Mighty Good Man’s Conundrum

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Mighty Good Man’s Conundrum
In Prince Holloway’s mind, the alarm went off way too early every morning. He rolled over and groaned as he slapped the clock to stop the piercing sound. It was a Tuesday, The five-foot-nine man with the shredded body sat up and yawned. His wife, Tessa, yawned. “Morning, baby,” he said. He heard her groan something indistinguishable before climbing out of the queen-sized bed and going to the bathroom.

Prince, whose mom had named him after the musical genius, started his shower and stepped in the tub. He lathered up using Dove men’s body wash. He also ran a razor over his head keeping it shaved bald. After drying off, he dressed in an industrial striped button down work shirt, easy fit black cargo pants, and black slip-resistant aluminum toe shoes. He was ready to attack his day.

Downstairs, Tessa was pouring cereal for their five year-old son, Tyus.

Prince grabbed an apple and munched on it. He asked the kindergartner if he was ready for his day at school. His mini-me replied affirmatively. Prince was happy with his life. At 30 years of age, he was living the dream – made it out of the hood, had a beautiful wife, an adoring son, a good job, and owned a home. The only thing Prince thought he might add was a 65-inch TV. In all seriousness, he was fine with everything. He just craved a little more than the once a week pussy Tessa gave up.

He loaded up with Tyus in the school bus yellow 2006 Chevy Colorado extended cab pickup. He dropped his son off at school. And drove to the technical college where he was an instructor in the automotive services technician division. Prince had taken this job due to state benefits and still ran his independent business on the side.

That was two years ago.

Now, Tessa barely gave up the pussy once a month. Prince jacked his dick frequently to compensate. He still doted on her in the manner he always had. Flowers sporadically. Leaving her favorite candy on the seat of her car occasionally. Grilling T-bones.

Truthfully, many of Tessa’s female relatives and friends told her how blessed she was to have a caring, committed man. They would go on and on about the fact that he wasn’t out all night even though he still went to a sports bar on most Friday nights. Much of this was lost on Tessa because she was used to the routine of it all.

Prince was in his cramped office standing over the shoulder of the department’s work study student who was entering grades into the computer for him. The 20 year-old sophomore was named Shaquan Odom.

Shaquan had a tawny beige hue, oval face, wide-set brown eyes, and delicate hands. Plus, he always smelled faintly of peppermint. His lips were glossy and his fingernails painted.

“You’re breathing heavy, Mr. Holloway,” mused Shaquan.
“Huh,” Prince shot back.
“Seemed to me you were breathing heavier than usual. I’m almost done, sir.”
“Naw, you good!”
“Oh okay! I thought maybe you were ready to kick me out.”
“Now, why would I do that?”
“I don’t know, Mr. Holloway. But, I’d be so sad if you did.”
“You’re my favorite instructor to work with in the department. The others are just…”
“White,” Prince chuckled.
Shaquan looked over his shoulder, “I was gonna say boring.”
“My bad.”

Their lips were only inches away.

Prince shook his head and straightened his body. “Take your time. I’m gonna grab a drink. Want one.”
“I’d love a ginger ale.”
“Be right back.”

Prince needed to cool off. For brief moment he imagined kissing the effeminate dude. This was not normal he told himself. He took back the sodas and sat on the other side of the desk this time.

“Okay, Mr. Holloway! I’m finished,” Shaquan announced.
“Thanks! See you later!”
“I hope so!”
“Oh yeah!”
“But I know instructors can’t hang out with students.”
“Yep,” canlı bahis şirketleri agreed the ASE-certified mechanic.
“Anyway, I’ll see you Wednesday.”

Shaquan left the room.

Prince checked out the boy’s girlish bite-worthy bottom. His dick grew. He shook his head to come back to reality.

The next week, there was a slew of gossip going around. Apparently one of the custodians had walked in on Shaquan being fucked by an assistant basketball coach in the back of the gym. Prince joined three other colleagues at a picnic table for lunch: Don Lambert, a custodian; Jermaine Blake, a biology instructor; and Lakisha Douglas, an adult education coordinator.

The four Black employees set out their lunches. Prince and Lakisha had brought theirs from home. Don and Jermaine had something from the cafeteria.

Lakisha started, “Are you the one that found them, Don?”
“Naw, baby guhl. It wunt me,” Don shared.
“Who was it then,” Lakisha prodded.
“It was Callahan,” Don whispered.
“That white motherfucker,” Lakisha was incredulous.
“Yep,” Don emphasized.
“He always seemed a li’l nosey,” Prince added.
“You ain’t lying,” Jermaine chimed in.
“Y’all believe they were really having sex,” Lakisha prodded.
“There’s no tellin’,” Don said.

They ate in relative silence for the rest of the meal. All of the men were aware Lakisha was looking for more rumors to go back and share with the other faculty and staff chicks. It all seemed plausible since the coach wasn’t at work and Shaquan was no longer doing work study. Lakisha left first.

Then Jermaine said, “I think that nigga was fucking that k**. I saw them in a classroom by themselves a while back.”
Don replied, “I don’t he was the only one fuckin’ dat sissy?”
“Huh,” Prince inquired.
“I hear they was a few athletes giving him dick,” Don stated.
“You sure,” Jermaine checked.
“Yeah, Shaquan seemed pretty straight-laced,” Prince tried to kill any potential gossip.
“He did work for you, Holloway,” Don laughed.
“There wasn’t nothin’ like that,” Prince glared.
“If it was. You wunt tell no way,” Don buckled over.
“I gotta get back to work,” Prince rolled his eyes.
“Me too,” Jermaine said.

Prince got a message from Tessa. ‘Got a coworker whose car won’t start. Can you come look at it when you finish up?’ He wrote back saying he’d be there in an hour. She told him that was fine.

Prince made it to the nursing home where Tessa worked as an LPN. He let her know he was outside. She said she was busy, but that Laine would be out shortly. Tyus was in the after school program and Prince would grab him once this was done.

Laine Silva was appeared outside in his uniform. The licensed practical nurse had a low haircut with waves all around his head. His skin was a honey color with a pink undertone. He switched as he walked.

Prince looked under the hood of the Nissan Altima. He noticed corrosion on the battery. “Can you go get me a Coke?”
“What,” Laine asked.
“Coke or Pepsi. I think this’ll fix it.”

Laine came back with the soda. Prince poured some on. The corrosion ate away. “Now try to start it.”

The vehicle started with no issue.

“Oh! Thank you,” Laine beamed.
“No problem. It just needed that crud gone,” Prince said.
“I’m always telling Tessa she’s so lucky to have you.”
“Thanks,” he blushed. “When’s the last time you had a tune up?”
“I don’t even remember.”
“I’d suggest you get that done. I could do it for you this weekend.”
“That’d be great!”

The five-foot-eight effeminate man went back in.

When the weekend came, Tyus spent the night with Tessa’s parents. Tessa had a hair appointment. Prince waited at home for Laine to bring the car for inspection.

“Hey, Prince,” Laine mused upon arrival.
“Hey! How you doin’?”
“I’m good. Thanks again for doing canlı kaçak iddaa this!”
“No problem.”

Prince looked the vehicle over and gave his recommendations based on order of importance.

“You’re so good at what you do,” the healthcare worker wearing jeggings and a tight graphic tee smiled.
“I try.”
“You succeed.”
“Where you from?”
“My mom is Brazilian. My dad was Black.”
“Ain’t Brazilians Black?”
“We have a lot of African ancestry, but mom isn’t really Black.”
“Oh okay.”
“I didn’t mean to offend you.”
“I’m not offended.”
“Can I get some water please?”
“Sure come inside.”

Prince gave his guest a bottle of water.

“Very nice! I’d give anything for this,” Laine sighed.
“Huh,” Prince checked.
“Nice house. Good man. Happiness.”
“All that glitters ain’t gold yo.”
“It would be with me,” winked Laine.
“You silly!”
“I know Tessa don’t be giving you no pussy. I tell she ought to be ashamed.”
“You do?”
“Heck yeah! Fine as you are. Ripped up. I’d bend over every night.”
“Is that so?”
“You don’t believe me?”
“Not really.”
“Let me show you,” Laine grabbed the man’s crotch.
“Oh shit,” Prince jumped back.
“I’m sorry. But I can see your dick is hard.”
“Then let me suck it. Then you can stick it in my pussy.”
“Yo what?”
“My pussy.”
“You got a…”
“It’s an asshole. But I call it my boipussy.”

Laine got on the floor and pulled out the eight-and-a-quarter-inch tool. He sucked it for a moment. Prince held on to the counter.

“Let me see how dat ass feel den,” ordered the man.

Laine spread his cheeks apart. Prince worked inside. He fucked for just a few strokes and came quickly.

Laine pulled up his tights and blew a kiss.

“Shit I’m sorry,” Prince said.
“For what?”
“I came so fast.”
“That’s normal for the first time you fuck boipussy.”
“But I don’t…”
“It’s cool. You’ll last longer next time.”

The next Friday night, Prince left for the sports bar. Instead, he ended up at Laine’s apartment. He planned to redeem himself and show Laine he was not a minute man. Less than five minutes after arriving, he and Laine were starked naked. Laine had his dick in his mouth. Prince smacked the pillowy butt cheeks.

“Oh shit, baby,” Prince groaned.
“Wanna fuck me, daddy?”

Laine went to the bed and lay on his side. Prince straddled one of Laine’s legs. Laine stretched his free leg away. Prince began to pound. He gripped the pussyboi’s back with one hand and the buttocks with the other.

“Gimme that big dick,” screamed Laine.
“Shit, baby!”
“You like this boipussy?”
“Oh yeah!”
“How much?”
“It’s so good!”
“Tell me you love your big dick in my faggot boipussy?”
“I love fuckin’ yo’ faggit boipussy!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me, nigga! Fuck me deep!”
“Shit yeah, baby!”
“Call me a faggot!”
“You a fag bitch!”
“Yes, sir!”

Prince delivered long, hard strokes.

“Lay on your side,” said Laine.

Prince got on his side. Laine curled up into a ball with his head at Prince’s feet. Laine hooked his arms around Prince’s lower legs and presented his ass for plowing. Prince penetrated Laine again.

“Goddamn, faggit,” Prince barked.
“You like that, nigga,” checked the sissy.
“Oh yeah!”
“Fuck me!”
“Yeah! Gimme dat boipussy, bitch!”
“It’s yours! Oh, Prince!”
“It’s my boipussy, faggit! Take dis dick!”

They changed positions. Laine was on his knees and rested on his forearms. Prince put his arms over Laine’s shoulder and lowered down.

“You’re so deep,” cried the bitch.
“Hell yeah! I’m all up in dis ass, faggit!”
“Yeah, nigga! Give it to me!”
“You got some good ass, baby!”
“It’s all yours! My boipussy belongs to you!”
“Shit yeah!”

Prince released a volcanic load into Laine’s backside.

Over the next two months, the frequency of their meetings grew. Prince still took care not to get caught.

One late night, he was online and canlı kaçak bahis sent a message to sissy who had a video posted on porn share site. He just complimented the faggot on the great performance and shared that he was straight man that had recently started fucking boipussy. He was surprised to see the bottom boi wrote right back. They exchanged a few emails throughout the week.

Prince and Laine fucked almost every day now. He found himself buying powdered donuts – Laine’s favorite snack – and finding way to leave them for him. He also no longer cared that Tessa was fucking.

Ten weeks after first messaging the sissy from the vids online, he asked if they could talk. The sissy said yes.

Prince used his Google Voice account.

“Hello,” answered a demure voice.
“Hey. It’s me,” Prince said.
“How are you?”
“I’m good. Can’t believe I’m really talkin’ to you.”
“It’s me in the flesh.”
“I know.”
“What’s up? You’ve been seeming conflicted.”
“I don’t know who else to talk to you. But you seem cool and chill.”
“Thanks! I am. And you can talk to me. What’s going on?”

Prince started, “You know I told you about this femme bottom dat work with my wife.”
“Yep,” the sissy confirmed. “You’ve been fucking him more and more.”
“I think I’m fallin’ for his ass.”
“Like in love?!?!?”
“I knew it.”
“What you mean?”
“He seems real fish. And he must love your dick. That’ll get a nigga caught up everytime.”
“Don’t mind that. I get it! Why do you think you love him?”
“I think about him all the time. I wanna sleep in the bed with him at night.”
“Okay. Sounds like it could very well be. What’s the problem?”
“I’m married.”
“Yeah. And?”
“Part of me wants to leave and be with him. But I ain’t gay and I don’t want nobody sayin’ I am.”


“You there,” checked Prince.

“I am,” huffed the online friend. “You gave me a lot in that last statement. We need to unpack that.”
“I mean I don’t know why I feel all this shit.”
“Maybe you’re conflicted. But it does sound genuine.”
“I mean. I don’t wanna be gay.”
“Don’t think of it as gay. He’s feminine, right?”
“Feminine as fuck!”
“I don’t think you’d be attracted if he were femme.”
“Then it’s your masculine energy that’s drawn to his feminine energy. That’s natural.”
“You think!”
“I don’t know what to do.”
“I get it. I can’t tell you what to do either. You gotta figure that out on your own. Have you considered a couple of days away with him to ensure that’s what you really want.”
“I fantasized about it.”
“Try to make it happen. I need to get some sleep.”

The next day, Prince began to scheme. He figured out how to get away from Tessa and Tyus for an overnight trip. He joined a softball team. They traveled occasionally for weekend tournaments.

The first time he had to go play, he had Laine accompany him.

The very night in the hotel, Prince was smashing Laine.

“Fuck me, daddy,” screamed the punk with his legs behind his head.
“Oh yeah, faggit! Take dis dick!”
“I love you, Prince!”
“Goddamn! I love you too! Fuck!”
“You do?”

Laine pushed him off. “Are you serious?”
“Yeah,” he grimaced because of this throbbing cock.
“Awwww! I love you too.”
“I think I wanna leave Tessa and be wit’ you.”
“Are you lying?”
“Naw, gurl! You everything I wanted. I just ain’t gay.”
“I never said you were.”
“I know. But you know muthafuckas judgey an’ shit!”
“Don’t worry about all that right now. Just fuck me!”

Prince stuck his member back inside. “Dammit, Laine!”
“You like fucking your boipussy?”
“Hell yeah, baby!”
“Give it to me!”
“Love the way you take it!”
“I just be looking at your clueless wife at work. She don’t appreciate you!”
“She don’t give you pussy like I do. Does she?”
“Hell naw! She don’t take care of a nigga like my li’l faggit do!”
“Yes, daddy! I’m your little faggot.”
“Fuck, gurl!”

Prince creamed Laine’s hole.

He spooned next to the pussyboi for the rest of the night fucking off and on.

When he arose the next morning, he had still not reached a decision regarding staying with Tessa or being with Laine.

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