My Fascinations

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A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader. She asked why so many of my stories seem to involve bars, blowjobs, and redheads.

“Blow jobs” is easiest to justify. I love them. An ugly woman becomes pretty when she’s sucking my cock. I’m old and as I look back on my life I tend to remember the blowjobs more than anything else. I think most guys, if they were honest, would say the same thing. I’ve heard guys say they got divorced or cheated because their wives wouldn’t suck them. I’ve yet to hear a guy say he divorced his wife because all she wanted to do was suck his cock.

My fascination with women with red hair is pretty simple as well. In my sexual experience that extends back over a half century, I have found women with true red hair to be the most passionate and hungriest above all others as a group. Yes there have been outliers, but I profile based upon experience.

As for bars; as I aged, I found bars to be places to congregate and converse, but in my youth I learned there was truth to the old maxim “Candy’s Dandy but Liquor is Quicker.” I could leave it there but that wouldn’t make for much of a story would it? This story will be centered on my love of bars and blowjobs. It is true and accurate with the exception of some names. I have another story partially finished about red-heads. I hope you like this enough to read “Red” which I’ll finish soon.


I grew up in a rural area of New York that bordered New Jersey. At the time, the drinking age in NY was eighteen and in NJ was twenty-one. On weekends, and especially during college breaks, the local bars were flooded with young men and women from Jersey. One such place was a small tavern that my father and his friends often frequented for lunch. They served good burgers and their fries tasted better than any I’ve had since. I occasionally met my dad and his pals there for lunch after I had my own car. My high school was only a couple of miles away and this fare certainly beat out that of the school cafeteria. Since my Dad and his friends were regulars, John who was the owner, would often come to the table and make sure everyone was happy.

My eighteenth birthday came in the winter when all the college kids were home for break. A few of my older buddies decided to meet at this tavern and check out the action. We stood in line to get carded. John was working the door. He recognized me and looked at my drivers license. My buddies went in and he pulled me aside to ask if my dad knew I was there. I told him he did and had just given me a warning about drinking in moderation.

“Look; I’m short a bartender tonight and it looks like it’s going to be busy.” He asked if I had any experience and I told him I sometimes mixed drinks for my father and mother and usually tended the beer tap for our annual family picnics. He said he’d pay me $5.00 an hour cash and of course I’d split tips with Billy for the time I was working. $5.00 was twice what I made working for Mr. Waldner at the local drugstore after school. I jumped at the chance. My car was a gas hungry ’59 Pontiac with a big 389 cubic inch engine. John also told me that I could drink one beer per hour on the house. Billy threw me a bar apron and showed how to tie it properly.

My mixed drink experience was very limited. My Mom liked Tom Collins’ and my Dad liked Manhattans or Martinis. These kids hit me with requests for Sloe Gin Fizzes, Singapore Slings, etc. Billy helped me through it. I went on shift at about eight, after telling my buddies the deal. They understood and just cruised. At about nine, a pretty young girl walked in and took a seat at my end. She had strawberry blond hair but was kind of skinny with what looked to be a pretty flat chest. She ordered a Sling and was pleased to see that I knew how to make it.

We chatted a bit during the lulls and I learned that she was a little more than a year older than me and a freshman in college. Her name was Deb. A bunch of guys, my friends included, came on to her and offered to buy her drinks. She turned them all down and smiled at me every time. John cut me at eleven when things started to slow down. He split the tip jar, took cash out of the drawer, and handed me sixty dollars! At five dollars a fill up that was twelve tanks of gas!

I stripped off my apron, thanked John, and sat next to Deb. John treated us both to drinks and asked if I wanted to do it again next Friday. Of course I agreed. Deb swiveled to face me. When her calf touched mine she didn’t flinch but began to slide it up and down. We discussed her college and such as her moving leg on mine began to make me hard. Finally she asked me if I was still a virgin. I blushed and admitted ashamedly that I was. “I have two questions for you. Would you like to correct that condition and do you know a quiet and secluded place we could go?” I croaked yes to both.

We left and walked to my car. I held the door for her, she got in sideways, and reached out and stroked my growing hard-on for a second or three before facing forward. I went around to my side and casino siteleri got in. She was sitting right in the middle of the wide bench seat and her hand once again found my crotch as I started the car and left the parking lot. “Feels to me like your hiding something in there,” she said as she unzipped my fly and snaked her hand in. “And no one has had the pleasure of this beauty before?” I assured her they hadn’t.

I pulled into a remote place that I had been to before with my girlfriend for some serious necking. I reached for Deb and we kissed while my hand groped for her tiny tits. He bra was pretty padded and I really couldn’t feel a thing until she reached behind her and undid the catch. I slid my hands under her loose bra and could feel nipples harden under my palms for the first time. I loved the sensation and still do.

She guided one of my hands down and under her skirt until I was pressing against her vulva. She directed me to the motion she liked and then guided my fingers up to the top of her panties. I got the message and pulled them down as she arched her back and lifted her hips. She undid the clasp and zipper on her skirt and yanked them off before stripping off her blouse and bra. I had a totally naked girl sitting next to me for the first time in my life. My cock was raging.

“Your turn,” was all she said as she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off before she finished removing my pants and briefs. Apparently she liked what she saw as she smiled again and bent down to kiss my cock. “I think we’ll have a better time in the back seat..” We slid to the back and she laid there with her legs spread. “I kissed yours. How about kissing mine?” I numbly complied and as she spread her labia I kissed the inside of her slit. I had no idea what I was doing but she certainly seemed to enjoy it and so did I. The taste was more intoxicating than the four beers I had consumed.

“Now see if you can fit that big thing in there!” I moved up and she guided me in. I came almost immediately and she seemed to have a similar experience. I didn’t want to pull out and just held her tightly and told her how good that had felt. She took my left hand and placed it on her right tit. I could feel not just the nipple react but her entire body. My cock grew inside her. “Good boy. Now this time take it slower.” I did as she asked and gave her long slow strokes for about fifteen minutes. She began to pick up the pace. It didn’t take long before she was thrusting up hard and I was doing the same thing down. Soon her body started to quiver and I could feel her tighten around me. I was actually afraid she was having a convulsion but she felt so good that I came again.

“Your going to make a great bartender!” She took out a hanky, cleaned us both up, and told me she had to get going home. We dressed and she sat close all the way back to the bar parking lot. I walked her to her car and held the door for her. She tilted her head back for a kiss and I eagerly complied. Before I closed the door I said I was sorry I didn’t have protection. She laughed, told me we were in her safe zone, told me I had serious “pussy breath,” and that she hoped to see me again soon.

I was numb. When I arrived home my father was waiting for me. My shirt was buttoned crooked, my fly was unzipped, and I’m sure I had a strange look on my face. “John called me and told me you were working.” I nodded a yes. “Looks like you had some significant after-hour activity as well!” I thought he would be pissed but my straight laced father smiled. “Did you take precautions?” I told him she assured me that she was be in her safe zone.

“Never trust that son. Young women’s schedules are very unpredictable. In the future use protection. He turned to leave. And two more things; always leave your partner happy, and take a shower when you get home. You reek of sex and your mother, after all these years, is certain to recognize the scent.” I couldn’t believe my strict father had changed so much on my birthday.

The next day I worked in the morning at the drug store. At the end of my shift I bought a box of a dozen Trojans. Mr. Waldner saw me and just said, “Better safe than sorry!” I did some chores at home and after dinner left to meet my buddies and do some bar-hopping. It felt good to have some cash in my pocket and I bought the first round. I had witnessed enough guys last night to know that getting drunk would not get you laid so I took it slow. All the girls seemed to be with dates and we could barely find any to even dance with. At about eleven I called it quits and went back to my car in the tavern’s parking lot.

I decided to go in and see if Deb was there. As I walked in John confronted me. “You really screwed up big-time last night!” I had no idea how and asked what the problem was. He told me to follow him to the office and I was worried that I had somehow messed up the register.

“The pretty girl you left with last night came in earlier. She took one look behind the bar, obviously looking for you, and left with steam coming out her ears. slot oyna You did a good job last night, but as a bartender you have other responsibilities. We all revel in our one night stands but in truth two is always better. She would have understood if she found you working when she came in, but since she found you weren’t she was pissed. You should have asked her out for tonight. If you don’t do that, a girl or woman will consider herself used and cheap. That’s even true if she was also using you. Also, in that vein, there are girls that are going to limit how much they put out on the first night. Night two can have some significant rewards.”

I understood, had one beer, and went home to sleep.

The next Friday, I showed up ready and eager. I dressed like Billy with a white oxford shirt and a black tie. John was impressed. At about nine, Deb walked in and put her nose in the air as she walked to the other end of the bar. Billy looked at me and shrugged as she began chatting up the guy sitting next to her. Right about then a girl came in and sat where Deb had sat the week before. She looked a lot like Deb, but with tits. She ordered a beer and when she paid me her fingers sort of lingered on my palm. We introduced ourselves and engaged in small talk during the few brief lulls. Her name was Ann and she was almost exactly the same age as me. She had opted for early graduation and was a freshman in a local community college.

My shift ended again at eleven and and I sat next to Ann. John brought us each a beer and paid me. It was about another sixty dollars! John also asked me if I could work the next night and of course I agreed even though I knew it wouldn’t be nearly as busy. She asked, “Wanna go park?” I agreed and we left. We were barely in the car when she gave me a deep, tongue intensive, kiss. She stayed next to me and I draped my arm over her and let my hand slide down to cup her right tit. She unbuttoned her blouse and I let my fingers meander under her bra until I felt a hard nipple. She gave out a little gasp before reaching around and uncoupling her bra.

We went to the same spot I had gone to last week and Ann helped me shed her blouse, my shirt, and my pants. My hand almost automatically went for her crotch and I rubbed the outside of her panties slowly and softly. She moaned a bit but when I reached for the top of her panties to pull them down she stopped me. “Not tonight. Maybe next time.” I was disappointed of course but we kissed again and this time her fingers were wrapped around my shaft. She gave me a masterful hand-job and I squirted all over her hand and my belly. She cleaned us both up and told me she had to be getting home. We dressed and I drove her back to her car.

On the way she told me she was still a virgin and asked if I was. I didn’t elaborate but just told her I wasn’t. “I’m sorry if I disappointed you. I just wasn’t ready tonight.” I kissed her and told her not to worry about it and that what she did for me felt great. Remembering my fathers advice; I added that I didn’t think I had done nearly enough for her. She kissed me again and told me she had really enjoyed it. I walked her to her car and enjoyed another kiss.

The next night, a Saturday, was much slower. It was “Date Night” and my prospects looked slim until Ann walked in at half past nine and sat in the same seat she had occupied the night before. She ordered a beer and I told her it was on me. She thanked me and beckoned me to come closer. I bent over the bar so my ear was close to her lips and she whispered, “I think I’m ready.” I told her I was too and I promised to be gentle and thoughtful.

John cut me at ten-fifteen and I almost leaped over the bar. We both passed on the freebie and our clothes were off before we left the parking lot. When we hit the place, I reached for my wallet and pulled out a condom before climbing over the seat-back into the rear. She lay there with legs spread and told me to make her into a woman. As hard as it was to resist, I sucked those nice tits for a bit and then went immediately to her pussy with my mouth. She pushed me back and told me that couldn’t be healthy. She asked me to stop and begged me to just take away her maidenhood. I was disappointed but rolled on the rubber and slowly pushed in.

After a couple of inches I knew I was up against her hymen. I asked if she was sure and when she bit her lip and nodded I push through it. She had tears running down her face and I gently kissed them away as I resisted the urge to just begin stroking. She smiled and I took that as a good sign. I began to stroke, going a little deeper each time. I could feel her cunt slowly stretch to accommodate my width. Depth was another thing. I bottomed out after about eight inches. I know now that I was banging up against her cervix. It felt weird but even stranger was the diminished pleasure because I had the damn rubber on.

That didn’t stop me from cumming though and when I did she joined me in a deep orgasm that left us both sweaty and shivering in the December cold. I took her back to her canlı casino siteleri car after two more rounds. She was happy but I really did miss getting to taste her.

When I got home, Dad was still up. He wrinkled his nose and again suggested a shower. I complied and he was in bed when I got out. Upon awakening in the morning I looked outside to see my car missing. On the kitchen table was a note stating that he hoped I didn’t mind him borrowing my car but had to run some errands and my mother had gone shopping for the day with friends. Normally that wouldn’t have bothered me at all but I had the sudden recollection of there being cum and blood soaked tissues, as well as three condoms, laying behind the front seats.

When my father came home he simply said that he was happy to see that I had taken his advice to be careful, but that I needed to be a little tidier before my mother saw it. He also handed me a bottle of cleaner that he said would get rid of the blood stain on the back seat. Dads really can get cool when they get older.

I thought Ann would show up the next Friday and she finally did, but with a date. I was a little bit pushed out but rolled with it. A little earlier the end bar seat was filled by a girl I somewhat knew. Her folks owned an Italian deli in the first NJ town you hit. She worked there most days and we had enjoyed some pleasant conversations as well as me enjoying the food. It was the kind of place where the aroma’s made you start to drool when you just came in the door. Their daughter, Lolita, (yes that was really her name) had also made me drool. She was two years older than me, had raven black hair, and humongous tits. Today I would classify them as DD’S. Nowadays that is not all that unusual but back then they didn’t feed cows hormones.

Her eyes appeared to be always following me as I worked, and she had this self confident “Mona Lisa Smile.” She knew she was hot. Right before John cut me she told a guy who tried to sit next to her that the seat was reserved. John paid me and I walked around the bar. She patted the seat next to her and I took it. Her knee was immediately pressed to mine. John bought us each a drink and cast a warning look toward me. I had no idea what he meant. All I knew was that there was this hot chick sitting next to me who was flirting heavily. She leaned into me and I told her she smelled better than the deli. She giggled at that and told me she had worked all day. Then she leaned in again and whispered in my ear, “I’m told I taste even better than I smell.”

I told her I’d love to find out and she squeezed my crotch a bit before suggesting we check it all out. She had to hit the restroom first and Billy rushed over. “You better be careful. Her fiance and future Father-In-Law are dangerous people.” When we got in the car she said to not worry about anything but just enjoy the night. I was ready to, especially when she lifted off her top and bra and showed me her huge tits.

She pulled down my pants as I drove and wrapped her two hands around my hard shaft. “Promise me you’ll only do what I ask you to do?” I assured her that the idea of forcing a girl to do something she didn’t want was not a possibility. “I didn’t say want,” as she leaned down and licked my cock. “Even if I beg, you can’t fuck me.” I told her I had protection.

“My fiance is the son of a very powerful man. If there’s no blood on the sheets in the morning after our wedding night, the marriage will be annulled and my family ruined or worse.”

She could see the disappointment on my face. “We both have plenty to play with here. I don’t think you’ll go home disappointed and if you do as I ask, I know I won’t!” I pulled into the spot I had been in before. “Can we turn on the dome light? You’ll like it.” I did as she asked and she slid over into the back seat and spread both her legs and pussy lips for me. “Taste this spicy Sicilian cunt,” she ordered. I did what she asked and she did taste different from Deb, where I got a good taste, and Ann where I just had a small sample before she stopped me. She was indeed tasty and I told her so.

She pulled me up for a long deep kiss. “Do you know what I taste like?” she asked. I told her I didn’t, but liked it. “Next time you come into the deli I’ll serve you puttanesca sauce. In course Sicilian it means ‘whore’s sauce.’ “Now go back down there and taste some more.” I did and truly loved it. She gave me direct instructions as to what she wanted and I complied with every one. Finally she put her fingers into the mix and pulled back her hood to expose her treasure. “Gently, at first and then you can treat me like the whore I am!” I licked her blooming bud and was rewarded with more sauce. “Suck it! Nibble it! Chew it!”

I did as she commanded and was rewarded with more of her sauce. I sucked up and savored every drop I could. I went back for more and after a bit was rewarded with a spray of it over my face. I went one more time with the same result. She begged me to fuck her and it was all I could do to keep my oath. We kissed and she sighed, “I would have loved to have you take me for the first time after what you just did for me, but I promised you would leave as happy as me. Just lean up against the side and relax. I’ll take care of you. Just watch and enjoy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20