Losing m=My Virginity

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So despite having had a couple of casual girlfriends I had managed to get to 18 without losing my virginity.

I had never had a problem attracting girls but for some reason it had just never happened. I was pretty relaxed about it though. I knew my time would come.

One night I got wind of a party at a local place in town. I was recently single and ready to go. I phoned round my friends but because it was late notice I couldn’t persuade any of them to come. I didn’t want to rock up at this place on my own but fortunately the last one I tried agreed to come along.

When we arrived there were a lot of people there we didn’t know and for a while we lingered in the corner, awkwardly nursing our beers.

There were plenty of girls there but we were still at that stage where it wasn’t always easy to try and pick up girls we didn’t know.

Once I had a few more beers inside me I started to enjoy myself but my buddy wasn’t really feeling it. He said he wanted to go. I waved him off, and carried on dancing. He bid me goodbye and said he would see me the following week.

Admittedly by now the party was starting to wind down and while casting my eye around the dance floor I caught the eye of a girl called Katy who smiled at me, and looked me up and down, like a Lion sizing up its kill.

Katy was pretty average looking, but she had the biggest tits I’ve seen to this day.

She also had a reputation as a massive slut, which unsurprisingly made her incredibly unpopular amongst other girls, while a lot of guys would steer clear for the same reason.

I will confess to the same feelings of indecision now. Torn between wanting to shake off my v plates and fuck her brains out but also facing the potential ridicule that I had seen other guys get after sleeping with her.

I walked to the bar and ordered another drink. casino siteleri As I was paying I felt someone come up behind me.

I turned around. It was Katy. ‘Buy me a drink?’

I ordered her a gin and tonic which she downed in one.

She took me by the hand and led me back to the dance floor.

By this time we were pretty much the only ones left dancing and she came in close, her lips flirting dangerously closely with mine as what felt like electricity passed between us.

At this point if my brain hadn’t decided what it wanted my cock certainly had. I was rock hard and as she grinded into me I saw a mixture of surprise and pleasure on her face as she felt the weight of my erection up against her.

She leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

‘If I knew you had been keeping that locked under there I would have come after you months ago.’

As she said this she grabbed my cock gently.

I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of me.

It was at that moment that I just thought ‘fuck it’. I wanted this girl badly and I was going to have her.

I leaned in and kissed her hard. She kissed me back her tongue darting into my mouth.

Our bodies pressed against each other and my right hand flirted between her legs. I could feel how moist she was through her skirt.

‘Not in here,’ she gently scolded.


She took me by the hand and led me out of the building into the warm summer evening.

We went round the back and she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again.

This time she allowed my fingers to wander up her skirt, where they found her now soaking wet pussy.

She groaned in my ear as my fingers explored.

She was so wet I could smell it. It was an unfamiliar smell but one that had me practically coming in my pants.

I shoved two slot oyna fingers deep inside and she bucked against me.

‘Don’t get any ideas,’ she said. ‘We aren’t having sex tonight.’

We’ll see about that I thought.

I started finger fucking her hard now. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I was being led entirely by her reactions and her groans and dripping pussy told me I was doing something right.

I paused for a moment. She was wearing a strapless tight vest top.

I pulled it down exposing her breasts. I crouched down slightly inserting my fingers in her again and taking one of her nipples in my mouth.

Growing in confidence considerably now I looked up at her and put my fingers in my mouth.

‘Your pussy tastes fucking amazing.’

She just grabbed my hand and shoved it back inside her.

‘I’m going to come,’ she said as she ran her hands through my head.

I sucked on her nipples and this time there was no stopping her and I had to take her weight as she collapsed against me.

We stood there, clinched together awkwardly, both breathing heavily.

Eventually we regained our composure. There was a patch of grass and she kneeled down. I followed her. I stood in front of her as she undid my belt. Even in the dark I could see that the head of my cock was glistening. She ran her fingers gently across it and it was all I could manage not to come there and then, before she took it in her mouth.

Fuck me this girl knew what she was doing. She took me right to the back of her throat as I looked up at the sky and thanked my lucky stars.

I took her head between both my hands and started thrusting slowly.

After fixe or six minutes and wave after wave of pleasure I felt like my legs were going to go from under me.

She seemed to sense this and lay back, pulling her thong canlı casino siteleri down around her ankles and spreading herself.

‘I thought we weren’t having sex tonight.’

‘I haven’t had good sex for six months,’ she replied. ‘I need you to fuck me.’

I didn’t have a condom. She seemed to sense my discomfort.

‘I’m on the pill and I’m clean.’

In my still slightly drunken state that was more than good enough for me. I got down on my knees slightly awkwardly and leaned over her, kissing her again.

I could feel the warmth from her pussy on the head of my now throbbing penis.

Here goes…

I pushed and slid inside her. It was a feeling like nothing I had ever experienced. She cried out and pulled me deep inside her.

I couldn’t believe my luck as I felt her tits bounce beneath me.

She wasn’t concerned about being quiet and I admit to feeling slightly worried that someone might interrupt us.

‘Fuck me, I’m going to come again,’ she said and I felt her pussy contract against my cock as she cried out.

I stopped thrusting for a moment before sliding in slowly again.

She laughed and bucked against me.

‘Stop it’s too sensitive,’ she said.

I got to my feet my trousers still around my ankles.

She stood, pulling her thong back up but leaving her tits still exposed. She kissed me hard again as her hand started stroking me, slowly first but then gathering in speed.

I pinched her nipples roughly and she stroked me harder. Eventually I felt a rumbling that felt like it began in my diaphragm.

I groaned loudly.

‘I’m going to come,’ I said urgently.

She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. I was past the point of no return.

I felt my vision go blurry as I exploded in her mouth, shooting wave after wave of hot spunk into the back of her throat.

She swallowed every drop as my legs quivered and I realised I was holding my breath.

Without another word she asked me to call her a taxi and gave me a salty kiss to end the best hour of my life.

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