My Brother Fucked Me Outside Our Parents’ Room

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My Brother Fucked Me Outside Our Parents’ Room

I have been very busy with my life. As you all know that I like to share only my real life experiences here. But this time I have decided to share a fantasy story with you. I hope you have read my story about how I watched my parents have sex.

That was a true story. If you haven’t read it then please do. You can find the link in my profile. This fantasy story is connected with a true story of watching my parents have sex. I hope you enjoy this story as well. So let’s begin. I was in my room, lights off and pretended to sleep.

This was like my usual routine when I wanted to watch my parents have sex. I knew when my parents would start fucking. I had been having fun watching them have sex on a regular basis. I loved to see how my dad’s 8-inch cock milked my mom’s pussy and ass.

I was so happy that my parents have each other. They enjoy their sex life even after so many years of marriage. One night when the time was right, I slowly opened the door of my room and went out towards the room of my parents. But this time the scene was entirely different from what it usually is.

I saw my younger brother (1.5 years younger to me) stroking his cock and watching through the keyhole into my parents’ bedroom. I knew exactly what he was doing since I was going to be doing the same thing myself if he hadn’t been there.

He was holding his 7 inch manhood in his right hand and stroking the length of it. It wasn’t the first time I was seeing his cock. I have peeped on him a few times. Even though I had seen his cock before, every stroke made me desire his cock even more. I am not going to lie.

His cock was beautiful. I have fantasized about it so many times while masturbating. Shaking my head, I cleared all these thoughts from my mind and went up to my brother. He saw my shadow coming up to him. He turned around and froze. He wasn’t expecting to get caught.

But he got hold of himself and put a finger on his lips, signaling me not to make noise. I went and sat beside him. I whispered, “What are you doing here?” He said, “Take a look.” In the back of my mind, I knew what I was going to see. I saw my mom lying on the bed naked.

Dad’s face was buried in her pussy. I knew my dad was doing a good job since my mom was moaning. What I was seeing was nothing new for me. But that made it clear that my bro was looking at my parents have sex for the first time. I turned to my bro and asked him why he was watching them.

He replied, “Oh come on. Aren’t you a little bit curious about how they do it?” I acted innocent and said that we should respect our parent’s privacy. My tone didn’t seem convincing at all because I wanted to watch my parents have sex. Also, my bro’s hard cock was very much distracting.

My bro grabbed his cock again and said, “You can go and sleep if you like but I am staying here. You are welcome to join me.” I hesitated at first. Sitting with my bro and watch my parents fuck would be so weird. But I was so horny at that time.

I had been waiting for my parents to start fucking so I could masturbate watching them. Now I am sitting right outside their door and also seeing my little bro’s not so little hard cock just mere inches from my grasp. I was getting desperate and I finally gave in.

We took turns watching what was going on. By the time we were discussing what to do, my parents had switched positions. Dad was lying on the bed. Mom was between his legs, her beautiful ass raised in the air. internet casino Her hand moved along my dad’s long cock as she took the big cock in her mouth.

My mom loved a nice deep throat. The fact she could take dad’s cock in her mouth proved she had amazing skills. Dad soon grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her mouth. The smile on her face was proof that she loved every bit of it. I was getting hot sitting on the outside and watching.

I was wearing a loose t-shirt and a black thong. Nothing else. I slid my hand in my thong and found my wet pussy lips. I was already a little wet from what I had seen so far. I looked towards my brother who was slowly stroking his cock. He was watching through the keyhole. I was looking at his hard cock.

It was thick and long and I wanted to ride it so bad. I watched his cock while rubbing myself. But I didn’t realize that my brother has been watching my every move from the corner of his eye. “Like what you see, didi?” he asked. I was instantly embarrassed because I didn’t expect to get caught.

“You can take a closer look if you want. I know you like it,” he smiled. “You do have a beautiful cock,” I said. “Bigger than your boyfriend Paras?” he asked curiously with an innocent face. “He is an 8-inches,” I said proudly. My brother’s smile faltered for a second.

“But that cock is still big enough to satisfy any woman” I added. My brother smiled and asked “Even you?” I was taken aback by his question but I saw the mischief in his eyes. I knew he was eyeing my body and I could feel the sexual energy at the moment. I didn’t want to let this opportunity go to waste.

“Why don’t we find out right now?” I asked him in an innocent tone batting my eyelashes at him. Before he could think anything, I grabbed his cock with a firm grip. The pleasure of my soft hands around his cock was easily visible on his face. He was sitting on his knees.

He tilted his head back, closing his eyes and enjoyed my hands stroking his cock. I could feel that his cock was really hard in my hand. I always imagined how it would feel. Tonight was my chance to fully live this dream of mine. I bent over in doggy stance and put his cock in my mouth.

He opened his eyes and covered his mouth to not make any noise. He wasn’t expecting it but he didn’t say no. He wanted to do this as badly as I wanted. My mouth and hands moved in sync along his long cock. I slid my free hand in my thong rubbing my clit.

As I was sucking him, he bent a little forward to reach the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it a little up revealing my ass. My thong parting my ass cheeks perfectly. He first gave my ass cheeks a jiggle. He wanted to spank it hard but avoided since we didn’t want to make noise.

He then grabbed my hair and held my face down while he fucked my mouth with his cock. I love to suck cock and the fact that it was my brother’s cock made the experience even more erotic. He pushed me hard to deep throat his cock until I almost choked on it.

My pussy was soaking wet and I wanted to feel his cock inside me. I took off my t-shirt revealing my 34DDs. My bro slid my thong and removed it. The fact that I had a neatly trimmed pussy like the one you see in porn made my bro’s cock even harder.

He whispered, “Are you planning to kill me with your looks?” I smiled and replied, “You can’t die before giving me that cock.” We were in a risky position just outside our parents’ bedroom. We peeked inside just to check if it was fine for us to fuck outside.

My mom canlı poker oyna was standing on the floor but bent forward on the bed. Dad was holding her hands behind her back and ramming his cock in her pussy. Her moans were very much audible to us. She said, “Aur zor se chodo.” (Fuck me harder) and my dad complied.

Dad’s cock was sliding in and out of her wet cunt with ease. She wanted to get fucked like a bitch and my dad didn’t disappoint. The scene made me hornier. I looked at my brother and said, “Fuck me just like that.” My bro grabbed me by my throat and asked “Aaj kutiya banegi meri?” (You want to be my bitch tonight?)

I smiled and said “Aise lund ke liye kuch bhi ban jaungi.” (I will be anything you want for your cock). “But I don’t have a condom,” he said. “Did I ask you to use one?” I replied. He made me stand against the wall and slightly parted my legs. He grabbed his cock and rubbed his cock head against my pussy lips.

I let out a little moan and he told me to keep quiet. He looked inside our parent’s to see if they didn’t hear us. My mom had already changed positions and was happily riding my dad’s big cock. My brother grabbed my thong and stuffed it in my mouth.

“This will keep you quiet you bitch,” he said with mischief in his voice. He grabbed his cock again and this time he thrust it in my pussy. A jolt of pleasure ran through my body as my brother’s naked cock invaded my pussy. My moans were muffled by the thong in my mouth.

He kept going in until his cock was completely buried in my wet cunt. He pushed his body against my back and in turn pushing me against the wall. I had nowhere to go. Being so close to my brother was an amazing feeling I can’t describe.

His right hand slipped down the front to my pussy, rubbing my clit while his left hand moved in front to grab my left boob. His fingers rubbed my clit. While his cock was buried in my pussy moving very slowly, just letting me feel his entire length.

His left hand grabbed my boob hard and didn’t even hesitate to pinch my nipple. I pushed my head back against his shoulder and he was waiting for me. He planted a kiss on my collarbone making me hungry for a hard fuck. I removed the thong from my mouth.

I said “Fuck me now. Stop playing games. This is your chance to please me.” He nodded. He took a step back and I stood with me both hands planted against the wall. His both hands moved to my waist and he started rocking his body. His strokes were initially slow building up a rhythm.

He soon reached an amazing speed. My pussy was being demolished by my own brother and I loved every second of it. I put one of my hands on my mouth to stop myself from moaning. My body automatically matched his rhythm. He understood as I pushed my body against his cock.

He knew I wanted it harder and he didn’t disappoint. I was soon ready to cum but I didn’t dare to move my hand from my mouth. So I came hard with my brother still fucking me. He realized I was cumming since my pussy gripped his cock hard. My body was shaking but he didn’t stop.

He kept fucking me some more which increased the intensity of my orgasm and left me breathless. I was finding it difficult to stand. So I sat down on the floor and my brother sat next to me. I sat there catching my breath for a minute. My bro’s cock was still hard and standing tall as a pole.

He peeked inside the bedroom to see what our parents were doing. He could clearly see my mother lying on her side and my dad behind her. A bottle of lube was canlı bahis lying on the bed. My dad raised my mother’s leg and tried to push his lubed cock against my mom’s lubed asshole.

Fitting that huge cock in the ass would never be easy. But I am sure my mom had enough practice with it. With some effort, my dad’s cock was buried in my mom’s ass. There was slight pain on her face which was soon replaced with pleasure as dad moved inside her.

My brother looked up to me and said, “You want to do that, didi?” I smacked him slowly and said, “Let us save something for later. Now lie down on the floor. There is something I need to try with you.” He did as I told him to. I got on top of him.

As I was sitting on top of him, I could see the lust in my brother’s eyes. He was eyeing my boobs freely hanging in front of him. I took his hands and placed them on my tits. He grabbed them hard like a baby grabs a toy that he loves. I leaned my head back, enjoying the feeling.

I pulled his hands back down and leaned down forward to deliver a passionate kiss on his lips. As we broke apart from the kiss I whispered in his ear, “Never hesitate to grab my tits again. They are all yours.” I sat back up in my original position and grabbed his cock.

I raised my lower body and pulled the cock straight under my pussy. His 7 inches standing tall and hard like a rock. I looked straight into my brother’s eyes as I lowered my pussy on his cock. I could see the pleasure on his face as his cock penetrated my pussy lips. Soon his entire cock was buried in my tight cunt.

My brother’s cock stretched my pussy and made me mad. I started grinding at first. With his cock inside me, I moved my hips. I built a nice rhythm and my brother closed his eyes enjoying my movement. Soon he started trying to push his cock deeper into my pussy. He was becoming desperate for me to ride him.

My plan to make him horny for me clearly worked. I obliged him by riding him. I lifted my lower body and started slowly twerking on his cock. He put a hand on his mouth trying to stop himself from moaning. I soon increased my speed and then there was no holding back.

I soon started moving my pussy up and down the length of his cock. My boobs swaying freely, matching my rhythm. My brother grabbed my left boob and pinched my nipple. I could feel I was very close to orgasm. My brother whispered “I am going to cum. You must pull out.”

I said, “Don’t worry. You will enjoy this more.” I started jumping on his cock faster and harder and this pushed my brother off the edge and his cum exploded in my pussy. But I continued to ride him and a few seconds later I came. I sat on top of my brother with his cock still inside me.

The orgasm was so strong that it made my body shiver a lot. I pulled my legs together as close as I can. I sat there enjoying the strong orgasm and the feeling of my brother’s hot cum in my pussy. My brother’s cock still buried in my cunt was beginning to get soft.

He pulled it out and all the cum came flowing out slowly. He cleaned the cum off with his boxers. While he was cleaning up we heard a moan from inside our parent’s room. I looked inside and saw dad stroking his cock and spilling cum on my mom’s tits.

We gathered our clothes and began to leave. My brother asked, “Will we do this again someday?” I looked at him with a mischievous smile and asked, “You promise to fill me up with your cum again?”

“That I can do,” he said eagerly. “Then we are surely doing this again,” I said and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I returned from the bathroom and went to sleep in my room. The exhaustion soon took over me and I had a peaceful sleep.

Whatever happened after this, I will mention in my next story. Hope you people enjoyed reading

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