Military Wives

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Kris first laid eyes on Sandy when they bumped into each other, literally, at the Post Exchange. Both had not been looking where they were going when they rounded an aisle and crashed into each other, sending items flying in all directions. Neither was hurt and both got up laughing. Immediately admitting that it was her fault Kris apologized, but Sandy wouldn’t hear of it. “I can be such a klutz,” she said, giggling. Kris was struck by the younger woman’s beauty and was somewhat taken aback by the sensual shock wave that coursed through her body when Sandy touched her arm to emphasize her point.

Over the next month or so, the two women ran into each other (not literally anymore) several times and always exchanged “hellos”. Each time they seemed to linger just a moment longer in conversation and each time the feeling of “electricity” came back to Kris. They were becoming friends and soon were having lunch together and sometimes calling each other during the day. Sandy was a second lieutenant’s wife and rather new to the military life while Kris’s hubby had been in the military for some time so she was veteran of the long absences and had been dealing with running her family alone during these periods.

Kris’s Story

Kris was in her late 30s and had been married for about 15 years. It was her second marriage. Her first husband had been abusive and she was lucky enough to escape his torments. After a time she met her military man and they had settled into the military life, raising three kids in the process. It was a tough life, but who’s life isn’t tough? And it was heaven compared to her previous marriage. In contrast to her first husband, her second was a loving and considerate man.

As far as sex goes, Kris was in her Renaissance period. Sure, she had had sex when she was in high school, but it wasn’t always a high priority for her. And after some bad experiences with her first husband she really didn’t want any part of it. Slowly, however, her second husband started to bring her out of her sexual shell, encouraging her to find the joy in intimate contact. Finding that she could enjoy sex was a revelation to Kris. With her husband’s encouragement she began experimenting on the internet, finding cyber lovers, and with each lover, she discovered her sexual voice. Cybering helped her find what she liked and didn’t like and these things poured over into the real world, enhancing her relationship with her husband beyond measure. Blossoming like a new flower, Kris’s sexual life flourished.

In her normal life, Kris was in charge, running the family while hubby was in the field, making sure things got done, advising the younger wives like Sandy when they needed it. In her sexual life, however, Kris was submissive. Her husband was her master and she lived to serve and please him. This relationship gave her great satisfaction and ultimate pleasure. Experimenting with bondage, Kris had come discover orgasms that she had never dreamed possible. She was completely satisfied sexually.

Or was she?

During her cyber adventures, Kris had, on occaison “played” with other illegal bahis women on-line. She enjoyed these encounters immensely and had been wondering how such an encounter would be in real life. Talking about this with her husband, she received his encouragement to fulfill this desire. The only problem was how to go about finding a willing partner. What if she tried to seduce a woman who was not really willing? Kris was attracted to some women, Sandy, for example, but she never got up the nerve to act upon her attraction.

Sandy’s Story

Sandy was totally new to the military life. She met her husband in college and he was in ROTC. Having been an only child, she was spoiled rotten and was used to getting her own way. She was finding it harder than she expected to deal with a new marriage and a new life as a military wife. In her high school and college days, Sandy was a wild woman. She loved to party and she loved sex. By the time she got to college, she was pretty experienced with boys, having had a dozen or so lovers. To Sandy sex was her drug of choice. She loved the shock of orgasm overtaking her body and took every opportunity to experience it.

In college, Sandy discovered women. During her first week, she was seduced by her roommate. Well, seduction isn’t quite the right word. She was “taken” by her roommate. The had been talking on her bed when, without warning, her roommate leaned over and kissed her deeply and passionately. Sandy was caught by surprise and resisted, if only for an instant, until her roommates hands moved into her panties. That was all it took. From that point on she wanted it as badly as her roommate did.

For the next three years, Sandy’s life was blur of affairs with both men and women. At times she thought that she might be addicted to sex and perhaps she was. Fortunately for her, her grades managed to stay acceptable and she was able to stay in school. During her senior year, she was at a party when she met her future husband. On the surface, he didn’t fit her “type”. For one, he was more conservatively dressed than most of her friends, but he had a demeanor that seemed to cut deeply into her. They began to talk and their conversation went long into the night. The attraction was more than sexual for Sandy. Sure, she wanted to sleep with him, but she was getting something more from him! They were connecting on a spiritual level. Sandy had fallen in love, instantly, deeply, and irreversibly. The went out the next night and made love for the first time. After graduation they were married. Ah, the shock of married life. Especially a military married life! Their love was a strong as ever, but Sandy’s easy carefree life was changed forever.

Having trouble making friends, Sandy floundered for a while until she bumped into Kris. Her new friend helped her cope with the life she found herself in and she was eternally grateful to this handsome older woman. She enjoyed their lunches and conversations. No, it was more than that. Sandy enjoyed Kris’s company. They were compatible. Different but compatible.

Kris & Sandy’s Story

Kris’s illegal bahis siteleri husband was out in the field and she had been going about her daily routine in his absense. This time he would be gone for about two weeks and she desperately missed his touch.

It was late and the kids were in bed and she was about to go to sleep herself when she heard a knocking on her door. Looking through the peephole she saw that it was Sandy.

Opening the door she saw the younger woman, her eyes puffy from crying. “Sandy, what’s wrong?”

Sandy moved through the door and collapsed into Kris’s arms sobbing. Kris comforted her by holding her tightly. “There, there, sweetie, what can be so bad?”

“I miss my husband! I can’t take this life!” Sandy bawled.

Closing the door, Kris pushed Sandy into the living room and sat her down on the couch.

“Oh, Sandy, I know it can be hard, especially when they are gone so long, but you’ll get used to it.”

Clutching Kris all the tighter, Sandy cried,”Oh, Kris, you’re the best friend! What would I do without you?”

For an hour Kris and Sandy sat there, Kris comforting and supporting Sandy and she let out all of her emotions and fears. Kris had most of them herself, but over the years had learned to deal with them. Sandy was still young and still learning. And Sandy was grateful.

But for Kris something more was happening as she held her young friend. Something inside. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she comforted Sandy. Overwhelmed by these feelings, Kris’s eyes began to well up and tears streamed down her cheeks. When Sandy looked up and saw this, she sat up and touched her friend’s cheek, catching a tear on her finger tip. “Oh, Kris, I’m sorry I’ve made you sad. I’m such a pest.”

“No, Sweetie, you’re not a pest. You’re a dear, sweet friend.”

The two of them sat there for a moment looking at each other. Sandy leaned forward and kissed Kris. Not on the cheek, but fully on the lips. Kris felt as if she would explode as she tasted Sandy’s lips and she wrapped her arms around her friend. The kiss lingered for a long moment before they broke it off to sit and look at each other.

Looking into each others’ eyes it was as if their souls were communicating. From that moment on for the rest of the night not another word was spoken.

Sandy stood up before Kris and pulled her sweater over her head. Her naked breasts, nipples erect, heaved with each breath she took. Kris sat there transfixed, trying not to faint. Soon Sandy’s jeans were in a pile on the floor, her panties atop the pile. She stood there before Kris, letting her friend take her nakedness in, letting Kris absorb her.

Kris was dumbfounded. This most beautiful woman was standing naked before her, offering herself. Kris’s heart was pounding so hard she thought that her chest might explode.

Sandy moved forward and began to pull up Kris’s sundress and Kris eagerly raised her arms to help. When Sandy saw that Kris was not wearing any underwear, a surprised sigh of pleasure emanated from her mouth. Pulling Kris up, the canlı bahis siteleri two of them embraced, their lips eagerly devouring the other’s, their hands exploring each others’ bodies.

Kris was in ecstacy. Her nipples were hard as diamonds as they rubbed against Sandy’s breasts. Feeling the wetness growing between her legs, Kris began to moan, each moan growing louder as Sandy hands roamed over her back and ass, and even louder as Sandy’s fingers probed into the crack of her ass.

A little unsure of herself, Kris felt Sandy’s smooth skin under her touch, taking in the sweet aroma of her perfume, tasting the sweetness of her lips, feeling the soft silky texture of her skin.

Now the teacher became the pupil.

Pushing Kris to the couch again, Sandy knelt before Kris, her fingers playfully caressing Kris’s breasts, rolling Kris’s hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger, leaning over to kiss and suckle each nipple in turn.

Now lost in this exquisite passion, Kris almost seemed to come out of her body, such was the rapture of the moment.

Sandy’s kisses moved down between Kris’s breasts to her stomach, and finally to Kris’s smoothly shaved pussy. When Kris felt Sandy’s hot tongue touch her swollen clit, Kris erupted in an intense orgasm, and as Sandy continued to suck and lick it, wave after wave of pleasure washed over Kris, leaving her limp and sated.

The two lay like that for a while, Sandy head in Kris’s lap until Kris gained the strength to pull Sandy up to the couch. With such a beautiful body laying before her, Kris was petrified. She longed to give Sandy the same pleasures she had just received, but, as she had never before tried to satisfy a woman before, she was deathly afraid of doing something wrong.

Sandy saw this termoil in Kris and gently guided Kris’s hands to her pussy. Runing her fingers along Sandy pussy lips and over the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair, Kris saw by Sandy’s face that it felt good. Kris saw that Sandy was wet and her pussy was so inviting. Rubbing her thumb over Sandy’s erect clit, Kris was overjoyed to hear Sandy’s moans of pleasure. Finally, leaning forward, Kris let her tongue push into Sandy’s wet pussy, excited by the tension she felt in Sandy’s thighs as she did this. Kris lingered there, letting Sandy’s musk infiltrate her nostrils and revelled in the pungent taste of her pussy. Running her tongue into Sandy’s pussy and then slowly drawing it upward toward her clit, Kris gaged Sandy’s reaction. Convinced that she was indeed giving great pleasure, Kris threw herself into pleasing her young lover. Placing her hands under Sandy’s ass, Kris began lapping and licking and sucking Sandy’s sweet pussy with a fervor, enjoying every moan, excited by every movement. And when Sandy erupted in orgasm and her legs tightened against Kris’s head and her pussy became so very wet, Kris became so turned on that she, too, came in an intense, deep orgasm..

What a night that was! Both women had uncountable orgasms. Kris had discovered the distinct pleasure of the touch of another woman and Sandy had been able to return the love and kindness of a good friend in an intimate, highly personal way.

And their lives had changed as well. Both women still missed their men when they were away, but both found comfort in each other’s company during those absences.

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