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“I gotta go get things in order in grandma’s office, you can use that room over there; check out the robes, they’re so soft! See you in the water in a sec!” Yukiko chirped after we got in the door as she set down the key on the stone entry-table and skipped off down the hall.

I watched her disappear then looked around and imagined what this place looks like when its open, people everywhere in robes, dripping wet from the spa or their bodies shiny and soft from a warm massage.

Yukiko’s grandmother and family before her have owned the Lotus Coves for decades. Yukiko talked about owning it herself sometime, maybe after we get through our remaining two years of college. It always seemed like a wonderful fantasy until now when I can see it for myself. I walked down the hall to the room she had pointed at. It smelled like bamboo, an earthy rich scent from the walls and floors. I slid open the door and saw the beautiful robes hanging like a silken rainbow. I wish she hadn’t left me, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do to get ready. I decided to just put on the robe and go out, it would all be okay once we were in the hot steamy water. I could see the pools out the other side of the room.

Yukiko must still be working, I thought, as I stripped off my shirt and pulled my jeans off. Sitting in my casino siteleri panties and bra, I folded them in the corner then unhooked my bra and slid one leg then the other out of my panties and put them on the pile of clothing. There was a slight chill in the fall air, my skin tingled, but it felt good. I chose a purple robe, my favorite color, washed with images of flowers and blossoms. The silk was so smooth and luxurious it hardly stayed on my skin, the shoulders falling down and the front laying across my breast, just above my nipples.

“Hey, girl!” I heard.

Yukiko was already in the pool when I got there. The steam rose up, creating an eerie sensation and I felt self-conscious of my body, and hers, naked here. It makes no sense to be shy, I thought, Yukiko and I have been friends since we were five, and I have always been comfortable around her. I let my robe fall and stepped in next to her, trying not to notice if she was watching me.

“It feels good..” I said.

“Mmm, ” she agreed leaning her head back and closing her eyes.

She lifted her body up as she did that so her breasts rose and her nipples came above the water. Did she do that on purpose? I thought, worriedly. I looked down at my own body underwater, we had been to a spa yesterday and got waxes so I felt all smooth slot oyna and remembered how I looked at my body afterwards in a mirror, running my hands over myself, marveling at how different my body felt and looked.

I wondered if Yukiko’s body had that same change after the spa, if her skin was smooth as well..I drifted my eyes over, then she twitched, brushing a fallen petal from her eye and I got startled, shifted in my seat and brushed my thigh against hers. I blushed and she looked at me and smiled. I moved to scoot back over and she reached down through the water and ran her hand along my thigh, stopping me like a deer who hears a twig snap. I looked at her, something new in her eyes and I imagine in mine as well, and I reached down to hold her hand that rests on my leg. Our fingers intertwined and she pulled me close, grabbed my other hand and kissed me hard.

I was surprised, but more excited and happy, kissing her back, our mouths longing for each other, devouring each kiss. I straddled her body, pressing my breasts against hers, our bodies sliding along each other, our nipples brushing every once in a while, sending a rush of pleasure through my body. She let go of my hands and grabbed my ass, pulling me close to her, my pussy spread and pressed against her under the water. I reached and struggled canlı casino siteleri to hold onto her back.

As we kiss I felt something and didn’t realize what it was until her fingers were far inside me, stroking and caressing in and out of me. It felt so good, I leaned my head back and she kissed my neck. Her fingers left and I looked at her, kissed her, and I wonder what she is doing next, why did she stop? Soon I felt full again, but it felt different, I looked down and saw the bright shiny purple latex she was pushing into me. Its larger and takes up more room than her fingers did; she wiggled it around in me and giggled.

The other end of it was rounded as well, we both looked down through the steam and water and she placed the other end inside herself. I held her tight so we would stay together and it would stay in me as she put it in herself. She kissed me when it was in, her tongue forcing into my mouth at the same time her hips thrusting forward so we both felt the dildo going in hard. We moved our hips back and forth, creating little waves in the pool and moaning when it went in hard and fast. She rubbed my slick breasts and licked on my nipples, sucking them, twirling her tongue on my skin. Our naked, smooth pussies getting fucked. It felt so good neither one of us wanted to stop and we might have gone for a long time, has our simultaneous orgasms not left us so tired and weary it was all we could do to hold on to each other. I listened and felt Yukiko’s breath as she came down, I stroked her hair, and held her tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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