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The tattoo on her ass read “MISTRESS PLEASE SPANK ME!” in bold black letters. There was a lock enclosing them in the shape of a heart and the rest of her bottom was covered in fading bruises. Looking up, I blushed furiously when our eyes met. She was younger than me, probably in her early twenties, rather petite and very pretty. She smiled cheekily at me and gave me a wink, causing me to avert my eyes. That’s when the other woman entered the locker room. Dressed in a conservative business suit, she walked up to the younger woman with a look of impatience on her made up face.

“Damn, girl!” she said, her accent placing her from New York. “What the hell is taking so long?”

The younger woman mumbled “Sorry Mistress.” and picked up the pace, peeling off the rest of her sweat soaked work out clothes and quickly donning a pair of black yoga shorts and white tee shirt which was cut off right below her small breasts. Since she hadn’t put on a bra, her hard little nipples poked out the front of the shirt obscenely. The older woman reached into her purse and removed a wide leather band. She then placed the collar around the other lady’s neck and I heard the click of a lock before the older woman stepped back. Her eyes met mine and, for a second, they seemed to bore right through me. I could feel the dominance in my soul when that happened and a shiver ran up my body. Then the younger woman gathered her things and dutifully followed the woman out of the locker room, her head bowed in submission but with a small smile on her face.

The locker room was empty now except for me. I stood there for a moment, trying to take in what I’d just witnessed. Suddenly, a feeling of vulnerability washed over me and I quickly got changed, not even bothering to shower, before I grabbed my gym bag and walked briskly to my car. The cool night air caused me to shiver as I got behind the wheel and shut the door. Sitting there for a moment, my chest rose and fell as I took in several deep breaths, trying to calm my nerves.

I finally made it home to my apartment, poured myself a glass of wine, and sat there in the darkness, enjoying the silence. I tried to put what I’d seen at the gym out of my mind but it was no use. It wasn’t that I was a prude. Far from it. I’d had several lovers over the years, of both sexes. It was just the idea of a woman wanting someone to spank her that was throwing me off. I thought back when my parents would spank me and all I remembered was the pain of the smacks and humiliation of the spanking. Why anybody would want that was beyond my comprehension.

After a while of relaxing, my curiosity got the better of me and I walked over to my computer, booted it up and googled “spanking”. When all that got me was articles on the pros and cons of disciplining children, I added the word “lesbian” into the search. What came up was pictures galore of women getting spanked by other ladies, some with smiles on their faces, others with looks of pain as the hand of the usually older woman smacked the bared butt cheeks draped over her lap. My mind went back to the two women in the gym, the young woman with her petite body laying naked over the knees of the dominant blonde, screaming out in pain as the older woman, her big breasts jiggling as she kept smacking the barred ass. Then what? Hot sex? Making her stand in the corner? Cuddling?

Without even realizing it, I’d reached under my shorts and had started gently touching my pussy through my panties. I saw a video on the site I’d opened, clicked on it and soon the sound of loud smacks and cries of pain and sobbing filled my small living room. Quickly shucking off my shorts and underwear, I watched through glazed eyes the scene unfolding before me. In my mind’s eye, it was me draped over the woman’s lap. It was my face grimacing in pain with every blow. It was me being forced to suck and lick her pussy as tears fell down my face.

After rubbing myself off to a very satisfying orgasm, I clicked off the computer and finished up my night before heading to bed. I briefly wondered what the two women were doing at this moment but soon, sleep overtook me and erotic dreams filled my head.

The next day was Saturday and I had agreed to meet one of my friends for a lunch date. Groggily, I dragged myself out of bed and drank a cup of coffee before hitting the shower. On a whim, I shaved my legs, armpits and pussy smooth. For some reason, I took time with my makeup instead of just throwing on a face and wore my best silken panties and bra under my jeans and tee shirt. Feeling super sexy, I headed out to meet Deb for lunch.

The look on her face was priceless as I approached. Her eyes got big and a look of impressed wonder crossed her face before we hugged our hellos. “Wow!” Deb said as she sat down. “I didn’t realize that you were taking our lunch date so seriously.” I laughed as I took my seat.

“Well, you are such a gorgeous creature. I just had to compensate.” Deb got a shocked look for a second before she stuck her tongue out at me. We both shared a laugh before picking up our casino oyna menus. Glancing over the menu, I studied my friend carefully. Her big green eyes were amazing and contrasted so well with her pale skin and black hair. Deb was about my height and a little heavier, though those extra pounds that she had over me gave her a bigger bust and curvier ass. We’d known each other since college and even fooled around a couple of times but nothing serious ever came about. The approach of the waiter snapped me out of my reverie and I quickly ordered my favorite dish. There was something that I was dying to ask Deb and I really didn’t know how to approach it.

“What is it, Lynn? You have that look.” I hesitated a moment before replying.

“Okay, you’re right. I have to ask you something a little personal.”

“You’ve sucked my pussy, girl. Can’t get more personal than that.” I blushed a little at her comment. Deb was always the wild one, willing to try new things. That’s why I knew if any of my friends could answer “yes” to my question, it would be her.

“Um, yeah. That’s true.” I said before taking a deep breath. “Okay, fine. Has Don ever spanked you?” I guess I should have waited until after she’d drank her water before asking. The spit take was pure movie gold.

“Do what?” Deb asked as she wiped her mouth off with a napkin. I told her about what I’d seen at the gym the night before and how it had plagued my mind since then, leaving out the part about me getting off to spanking porn on the computer. “And your asking me because…”

“Well, you would be the only one I know that could say yes.” I replied.

“True.” Deb acknowledged. She hesitated for a moment. “Yeah, Don’s spanked me a couple of times.” My eyes got big and I could feel my face getting flush. “It wasn’t anything really real. Just some smacks on the ass why he was doing me from behind.” I squirmed in my seat a little, imagining Deb’s reddened ass as she was plowed doggie style. “Why do you ask? Do you want Don to spank you too?” It was my turn to do a spit take.

“No! Of course not…” My protests trailed off at the sight of Deb giggling her butt off. I kicked her lightly under the table.

“Look.” Deb said, finally catching her breath. “Why don’t you ask this chick about it next time you see her in the gym?”

“Yeah, sure. That will be one hell of a conversation starter. “Excuse me, but I have to ask. What’s it like to be spanked by Mistress?””

“Okay, I wouldn’t put it that way. But it doesn’t sound like either one was trying very hard to hide anything. I mean, she’s the only one that can really answer you truthfully.”


“Unless you want me to ask Don.” I kicked her again.

It would be almost a month before I would get my chance to ask the little girl anything. I’d mulled the idea of taking Deb’s advice over in my head for a while and decided that I would ask the young lady what it was like to be spanked but every time that I went to the gym, she wasn’t there. I’d just about put it out of my mind until I went to shower and change after a great workout. Walking into the locker room, I spotted her. Her hair was done in two long braids and when she lowered her gym shorts, I could see fresh bruises on her ass. My mouth went dry at the sight and I started to shake a little with nervous energy. I approached her, clearing my throat a little so that she would know that I was walking her way. Turing around, her face lit up in a smile. “Hi!” she said cheerfully.

“Um…hi.” I replied. Oh God. How do I ask this?

“Lisa.” she said, sticking out her hand. I shook it, introducing myself.

“Um, Lisa. I have to ask if everything is alright. I couldn’t help but notice that your backside is covered in bruises.”

“Oh Lynn, that’s so sweet of you to be concerned.” Lisa’s voice was like that of a teenager. “Yes, everything is perfectly fine. Mistress caught me pleasing myself to naughty pictures and she punished me. That’s all.” I blushed at her frankness. She was making it sound like the most natural thing in the world.

“Oh…okay.” I said, trying to come to grips with it. “I’m sorry I asked. I didn’t mean to pry or anything.”

“Oh no, you’re fine!” Lisa said, smiling. “You can ask me anything. That’s part of Mistress and my relationship. I have to answer truthfully any questions asked. Is there anything else?”

“Well…” Still I hesitated for a second. “Okay, this has been bothering me since the first time I saw you and your Mistress together. What’s it feel like to be spanked?”

“Well, it’s kinda hard to explain…” Lisa replied before a commanding voice with a New York accent interrupted.

“It’s more like something you have to experience.” I wheeled around and saw Lisa’s Mistress standing there. She was dressed again like she’d just stepped out of an important board meeting. Her maroon dress suit was impeccable, her make up looked professionally done and her pumps must have cost a small fortune. “I was wondering what was taking you so long, girl.” she said, a commanding slot oyna look on her face.

“Sorry Mistress but Lynn was asking me a question about my naughty bottom.”

“Um…sorry Miss.” I stammered. “I didn’t mean to pry but…”

“Hush.” she said to me and instantly, for some reason, I fell silent. A feeling had crept over me. It was like when my mommy had caught me trying to sneak a cookie before dinner. I hung my head at the sound of her heels clicking on the cement floor. “I believe you were asking my little one here a question.” she said, standing in front of me.

“Uh…” Suddenly my brain was scrambled.

“What was it?”

“I…I was just asking Lisa what it was like to be spanked, that’s all.” I finally replied, trying my best to sound like an adult woman instead of a petulant child. Mistress, as I started to think of her because, for some reason, I couldn’t ask this woman what her name was, reached out and lifted my head up by placing her finger under my chin until I was looking in her eyes. She removed her hand and then walked around me, studying me like a statue. Upon making a complete circle around me, she stopped, pulled a pen and a piece of paper out of her purse, wrote something down and, taking my hand in hers, put the folded up paper in my palm and closed my fingers around it.

“My little one is right, Lynn.” Mistress finally spoke. “A spanking can’t be described. It has to be felt. If you want to find out, follow those instructions. If not, it was nice to meet you.” I just stood there like an idiot as Mistress reached into her purse again, bringing out the collar which she locked it around Lisa’s neck and turned around, walking out of the room without even acknowledging me. Lisa, however, winked and blew me a kiss before following her Mistress out of the room.

I stood, transfixed to the spot, for about a minute after they left, trying my best to figure out what the hell just happened. Looking down in my hand, I unfolded the paper slowly, my fingers trembling. There was an address and the instructions to be there at seven o’clock tomorrow night. Then the words “NO PANTIES NO BRA” finished out the letter. I stared at the paper for a minute, conflicted. The rational part of my brain told me to just crumple the letter up, throw it away, get dressed, go home to an empty apartment, sit in the dark and drown my worries away with a bottle of wine. On the other hand, it was so…intriguing. I had an opportunity to try something new. An opportunity that might not come again.

All through getting changed, I held the paper in my hand. It was if I let it go, I would never pick it back up. Once home, I did sit there in the dark, drinking wine and replaying the scene over and over in my head. What the hell had happened? I literally stood there as a complete stranger walked around me, studying me like a horse she was thinking of buying. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. Who was this bitch to just assume that I would show up? What made her think that she was worth my time? Why was I agonizing over the decision so much? Not coming up with any good answers just made me frustrated as well as angry, so, after a nice bubble bath where I shaved myself smooth again, I hopped into bed, still pouting.

The morning sun did not, unfortunately, bring with it any clarity to my dilemma. I hopped out of bed and started my activities for the day, trying desperately to not glance at my watch every five minutes like a thirteen year old about to go on her first date. Finally, I made up my mind around two o’clock. Taking out my phone from my purse, I pushed Deb’s number, nervously waiting for her to pick up while sipping Starbuck’s. “Hey Debbie, I need a favor.” I said when she picked up. After telling her that I had a date tonight that I was a little nervous about, she agreed to be my back up.

After that bit of drama, I finished shopping and headed home. It was almost five and the address that I’d been given was clear across town. I didn’t think that Mistress would take “traffic” as a suitable excuse for tardiness. After stripping off my clothes and showering, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror just looking at myself. How does one prepare one’s makeup for a spanking? I decided to go with a natural look, not wanting to cake on anything or go too plain. Donning a pair of black jeans and a dark red tee shirt, I slipped on my sandals, grabbed my purse, making sure my phone was fully charged, and left to go meet Mistress.

Arriving ten minutes early, I parked the car in the parking garage and just sat there for a few moments, steeling my resolve to see this through. Texting Deb “Made it” to which a reply of “GL” came back, I left the safety of my car and headed to the elevator that would take me to the correct floor of the apartment where the instructions had led me. I was currently walking in the parking garage of a huge high rise; the kind of place where upper middle management types lived to prove that they had made it up some imaginary ladder. I was kind of surprised that Mistress canlı casino siteleri lived here. She gave me the impression of a mansion type. Then, as the elevator door binged and opened, the realization hit me. Mistress didn’t live here. This was her fuck space.

The door to room number 713 looked like every other door in the hallway. Nothing indicating what lay inside. For a moment, I wondered what the other doors were hiding. Then, after taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door as per the instructions. A few seconds later, Lisa opened the door, squealed in delight and gave me a big hug before taking my hand and practically dragging me inside.

“Ooooooh, I just knew you’d show up!” Lisa said in that teenaged voice of hers. I smiled as she led me into the room. “Want some water or something stronger?”

I nodded. “Water’s fine, thank you.” I decided to not drink alcohol tonight, wanting to keep my wits about me.

“That’s smart of you.” Mistress’s voice came from down the hallway. I turned to face her and was momentarily breathless. I’d known her body was nice even with the two times I’d seen her, she was wearing a business suit. But, as she approached me, the site of her in a pair of skin tight leather pants, a matching bustier and thigh high boots caused my knees to weaken. The slight smirk on her face let me know that she knew that her clothes were having the desired effect. She walked right up to me, raised her hand and lightly brushed my cheek with the back of her fingers. Closing my eyes at her touch, a shiver went through my body as, again, I just stood there, letting this stranger seemingly have her way with me.

“I’m glad you came, Lynn. Right on time, as well. That’s very good.” Mistress walked over to a high-backed, old fashioned chair that was sitting in the middle of the room. She beckoned me over and motioned to the leather loveseat that was in front of her.

I hurried over and sat down, placing my purse next to me. Accepting the glass from Lisa, I quickly drank it down, not realizing how thirsty I was. “Um…thank you…” I replied, trying to draw her name out.

“You may call me Mistress, just as Lisa does. My name is not important. Is that understood?” When I nodded, she continued. “Now, we both know why you are here, correct? No, I want to hear you say it.” she added after I nodded again.

“I am here for a spanking.” I said, trying to keep my voice strong.

“Good. Now, we are going to go over a few things first.” Lisa had sat down next to me, her leg pressed against mine. I could smell her perfume. It was intoxicating. “First, I am going to spank you ten times with my hand. If, at any time you wish for me to stop, say so and I will. Understand? No, say it.” she said again, this time a little more aggressively when again, I nodded in reply.

“Yes Mistress, I understand.” Lisa had taken hold of my hand and squeezed it, reassuring me.

“Whatever happens after the tenth blow is up to you. Now, I want you to text or call your back up and let her know that you will be contacting her in half an hour.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said as I reached into my purse. Then, I stopped. “Wait. How do you know I had a backup?” I asked nervously.

“My dear, only a fool would enter this situation without one. I am a pretty good judge of intelligence and you aren’t a fool. Therefore, please do as I’ve asked.” Breathing a sigh of relieve, I quickly sent a text to Deb letting her know I’d contact her in thirty minutes. A smiley emoji came back as the reply. “Done?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Fine. Now stand and strip.” It took a moment for the words to penetrate my brain. I knew that this command would come but still, it was a bit of a shock to hear it. “Please Lynn, time is ticking.” I nodded, rose and grasped the bottom of my shirt, pulling it off my body. Quickly removing my sandals, I undid the button of my jeans and less than gracefully squirmed out of them. A kind of perverse thrill went through my body as both women’s faces had a look of appreciation on them. I wasn’t well endowed as some of the women I knew but my 36Cs fit my body nicely.

Mistress held out her hand and I walked over. She grasped my hand in hers and pulled me down gently so my body draped over her legs. I placed my hands on the floor and closed my eyes, waiting for the first blow. Instead, I felt Mistress’s hand caressing my backside, feeling my smooth skin. This went on for a minute or two and I started to relax a little, enjoying her gentle touch. Then came the first blow.

The sharp sting left me momentarily breathless as I let out a squeak of surprise. It was quickly followed by a second slap on my other ass cheek. I reflexively clenched my ass muscles in anticipation for the third but instead, more gentle rubbing ensued.

When Mistress moved her hand away, my butt clenched again. Mistress waited until I relaxed my muscles before giving me four sharp slaps this time. These stung a lot and tears started forming in my eyes. But then, her rubbing my sore cheeks caused the burn to start feeling, well, not bad. I felt a tingle travel from my butt down to my vagina, causing me to squirm against Mistress’s legs. The next four spanks and subsequent caresses really turned me on and I could feel the wetness start to leak out of my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20