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* * * *

Mr. Nolan stopped at my desk Friday afternoon just as I pressed enter and sent the last document I had to finish off for review.

“Are you ready?”

I started the process of shutting down my open applications before turning off my computer and switching the phones to the answering service. I glanced over my shoulder, “Almost, sir.” Completed, I reached under my desk for my purse and overnight bag and stood up. “Sir, I really didn’t know what to pack for the weekend. I finally decided I would only need a couple outfits at most.”

“Are they slutty?”

I blushed, “Very, sir.”

“Then, you did well. Besides, we’re going shopping, again. Silly to be packing when you can just have things at my place, too.” I looked at him stunned. I am going to have clothes and stuff at his home? He took my arm and my bag and headed us to the door and the elevator. “Am I taking this too fast?”

“Ah … no, sir … I mean … you want me to have some stuff at your house?”

“My closet and bathroom to be precise.” I didn’t feel like I was walking. I felt like I was gliding on some magical, wonderful dream cloud.

I thought we would be stopping for something to eat before going to his house like last weekend, but we didn’t. He took us out of the city to his exclusive residential area and pulled into the garage. The door was still closing as he almost pulled me into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom. He pulled the covers down and began stripping. I was stunned. Belatedly, I began stripping, too. I didn’t have nearly as much on as he did so we ended up completely naked at about the same time. We stood feet apart from each other. I was breathing hard, my pulse was high, and I was very wet. I could see obvious and similar signs on him, too.

“Look,” he said, “what you have done to me, again.” I did look. Only a frigid prude could avoid looking at the magnificent black male body in front of me. But, his magnificent body didn’t hold my attention as much as the wonderfully hard big black cock pointing at me. At 10 inches, I didn’t have far to reach my fingers to put them underneath the head and curl my hand around it.

I blushed. Damn. How do I keep blushing? After all the fucking he gave me last weekend, then all the fucks I had this past week in the office, I still blush at the graphic anticipation of what my words will reflect. “Sir, I think I can do something about that.”

“Damn right you will.” It was powerful, but the corners of his mouth turned in smiles. “The question is … how?”

I knelt down in front of him, “While you are considering that, sir.” I gulped his cock into my mouth for a couple deep thrusts, then began licking the length of the shaft and his balls before returning to his cock head in my mouth.

“Oooohhhhhh … woman … you are getting … very good at … that.” I smiled around his cock. Then, “Tell me … have you been using … the plugs?” I nodded without taking my mouth off. “The largest one, too?” I nodded, then … is he going to do it? He pulled me up, reluctantly letting his cock fall from my mouth as I rose. “The nightstand drawer.” He pointed to the nightstand and I followed his finger pointing to the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed.

I jumped onto the bed and bounced across it and off to land at the nightstand. He laughed at my exuberance. I opened the drawer, “Yes!”

He laughed, again. “You’re excited about being fucked in the ass?”

I walked the tube over to him, “It isn’t the actual act, sir, but what it means. I love your cock in my pussy, probably much more than I will in my ass, but you said it.” He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows. I smiled. “You said a real slut must be able to use all three holes.”

He smiled while shaking his head. “I hope you’re as enthusiastic after …”

He opened the tube and held the cap, handing the tube back to me. I had been using the same lubricant with the butt-plugs so I squeezed a generous portion onto my two fingers, bent over with legs spread, and smeared it onto, then into my asshole. I squeezed a little more and pushed all of it into my ass. Then, I smeared what was remaining on my fingers over the head and several inches of his cock.

He put me into the center of the bed on my hands and knees, my knees spread wide. I felt the bed sag behind me and I tensed immediately. He moved on his knees to my butt and stroked it, then up my back. He instructed me to relax and breath, to remember how I was able to take the butt-plugs. I did as he said, then felt his cock at my pussy. He pressed in hard and deep and for several strokes he was fucking me hard. I was groaning. Then, it was gone and I felt it at my asshole. I tensed, then remembered and breathed, relaxed. He pressed his cock at my asshole and told me to push out like I did with the butt-plugs … remember the butt-plugs.

“OH … FUCK!” He was pressing hard at my asshole, stretching it, forcing it to expand. I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled and, as I did, I pressed my body back at him. “Yes … yes … yes … please, yes.” I wanted it, I wanted him inside me there. I wanted to be his completely … totally. This was the last hole … I needed to take him.

I almost fell on my face. His cock surged forward through my tight sphincter and he plowed into me. I cried out. It was so different than the plugs. Not that he was so much bigger, but he was constantly as big. Every inch of penetration stretched me anew. I put my hand back on his thigh and he stopped. He stroked my back and leaned forward over me, kissing my back and hair and shoulders. He whispered his admiration and encouragement. In the process, the slight movements moved his cock in my ass. I felt the slightest movement as my ass closed around his shaft. It was as if I could feel every vein along the surface of his cock.

He slowly pulled back and pushed back in to where my hand remained. Very slowly, very carefully, exceedingly considerate of me. I moved my hand underneath me for support. “Now, sir … now … fuck me. Make me yours completely.”

He pressed forward and his cock sank several more inches into me. He pulled back an inch and pressed in several more inches. Over and over. I felt like I had a fence post inside me, thick and long. Then, his hips hit my ass and I had him inside, fully inside. I groaned and gasped. When he pulled back to begin fucking me, I waited, then pushed back to meet him. His groan and gasp matched mine. Yes, fuck me. Over and over in my mind were those three words … yes, fuck me.

He leaned forward to grab a breast, then slide his hand down my body to my clit and pussy. When he put a finger into my pussy while fucking me, I almost came. His fingers concentrated on my clit and I felt his need, his cock pulsing inside me my tight sleeve. It had a life of its own, my asshole closing and squeezing around his cock as he pulled and pushed, fucking me harder and harder.

When I orgasmed, he climaxed immediately after. My asshole clenched around his cock as if to choke the life out of it. I instantly felt his cock jerk and pulse his cum into my ass as he slammed as deep as he could into me. It felt like he was in by bowels as his cum shot relentlessly into me.

I collapsed, my orgasm taking the last bit of strength from my arms to hold me up. My ass was still in the air, attached to Mr. Nolan, his cock deep inside me, his hands on my hips as he held himself there while his cock dribbled the last of his cum into my body.

When he began pulling out, it was the strangest feeling, like something long and thick was being pulled from the core of my being. My ass collapsing around the nothing that remained as the cock receded. When it was fully gone … I collapsed fully onto the bed. My legs still spread wide and the emptiest feeling I had ever experienced (true, in my short real sexual life).

I felt the bed shifting and Mr. Nolan’s hand on my ass cheek. “Wait there … you have to see.” See what? He rushed into the bathroom and returned with a hand-held mirror, told me to roll over to my back and pull my knees up and out. I did without thought or question, though I was wondering what was wrong with him. He put the mirror at my ass, “Look.”

“Oh … my … God …” I looked up at him, his face beaming. “That is so obscene!” My asshole was still gaping open and a stream of his cum was escaping. I looked at him and pushed with my asshole muscles and watched more cum escape. I blushed. I just got fucked in the ass and I was blushing at seeing the cum? I laughed, “That … that’s obscene.”

He suggested we shower and finally get something to eat at a bar and grill close by. He soaped me up, playing with my ass a lot. I soaped him up, stroking his cock and balls a lot. As I soaped him, he was already beginning to show signs of life. I went to my knees and rinsed the soap off his cock to take it into my mouth. I sucked him hard and intently. I had conquered anal. I wanted to conquer deepthroating, too. As if sensing just that, he pulled me up, his cock slipping from my mouth.

He pulled me into him under the spray of water. I felt his wonderful, magical cock fully hard pressing into my abdomen, my breasts and nipples into his body. He raised my chin and kissed me. Then, “I am really proud of you Megan. I saw the slut in you and you are proving me right.”

I hugged him tightly, “Thank you, sir. I just want you to be as pleased with me as you make me feel.”

“I am. You know … most women would struggle doing anal the first time with an ‘average’ cock.”

I smiled up at him, very proud of myself. “Not a fence post, sir?”

“Well, I don’t know about …”

I giggled, “It felt that way to me at that moment.”

Until we were sitting in the booth of the local bar and grill, I hadn’t realized how starved I was. I finished the first craft tipobet beer and attacked the juicy burger like a bear coming out in the spring. I cupped the second beer in my hands and pushed the plate with most of the fries to the side. I leaned forward on the table separating us, “So … sir … what do you have planned for me this weekend besides …”

He leaned closer, too, and replied quietly, “Besides just fucking you a lot?” I giggled and nodded. “Obviously, what we just did and there will be more of that.” He stopped and looked at me, “How was it?”

“I’ll always try to be honest with you, sir. If I had the choice, I would probably take my …” I looked around, “… my pussy. There was pain but not as much as I expected. The plugs definitely helped … so, thank you for that. But, it was still very exciting … maybe partly the perverseness of it. But, I am not afraid of it, anymore.”

He smiled and checked around us, again. The bar was busier than the eating section and the booths on either side of us were empty. “Good, because a slut’s experience includes all three holes on a regular basis, so if you really want to be …” I was nodding enthusiastically before he finished, causing him to laugh. “Okay … a lot of fucking and sucking for two reasons. Know what they are?”

Matter-of-factly, I said, “So I get used to being used a lot?”

He nodded, that was one but I wasn’t coming up with the other reason. He smiled and stood up for us to leave. Outside in the parking lot by his car, he stopped me, pulled me into his arms and pressed me back against it, kissing me deeply. Then, “The second reason is personally a favorite … I REALLY like fucking you. And, you sucking me. And, seeing you naked around the house.” I giggled and blushed. The giggle disappeared quickly when his hand went under my skirt and cupped my pussy. We quickly broke when two couples came out noisily. He used the fob to unlock the passenger door and opened it for me, but had my attention when he declared, “There will be a time when we fuck somewhere like this … a place where we might be caught.”

We weren’t a block from the parking lot when I released my seatbelt and told him to be very safe driving. I leaned over the center console and loosened his belt and pants so I could fish out his soft cock, which started moving as I held it. I lowered my head into his lap, my mouth taking his cock. In order to accomplish that, I was kneeling on the seat, my ass higher than my head. As I sucked him, his hand pulled my skirt to my waist. Public exposure. Driving along well-lit streets and passing a few slower moving cars, my ass was in clear view and there could be no question what I was doing.

Along the way, he mentioned that an old friend of his was coming to town on business and they frequently got together when he did. He said, his friend would be coming to the house tomorrow afternoon. My mouth stopped moving. His friend would be visiting while I was there? Without me having to verbalize what my mind was working over, he confirmed my suspicions. Yes, he assured me, he would be sharing me. The office started as strangers, but I knew I was the office slut. This was a complete stranger … but, I was really Mr. Nolan’s slut, right? So, wasn’t this bound to happen? And, much more?

Upon enter the house, I stripped immediately, remembering his rule for me. I took my stocking off but slipped my heels back on. He stopped in the family room and fucked me on the sofa. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap and cock. This time in my pussy. I slid down his cock to the base after only a couple up and downs. I was facing away from him, my hands on his knees. This was me fucking him. He sat behind me, his hands on my hips but offering little assistance but for his groans and gasps that matched my own. I had sucked him the entire way back from the bar and grill, not wanting to have him cum, but to have him ready for just this.

After we both came, I got us both a drink while he turned on the TV. He settled on ESPN when he found Sports Center was on. He wasn’t a massive fan, but like to keep abreast of what was happening to properly interact with other guys. That was probably more common than most of us realized. I took a couple quick sips of my drink, then set the glass on the coffee table in front of us. I curled on the sofa next to him, my head in his lap as I moved his soft cock to my mouth. He sighed as my mouth closed around the head of his cock.

“You can just relax around me, Megan.”

“You don’t like me doing this, sir?”

He chuckled, “Silly wench, I love you sucking me. I was just saying …”

I pulled my mouth off and interrupted, “I could never have guessed how much I would enjoy this. And, if you aren’t expecting to cum soon, I can also be relaxed.”

His free hand moved from my shoulder to the side of my face where he stroked me. “My little slut has a pacifier?”

I was licking around the head and the hole where I hoped to find pre-cum, soon. “Hmmmm … a really … REALLY big pacifier, sir.” I was only fleetingly seeing the screen until the Top 10 Plays came on, then, “Holy cow … did you see that?” My hand continued stroking his now hard cock as I took my mouth off. He laughed and cupped my breast. I blushed at the absurdity of what I just did, but it showed I was relaxed.

Before we settled in for the night, he fucked my ass, again. This time was a little easier and I believed him when he assured me that every time would be a little easier, but every time would be tighter than my pussy. For men, though, that was part of the appeal. When I curled into him with sleep settling over me, I murmured softly, but not so softly he didn’t hear, “And, a slut has three holes …”

The next morning was much like the previous weekend. I sucked him to wake him up, taking his cum into my stomach. I stayed naked, made coffee and started breakfast. He came down in boxers and tee-shirt. He playfully fondled my naked body dangerously as I cooked eggs and bacon until I equally playfully swatted his hands away. He took two mugs from the cabinet, filled one for me and took the other to the dinette table. I glanced back and saw him watching. I asked, what?

“What, what? You’re naked in my kitchen and I’m not going to enjoy the stunning view? Of course, I am. I’m also thinking of how I’m going to fuck you next.” Of course, he was. Besides … wouldn’t I be disappointed if he wasn’t?

After breakfast, he fucked my ass, again. I was getting the feeling all this ass fucking was leading up to something. We showered (yes, he fucked me … pussy, this time) and I went downstairs to pick up the clothes we shed last night. When he came downstairs dressed, I gave him a pouty face because we weren’t leaving for more shopping for another two hours. He went into the family room to read, but I kept pestering him. Despite having all three holes used this morning, my appetite wasn’t eased a bit. I was as surprised by this as he eventually showed his frustration.

“Enough! Megan, get over here.” I was surprised by the reaction and moved quickly to stand naked before him, my hands at my sides even though he had never made such an instruction. “You seem to desire another orgasm.” I told him I would like that, and could we? “No. This is not going to be a ‘we’. A slut is not only willing to be used, but is also willing to be exposed, exhibited, shamed, and humiliated by the things she does.” I looked at him, confused by where this was going. “Some of the clothes we have and will buy are meant to expose and exhibit your body and, in certain situations, can create a feeling of shame and humiliation.” That had occurred to me, too, as I wondered where I would wear some of those items. “Other situations are like now …” Now, I was confused. Now? Standing naked in front of only him? But he answered my unspoken question. “Turn the coffee table so it is pointing away from me.” I did it. “Now, lie on the table, your feet on the edge, and spread you knees.” Okay … this is new. “Now, slut … you were pestering me for a cum … masturbate with your fingers until you orgasm.”

As surprised as I was, my hands none-the-less moved to my spread open pussy. At first, I was tentative at touching myself so openly, directly in front of him. He leaned forward to see more as my fingers parted my lips, rubbed my clit, and finally sank into my hole. I looked down my body and between my spread thighs and could only see him, his face, his eyes intent on my pussy and my fingers. He looked up and held my eyes. He smiled and I groaned. I clawed at my pussy. I drove three fingers into my hole, sawing them in and out feverishly. Then, my eyes fogging in lust, I heard his voice.

“Exhibited. Exposed. Embarrassed. Shamed. Remember the store last weekend, Megan? When I had you trying on clothes in the middle of the store? You were naked with the store clerk and others watching you, but you did it. You were embarrassed, weren’t you? You felt humiliated, shamed by being exposed to strangers, not knowing what they would think. But … humiliated, shamed, embarrassed weren’t all that you felt, was it? No … you felt excited, energized, sexual.” He reached out and touched my thigh and I jumped but my fingers never slowed. “You were embarrassed when you started this, but now look at you. You can’t wait to cum for me, can you?”

“OH … GOD … YES! I want to cum for you, sir. I want to give you a screaming orgasm. Yes, yes, yes … oh god yes … it is exquisite … embarrassed, exposed … OH FUCK!” My pussy clenched around my fingers and I screamed my release. My body shook. My hips raised high off the table in a futile search for something more and it was all my fingers … and his words … and showing him my spasming pussy.

I lay collapsed on the low table, my legs d****d on either side, my drooling pussy leaking my juices onto the polished tipobet güvenilir mi surface of the table. With my heart still racing and my breath still ragged, I had learned the lesson. Don’t tease him. He is the one who dictates when and where and how.

But I had learned the wrong lesson. He put his hand out to me and assisted me to my feet. He sat back down and picked up his book. He checked the clock and gave me instructions, “You have 15 minutes to search the house and return here for more of this lesson.”

My body was still quivering from that orgasm and I wondered if my mind was also somehow affected. “I’m … I’m sorry, sir. Search for what?”

Without looking up, “Things, Megan. Big things, thick things, long things, small things … things that you can stuff into your pussy and asshole.” Then, he looked up and smiled, “I expect you to be creative, slut.”

More humiliation and shame. The lesson before wasn’t not to tease him, the lesson was on humiliation and how it felt … maybe how it can be used to stimulate and excite. Maybe to understand my place. Maybe to understand it isn’t all about fucking and sucking, but being used, exhibited, exposed, displayed eliciting different excitements and pleasures. And, if not for me … then it’s not all about me, is it? Was that the lesson?

So, I did as he instructed. I ran naked through the house gathering objects and creating a small pile in the family room as my hands filled. I found cucumbers and carrots in the refrigerator; a butt-pug and Ben Wa balls from my bag; an empty wine bottle in the kitchen; a couple golf balls and one of the clubs from the garage; a box of candles from the dining room; a whisk from the kitchen; and, a pool ball and cue from the recreational room downstairs. I had only moments left when I looked at the pile, then at Mr. Nolan; I sighed and ran upstairs to get the tube of lubrication … just in case.

I thought he would select a few objects for me to stuff myself with, but he wanted each and every one of them used somehow. It took a long time and we both ended up becoming very creative. With four of the candles in my pussy, he began pushing another in the middle of the bunch, then more, stretching my pussy wider. The golf balls went into my pussy easy, but he used the lob wedge I brought to retrieve them. That was weird. The cucumber went into my ass (thankful for the lube) and was left there for more playing until it was removed and carrots were used in its place. Each time he took a picture with his phone. I had no idea how those might be used, but it would fit into humiliation pretty well.

We had to rush out to do some more shopping for more clothes. We ended up with similar items, but he said he wanted some clothes for me at his home as back up, if needed. On the way back to his house, I sucked him in the car as he drove. It was daytime, though. There were several honked horns as we passed or were passed, especially by trucks and pickups.

Later, when the doorbell rang, Mr. Nolan told me to see to it. I looked at him warily, but he just nodded to proceed. When I opened the door, the tall black man standing there showed his surprise at seeing me and didn’t say anything, or couldn’t, for a moment. Mr. Nolan apparently followed me to the door, undoubtedly to witness both of our reactions.

“Tom, welcome.” He stood just to the side of the man at door, Tom apparently, recovered enough to enter so I could close the front door. Tom kept glancing my way and Mr. Nolan came to our rescue. “Tom, meet Megan Collins.” Tom’s eyes moved slowly up and down my body. Mr. Nolan chuckled and led the way to the family room. Once there, they sat in comfortable easy chairs and I stopped in front of them. “Megan even got dressed up for you.”

Tom seemed to have recovered his ability to speak, “Dressed up?”

Mr. Nolan laughed, “Well, Ms. Collins is normally naked in my house, isn’t that right Megan?”

“Yes, sir. I am to be naked except for entering and preparing to leave.” I glanced at Tom and felt a blush blooming. Then, it went into full blush.

Tom asked, “Okay, I have to ask buddy, what’s going on?”

Mr. Nolan smiled and looked to me, instructing me to respond. I looked at Tom while trying to remain calm with this new embarrassment. “Sir, I work for Mr. Nolan.” That didn’t explain anything to him. “My title is … Executive Secretary …” I looked at Mr. Nolan and he smiled for me to continue, “… and Office Slut.” Once stated out loud, I gathered courage and continued. “To be more accurate, I have willingly accepted the position of secretary in his office and the additional role of being his slut. When I said ‘Office Slut’, it wasn’t completely accurate, though it is effectively the case in the office.” I blushed more and bit my lip. “Sorry, sir, I am rambling.”

Mr. Nolan had been watching his friend more than me and was smiling at his reaction. “You’re doing fine, dear. Continue. How long has this been and why are you here?”

I could feel my juices on my pussy lips and when Mr. Nolan indicated with two fingers to separate my legs, I could feel the juices escape my lips. I looked at Tom with embarrassment. His eyes were focused on that exact spot. When his eyes rose to mine, an increasingly lusty expression took over his face. I continued, “Yes, sir … thank you. I … I have had the secretarial position for one week, and … I … this is the second weekend I have been Mr. Nolan’s slut.” Mr. Nolan was waiting. Oh, yes. “Mr. Nolan has been gracious with his time to use his weekends to teach me what a slut needs to know and do to become effective.”

“Yes, Tom, I can see by your face … she came from a rather conservative, protected background so her experience in these things was limited. I assure you, though, her intention and desire for this is very real. There is an interesting story that brought her to this point, but that is hers to keep, if she wishes.” Tom nodded his acceptance.

I offered the two men drinks and returned with two cold beers. I saw Mr. Nolan’s head subtly twitch to Tom so I moved directly in front of him and sank to my knees. “Sir, may I show you what I have learned?” When it came to sucking cock, Mr. Nolan and the men in the office had already assured me I was a quick learner, but this was as much a play for Mr. Nolan’s friend as much as my being in a position of subservience to a stranger while still under the care of Mr. Nolan.

I opened his slacks as he sat in the chair. He lifted his hips to allow me to lower them enough to fully free his semi-hard cock. I began by licking the shaft I held in my hand. It is a nice size and as it firms up, I realize it is big, too. Maybe not quite as big as Mr. Nolan, but perhaps 9 inches, like Mr. Donald and Furman. Once hard, I try to take it deep into my mouth. I get the head, which is slimmer than Mr. Nolan’s, into my throat. I press down, relaxed, and anticipating the gag, went through what I had been practicing. When felt his cock hit bottom (gag) I pretended that I’m trying to swallow air to make a burp and open my throat; I swallow hard; move my tongue vigorously inward; and shoved my mouth gently down.

When my nose hit his pelvis, I heard above me, “OH FUCK! Damn … you … took it … all!”

I pulled up only a few inches to clear the nasal passage to breath in air, then pressed down, again. Now that my throat was filled with cock, the only issued I had was breathing. Then, from the side, I heard, “She did it? That’s my girl!”

I pulled up slowly, sucking the saliva and swallowing as I did. When my mouth came off the cock, I turned to Mr. Nolan, scrambled over to him and crushed him with a kiss. “I did it, sir! I did it!” He only laughed as I moved back to Tom’s cock, immediately taking it down my throat. Now, I wondered what all the trouble had been. I wanted to smile as the cock head moved down and up in my throat, but it is facially impossible. Inwardly, though, I was smiling big-time: I had accomplished something I had set my mind to doing; Mr. Nolan had set it as a goal for me; and, most of all, because Mr. Nolan was heaping his praise and pleasure on me.

I heard Tom grunting and arching his hips, pressing his cock urgently at me, and I pulled my mouth up his cock so only the head was inside and I sucked so hard my cheeks collapsed inwardly. I allowed each spurt to fill my mouth and swallowed for the next spurt. His volume of cum was much like Mr. Nolan’s, but the last spurt I left in my mouth and turned to both men with my mouth open. Tom smiled through his gasps, but Mr. Nolan nodded his approval.

I busied myself around the kitchen and the house as the two men caught up on news of their life. As I moved outside the family room, I heard parts of an interesting conversation. It turned out that Mr. Nolan usually took Tom to the local Eclipse club so he could hook up with a woman, but Tom tentatively said that if ‘this’ was going to continue, there was no need for the club. Mr. Nolan in response had looked my way and made eye contact before saying that had always been his plan. It would be later that I would fully find out what that plan entailed.

We ended up in the pool, naked, and there was a lot of touching and probing of bodies, especially mine, as I seemed to be moved from one hard, black body to the other. It only stopped being playful to more when Mr. Nolan, standing in waist deep water, lifted me into his arms and lowered me so his erect cock bumped my pussy. I looked into his eyes with lust in mine, saw his desire, and reached down to direct his cock inside me. He stood in place lifting me up and down on his cock until he walked us to the shallow end and sat me on edge of the pool. Moments later, Tom was kneeling next to me with his cock at my head. I opened my mouth as I turned to him, taking it into my mouth and again sucking him, but this tipobet giriş time not urgently to induce him cumming but to keep him stimulated for his turn.

Mr. Nolan and I climax close to each other, my orgasm coming first and possibly triggering his as my pussy spasmed around his cock filling me. Once he pulled his big cock out of me, I found Tom lying on the tile surface surrounding the pool. I crawled the short distance to him and sat on his cock, taking the length of it into me at once.

Mr. Nolan was grilling steaks later as I brought out more beer for the men, my preparations of sides completed in the kitchen. After handing the beers to them, I stopped next to Tom, his cock was again hard as he sprawled on a lounge chair. My eyes were fixed on it and he held it up. When I looked to his face, finally, he had been watching me. I blushed. He waggled his cock in offering and I didn’t need more of an offer. I straddled his chair facing away from him toward Mr. Nolan and sat on his cock, again. Mr. Nolan must have heard my gasp as I sank down over the length and turned around.

He pointed the grilling fork at me, “I don’t want you emptying his balls entirely until later.” He was smiling.

“I won’t, sir, but it was just there calling my name.”

Tom added teasingly, “Then it must have been saying, ‘slut … slut …’”

I dropped down fully onto him and he groaned as his cock was driven abruptly deep into my clenching pussy. “But it was there … and … can I help it if I just like … like the feel of cock inside me?”

Mr. Nolan had moved next to me and squeezed my breast, then pinched the nipple before bending down to kiss me as I sat on his friend’s cock. “Then, no, you can’t help it because you are truly turning into a slut.” We were all naked and it was almost impossible for me not to try to achieve another orgasm on the cock inside me, but I heard the admonition repeated, “That’s fine, enjoy the feeling of his cock but don’t let him cum. I still have another first planned for you later.”

Another first? This weekend I already achieved anal and deepthroat, at least on Tom, and wondered what more there could be. But, to not tempt things too much, I leaned back onto Tom’s body and merely used my pussy muscles to tease his cock embedded in me. His play with my breasts, nipples, and clit went from playful to intentional. He whispered in my ear, “But, he said nothing about you not orgasming, again. But you can’t move.” Oh, God, this was going to be hard. His cock was flexed into me very slightly but the main stimulus was not my pussy. His fingers were tormenting my nipples and clit but while his one hand worked my throbbing clit, his arm was holding my hips in place.

When Mr. Nolan heard me climaxing, he turned but saw my body restrained and Tom smiling widely. Through foggy eyes I saw Mr. Nolan turn around. I heard and felt Tom chuckling, then saw Mr. Nolan respond with a smile and shaking his head. God, what was happening to me? I just loved to cum. I loved the multitude of ways to experience it. I loved the process of it all. And … mostly … I loved the feeling of big cock inside me and it was so easy to orgasm with a big cock virtually filling me completely.

After dinner, Mr. Nolan whispered in my ear as I am cleaning up in the kitchen, “You have done very well, tonight.” I smile, turned in his arms and kissed him. He continued, “As I said earlier, there is one more first for you to experience and it is the reason I invited Tom here when he said he would be in town.”

“A DP, sir?” I ventured.

“You know of it?”

I giggle, “I have full access to our websites, sir.” He just looked for something in my eyes. “Sir, all this sex … with you, then at the office … what’s a girl to do at night by herself? I know how much I have yet to experience.”

He smiled and smacked my ass. “Then, finish up here so we can mark this experience off your list.”

I’m going to be double penetrated by two big cocks and only yesterday was my first time taking anal. It was only a week ago that all of this started. A shiver ran through me as I rushed to finish the final clean up. Then, a final touch, I slathered my hands with lotion at the sink to make sure my touch would be soft and smooth. A DP. I shook my head at the feeling of excited anticipation that filled me. It was like being young and anticipating the completion of yet another Girl Scout badge. In a way it was, but definitely not being a Girl Scout!

Mr. Nolan moved our fun up to the master bedroom and his king-size bed. It took next to no time for us all to know we were ready for the next round of ‘using Megan’. And, I was very ready. Mr. Nolan joked about it, but it really did seem that I was in a constant state of arousal and a wet and ready pussy. I knew what was coming, I just didn’t know how Mr. Nolan had it planned because I was sure his mind had it well planned.

It became clear to me, though, when he crawled onto the bed and lay on his back in the middle of the bed. He merely looked at me and I nodded. Tom might have been curious, but I knew. I moved to the bedside stand and removed the tube of lubrication from the drawer. I handed the tube to Tom and bent over, my ass toward him, and my hands pulling my ass-cheeks apart. There was a hesitation and I wondered without looking if he had looked to Mr. Nolan. If he had, I knew he got the assurance he needed when I felt the cool, slickness of the lube pressed onto and into my asshole. Then, I heard Mr. Nolan instruct him to make sure I was well lubricated. Immediately, more lube was pressed into that hole and I sighed as his fingers sawed in and out of my ass. I then turned around, taking the tube from him and applying more lube to his hard cock.

I lean up into him to kiss him, then whispered into his ear, “This is my first double penetration, sir.” He looked at me with surprise, then nodded his understanding.

I crawled up onto the bed with Mr. Nolan, straddling his body and moving up to his head to kiss him. He held my face and softly reassured me, “You know you’ve taken me there. It will be tighter, much tighter, with me in your pussy, but the principle is the same. Relax and indicate for him to let you adjust to it.”

I nodded, reached behind me as I moved down his body until I had his cock poking into my pussy. I slid my pussy down over his length, then waited. I felt the bed sag behind me and I took a deep breath, lay my upper body onto Mr. Nolan, and used my hands to pull my ass-cheeks apart. Quickly, I felt more than Tom’s presence as his cock touched my asshole. I did everything I had learned in the short time of anal with Mr. Nolan. I pushed to open and knew Tom was seeing my asshole move out toward him. It was only an additional moment until I felt him pressing his cock head at my tight opening, but the lubrication on and in me and on his cock allowed better entry because he was a bit thinner than Mr. Nolan. It took maybe a minute for him to press completely into me, having to stop several times at my indication to allow my stretched sphincter and hole to adjust.

Once Tom was completely in me, I was nothing but a body with two holes wedged between the two men. The pressure Tom exerted on me with his body flattened me against Mr. Nolan. I wasn’t thinking about it, just experiencing it, but Mr. Nolan was fairly limited by the pressure from above him as Tom thrust into my ass. But Mr. Nolan changed that after several minutes.

“Tom, lift up a bit. Slut, move to all fours.” We made the adjusts without separating. Now I was supporting my weight above Mr. Nolan and his cock immediately began stroking into my pussy. Tom repositioned himself kneeling behind me, his hands holding my hips rather than lying on top of me. His thrusts returned with equal strength as before, but now, both men were stroking into my body. I sagged slightly as my holes were blasted by random thrusts, my breasts jiggling and the nipples sliding along Mr. Nolan’s body beneath me. With that change, the experience of the DP was completely different. Now, I felt like I was being ravaged by these two big cocks. I was filled completely, or so it seemed. I had the illusion of my body being filled from skin to skin with cock moving inside me … sometimes in at the same time, sometimes in opposite directions, and sometimes mixed.

I came with an intensity that was amazing! Mr. Nolan’s massive cock had always touched me and filled me incredibly, but now, with Tom’s large cock in the next passage, his cock felt even tighter inside me, sliding along the walls of my pussy, bumping and sliding along all those thousands of nerve-ending and my g-spot. When my orgasm hit me, my arms weakened and I felt myself sagging more, but I was powerless to control that. My body was reacting to only one thing and that was the powerful eruption emanating from my pussy and ass. But I didn’t collapse. I was still off Mr. Nolan and he was still thrusting powerfully from underneath me. At first, I didn’t understand … didn’t care … how that could be as my orgasm continued to shake me with amazing sensations. Mr. Nolan had his hands on my sides holding me up. I only recognized that a split moment between the first orgasm beginning to recede and the next one taking charge.

I was a limp mass of flesh. Tom held my hips and Mr. Nolan held my upper body. I was a mass of quivering, shaking, pulsing, spasming flesh. Both holes clenched and spasmed around the invading cocks. It seemed to go on for hours. Orgasm after orgasm … cocks pommeling my holes like battering-rams against the castle gates of my soul. It wasn’t hours … couldn’t have been … but time becomes irrelevant with the mind becomes consumed by overstimulation.

My whole being seemed hazy and unable to focus or concentrate. But, when the two cocks erupted inside me … my passages being filled with spurt and stream of cum from each in adjoining passages … a new orgasm was ignited on top of the ones before.

I don’t know if I really passed out or if that was merely the last thing I had conscious memory of.

* * CHAPTER FIVE: MARKED will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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