until she broke or he gave out.

Cynthia was a wee bit curious as to why a brother and sister would share a bedroom, but when she saw it, she was honestly amazed at how large and spacious it was. And there was a garden outside a pair of French doors. She moved the lace curtains aside and gazed at the lush beauty of it with a smile on her face. Suddenly two warm hands cupped her breasts and toyed with her nipples. That was enough to send a shudder blazing down to her groin.

“Come to bed,” David breathed into her ear. Cynthia swallowed hard and let him guide her towards the huge bed where naked Danny waited for them.

“You are so pretty,” Danny purred and reached for her. Drawing her in for a kiss, Danny made herself comfortable on her back while David positioned himself behind their lovely young plaything. Cynthia’s mouth was warm and tender, but her tongue was bold as she met Danny in passionate kiss. Danny reached down and played with Cynthia’s beautiful breasts while David positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy.

David’s cock slipped easily into her hot wet cunt. Fresh orgasmic women didn’t need any preparation, but he wanted her ass and made sure his cock was slick with her juice. Drawing out of her, he opened her butt cheeks and pressed her cock against her anus. Cynthia whimpered with need, her pussy missing his cock, but Danny was playing with her nipples as David pushed his cock slowly but surely into her rectum.

Cynthia shuddered and whimpered and mewed as he slowly fucked her ass. Every stroke sent a shiver of delight through her belly and groin. Danny, under Cynthia, raised her knees and stroked her clit canlı casino siteleri while Cynthia, eyes shut, was rocked back and forth by her brother’s cock. Cynthia’s first orgasm was loud and noisy.

Candy and Monica were beginning to panic as they searched for Cynthia when they heard her scream. Running to the door where the sounds were coming from, they rushed in and stopped in wonder. Cynthia was getting the fuck of her life from a gorgeous man and woman.

Danny, seeing some help for her own frustration, growled, “Close the door and come here!”

Candy and Monica grinned at each other and dropped their robes on the floor to join in the fun. David, his cock still in Cynthia’s spasming ass, raised her up and moved over so the new comers could play with his sister. Soon there was so much licking and sucking and finger fucking, and so much new ass in the air that he decided to try someone else.

Candy’s sensitive ass was his next target. She bowed her back and gasped loudly when he shoved his cock into her rectum. It was hot and tight, and he loved it, and when she got partly on her knees, he reached around and grabbed fistfuls of heavy titty. He fucked her hard and spilled his seed in her bowels when she orgasmed.

“That’s two,” he growled with satisfaction, but like Millicent’s women, he and his sister were vampire food, and capable of many orgasms. A short rest and he reached for Monica’s sweet ass. He turned her but not enough to move Cynthia who was licking her pussy. A little pussy lubricant and he pounded it home. His sister’s ass would be his last trophy of the morning, and Danny would have the added pleasure of being on her hands and knees while Monica and Cynthia lay beneath her and sucked her hanging tits.

When Millicent’s women left at noon, they were humming with sexual pleasure, but with Monica being the Mistress’ food for that evening, they needed to rest and recharge. Cynthia would have been happy to stay with David and Danny and fuck the rest of the day, but neither Candy nor Monica wanted to leave her behind. A light lunch awaited them, and then it was rest, although a little oral sex between Candy and Cynthia was allowed. Monica had to wait, and a pair of silk scarves reminded her that she was going to get the ultimate orgasm when the mistress fed. Tied to the bed, she got to watch Candy go down on Cynthia’s hot pussy while Cynthia licked and fucked Candy’s offered cunt.

By dusk when Mistress arrived, they were sufficiently recharged and ready for her, but Millicent wasn’t happy. She looked at her food tied to the bed, panting with desire and frowned. “Untie her,” she ordered sharply.

The girls looked confused. Was the Mistress not hungry? “Do you want us to find a chair?” Candy asked and looked around the room.

“No. I’ve already fed on one of the Master’s meals. He wants to meet you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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