Lessons Learned

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Chapter One

Kayla Redmond gazed out the window of her red Honda Civic and noticed with appreciation the leaves on the trees which had seemingly turned to amber, scarlet, and mahogany overnight. Of course, it had probably not happened overnight, it was just that Kayla was completely immersed in her new love affair and while all her senses seemed heightened, she was also almost paradoxically aware of very little beyond her new lover. Kayla was in a twin state of euphoria and heightened desire which fortunately did not seem to stand in the way of her performing well at work.

Kayla turned into the parking lot of Jefferson Middle School where she taught sixth grade math and swerved into a parking spot. Grabbing her Coach briefcase and a light jacket from the seat next to her, Kayla stepped out of the car. Kayla was a beautiful, tall twenty-two year old with long honey-colored hair and pretty green eyes which were fringed with long lashes. Today she was wearing a slim black skirt that fell just above her knees, and her long legs seemed to never end as she enhanced them with high-heeled black pumps. The light pink sweater she wore displayed ever so subtly her firm, round breasts, and her neck was adorned with a silver chain from which sparkled silver beads intermingled with colored crystals. The whole package was one of a sexy and beautiful young woman who radiated zest and vitality.

Walking into the aged brick building that housed her classroom and her lover, Kayla was acutely aware today of the crisp autumn air and Indian summer sunshine. She was also terribly grateful that it was Friday. Working with her lover was fun, but they had to be extremely careful to not let their relationship become public knowledge. They both believed that it was not a great thing to have going on in the workplace, and in this case the fact that the lovers in question were both women, made it even more crucial to safeguard their secret. Not that anyone had the right to judge them; however, both women knew it would probably happen. They, themselves, had to get past the fact that they had love and lust for another woman, but it felt so good and so right to each of them that they had been able to move on quickly from any concerns about their same-sex romance.

Kayla turned into the small office she shared with her mentor, friend, and lover, Melissa Martin. Missy was already at her desk putting papers into folders when Kayla entered. She looked up as Kayla walked in, and her face behind her wire-rimmed glasses was radiant. All of her emotions seemed to be clearly reflected on her pretty face as she gazed at her lover with her intense blue eyes.

Melissa was a little shorter than Kayla and very curvy and voluptuous in all the right places. A pretty and wholesome-looking twenty-five year old blonde, Melissa had been sheltered and conservative when she took on the role of Kayla’s teaching mentor. She had, since then, become almost a new person as her sexuality had unfurled like a rose opening to the sun. Since meeting Kayla, she had gotten contact lenses and sexy new clothes and had often opted to wear her light blonde hair loose and curling about her shoulders. However, for work, she usually chose to wear her glasses, conservative clothing, and her hair up in a pony tail or chignon as she had done previously.

“I don’t want the world to go into shock,” she had joked to Kayla with one of the husky chuckles which Kayla had found to be imminently sexy when she first met Melissa. Even dressed in her professional clothes, Kayla had been able to see what a beautiful body Melissa had and what a gorgeous and sexy woman she was. She had found herself immensely attracted to the other teacher from the get-go, and it had not taken long for Missy to feel the same about Kayla, a fact which had perplexed her tremendously at first since she was sexually inexperienced.

Kayla, who was a sexual free spirit, had initially been trying to teach Melissa how to perform sexually for her long-term boyfriend when somehow, the awakening of the other teacher’s sexual desires, ended up being a result of the lust Kayla created in her. The result of Melissa’s sexual renaissance was sultry, steamy sexual experiences with Kayla combined with the tender love they both realized they felt for one another. Melissa, for one, had never been happier, and she had realized this quickly after almost throwing it away for a return to her previous existence and a marriage proposal from her boyfriend.

Now, as early October was underway, the two beautiful blondes were ecstatic in their new-found relationship and eager to enjoy it every chance they could. Kayla glanced at the blinds on the office door and seeing that they were closed, strolled over to Melissa and planted a tender kiss on her lips. Breaking the lip-lock, she put her things down on her own desk and walked back to her lover and slid onto her lap, rubbing her firm breasts against Missy’s full, heavy, 36 DD’s that were hard to hide even in her loose white blouse. Two sets of nipples seemed to grow erect immediately, and Missy put her hands on Kayla’s bare knees and slid them casino siteleri up her thighs feeling the edge of Kayla’s panties with her fingertips.

“Mmmm,” Kayla moaned. “Touch my pussy, Sweetie,” she purred into Missy’s ear. Missy slid two fingers across the top of Kayla’s right thigh and down toward the crotch of her panties where she slipped them inside. She ran her fingers over Kayla’s slit which was already wet. Missy’s fingers trailed up to Kayla’s soft, shaved mound and then gently flicked over her clit and back down to her wet hole. Kayla moaned softly as Missy removed her fingers, brought them back out from under the skirt and raised them to her lips. She stuck out her pink tongue and licked the juices from her fingers as she gazed intently into Kayla’s eyes.

“Ok, that’s it. The day needs to be over with because I can’t wait anymore,” Kayla whimpered with an exaggerated pout of her pretty, glossy lips.

Missy gently pushed Kayla from her lap and stood up, taking the leggy blonde into her arms. “You will just have to wait, but you know it will be worth it,” she said quietly into Kayla’s ear as Kayla trembled from the embrace, her desire, and Missy’s warm breath tickling her ear. “Unfortunately, it’s time to get to work.” Missy said, giving Kayla’s bottom a playful squeeze. Kayla looked at her and sighed, her eyes saying “okay, okay, I know,” as she went to get books and folders from her desk. Kayla stacked up what she needed to start the day and with a sigh of resignation, walked toward the door to her classroom that opened up into her shared office with Missy.

Chapter Two

The day seemed to go on endlessly for Kayla but finally ended, in spite of itself, except for the fact that she had a student staying after school for detention. Kayla sat and went over her plans for the following week. She had written them the prior evening to free up her weekend for fun with her lover. She added a few things as she scanned them and knew that certainly she was watching the clock as much or more than the student. Finally, she was free to put her work week behind her, and she entered the shared office and thrilled to the sight of Melissa standing by her desk, clearly packed up and ready to leave.

“I thought you’d never get here,” Missy said with feigned consternation. “I’m ready to go as soon as you are.”

“I’ve been ready since early this morning,” Kayla replied with innuendo in her tone.

Missy chuckled. “Yes, I know. Remember, I had my fingers in your panties this morning?”

“As if I could forget,” Kayla replied as she put things in order at her desk. “I have been able to think of little else all day. OK, I’m ready to get out of here. Let’s go,” Kayla said gleefully as she grabbed her briefcase and jacket and strolled over to Missy.

Kayla gave the other woman a quick, feather-light kiss on the lips that made Melissa shiver, and they left the office together, locking the door behind them. The pretty blondes both squinted as they exited the dim interior of the school and emerged into the parking lot. The October sunlight was bright, and the day was still crisp and clear.

“I’ll see you at your house,” Kayla said quietly and almost floated to her car, she was in such an elated state. The women had made special plans for the weekend, and Kayla for one, could not wait to let the fun begin.

When Kayla turned onto Missy’s tree-lined street, she could barely contain her excitement. Missy’s light blue BMW was parked in front of her pretty colonial home, and Kayla pulled into the driveway and parked her red Civic in Missy’s garage. She opened the trunk and pulled out her small wheeled suitcase and overnight bag, thrilled to be taking them out of their holding place and putting the Coach briefcase in instead. Missy was waiting on the front porch. She had just opened the burgundy front door which sported a new wreath adorned with fall leaves and mums in shades of orange, gold and brown. Kayla followed her into the house, her eyes glued to Missy’s rounded bottom which was hugged by the khaki skirt she wore.

As soon as Missy had closed the door, Kayla set down her bags and almost tackled the other woman due to her excitement and the anticipation which had been building the entire day. Their soft lips met in a sensuous kiss, and Kayla almost frantically sought Missy’s tongue with her own. Both women moaned as their tongues connected like familiar friends and began the intimate dance they both enjoyed so much. Kayla reached up and loosened Missy’s hair and felt it cascade around her hands as it fell to Missy’s shoulders. Kayla ran her hands over Missy’s back and reached down to squeeze her soft cheeks, kneading them through the fabric of her skirt.

“Mmmm, Oh God, I want you so bad,” Kayla murmured as she pulled away from the kiss and began fumbling with the button and zipper on the front of the other teacher’s skirt.

“Don’t you want to wait until we take our little road trip and get to the hotel?” Missy asked.

“As if I could…..” Kayla began, but her mouth found Missy’s again, so her passionate kiss was the completion of slot oyna her response.

Kayla kissed Missy with growing urgency and sighed into her mouth as Missy reached for the bottom of Kayla’s pink sweater. The women pulled apart and Missy lifted the sweater over Kayla’s head and tossed it aside. Kayla was wearing a pink silky bra and the tops of her breasts swelled over the cups. Missy ran a fingernail over the top of each cup, grazing Kayla’s soft flesh.

“Mmmm, Missy, take my bra off and suck my nipples. Pleeaasseee,” Kayla almost hissed.

Kayla’s bra had a front clasp and Melissa obliged, snapping it open and pulling it apart to reveal her lover’s perfect round breasts with elongated, pink nipples that were almost beckoning her to suck them. Missy pushed Kayla back gently onto the living room sofa and knelt before her on the floor. She lowered her head to one perfect breast and took the nipple into her mouth, loving as always, how it felt on her tongue.

“Ahhhh!” Kayla said as she arched her back, lifting her beautiful breasts to Missy. Missy sucked at the nipple for a long time, and Kayla could feel her pussy getting incredibly wet. She groaned when her lover removed her mouth but sighed in ecstasy a moment later when Missy began to suck the other nipple. Missy’s fingers were stroking the top of

one of Kayla’s feet which were still clad in her high-heeled black pumps. She slipped the shoe from Kayla’s foot and tickled her foot gently as she stroked the sole of her foot and then up Kayla’s ankle and calf and higher finally to her thigh. Kayla reached down and grabbed her black skirt and hiked it up, exposing her silky pink panties with a soaking wet crotch. Missy tickled around the leg opening as she had in the morning, teasing Kayla until the leggy blonde could stand it no longer.

“God, Missy, please touch my pussy,” she begged.

Missy stuck two fingers inside the leg of the panties and moved them slowly and deliberately toward Kayla’s slit which she stroked from top to bottom.

“Is this what you want, Sweetheart?”

“Yes!!!!” Kayla cried, wriggling to get more of Missy’s fingers.

Missy obliged by grabbing the waist of the panties and sliding them down Kayla’s long legs and over her feet She removed Kayla’s other shoe as she did this and then ran her fingers quickly from the top of Kayla’s foot back to the fragrant, dripping pussy. Missy stuck a finger deep inside the dripping hole and Kayla moaned. The voluptuous blonde pulled her wet finger out and ran it up the smooth, wet, pink slit until she touched Kayla’s erect clit. She stroked the clit several times before moving down all the way back to the hole and repeating this again and again. Kayla was moaning and gasping, getting incredibly turned on and almost out of control.

“Missy, take off your blouse and skirt. I want to see you while you touch me,” Kayla commanded.

Missy stood up and slipped the loosened skirt over her hips and stepped out of it and then unbuttoned her white blouse slowly, her bright blue eyes glued to Kayla’s green ones. Missy opened the blouse and exposed her huge breasts which were practically spilling out of her white lace bra. She reached behind herself and opened the clasp and pulled off the bra. Her large, heavy breasts fell seductively into place once released, and Kayla could barely breathe as she watched them. Missy perched on the edge of the sofa by Kayla and thrust her chest into the excited girl’s face.

“Suck them while I finger you, Sweetheart,” she whispered as Kayla willingly took one of Missy’s huge pink nipples into her mouth and felt it grow rock-hard as she sucked it.

Missy moaned and put her fingers back on Kayla’s dripping pussy. Kayla trembled when Missy’s fingers found her aching clit and began to stroke it. Missy then began to run her entire hand up and down the saturated flesh, sticking her fingers into the wet hole and pulling out more juice which she then stroked up over the slit and up to the clit. She repeated this over and over again as Kayla sucked greedily at her nipples. God, Kayla was so wet. Missy could feel her own juices dripping into the crotch of her white lace panties.

Kayla was completely turned on and building toward a powerful climax. Her mouth sucked fervently at her lover’s nipples while she fondled the beautiful breasts in her hands. The sensations of her lover’s breasts in her hands and mouth and the stroking hand on her tingling pussy were driving her over the edge. She removed her mouth from the nipple she was sucking to cry out.

“OHHHH MY GOD, Missy! I’m CUUMMMINNGG!!! AHHHHHHH!” Kayla screamed as her body pulsated beneath Missy’s stroking fingers.

Kayla’s climax was just about to end when the stroking of the pretty blonde’s fingers brought her over the edge again, and she climaxed powerfully again, tensing and shaking as a huge gush of clear, shiny fluid streamed out of her. The juices ran over Missy’s hand and onto the cushions of the sofa. Kayla had not gushed like this with orgasms until she had started her love affair with Missy. The strength of her feelings for Missy canlı casino siteleri and the intensity of their lovemaking had been bringing Kayla to such powerful climaxes that her juices gushed from her.

Breathing normally now and coming down from her climax high, Kayla gazed down at the wet sofa cushions.

“Missy, I’m so sorry. I hope this doesn’t stain your sofa.”

“I could care less,” Missy replied. “I love when you gush and that I can make you do that. In fact, I feel like embroidering your name on the cushion by the wet spot,” Missy said with a sexy, husky chuckle.

“Well, I guess in a way I marked my territory. I mean, I want to be the only one you bring to a shattering orgasm on this sofa,” Kayla replied.

Missy laughed. “Sorry, time for you to move on. Next! Didn’t you see them lined up around the block to have me make them cum?”

Kayla took Missy into her arms and both women thrilled at the feeling of their bare breasts pressing together.

“They will have to wait. The only one who is going to cum now is you, lady,” Kayla whispered as her fingers traced the openings of Missy’s panties just as the other woman had done to her.

Kayla pressed Missy down, right on top of the wet spot and slid her panties off. Kayla knelt on the floor and lowered her head to her lover’s pussy. Her long hair fell onto Missy’s thighs, tickling them.

Kayla flicked her tongue over Missy’s pussy, teasing her as she barely touched the fragrant, pink flesh. Missy writhed beneath Kayla, clutching her long hair in her hands as she moved, trying to find the tongue that teased her so. Kayla let her tongue brush against Missy repeatedly, her licks as light as a feather.

“Oh, God, Kayla,” Missy moaned, feeling herself climbing toward orgasm, but needing so much more from Kayla. Kayla dipped her tongue into the wet hole and spread the clear, shiny juice around with her tongue. She lifted her head and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stared deep into her lover’s eyes as she did so. Missy looked at her imploringly, her full breasts rising up and down with her deep breathing.

Kayla bent her head again and ran her tongue the entire length of the moist slit. Then she raised her head and crawled up toward Missy’s head and kissed her deeply before moving to her ear and whispering, “I’m going to eat that sweet pussy like you’ve never felt before, but I’m saving that for tonight. I’m going to help you cum quickly now, and then we can be on our way.” Kayla lowered her hand to Missy’s pussy and began to stroke it with her long, slender fingers. As she stroked, her long nails gently grazed Missy’s swollen clit, while the nails on her other hand were gently stroking the inside of Missy’s arm. Missy had been so turned on and had been brought to the brink by Kayla’s teasing. Now, the feeling of her lover’s stroking fingers on her pussy and her nails on the soft flesh of Missy’s arm brought her quickly to her climax. “Mmmm, mmmm, Kayla!!!” she cried as she climaxed, her eyes glued to Kayla’s. Finally, she calmed and let out a long, satisfied sigh.

Melissa sat up and gave Kayla a quick, tender kiss. “Okay, Sweetheart, let’s change and hit the road. There is a lot more fun to come. Pun intended,” she chuckled, thinking about how bold and sexy she had become since becoming involved with Kayla.

Chapter Three

A half hour later, behind the wheel of her light blue BMW, Melissa was clad in tight jeans, a ruffled blouse, and high-heeled boots. She looked like a different person than the tailored, proper educator and conservative rich girl that she had been before tapping into her dormant sexuality with the free-spirited, sensual, golden-haired vixen that occupied the passenger seat beside her. Kayla had brought CD’s and had been cranking the music as they drove, but now she turned it off and looked at Missy with a glint in her green eyes.

“I have such plans for you tonight, sexy lady,” Kayla said provocatively. Missy felt a tremor run through her at Kayla’s words. She had become as insatiable as Kayla as their relationship unfolded.

The women had decided to take a road trip and spend an evening out together in a town about an hour away from where they lived and worked. Missy had gotten them a room at a brand-new Hilton hotel which was walking distance away from a very popular night club in the area, and they were going to have fun unwinding there together, away from the potential prying eyes of anyone who might know them.

Kayla was so excited about the plans and had many thoughts about how to spend time in the hotel room. She had always been a vibrant person filled with vitality, but she practically bristled with energy now in this intense relationship she was enjoying with her teaching mentor. Kayla had always craved sex, but she was in a constant state of arousal now. Bringing Missy out of her shell and turning her on to the sensual side of life felt very rewarding but was also a turn-on such as Kayla had never before experienced. All of these feelings were intensified by the love she felt for the other woman, and she was in a state of bliss such as she had never known with a man. Missy turned briefly as if reading her thoughts and smiled at Kayla. Kayla felt her heart constrict when she saw the smile. She loved and desired Missy so much that it almost hurt.

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