Martha James and the Vicar’s Wife

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This is a complete fantasy story with no underage sex or pain. If you enjoy it I would really appreciate if you could vote me 5 stars and tell me which parts are nice and which parts you don’t like.


Candace walked along the riverside, thinking back over the events that had led her to her present situation. She smiled as she thought about some of the things that had happened and found it difficult to suppress a little giggle. She was after all the Vicar’s wife and if some of Joseph’s Parishioner’s knew about their secrets, they would have a heart attack.

If Joseph or Father Joseph as he liked to be called knew some of her private thoughts and activities, he would also have a shock.

She knew she had been very fortunate all her life. Her parents were quite affluent and had looked after her so well. Even as a young girl she had been very pretty and because she was so modest, she had been very popular. She was also very kind which people immediately recognised. She helped with Joseph’s Parish work in visiting the sick and assisting in Parish Functions such as Dances and other Fund Raisers.

Candace had been good at school and at 18 her parents had encouraged her to go to a prestigious university in the Midlands. It was at university that Candace had met Joseph who was a rather serious Theology student at the same time.

Whilst she had certain private feelings and sensations which she didn’t understand she found she had little time for the frivolous approaches that most of the male students used to employ. They always seemed so juvenile.

With Joseph it was quite different. He was serious about everything he did or said. She liked that. Also, there were none of the crude moves that her other encounters had met. Very soon they became an item. She was so happy and her parents had been over the moon.

As soon as they left University, they decided to get married. Her mother and father had been delighted although there was a slight regret in that with Joseph’s choice of working in a religious environment, they realised that Candace would be expected to follow. Candace herself had no such qualms. She loved Joseph and was prepared to do whatever he needed.

Because of his dedicated attitude to his religious work he very quickly acquired a Church of England parish in the North West of England. It was part of a large village community and it had a very High Church background. Even the Sunday Service was referred to a ‘Mass’ and it had rituals similar to the Roman Church.

Whilst originally, he had been a curate to the Vicar, this changed dramatically very quickly as the old man had passed away within the first year and Joseph found himself elevated to full Vicar. His position now involved a tremendous work load as the area encompassed several other villages on the outskirts.

Joseph loved it and so did Candace. They were a wonderful tonic for the area and Candace really enjoyed living in the beautiful Vicarage with its lovely grounds. When Candy’s parents visited, they were entranced with the surround and so proud of their daughter, she was after all, the Vicar’s Wife.

Her mother did say to her on one occasion “But Candace, I know you want to help Joseph as much as possible, but it is a great pity that you are not really making use of your degree. Don’t you find that you are at a loose end very often with nothing to do?”

Candace smiled “To be honest Mum, we are still trying to sort ourselves out and Joseph is run off his feet getting to know all the Parishioners in the three villages, and he is introducing new services into the church. Both of us love it and there isn’t enough hours in the day at present.”

This hectic work load had continued for most of the first year and then eased off a little and they had had more time to themselves. She joined the Church Choir and as she had a beautiful alto voice, she became a star attraction and had several solo parts.

She must have been about 26 when she started to think more about her own personal needs. Joseph had set down a sort of timetable to fulfil his marital duties and they had intercourse once a fortnight on Friday evenings. Candace enjoyed it but she thought it was very regimental. Although this was the general pattern, it was broken several times by Joseph himself in a very strange way.

Joseph had always admired the way that the Roman Catholic Church was run and whilst his church had always celebrated Holy Communion, he introduced a Confessional into his Church which generally took place on the last Sunday Morning of every month after Mass. He also liked to be referred to Father Joseph.

Due to his energy and attitude to his devotions, Joseph was becoming a very popular Vicar in the Parish and especially with the Parish Societies like the Women’s Union, The Young Mothers Association and the Church Choir. He supported everything.

It must have been after about 6 months following his introduction of the Monthly Confessionals casino şirketleri that Candace noticed the change in her husband. He would come into the Church House with a red face after giving Confession and take her by the hand and lead her up to the bedroom. What happened next had shocked her. It obviously had something to do with his Confessional duties.

Afterwards he had been very contrite and had sworn her to secrecy. She loved him very much and calmed him down to reassure him that she would always want to please him in any way he required. It must have given him confidence as he confessed to her some of the things, he would like her to help him with. They excited her. She even called him Father Joseph or simply Father during these interludes.

All her life she had had unusual desires which had been very pleasant at the time but did leave her with small guilt feelings after she had satisfied herself in secret. These desires had been along the main marital sex lines and she had found them ecstatic as her thoughts became more and more outrageous. She hadn’t fully explained this to her husband but in one way these unusual monthly events partly fulfilled her own outrageous needs.

She wondered what could have happened in the small Confession Box that affected her husband so dramatically. She did however start to look forward to Confession Sunday and enjoyed helping Joseph with his new needs. It helped her as well.

As the Parish workload eased, Candace now appreciated her mother’s concerns earlier and knew she had to do something more fulfilling to keep herself busy. She spoke to Joseph about her needing more to occupy her time. He was very understanding but was at a loss. He said “I wish there was something local Candace, but I can’t see anything that will need your level of education. Unless of course you are thinking of working outside of the area, which would make it difficult for running our Parish.”

Candace immediately dismissed his worries “There is no way, I want to leave the Vicarage, Joseph. It’s too nice, and I adore you too much. I was thinking of taking on something local which wouldn’t affect living in the Vicarage and singing in the choir or indeed impinge on my work in the church. I want to continue with that.”

Joseph’s face showed his relief and he reached over and kissed his wife on the forehead “You are such a wonderful wife Candace. I want you to be so happy.”

It was shortly after this conversation that Candace was collecting her shopping from the local village supermarket that she noticed a sign in the window advertising a job for a shop assistant. When she went home, she discussed it with Joseph who was very supportive and said “I know the owner Mrs. James. She is a widow and highly respected by everyone. She doesn’t come to church regularly, but she attends on special occasions such as Xmas and Easter and donates regularly to any function or raffles we hold. If you like I could have a word with her.”

Candace was pleased with Joseph’s support but said “No, its OK Love. I think I should deal with this myself.” The next day, she rang up Mrs. James and an interview was arranged for later in the day.

When Candace arrived at the shop, she felt quite nervous. The shop was quite full, and several assistants were quite busy. Mrs. James was in her fifties, quite attractive and pleasantly plump. She led Candace to a small office at the rear of the shop and made her a cup of tea. They already knew each other casually as Candace was a regular customer.

Mrs. James opened with “To be honest Mrs. Stevens I am surprised that you applied as we know of your position as the Vicar’s wife and I understand that you have a university degree.”

Candace explained her situation, in much the same way as she had spoken to her husband and could see the kindly look of understanding on the older woman’s face, as she said “Well clearly Mrs. Stevens you are more than suitable for the position and I will be delighted for you to join us. We are very busy here as I supply the next village as well as this one. We are very informal here. The staff address me as Martha, and I would want that informality to apply to you.”

Candace admired the way that Mrs. James had covered the subject and smiled “Thank you Martha, I am Candace and I would like to be treated exactly as your other staff.”

Martha smiled “That will be lovely Candace. You will find all my girls are very helpful.”

She hesitated for a moment and chuckled “Actually Candace, they are not really girls. They are all over 30 and are married. Some are in their 40’s and 50’s. You will in fact be the youngest by far. It will be good to have a nice mix of ages. I suggest you start work on Monday morning. That will give you a bit of breathing time.” Candace agreed and left the premises.

When Candace spoke to Joseph that evening, she told him “I was amazed how relaxed she was and how she put me at my ease at the same time explaining what I would be casino firmaları required to do. She really was lovely.”

Joseph nodded “I have heard a lot about Mrs. Martha James and just about everyone has the same opinion. She is a very clear thinking highly respected lady.”

Candace was nervous over the weekend but when she turned up at the shop on Monday morning, she was had a lovely welcome and Mrs. James told her that for the first few days she would work closely with a lady called Kate.

She turned out to be a lovely friendly lady. Kate told her she was married to Derek, but they didn’t have any children. She did say that Derek had been unwell.

The first few weeks seem to flash by, and Candace loved it. The other women were very careful at first due to her being married to the Vicar but that soon relaxed as they realised how nice she was. There was some banter about dubious naughty things and some profane words, but Candace enjoyed it as much as they did. They started to call her Candy. She felt lovely.

During the breaks they often referred to naughty stories or pictures they had seen on the internet. Kate explained that they were all married, and it was something that lightened the day and she hoped that Candy didn’t find it offensive. Candy immediately told her that some of the things she had heard were quite exciting although she wouldn’t talk to her husband about them.

As the women got to know her, they realised that she was just like them which led to further easing of tensions and soon Candy was treated exactly as one of them. It was lovely. She told Joseph about her days in the shop and their conversations but omitted the more salacious bits and pieces.

Kate had one special friend in the shop called Marian who had been friends all their lives. Marian was as nice as Kate and Candace soon had two very close friends at her work. She told them that she never told Joseph about the naughty stories or pictures they discussed. Marian laughed “Neither do we Candy. The husbands don’t know half of what goes on.” They all laughed.

Candace did say “What puzzles me, Marian was that when I was interviewed, Mrs. James made a point of telling me that she doesn’t allow any profanities or swearing in the shop and yet the naughty stories and pictures seem to be very freely spoken about.”

Marian nodded “Yes that’s quite right Candy. It is never spoken in the shop. The only time you will hear the bad language is in the back rooms during break times. None of us would ever dare to swear or talk about dirty pictures in the shop. Martha would come down on us like a ton of bricks. In the back room, Martha is as rude as any of us. She knows some very erotic Literotica stories about Vicar’s Wives. They will make your hair curl.”

Candy laughed at the thought of Martha James being rude but commented “She is a lovely lady, but Joseph said that although she does lots of good things, she doesn’t go to church regularly which is a little puzzling.”

Kate explained “Emily is an exceptionally good person but doesn’t believe in formal religion. She will rarely criticise it, in case it offends a true believer, but she hates some of the hypocrisy of the higher echelons. She will go to church as a token a few times in the year and she gives to charity and supports various functions more than anyone else in the village.”

As the weeks turned into months, Candy found herself looking forward to the meal breaks in the back room as the stories and pictures were very exciting. The women in general were very open now about their personal lives and their juicy times on their own. She discovered that several of the ladies dallied with each other from time to time without their husbands knowing.

Marian explained a lot about the internet and showed her how to log onto the naughty stories on Literotica and sites like that. She now privately enjoyed the raunchy women/women stories and the associated pictures showing very unusual behaviour which made her ready for her own private exciting moments. She made sure that Joseph never caught her on the computer with her stories.

Candy started to understand her own very private desires better and she was now enjoying her ecstatic moments on her own in the Vicarage with no guilt whatsoever. It was like an education.

The women spoke very frankly about their sexual adventures with men and more personally about intimate moments with their husbands, even the size of their penis’s.

When the women spoke about very strange and unusual sex events in their marital life, Candy felt herself getting very flushed and juicy. It was so wonderful.

She wondered what they would think if she told them about Joseph’s secret desires. She wanted to tell them, but she didn’t quite have the courage. She knew it would shock them. She would like to excite them in the same way they had excited her. When she mentioned this to Kate, her friend was very cautious. “I don’t think you should say anything, güvenilir casino Candace. We are all friends, but don’t forget you are a bit different. You are the Vicar’s Wife and several of the women go to your church and it would be terrible if your personal life became public.”

She started to confide in Kate and Marian quite a lot about her own thoughts. Their personal desires were also exchanged. Marian started to bring in the naughty magazines which helped her achieve a greater satisfaction when alone. Gradually she even told them about some of her activities with Joseph on the Confessional Sunday Mornings. They thought it was lovely and Candy really enjoyed telling them.

One series of magazines showed a young woman across an older woman’s lap being spanked. The younger one’s bottom was quite red, but she didn’t seem to be objecting. One picture showed her knickers being pulled down. Candace murmured that she found it exciting although she was unsure if the younger woman was in any pain.

Marian explained “Sometimes if your bottom stings a bit, it can be even nicer, especially when Martha applies the soothing cream to make you better. Its wonderful how nice it feels.”

Candace was shocked at the mention of Mrs. James and immediately asked “Martha? How is Martha involved?”

Kate looked startled and said to her friend “Marian, you shouldn’t have said that.” Marian looked crestfallen. Neither would say any more on the subject.

Candy was so intrigued she kept badgering the two women over the next fortnight until Marian finally cracked. It was revealed that every Sunday Evening, she and Kate would go to Martha’s house for a few glasses of wine and they would have the same sort of discussions as the women in the backroom. The main difference was that they would have lots of magazines and they would write salacious stories for each other and even try some things out. It was emphasised that none of the other women knew of these visits.

Candy felt so juicy as the tales unfolded. She practically begged Kate to be allowed to join them. The women said they would have to ask Martha as it was at her house and she was always in charge.

Marian pointed out “It would be difficult for you, Candy as you always go to Evening Service on Sunday with your husband.”

Candace had worked it all out. “Your meetings don’t start until half past seven. The Sunday Service starts at 6pm and finishes before 7. I can be in Martha’s before 7.30.”

Kate said “But what about Joseph? He will be unwilling to let you attend.”

Candace spoke confidently “He works late on Sunday Evenings after the Service with various Society Meetings. I am usually stuck in the Church House on my own until very late. I can tell Joseph I am going to my boss’s house for a chat with some of my work colleagues. He partly knows Mrs. James and will be glad I have company rather than being lonely in the big house.”

Both Kate and Marian shook their heads, not knowing what to do. Finally, Kate said “We will ask Martha if she is willing.”

A few days later, Kate told her “Martha was very unhappy with Marian for telling you Candace, but she has agreed that you can come to her house, but you must understand, it is in the utmost secrecy.”

Candy felt elated. She had been thinking a lot about the women’s disclosures in the back room and they had excited very much. She had really felt juicy wondering what went on in Emily’s house on Sunday Evenings and in her mind, she had exaggerated it to some of her outrageous dreamies. She controlled her feelings and asked, “Will Martha say anything to me, Kate?”

Kate looked shocked. “Gosh no. Nothing about our meetings must ever be mentioned in the shop. She would go berserk. Our private Sunday meetings must remain private.”

For the rest of the week, Candace had difficulty controlling her excitement and thoughts. She didn’t raise the subject again and neither Did Kate or Marian.

On Sunday she went to the Evening Service as usual. She had already told Joseph that she was visiting her friend later and he had been pleased for her. She was surprised as she left the Service later, on that Marian was waiting in her car at the Church Gates.


I felt grateful to Marian and said so. She smiled and said, “Martha said you would be nervous, and she suggested that either Kate or myself meet you at your Church.”

When we arrived at Martha’s cottage, I felt relaxed as Marian had talked all the way. She led me into the comfortable lounge where Emily and Kate were waiting. There were 4 glasses of wine waiting. Martha handed me a glass and said “You will feel better after a little wine Candace. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything or say anything you don’t want to.”

They were all very caring. Kate explained “I have told Martha that you liked all the magazine stories and the naughty pictures, Candy. If you don’t want to join in, you can just look at those. They are very exciting. We all like them, especially the masturbating and fucking stories.”

I felt nervous about her use of naughty words in front of our boss but could see that Martha was smiling as she asked me “Do you like stories about fucking, Candy?”

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