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As I strolled down the corridor in the dorm, I caught a glimpse of her walking to the girls’ shower room.

“How the hell can she take a shower with a candy sucker in her mouth?” I silently fumed.

Since the start of sophomore year, I had been butting heads with Ginny. Everything about her irritated me from her sunny disposition to the big “D” cup breasts that resided on her chest.

But, it was that damned always present lollipop that drove me bonkers. Thanks to Psych. 101, I was naively convinced that Ginny had an oral fixation. Visions of her blowing multiple guys streaked across my brain.

Strangely, Ginny never uttered an unkind word to me. Her friendly demeanor and positive attitude was unwavering towards me. I was the one with the unexplained chip on my shoulder.

It was a confusing time for me, the late 1960’s. Women’s publications of the day encouraged us to explore our sexuality and that’s exactly what was scaring the daylights out of me.

In my senior year of high school, I had an active social and dating life. But, in spite of the sexual freedom that was supposedly rampant, most of my girlfriends, including me graduated high school as virgins at the age of eighteen.

Unlike today’s teens, oral sex was reserved for that special someone in a long term relationship. Reciprocation via cunnilingus was hardly a novel idea and while guys were willing, most were uneducated on the technique.

However, a bewildering but growing sexual interest in my own gender had thrown me into a state of flux. In the girls’ locker room at the swim club, I found myself trying to innocently glance at the naked bodies of my friends as they changed or emerged from the shower.

My fascination and desire for intimacy with another girl unexpectedly blossomed at my cousin Maddy’s wedding the summer after high school graduation.

It was held at a swank country club and I was assigned a seat at the young adults table with guests from both sides of the wedding party. The grooms’ cousin Daphne was a dark haired beauty with a voluptuous body. For most of the reception I was intrigued by her and stole glances at her full figure. My body tingled and an odd feeling settled into my gut. On a trip to the ladies restroom, I discovered that my panties were damp.

My reaction unsettled me and I tried to be standoffish but Daphne’s friendliness and ability to engage me in conversation broke down my barriers.

We danced together, except the slow ones, and our participation in the “chicken dance” left us laughing uncontrollably and gasping for air. We exited thru a side door that bordered on an alleyway to catch our breath.

As our breathing returned to normal and the laughter subsided, Daphne regarded me with a smoldering expression. To my complete and utter surprise she leaned towards me and kissed me full on the lips.

Instead of pushing Daphne away and wiping my mouth in disgust, I pulled her against me and drove my tongue thru her sexy lips. Some unnamed emotion or need took control of me and we made out for a few minutes until we heard the door open.

A quick trip to the washroom to reapply make up and adjust clothing was necessary and we rejoined the reception without any questioning stares.

Although part of me was thoroughly unnerved by the experience, the other half craved a repeat. Sadly, the reception ended and Daphne hugged me goodbye with a cheerful expression.

Later that night as I lay in bed, that tingling feeling returned as I thought about Daphne. My reluctance to discuss such a sensitive matter was based solely on the fact I trusted no one to keep my sexual leanings a secret. My mother was the June Cleaver type and would probably have sent me to a convent. My only hope for salvation through a chaste and prayer filled life.

I tried to convince myself that my interest in boys’ was unchanged and the following weekend I gave my steady boyfriend Danny a humdinger of a hummer.

However, at some point I fantasized that it was Daphne and I was licking her in a forbidden spot. Just the thought of that taboo ritual, had my pussy creaming.

Instead, I was performing fellatio for the umpteenth time when my true feelings took hold of my conscious mind.

“Why am I always blowing him when he’s only touched me thru my panties” My brain screamed out loud.

When Danny shot his wad, I spit the offensive goop out of his car window with repugnance.

“Why the fuck did you do that Gail? He snorted at me.

“Because I’m tired of always giving you head and you won’t do the same to me.” I replied angrily.

“Guy’s don’t do that sort of thing.” He retorted sneeringly.

“Why?” I asked very loudly.

“Ah…because it’s…well smelly and…”

“Where did you get the stupid idea it smells? Your hillbilly buddies?” I asked with my anger building.

Danny hated me referring to his friends as “hillbillies” but I swear they were an addled brained bunch.

Danny hemmed and hawed but refused to even look between casino siteleri my legs and I was fully clothed.

“Take me home now, you jerk.” I spat angrily.

“What is it Gail? Has all this feminist crap in the magazines gone to your head?” he said derisively.

I shot Danny an inflamed look of hate that stunned him. He quickly started the car and tried to placate me on the way home. But, I was silent and close to rage from his idiotic comments.

As Danny pulled up to the curb at my house, I jumped out of his car and walked hurriedly to the door. I heard his voice trailing after me.

“I’ll call you next week. Maybe we can go see a movie”

“Yeah! When pigs fly asshole!” I muttered under my breath.

The two remaining months before the start of freshman year at college were spent in a self imposed dating quarantine. I turned down all requests for dates. Most of my free time was devoted to reading anything I could get my hands on concerning same sex activities.

At that time, pertinent and reliable information was sketchy at best. Most of us thought of dykes’ as burly women with short haircuts, dressed in manly duds and leather jackets. I knew in my heart that I had no interest in cutting my hair, men’s clothing or leather attire of any kind.

There wasn’t the slightest chance anyone would mistake me for burly or brawny. I barely nudged the bathroom scale at one hundred pounds with a slender body and small “A” cup breasts.

About a week after graduation, I got an invitation to my cousin Maddy’s new home for a house warming and pool party. Secretly, I yearned to see Daphne and prayed that she was invited.

The day of the event, I was uncharacteristically ready long before my mom and dad. They stared at me in disbelief as I practically ran to the car.

Maddy and Stan’s home was a two story California style split level with a kidney shape pool. I nervously scanned the crowd and spotted Daphne in a small red two piece that barely hid her “assets”.

For awhile, I hovered in the background, too nervous to approach Daphne. My new bikini barely hid my smaller “assets” and I was approached by Stan’s hunky brother Wes.

In any other circumstance, I would have been flattered but my objective was Daphne. I listened attentively to Wes prattle on but his efforts to impress me fell on deaf ears.

After an appropriate amount of time I excused myself and searched for Daphne. She was reclining under a shade palm near the pool and waved as I approached. As I surveyed her sumptuous body, the odd tingling feeling returned.

None of this went unnoticed by Daphne and we talked informally for awhile. The tingling sensation was growing in intensity just from the nearness to her and I felt my cheeks flush with heat.

As tiny beads of sweat broke out on my forehead, the conversation took on a more serious tone.

“You ok sweetie? You look hot and sweaty.” Daphne said with a knowing look.

“Um, yeah.” I answered anxiously.

“Would you like to kiss me?” she inquired in a soft seductive tone of voice.

Her question made my insides boil with desire.

“Um, ah…yes.” I answered in a whisper and looked around with a worried expression.

Daphne’s demeanor was sexy and provocative.

“I live nearby. We can hop in my car and have a little private fun.” She said in dulcet tones.

The timbre of Daphne’s voice was hypnotic and I found myself agreeing with everything she said. I was following her like a mindless sheep when she reminded me to ask my folks’ permission. Once I secured their approval, we were streaking down the freeway in her convertible.

We stopped in front of a fenced and gated house, actually a small mansion. As Daphne drove round’ the back of the house my eyes bugged out at the sight. The pool, landscaping and view of the valley were breathtaking.

“Wow!” I gushed in admiration.

“Yeah, it’s not bad.” She intoned.

“Not bad? You must be rich.” I stated with awe.

“My folks’ are rich.” She corrected me.

As we swam in the pool, I hungrily eyed Daphne’s melons as they strained against the fabric of her top. She stood in the shallow end, untied the strings and the garment slid down her arms.

Daphne’s jugs jutted proudly from her chest.

“Their double ‘D’s.” She said in a matter of fact tone and hefted one in each hand as I swam up to inspect the mountains of flesh.

My hands replaced Daphne’s and I lifted them until the broad nipples were staring at me like a bulls’ eye. A small pebble protuberance occupied the center and I licked it with supreme tenderness.

My mouth barely fit around the circumference of Daphne’s nipple as I lathed it with need. A hot tingly feeling was pulsating in my creaming pussy.

“Oh…yeah…ooh.” She groaned as my mouth pulled yearningly at the sensitive tissue.

Daphne fell back against the side of the pool.

“Oh…Gail…it’s…ooh…mmm…” She couldn’t get the words out.

Sucking another girls’ slot oyna tits, especially Daphne’s twin peaks, was incredibly erotic. As I toiled away, my tongue rasping the swollen bump in the center, she removed my bikini top and palmed my sensitive nips.

Hot pulses shot into my pussy and I moaned into Daphne’s tit. A longing to taste her crevice reverberated in my core.

“Daphne, I want to lick you, please!” I begged in her ear.

“Ooh Sweetie!” She crowed.

With a “times a wastin” attitude, Daphne pulled me into the luxurious family room and stripped her bottoms down in one fast motion. I gawked at her hairy black bush as she threw a sofa pillow under her shapely backside.

Daphne gave me a sensuous come hither look, brought her knees up and opened her thighs for me. The shiny raven colored pubes were wet with her juices and split down the center by a shimmering pink slice.

I buried my face in her honey pot and licked and licked and licked. The flavor was strong with a sweet/sour edge that dramatically aroused my senses. I swallowed her tangy secretions and knew instantly that I was hooked.

“Hmm…oh yeah…ooh…oh sweetie, lick a little higher now.” She coached.

My tongue sailed up and down Daphne’s bucking slit, coming to rest on the hard nub at the top. There it was; the ultimate pleasure center, the grantor of orgasms. Light licks fluttered over the tumescent bulge and she soared, gasping for air.

Oh! Oh! Hmm…ooh…fuckin A great!” She yelled and arched her body.

I engulfed her saturated pussy and worked feverishly on her clit.

“OOH! It’s a big un sweetie!” She bellowed and her whole body erupted in motion.

“Ohhh!” She cried in one long wail and thrust her heaving gash on my mouth.

Little pulses of creamy girl cum streamed into my mouth and down my throat. Nothing approaching this magnitude ever occurred with a boy as I sat up smiling and dripping her juices.

After a brief respite, I pleaded with Daphne to teach me how and what I should do during sex with a woman. Although she was only two years older, I felt woefully naïve’ about same sex matters. She gazed at me with a faraway look.

“I was like you once…oh… about a year ago. I had just finished my freshman year of college and was looking forward to a relaxing summer by the pool.” She said in a reflective voice.

“My dad was managing an up and coming young starlet who was temporarily living with us. She would sit by the pool reading scripts or talking on the telephone for hours.

Usually she ignored me but when I swam in the pool or sun bathed, I noticed her stares, especially when I wore my bikini. In less than six months, my boobs had swelled to “D” cup size and I was curvier all over. My father referred to me as a young Marilyn Monroe.

Miss Young Starlet was very pretty with an attractive but skinny body. One afternoon, she wore a two piece that showed her slim figure and petite breasts. I enjoyed looking at her physique as she swam in the pool and afterwards when she hauled her dripping wet form onto the pool deck. A fuzzy kind of sensation seemed to spread from my belly to my crotch.

But, for every stare I lavished on her, she ogled me equally, especially my chest. Later that day, a telegram arrived for her and I raced to the guest suite. She opened the door without a stitch of clothes on and I stood gape jawed, my eyes fixed on her blonde bush.

Miss Starlet showed me things that afternoon that I never imagined in my wildest dreams. But, it was my imposing tits that fascinated her the most and she dwelled on them for a long time.

She played with my boobs adoringly but her sucking sent me into an entirely new dimension of pleasure. I can still see her mouth exerting its will, tugging at my nipples, tongue busily raking the center until my knees buckled.”

Daphne’s voice took on a dream like quality.

“When I fell back on the bed, unable to stand, Little Miss Starlet spread my thighs and went down on me. She wasn’t much older than me but she sure as shit knew how to eat a pussy. I think they heard me in Bakersfield as I yelped and hollered from the mind-boggling tongue lashing she gave me.

Starlet had an insatiable appetite for the ‘bearded clam’ and went down on me practically every day. But, I wanted her too. Her slim body was so different from mine.

I was crazy about Miss Starlet’s long stubby nipples and sucked them with pure delight. When my head descended to her sex, her heady aroma filled my nose and set my senses ablaze with lust. Like any novice, I was uncertain on how to proceed but Mother Nature took over and I licked with determination.

Starlets pink slice and blonde pubes were drenched with her fluids and I voraciously swallowed the tangy juice. She shrieked at me to lick her clit and I searched until I found a small protrusion at the top of her slit. I used quick flickering licks and light fluttery circles across the hypersensitive nub.

Starlet went wild and I held her cute little canlı casino siteleri butt so tightly that it left light red finger marks in her white skin. She mashed her sopping wet pussy against my mouth and almost drowned me with her nectar. Her bellowing voice alerted me to her orgasm and I clamped my mouth over her heaving sex.

As Starlet’s orgasm slackened in intensity, I swallowed any left over juices and realized that a couple of her blonde pubes were stuck in my throat. It was a fitting memento of my first time going down on a girl.

Whenever I see a romantic movie she’s starring in, I can’t keep from laughing. During one of our many afternoon trysts, she admitted that she sexually preferred only women.”

Daphne let out a sigh and gazed at me with fondness.

“It was an unbelievable experience. Now, I doubt that I can teach you very much in an afternoon but I’ll try.” She said with confidence. With the afternoon sunlight glinting off the pool water and filtering thru the large windows, Daphne took me to dizzying heights of pleasure.


The meeting of the Residence Hall committee was called to order and I was sitting across from Ginny at one end of the rectangular table. The new curfew hour of 12 midnight for visitors (men in particular) was the topic of discussion.

When Ginny, with a lollipop wedged in her mouth, argued for the change, I argued against it solely to get her goat. Our heated debate lasted for over twenty minutes until the chairman declared a cease fire.

As another committee member was extolling the need for a change, I looked across the table at Ginny and scowled at her. But, she really angered me by winking at me with a smile on her candy coated lips.

After the meeting, I cornered her outside and called her the “C” word.

“Gee Gail, I guess you really do hate me.” she said resignedly and tears rimmed her eyes.

My combative attitude was strictly a one way street as Ginny, from the first time we met, tried her best to befriend me. This time I had gone too far and I regretted uttering that foul word to the very center of my being

All the negative feelings that I had about Ginny melted away. Her wink and smile was an attempt to soften the anger of an unfriendly foe. I had mistreated her for no good reason and the ever present candy sucker was a damned poor excuse to abuse her.

“Er…ah…I don’t hate you.” I replied in a soft sorry sounding voice.

“But, you don’t like me.” She said and a tear coursed down her face.

A stark feeling of shame reddened my cheeks and I was on the verge of tears myself. Nervously, I took Ginny’s hands in mine.

“I’m sorry Ginny, I really am. I’ve been acting like a real shit.” I stated with utter honesty.

Ginny lowered her head as tears tumbled down her face.

“Was it something I did or said that upset you; that made you so angry with me.” She said in a sorrowful voice.

“No. I…ah…can’t explain it but I’m sorry.” I stated with sincerity.

Ginny had always treated me with kindness, especially when I was mean to her. My heart ached with remorse as I embraced her and tears cascaded down my face.

“Gail, you’re crying!” She exclaimed with astonishment.

I bawled with absolute remorse on Ginny’s shoulder.

“Please forgive me.” I kept repeating in a mournful voice.

Ginny held me tight and tried to soothe me.

“It’s ok Gail. I forgive you. Shh…don’t cry.” She spoke in a gentle tone and lightly rubbed my back.

Ginny guided me to her room as I sniffled and shed more tears. As I sat on her bed with her arm around me, I gradually regained my composure.

‘You ok now?” She asked with extraordinary warmth and dabbed tissues at the corners my puffy eyes.

My face still wore a blanket of shame but I nodded my head yes. Then I noticed that the lollipop was missing.

“Where’s your sucker?” I asked with quiet curiosity.

“I wrapped it for later. When I study or attend classes, it helps me to concentrate.” She answered.

A light bulb seemed to go on in Ginny’s head as her expression changed to one of realization.

“Gail? Was it the lollipop that upset you?” She asked in spite of the fact she already intuited the truth.

All I could do was nod my head in the affirmative. God, I felt like trailer trash, I wanted to bolt from the room and hide under my bed. New tears of embarrassment traveled south over my already stained cheeks.

“Funny, but I liked you from the very beginning.” She said in a cheery way.

Ginny’s revelation tore at my heart and made my disgraceful behavior towards her seem all the more degrading. I put my arms around her neck and sobbed.

“Gail, do you feel this badly because of the way you treated me?” She questioned with genuine interest. I’m sure my display of raw emotion was puzzling to her.

“Yes, I feel awful. No…worse than awful. But, don’t you hate me?” I asked in an emotion filled halting tone of voice.

Ginny was holding me in a gentle almost maternal way. I could barely look at her and lowered my teary eyed gaze.

“No way! I figured one day you’d come to your senses. It was just a matter of time.” She said with graceful assurance.

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