Loren’s Surprise

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It was a day like any other day when Loren came home from work after a long hard day of taking care of the animals at the zoo. She was very tired and all she wanted to do was lay down and sleep so when she came in the door she just laid down on the couch and slept.

When she woke up she realized she was not alone and this was not her Larry it was a tall woman with short black hair. She was wearing tall black high heels and a shiny black leather bustier and leather crotch less pants with a leather hat and long leather gloves.

Loren also realized that she had been gagged tied to the couch with her legs spread open and rendered completely helpless. The woman in black walked over and said ahhhh so she finally wakes for the party as she laughed in a sinister way.

Loren couldn’t talk because of the gag but she was visually upset and wanted to know why the woman was here and what was going on. The woman said I’m going to fuck you my dear and your going to like it and if you don’t like it that’s just to bad.

Now Loren seemed a little scared but also a little excited because she had never been with a woman sexually but it was one of her fantasies. The woman came over to Loren and slapped her ass hard leaving a red mark of her hand on Loren’s ass.

Loren squealed through the gag because it stung so badly and the woman said honey I’m gonna get my toys so you just sit here and be a good little bitch. Then she got up and left the room for a minute but when she came back she had a huge bag with her.

Loren was scared but casino siteleri very curious about what might be in the bag so as the woman opened the bag she slowly pulled out a variety of toys. She had a leather paddle and five different vibrators ranging in size and texture but then she pulled “It” out.

It was huge and looked like a two-foot cock and it was very wide too it must have been at least 4 and a half inches wide minimum. The woman laid all of her toys out on the floor and looked for what she wanted to use first and Loren was very worried.

The first thing she grabbed looked like some sort of clips on a string then she walked over to were Lori was tied up and said let the games begin. She took the clips and clamped one on each of Lori’s nipples and even though it hurt it also felt kind of good too.

The woman tugged on the string that was connected to the clamps and that sent sharp little waves of pain and pleasure through Loren’s body making her buck and wiggle. The woman slapped Loren hard on the ass and said settle down bitch this is just the beginning.

Then she walked back over to her toys and grabbed the paddle and a 12 inch black rubber vibrator it had bumps all over it. She also grabbed some sort of lotion as she walked back to Loren to begin the fun she was going to have with her.

Loren just laid there helpless as the woman poured the lotion onto Loren’s pussy and rubbed it all over the outside and the inside of her mound. Then she rubbed some on Loren’s nipples and she leaned down and started to lick slot oyna everywhere the lotion was.

She started with Loren’s breast and while licking them she would tug on the string making Loren’s nipples hard as a rock. Then she slowly worked her way down Loren’s body kissing and gently biting until she got to Loren’s hot wet pussy.

Loren was really starting to like what was happening to her and while the woman was assaulting Loren’s pussy with her tongue Loren thrust her hips at the woman’s face. Then the woman put the tip of the vibrator at the opening of Loren’s pussy and turned it on.

The vibrator touched her clit and sent waves of heat through Loren’s body and she felt an orgasm building from deep inside. Then the woman started to push the vibrator in and out working it in deeper each time as she was still licking Lori’s pussy.

Loren’s hips kept rocking back and forth hard and wild, as she was getting ready to cum hard for her tall dark haired female attacker. Loren started to moan and buck and the woman started to grind her tongue on Loren’s clit making her orgasm extremely intense.

Then the woman got up and went back to her toys and this time she grabbed “IT” and Loren had a strong look of concern on her face. The women just laughed and said don’t worry honey it will fit as she lubed it up and then lubed Loren up.

Then she placed the massive dildo at the entrance of Loren’s pussy and slowly started to work it in a little at a time while kissing Loren on the legs. As the huge rubber dildo was going into canlı casino siteleri Loren she could feel her pussy stretching as far as it could stretch to accommodate the size of it.

She felt like her insides were being pushed to their limits as the large invader entered her body a little at a time inch by inch. Then the first orgasm from this monster hit it was unlike any she had ever known because she had never had anything this big in her.

The woman just sat there licking and sucking Loren’s tortured clit as she moved this huge thing in and out of Loren slowly picking up the pace. Then Loren looked down and was amazed to see this huge thing was half way in her stretched pussy as the woman drove it in and out.

Loren came again as her body was starting to cum uncontrollably as waves of orgasms were running into each other one after another. Loren had finally cum as much as she could and her body just couldn’t take it anymore and she fainted.

When she woke up the woman in black was still there and she had Loren’s gag off and she told Loren it was Loren’s turn to lick her pussy. Loren had never licked a pussy and this made her very nervous but the woman in black slapped Loren on the ass with her paddle and said just do it bitch.

So she straddled Loren’s face and lowered her pussy down onto her as she let Loren taste pussy for the very first time. Loren thought she would be upset but she didn’t feel that way at all in fact she had no idea that she could like it so much.

As the night went on they played and got to know each other and the thing that surprised Lori the most was when Larry came from another room and joined in. He had set this up for her and he had been watching the whole time so they played all night and into the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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