Lisa’s Birthday

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My name is Sarah. But this story isn’t about me. It’s about my friends, Jackie and Lisa.

The two of them have been good friends for several years—ever since Jackie spotted Lisa working in a shoe store in the mall and intentionally exposed her bare pussy as Lisa helped her try on shoes.

Jackie and Lisa have been nice enough to allow me into their lives in a virtual sort of way. We’ve played online together from time to time, and they e-mail me regularly with accounts of their real life adventures.

Their two e-mails to me, which make up the story below, describe the “party” that Jackie hosted for just the two of them recently to celebrate Lisa’s birthday.

Because I want you to fully appreciate these two amazing women, I need to tell you a little more about them.

Jackie is a beautiful woman in her early 30’s, with fawn-colored hair that almost touches her shoulders. She has large hazel eyes and a very sensuous mouth. She is a bundle of energy, standing 5-2, with lovely pert breasts. Joe is her “almost live-in” boyfriend.

Lisa is in her mid-20’s and is just as lovely. Her blonde hair just touches her shoulders and her dark eyes convey a sense of mischief. Lisa is taller, standing 5-6, with a slender, lithe figure that makes her C-cup breasts seem even larger. She lives with her boyfriend, Richard.

Since their first meeting, Jackie and Lisa have become good friends and occasional lovers. But the sex between them was nothing more than occasional playfulness until a few weeks ago when things went quite a bit further.

During a girl’s night out, Lisa began to playfully expose Jackie at a restaurant by moving the zippers higher on Jackie’s short leather skirt. By the time they left the restaurant, Lisa was ordering Jackie to masturbate on the drive home with the convertible top down, and Jackie happily complied.

It was the beginning of a new dynamic between the two of them—with Lisa taking on an unfamiliar dominant role, and Jackie discovering just how much she enjoyed being the sub. The rest of what happened that night might make it into Literotica as another story at some point, so I won’t tell any more details here.

But the e-mails below describe what happened when the two got together once again–to celebrate Lisa’s birthday and explore their new relationship further—first from Jackie’s perspective, then from Lisa’s.

I hope they turn you on when you read them as much as they did me. Enjoy.

Jackie’s Story

Dear Sarah,

I’m sorry to take so long to write again. I slept late this morning then was running late for my hair appointment. Got the full treatment and had my nails done too. I had them done in my favorite this time, whore red. After that Joe and I went out to shop and eat. Now I am home again and you are first on my list.

I told you that Lisa called before she came over last night. She wanted me to understand that she was willing to play my games, but that once the night was over so was the game. I’ll take what I can get.

When she opened the door, lifted her skirt and let me bury my face in her cunt I was in love. I licked on her for a few minutes then she had me stand. She grabbed my nipple chain and pulled me to her and kissed me hard using her tongue to invade my mouth. She pulled pretty hard and it hurt some.

Even as she kissed me she kept her hand between us and pressure on the chain pulling my nipples down. By the time she uncovered my lips I was whimpering, but not from the pain.

She looked down into my eyes and said “tonight you are my bitch, my whore.”

That was so unlike Lisa, so forceful and hard that I really was kind of shocked by it. Then she asked me to tell her what I was and I had to repeat it for her, “I am your bitch and whore,” I added “I am your slut.”

My cunt was quivering and I would have cum with a single touch of her hand.

“Draw me a bath bitch.”

I did.

“Undress me whore.”

I did.

“Wash me slut.”

I did.

I knelt beside the tub and washed her body with soft soap and tender touches and she would reach out and touch my tits or tug my chain every now and then and I would moan or shudder each time.

“Dry me whore.”

I did. God it was hard to touch her, to rub her body and not be able to do anything more.

Then Lisa took a towel to the bed and lay down on it and told me to get the stuff I needed to shave her pussy. She wouldn’t let me shave her bare, but I did get to trim her close. I had a bowl of warm water and a razor and shave cream and knelt between her open legs and shaved her.

That really doesn’t describe the experience. I was trembling all the time from being so horny. Touching her and sliding the razor over her sex, removing the wisps of blonde hair, was the most sensual thing I have ever done.

Once I had her clean and dry, she told me to eat her. “Eat me slut.”

Did I ever! I dove between her legs and buried my face in her hot cunt and ate her like I was starving for pussy. I was, really. I was humping my cunt against the bed trying casino siteleri to get some relief, but when I tried to slip my hand down and play with my aching cunt she stopped me.

“You’re here to fuck me bitch not yourself.” God this was too much.

I’ve sucked Lisa’s pussy before and knew what she liked and gave it to her. I concentrated on her clit, flicking it with my tongue and using my hands to hold her open for my mouth. I slipped fingers into her and fucked her with them as I pressed her clit with my tongue. Then I took it in my lips and sucked on it, pulling it out and nursing on the hard nub.

When she came it was wild. She talked to me, calling me a lesbian slut and whore. She grabbed my head with her hands and forced me tight against her cunt as she came. She flooded her pussy when she came and I ended up with my face covered with her.

She lay there and I looked up at her. She patted her chest and told me to move up there so I knee walked up her body and stopped just when my thighs were pressing her tits. She grabbed my chain again and pulled me down to her lips and kissed me, sharing her cum.

Then she told me to play with myself. I was ready for that and lifted up a little higher and started to finger my clit and pussy. She lay there with her head propped up on a pillow and watched me finger fuck myself.

“You are such a horny slut Jackie,” she told me.

I couldn’t talk, just kept fucking myself. Then she made me stop. I knew she would and on one level wanted her to make me stop and on another wanted to cum more than at any other time in my life.

Again Lisa pulled me down to her and covered my mouth. My nipples were getting sore, but each tug made me shiver. As we lay there I asked her if I could give her her birthday

present now. She smiled and said of course.

But first, she told me to get my highest heels on if I was going to get up. I have a pair of white strap five inch heels that I can’t wear out because they are too high for me, but I put them on for Lisa as I got the box containing her birthday present from my closet.

When I teetered back in to the bedroom, she was sitting on the end of the bed and had her hand on her pussy. I was glad that she was still that horny.

I knelt in front of her and held the box up to her. When she opened it she was totally surprised and let out a squeal of delight. She took my head and pulled me between her open legs and stroked my head as I lay in the warmth of her sex.

There was a pair of black stockings in the box and I watched as she pulled them up her legs and smoothed them out. Then she asked me to help her with the boots.

I still hadn’t cum since fucking Joe that morning and I almost did right then as I took her leg and foot in my hand and slipped the boots on her and zipped them up.

She posed for me, then got up and walked in them as I knelt there and watched. Then she stood in front of me and I put one hand on each boot and pulled my face to her cunt.

She walked to her purse in the other room and I watched through the open door. When she returned she had a dog leash in her hand.

“Is this what you wrote in your story?”

I nodded.

“Go get a couple of your toys slut”

I scampered to the bed stand and got a dildo and my vibrator then knelt

back down. She hooked the leash to my nipple chain.

“Come on my pet pussy.”

I started to rise but she said no, crawl on your knees. So I followed her, looking up at her beautiful ass as she strutted in her high heeled boots in front of me.

In the living room she swept everything off the coffee table and told me to lie down. When I positioned myself to satisfy her, my head was off one end and my butt just at the edge of the other.

She walked around and straddled my head with her legs and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Her lips were swollen and parted as I stuck my tongue into her. She moaned loudly.

“Shove the cock in your pussy” she told me.

I still had them both in my hand so I stuck the dildo at my opening and started to slip it in.

“No I said shove it in, all of it at once.”

I took a deep breath and pushed the entire thing in me at once. I would have screamed, I did scream but it was muffled by her cunt covering my mouth. I started to work it in and out, but she told me to just leave it in and eat her pussy.

I had a fat 10 inch dildo almost all the way in my aching cunt and wanted to fuck myself with it desperately, but I worked on her as I was told. My legs were up on the table holding myself apart, and I flexed my thighs trying to get whatever satisfaction I could.

She had a tit in each hand and was playing with them and I was bucking against her as if I was being electrocuted.

She came again, drowning me with her cum. She moved from me and walked around to stand between my legs. She took the vibrator from me and turned it on and ran it through the river running from my cunt. Then she pressed it against my ass.

With one push she shoved it into me. I think the neighbors heard slot oyna me when she did that.

“Be still bitch.” But I couldn’t be still as my body wracked with pleasure and pain.

She put her boot on the edge of the table and placed the toe of it on the dildo. Slowly she pressed against it, then released. I used the muscles in my cunt to force it back out a little and she repeated the process. Again, and again.

The vibrator in my ass was pressing against the dildo in my cunt and I was going crazy.

“You want to cum pussy?” she asked meanly.

She leaned over and blew on my clit and I thought I would explode. Then her tongue touched my clit and her hand started working the cock in and out of my cunt and I came and came in the longest hardest climax of my life.

Finally I tried to push her away so I could stop, but she just kept fucking me with her mouth and the cock in my cunt. I was trying to move up the table to get away and she grabbed the chain to hold me in place as she continued to fuck me.

I was crying and sputtering and twisting around on the table begging her to stop. Then she pulled the cock from me and covered my cunt with her mouth and sucked in a mouth full of my cum and juice. She moved up to me and covered my mouth with hers and poured it into my mouth. The vibrator was still humming away and I could feel the puddle under my ass.

She sat there beside me on the table and petted and caressed me as I calmed down and told me that I was the horniest woman she had ever known.

“You still want to be my slut?”

I had never been fucked so completely in my life and still couldn’t get words out but I nodded. She told me that she had read your story, The Scholarship. She said she thought her boots needed to be broken in properly. I understood what she meant and went to work.

I was still shaking when I got to my knees and took her foot between my legs. Of course my cunt was so wet I could have polished the boots of the entire US Army. I humped each boot shamelessly and ran the toe of each through my tender slit.

Then as she sat there with one boot up on the coffee table and the other on the floor I ate her again. God I love the taste of her, the smell of her. I love to make her cum and watch as her body does these little jerking motions when she does.

From my waist down I was covered in my own cum and from my nose down in hers. When she came we just stayed there a long time resting.

After a while she said she wanted to see me fuck myself again, but that this time she would let me cum. So I leaned back and started to work on my pussy so she could watch. It didn’t take long before I was bursting again.

We went for a late swim, relaxing in the warm water. There was a light rain at times but it just made things feel more sensual. Then we ended up in a 69 on a cushion by the side of the pool under the moving clouds and occasional drizzle.

About 2 a.m. she said she had to go home to be ready for morning with Richard. I told her that Joe was hoping that she would spend the night so he could catch us in bed in the morning. She laughed at that and told me to tell him to dream on. I took a hot bath after she left then sent that little note to you.

So my night was just the usual hum ho stuff, how was yours?

All day long I have been having flashbacks and getting shivers.

Love you my sweet slut,


Lisa’s Story

Dear Sarah,

The boots were fucking fantastic! As soon as I put them on I felt like a flood gate had opened and I went wild on Jackie. I was pretty wild before I even got them.

I’m sorry we didn’t get online with you last night, but one thing lead to another and we were not going to stop for anything.

A couple of times I thought that it would be really neat to have both of you there and watch you fuck each other for me. But, anyway, here’s the story.

I called Jackie before I went over to her house and told her I’d be okay with a wild night, but only if she didn’t go nuts on me like she did the last time. She agreed that whatever we did would just be that night.

A little later I called her again and told her to meet me at the door kneeling . . . no clothes on . . . waiting for me. It felt so weird ordering Jackie around that way since she has been the stronger one in our relationship up until recently.

As I drove over to Jackie’s, it’s hard to explain exactly how I felt. There was an excitement and sort of nervousness. But there was also a part of me that was growing mean. I can’t think of a better word for it than mean.

I wanted to show Jackie! She wanted to play these games and make me into her mistress or whatever. I would just show her! Of course, I had no real idea of what to do, just a general idea of making her my sex slave and having her do things for me. Shit I am a real amateur at all this stuff.

I had no doubt at all that Jackie would be on her knees at the door when I got there, or that she would do whatever I told her. She would have sucked cocks on the street corner if I had told canlı casino siteleri her to that night. I wanted something better than that, but just did not know what.

When I got to the door I almost chickened out. Not because I didn’t think she would play her part right, but because I was afraid that I would go too far, or chicken out and not be what she wanted me to be.

When I opened the door and she was really there, naked and on her knees—just like I told her to be—my whole body started to tingle. I didn’t know exactly what to do, so it just popped into my head to lift my dress and order her to kiss my pussy hello. I had left my panties at home because I knew I wouldn’t need them.

Jackie stayed on her knees and used her tongue, lips and mouth on my pussy for awhile. When I had had enough of that, I told her to stand up.

Jackie was wearing the nipple chain I had given her the last time we played our little games, and I knew how to use it to control her, to make her obey me. The links of the gold chain were hooked to the little hearts hanging from each breast and it was pulled so tight between her nipples that her breasts were drawn close together.

I just couldn’t resist, so I grabbed the chain and pulled her roughly to me, kissing her open mouth hard and deep. Shit I thought she was going to cum right then. She just melted into me and shivered all over. I kept the chain in my hand and kept pulling on it and she just moaned into my mouth.

When I finally let her go it was like I was a different person! I started to talk mean to her and told her she was a bitch and a whore and the horniest woman in the whole city. Every time I called her a bitch or a whore, the expression on her face was just like I had licked her clit. I could see the pleasure flash through her eyes, and her mouth would pant with each nasty name.

I could see how much pleasure Jackie was getting form being treated like that, and her pleasure just fired me up even more. I made her repeat every word for me.

“I’m a horny bitch,” she moaned.

“I’m a whore!”

“I’m your slut.”

I’ll tell you, I was pretty fucking horny myself right then!

I didn’t really have any plans for the night, but right then it occurred to me that a bath would be nice. Besides, I wanted to make Jackie wait for her reward anyway. So she drew me a bath and sprinkled all her smelly soaps and oils into the tub. I really enjoyed that.

Then I ordered her to undress me but I wouldn’t let her touch my pussy or titties as she did it. A couple of times she tried to touch herself, but I grabbed her hand and told her that she was my bitch and she could only do that when I allowed it.

As I lay in the bath relaxing, enjoying Jackie’s arousal, and feeling the way it aroused me, too, I decided to let her shave me. I didn’t want my cunt totally bare like hers, but just a close bikini trim. I hadn’t trimmed in a few weeks and it was sort of bushy down there.

Lying on the bed after the bath, with Jackie between my legs playing with my pussy as she shaved me was almost too much! I almost came right then. She was so beautiful there, as she looked up at me with her hazel eyes and I could see the desire she felt.

After I was clean and dry I allowed her to eat my pussy. I almost said “ordered her,” but I didn’t have to make her do anything. She was hungry for me.

Jackie knows how to lick a pussy! She started with long strokes, sort of lapping and sliding over me. She forced my labia apart with her lips and tongue and pushed her tongue deep inside, while she rubbed her nose over my clit.

She started to blow on me and flicked her tongue over my clit like a cat licking milk. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed these wonderful sensations, pushing my hips up a little to press harder into her mouth.

Jackie just kept repeating these delicious licks over and over again . . . her lips on my pussy . . . tongue deep inside . . . flicking my clit. Then, when she knew I was almost ready, she thrust a finger deep inside me. At the same time, she took my clit between her lips, pulled it out and started sucking on it like a nipple.

I have never had my pussy eaten like that by anyone ever before!

When I came I sort of went crazy. I think I was calling her nasty names and maybe even hurt her a little because I grabbed that nipple chain and pulled her so tight to me.

After she licked and fucked me to this fantastic orgasm, Jackie asked if she could give me my birthday gift. But before I would allow it, I made her put on some shoes first, with some very high heels. I think women look really sexy in heels, and I wanted to see her ass move as she walked in them.

When she gave me the box and I opened it to find those boots, I almost shit. I know that you told her about them and probably sent her the picture because they were absolutely perfect.

They were made out of soft, black calfskin leather, with zippers that started just above the ankle and ran up the inside of each leg. The tops of the boots reached to that place where my calf curves back toward the knee. They had a tapered, but rounded toe, rather than a long point. The heel looked almost as high as the foot was long. I know that isn’t true but that’s how it looked to me.

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